Mega Man Legends 3 Development Team Spans Across Other Capcom Games

By Ishaan . October 4, 2010 . 5:01pm


The Mega Man Legends 3 development team borrows from all corners of Capcom, director, Masakazu Eguchi, revealed today in a blog post on Capcom-Unity.


While Eguchi himself has a long history with Mega Man games, having co-directed Mega Man Legends 2 and also worked on numerous Mega Man Battle Network titles, his development team for Legends 3 on Nintendo 3DS draws talent from numerous other Capcom titles.


Yoshinori Kawano, who directed Mega Man Legends and was the main director on Legends 2 will be overseeing the overall Legends 3 project. Simply put, his job is to help make sure the game turns out great. Eguchi views him as a “spiritual mentor.”


Additionally, the Legends 3 team also enslists the aid of art directors, planners, designers from the first two Legends titles as well as support from their students, the members of the EXE and Star Force teams. Finally, there are also project leads and key staff from the Monster Hunter, Lost Planet, and Basara games helping out on Legends 3.

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  • Code

    rar, damnit, I want it, you can just tell this is going to be a process of pure passion. I’m really hoping they’ll at least localize the PSP collection, or re-release Mega Man Legends 1&2, and Misadventures of Tron Bonne!

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    All we need now is a NA(and EU) release date.

  • Day2Day

    Well, the $300 price tag was telling me I really don’t need a 3DS… Now they whip this out on me… Way to go, Capcom. Now I need a 3DS.

  • I’m so ecstatic for the inevitable return of Tron Bonne, video gaming’s hottest and greatest female sadist. Mega Man Legends 3 is definitely on my most anticipated list for future titles, the first 2 were phenomenal and the series itself has been long overdue for a three-quel. Very glad to hear such a great and experienced team is helming the project, can’t wait to hear more on this.

  • Havin this game to b released on N3ds is kind of a downer but nun-the-less, Imma get it. I just hope that the last titles get re-released on consoles!

  • It’s funny how Capcom is always trying to appeal to western gamers but what gamers really want is games like this, games whose prequels wasn’t even designed with that philosophy in mind. I hope they get the hint. Also, everyone needs to buy Sengoku Basara, it’s coming out in 8 days. :)

  • omg I hope theres going to be a trailer at new york comic con

  • Just another reason to get a 3DS. BOOYAH.f

  • If only this was for an HD console…

    • In one sense, Charles, I agree.

      In another, I completely disagree.

      Consider this: The honest chance of them keeping the great art design on an HD console is slim? I mean, the screen’d be nice, but I doubt they’d keep it with the same style, y’know?

  • They should have made it to PSP, since the first 2 Legends/DASH games are in PlayStation X_X

    • By that logic then all FF should be on Nintendo. It’s silly.

      • And Castlevania. And MegaMan. And MegaMan X. And Dragon Quest…..

  • HPN

    Staff members from Monster Hunter and Lost Planet are working on MML3? Wow!I can’t wait to get my hands on this title and a 3DS!

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