Let’s Playing: God of War: Ghost of Sparta (Demo)

By Ishaan . October 2, 2010 . 1:29pm


I’ll admit when I first played the Ghost of Sparta demo, I wasn’t too impressed by it. Sure, it was fun and all, but a lot of it was stuff I’d already done before in the PS2 games and Chains of Olympus.


Earlier today, however, I actually found myself going back to it and playing it all over again. I don’t know if it’s because deep down, I really liked the demo or whether it was because that there’s just something very inherently satisfying about the stylish-action genre in how replayable and fun it is.


For my second playthrough, I decided to use the spear and shield for the majority of the game instead of the Blades of Chaos, which is actually working out great so far. I could see myself attempting it a third time, too, to see if I can play it through to the end by using just lightning bolts from the Eye of Atlantis.


Something else I appreciate is that playing it on Easy and Normal are slightly different experiences in terms of some of the quick-time events that take place. There isn’t too much of it in the demo, but it’s a fun little addition. Oh, and the game looks amazing.


How’s everyone else liking it?

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  • Hooked it up to my 40″ and haven’t regretted it yet. By far one of the best looking PSP games I’ve seen when blown up to that size.

  • I’m thinking this will be better than Chains of Olympus. Or it’ll be better but I think it’s not as good because the initial awesomeness of playing GoW on a PSP will be lost since this is the second time. Either way, it’s nice to see a series not getting stale after four iterations

  • TTTT

    it is totally slick and looks great but having just played GOW3 the timing is a little bit bad. I wish they would change it up a bit, since it is on PSP maybe slow the action down a bit and make it more of an adventure game. Also, I know this is hard since it is Greek Mythology based but once again it is the same color tones in the environment.
    I swear I am going to get carpal tunnel playing while wrapping my hands around the PSP.
    Still, the new weapon is great and the battles are great etc. I am definitely going to get it probably this year.

  • So much for attempting to use the Eye of Atlantis for more than a couple fights. I ran out of mana! The Spear & Shield are cool, but they still don’t come anywhere near Blades of Chaos in terms of fun.

    • I agree. That seems to be the case in every God of War game; the secondary weapons are fun, but you find yourself missing the Blades.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    I hope the game has something impressive like Poseidon. That was ABSOLUTELY amazing, one of the most impressive sequences I have ever seen in a game. The entire intro sequence was just legendary.

  • I hope there is a weapon like Zeus’ Gauntlet

  • It’s the “Blades of Athena” ladies and gentlemen. The Blades of Chaos were destroyed in in the first GoW.

    • Correct, but they function the same way. Either way, it’s not that much of a difference gameplay wise, which probably explains why many people tend to get the names of the chained blade weapons wrong. It’s not a big deal.

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