Here’s Another Aksys Survey On Otome Games

By Ishaan . October 7, 2010 . 7:00pm


A week or so ago, Aksys ran a survey on otome (aimed at a female audience) games, which asked questions such as, “Do you know what an otome game is?” and “Do you like dating-sim elements in your games?”


This week, they’re running part 2 of the survey, this time with more of a focus on the buying aspect. How much would you be willing to pay? What platforms would you like to see otome games on? What limited edition bonuses would you like?


You can take the new survey here. Look out for the amusing message at the end.

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  • Ereek

    I’m really glad this genre might have a chance in the west.

    Edit: Aksys, my husband might not be too happy that you’re watching us.

  • joesz

    I wonder what would happen if they had the chance to add chuck norris and mr T as the main characters for this genre.

  • Well these type of games seem to have potential, Id be interested in seeing exactly what they bring to the table.

  • “Thank you for taking our survey!
    You’re so pretty. We like watching you sleep.”

    /leans back

    • neocatzon

      every dude would do that, so I..

      /leans back

  • Can these survey be trusted at all? I mean if everyone’s like me I completely ignored the survey because I’m not interested in otome games, meaning that only people that like these games answered the survey so it will seems that everyone wants these games… If the survey was about the interest in Fate/Extra localization that would be different for me.. (damn I really need to get that game out of my mind)

    • A survey is just a sampling of the population of interested people, if they establish a large enough sample size then they can minimize the margin of error increasing precision and use a confidence level to have an accurate result. That is to say, if you or others ignored the survey then there not be some interest in these games at all.

      I did it because I have little clue what the games are but based on the images selected, think I would be interested in playing them.

    • SolidusSnake

      Dunno, I took both of the surveys and I’d be 10000 x more likely to buy fate/extra than any otome game. Some people just like to take surveys I guess. D:

    • My understanding is that the surveys are more about determining what people would be interested in within that genre and less about determining who is interested in the genre and who isn’t. Of course, the level of response also helps us gauge interest in the genre itself, to some extent.

      If you really want to see something else though, like Fate/Extra or some other game, drop by our forums or send us an e-mail. We always want to know what people are interested in seeing, and the more interest that’s shown in a particular title, the better the chances of it being considered.

  • Pichi

    I hope the surveys are positive enough so we can see them expand to this genre. I think this can catch on if done right.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    So, if they are indeed looking, what titles would you realistically think might be under consideration. Here are some of my immediate thoughts.

    1) Angelique or other in the Neoromance series — Was known to be under consideration by Koei on at least two occasions; has name recognition and a US anime release that could be piggybacked off.

    2) TokiMeko — Classic of the genre and would allow exploration of both boys and girls side. Also one for which a release was rumored under consideration and also has seen domestic release for anime related stuff.

    3) Fate/something — Probably everyones ‘holy grail’ with again lots of previous US recognition. But always the cost stories are hard to overcome and would most of what people want fall under a ‘otome’ label?

    • Roses4Aria

      Hmmm. Tokimeki is a possibility and would probably be a good choice, especially considering that there’s so much more to it than just the “Click your choice” visual novel aspect. However, I doubt that Konami will let go of any of their Neoromance properties. My guess is, they would wait and see how Akys does if it ventures into the genre and then localize games like Angelique and Harutoki themselves.

      I’m an Idea Factory fan, though I know some people really dislike them, so I’d love to see a Hiiro no Kakera or Will o’ Wisp western release. I liked Hakuoki well enough, but not quite as much as some of IF’s other games.

      I honestly wonder whether it might be a good idea if they tried marketing otome games to the book reading crowd. After all, a lot of these are basically just interactive romance novels, so they might go over with romance readers…

      • M’iau M’iaut

        That last idea has already shown itself as a viable option. Hotel Dusk got some outside the niche notice when it was advertised in the book review sections of both USA Today and NYT. (Still waiting for my sequel from Play Asia darnit!). I hope Aksys is considering such for part of their promotional model with 999; they certainly are giving that a chance with their efforts.The Lisa Kudrow ‘rebranding’ spots for the original Layton definitely put some pop in that series sales, too. So, I’d say that element of the ‘casual’ market is reachable with the right efforts.

        Hadn’t even thought of the IF titles; and they certainly have not been adverse to allowing a range of their titles come over. Hell, you can even pick up the Hello Kitty party game they did through Compile Heart.

    • john411

      Honestly I think the best one they should go for is the Starry Sky series. All the guys are bishie and voiced by awesome male seiyuu.

      • While Starry Sky indeed has an all star seiyuu cast, the games themself are somewhat cliche. Might not be the best bet to start with.

        Needless to say, I’m addicted to them :/

    • I think Neoromance games would indeed be a good bet. I’ve only played Kiniro no Corda myself, but the fact that the games have lots of interactive gameplay is a major plus I think.

      Tokimemo would also be a good bet, although the games are so full of Japanese culture that I wonder what they will do to them.

    • Joanna

      I’d love to see Angelique here. I haven’t tried the games, but I liked the anime enough. And I’m dying to get a chance to play Tokimeki ever since Jenni did those play tests.

      As for Fate, I was under the impression that they weren’t otome games since the protagonist is male. Although, I won’t deny that there are female fans, even I have enjoyed male oriented dating sims. At heart though, I’m more of an adventure/VN kind of person.

  • what about one for gal-game T.T

  • Interested or not, its still one hope for those who love to look at tons of bishies and the multiple endings in Otome games but sadly do not know how to read Japanese to be able to get atleast a few localization of it or more (with LE and many fan service!Lol..)…And be able to play it! I shall have all my fingers crossed!! >.<

    PS: I love it best when I (the character) ended up with the evil one… Lol..

  • Roses4Aria

    Kyaaa! Just got done taking this, and despite being disappointed in the past I can’t help but be excited. I truly hope this means that they are serious about the possibility. At least they took the time to do a follow-up survey, so surely that should indicate there is some hope for us otome game fans. I wonder if the response to the first survey was better than they expected? That would be so great. :)

    Right now I love Akys! I was on the fence about getting 999, but this has pushed me over the edge to a definite buy. I want to show my support for any company who is genuinely interested in bringing me some of my favorite games in English.

  • Guest

    These games always look so creepy to me. The males look like non straight dudes or traps with creepy pedo untrustworthy smiles looking like they can turn on you in any minute with a knife to your throat. I mean, look at that dude in the pic. He looks like he’s about to twist that poor 12 yr olds head off after he has his/her way with her and she looks scared stiff

    or maybe thats the appeal I guess..

    • Always why so negative?

      They look like the idea of how the average youth of today look

      • Joanna

        I always though cowcow was our lovable resident troll. Always take everything s/he says with a grain of salt. :3

  • Finalstar2007

    I wasnt able to do the first one since i didnt know about it but i just did this one, hope it helps :), the more games the better :)

  • masuto

    Seriously, everyone should spread the news. I damn well support a new niche genre.

    • Well I may not be in the target audience, but as long as the game is fun, I would be up for a new experience in a new game in a new niche genre

  • j.

    This gives me so much hope. *tears up*

    I especially enjoyed the “sweet girl on multiple boy action” part. Mhmm. Bring it on.

  • I for one have been waiting for this for YEARS. I am of two minds about whether they should bring over the visual novel variety of otome games or the dating sim variety. Perhaps one with a mixture of both and actual “gameplay” would do the trick – but then it would be more difficult to market that in bookstores, and I do believe that would be a good place to market otome games. Hakuoki, perhaps?

    If they could market games with good recognition already, that might be helpful. I was thinking this over and I believe an otome game with a sizable fanbase already (likely with a popular manga or anime tie-in) while still being high-quality would be quite well accepted. The brand new Kimi ni Todoke DS game and the Vampire Knight DS game springs readily to mind. (I mean, imagine the fangirls!). And I think the market for these would definitely be a handheld. They’re best played in spurts. “Hardcore” platforms won’t do so well…

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