Let’s Playing: God Eater Burst (Demo)

By Ishaan . October 10, 2010 . 7:24pm


Siliconera has been a hodge-podge of games this past week, with Jenni playing Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue, Laura on the new Pokémon Ranger, Spencer going through Dead Rising 2 and Enslaved, and Kris drooling over the Castlevania: Lord of Shadow demo.


This unfortunately means no one has had the chance to check out the enormous God Eater Burst demo, even though I actually downloaded it, put it on my PSP and even started it up once before other priorities called for my time.


I do recall playing the original God Eater demo, however, and running into some trouble there because I couldn’t quite figure out what to do, owing largely to my lack of sufficient Kanji knowledge. Since quite a few Siliconerites seem to be familiar with the game, I figured this would be a great chance to help the other readers out and dish out any info you can share on the demo.


What did you think of the game? How do the controls work? How do you go about the demo missions? Do you have any advice for newbies aside from being one with “The Claw”?

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  • joesz

    I played it few days ago and it was awesome! also , it have a batch of wonderful character designs that I think everyone will definitely be satisfied with them.I played through a lot of missions till I chose to finish kh:recoded.also the gameplay is interesting,you can change your weapon into long ranged mode and short ranged mode(huge swordly gun?).basically this game is like the sibling of phantasy star and hack.g.u ,just with the higher genes. and yes we need a ps3 port for this,it will definitely be more amazing with a faster fighting pace and higher graphic.

    • MrRobbyM

      “and yes we need a ps3 port for this,it will definitely be more amazing with a faster fighting pace and higher graphic”


    • Hraesvelgr

      “and yes we need a ps3 port for this,it will definitely be more amazing with a faster fighting pace and higher graphic”


      • Happy Gamer

        i know some may go against the idea of the ps3 thing but the game in nature would benefit from high rez detailed graphics.

        but more than anything, i think god eater could benefit from more detailed and dynamic graphics. one of the reasons i love monster hunter series is the sheer amount of detail and atmosphere it has. god eater to be honest, is not as cool to “look” at if u get what i mean.

        i can’t wait for english demo of this game i hope enough ppl play it! :)

        too many great portable games coming soon!

        • Hraesvelgr

          Well, I wasn’t being 100% serious there. I think most PSP games would benefit from being ported to anything else for the sake of control and comfort, but I don’t really see much use in a port aside from that.

        • Not as cool to look at might be an understatement. The huge gunswords rank high on the awesome scale, but the world itself feels very barren. Even for an apocalyptic world, I think some more detail would indeed greatly benefit the overall atmosphere.

          • Well, they focused detail on the character and Aragami models instead of the environments. Look at Dissidia: Final Fantasy. They did the same thing; pretty models, barren stages.

    • Eh. If this become very well received here in the West much more than Monster Hunter’s reception in here or Japan itself, then Bamco might do it, but Bamco is focusing more for the Japanese audience (like MH) where the Japanese prefer portability to get together with other people.

    • “and yes we need a ps3 port for this,it will definitely be more amazing with a faster fighting pace and higher graphic”

      Make it so.

  • neogeno

    Well I cant understand Kanji either so I’m left to play the “matching game” and fumble through the menus with trial and error. I have to say from what I found, this demo is so much larger than the previous one with much more things packed in to keep me busy. The addition of emotes are a nice little touch to the lobby. The D pad lets you perform 4 different actions and holding down the L or R button with a press of the D pad allows more emotes totaling 12. The Player card works just like the guild card in Monster Hunter and lets you keep track of your stats. Along with the training missions, the console in your room has video tutorials that show some of the new features like the predator combo. Theres also BGM on it as well. You can also choose which BGM you want to listen to on missions by hittion L or R after selecting your team mates at the front counter.

    The biggest and most substantial addition (IMO) to the demo is the ability to customize your bullets. I was a bit disappointed when the first demo didnt allow it. I’ve spent hours testing out the extent of this awesome system and Im surprised at just how variable it can be. The way they set it up, it reminds me of trying to code a computer program but without the stress. It even gives you error messages like a compiler would if you did something wrong like fire of two shots at the same time (they cancel each other out i think). You can change what element you fire out, when it is fired out, how it fires out, what happens when it fires out and what ANGLE it fires out. And this is all before you can add a number of “sub-shots” to fire off that can be changed in the very same ways.

    You can make a heat seaking flame mortar shot fire off at an enemy and launch two different elements mid flight that turn into multi shots that rain down on the enemy. Or you can make a thunder shot rotate around you at 3 different distances to damage nearby enemies. Im still not done fiddling with it but the only limiters I see is the OP which drains as you use your bullets and a counter that seems to put a limit on how many sub-bullets you can add to your first shot. Plus you can name them.

    • I didn’t experiment much with the bullet creation system, but reading your post I think I need to go back and experiment some more :D

    • I did not know that you could change the BGM or that there were 12 emotes. But damn does the bullet customization sound amazing.

  • Lemme think… memories keep flooding in showing the paths I should have taken, but now that time has run away from me I cannot change a thing.

    All I can say is use melee all the way if you don’t understand a thing about bullet customization like me.

    • neogeno

      Argh! But your missing so much!!

    • Billy Añonuevo

      I know zilch about how to work the Bullet Edit mode. So far, all that I’ve done with ranged combat is just using the right element/shot type depending on what Aragami I’m fighting.

    • I don’t understand the bullet customization either, but it didn’t stop me from playing with it. Can’t wait for the localization though.

  • Ereek

    I really want to play this, but with Zettai Hero and New Vegas coming out at the same time, I’m going to have to pass (for now).

    • But it’s only 10 hours at least! (without blazing straight through it)

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Knowing nothing about this game, the first thing I thought of when I saw the screenshot at top was the Versus preview of Noctis slashing a Behemoth.

  • RAVENKam

    It’s getting localised so I can wait – and for this reason I see no point in fumbling through menus and hunting for translations.

    It’s not as if I haven’t got a truckload of games to get through at the moment.

  • karasuKumo

    I do like GE because the designs are more Eastern than the other games in that category in my opinion. That monster pictured really resembles an old Chinese Lion statue and I love it. I really like Rindou’s design too he’s pure awesome. I do like MH and PS but it’s nice to have a break from their usual designs.

    I might give the demo a go, something nice to play until Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (Yes!) and Vanquish (HELL YES!). :D

    • Rindou is all, “I’m a badass and fought an Aragami alone. Now I’m smoking a cigarette ’cause I just tore that thing a new one, if you know what I mean.”

  • I love how FAST the combat is. The fact that you can dodge recover (get knocked down and do a dodge maneuver to recover quickly) or do an aerial guard (bring up your shield in midair) is what I love about God Eater over Monster Hunter or Phantasy Star Portable.After being able to choose the rest of the characters seen around the lobby with me during missions, I’ve found that Arisa, Canon, and Tatsumi are good choices. Tatsumi is a straight up sword-user and will give you a power boost some of the time after using Predator mode. Arisa is the same, except she switches between gun and sword form. Canon is pure gun, but she has a healing spray that’s perfect for keeping you alive, especially at close range.As a final note, “No Way Back -Out of My Way-“, the song that plays during one of the rank 3 missions is awesome.

    • Forgot to mention: I’ve heard people complain about the Monster Hunter controls on PSP. Having played Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, the demos for Phantasy Star Portable 1 & 2, and the demos for God Eater and God Eater Burst (which is a vast improvement over the GE demo), I can honestly say God Eater does controls the best. Everything feels so fluid once you get used to the fast action the God Eater Burst demo offers.

    • Arisa is usually a good choice for missions, at least for me, due to the very fact that she can switch like you (and Shio).

      As far as I remember, story wise, anyone who can switch between gun and sword modes are New Generation G.E’s, right? (Besides Shio, certain circumstances lending towards her abilities.) Do the other teammates besides them have that ability now…?

      • I think Tatsumi could just fire the power boost at you, ’cause I’ve had Level 3 Burst and I know all of it didn’t come from Arisa.

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