PlatinumGames Talk About The “Feel” Of Vanquish

By Ishaan . October 7, 2010 . 11:29am


Before PlatinumGames began active development of Vanquish, they identified traits that they’d noticed in other shooters on the market and compiled a list of those that they wanted to keep away from. Three of them were:


“Remember the map, find a good spot, hide, then move.”

“If you get discovered, move to another hiding spot.”

“Fire before you are fired upon.”


Instead, they wanted to take on a more aggressive approach that focused on moving forward, dodging bullets all the while, instead of retreating or ducking for cover. For Takaaki Yamaguchi, who worked on enemy animations in Vanquish, this meant creating animations you’d expect to see in an action game, rather than in a shooter, he writes on the PlatinumGames blog.


The most important aspect of animating enemies, he says, is ensuring that the animations are functional in addition to looking cool — that they do a good job of letting the player know when they need to dodge or when the enemy is open to attack. He points out the giant Argus robot from the Vanquish demo as an example for players to look to.


Yamaguchi closes his post on an unrelated note, showing off an animation for the robot dog sidekick that was cut from the game that he dug up:


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  • First word that popped into my mind was Friender.

    • Billy Añonuevo

      Ditto. Then again, there have been some interviews that state that Casshern was an influence for this game.

  • karasuKumo

    Vanquish is pure win, it takes the ordinary TPS and stuffs it full of epic :D. I never used to hide in shooters anyway so this was made for me XD

    • Aoshi00

      I actually like to hide in TPS like Gears (I’m not good at MW), but the booster really takes you everywhere, and during slow mo you could either do serious damage, retreat to recover health, or do a close quarter take down, you never stop moving in this game. Do you know that Sam could throw a cigarette to distract enemies, how cool is that.I’m playing Enslaved now, sooo good, and just got Castlevania today and getting Vanquish later. Wish they would have some deal on Naruto UNS2, crazy month… was thinking about Kirby Yarn, now that needs to wait..

  • This may be tha best TPS ever made…can it beat Uncharted 2?

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Why does everything have to “beat” Uncharted 2? Can’t it be fun it its own way? Uncharted 2 is not only a TPS, it’s also a colorful platforming adventure and an edge-of-your-seat summer blockbuster. This looks to be over-the-top less-real-than-hollywood sci-fi.

  • keyboy7

    lol i played the demo with a headache, and boy was that a mistake. LOUD AND HECTIC. i think my tainted experience may have unfortunately soured me on the whole thing.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    I had fun with the demo even though I usually suck at TPS’s. The tutorial really helped, and the control scheme was tight enough I felt I had full control over my character, yet loose and flashy enough to allow mistakes. Not at all clunky like most other games in the genre.

  • Aiddon

    seriously, I hate the fact that they removed the robot dog sidekick as that would have been awesome in that goofy, corny way only the Japanese can pull off. Here’s hoping they include him if this game does well enough to warrant a sequel

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