Konami’s X-Men Arcade Game Making Comeback On PSN And XBLA

By Ishaan . October 11, 2010 . 11:27am


While Konami have mostly abandoned the superhero scene for the moment, back in 1992, they produced a pretty fun side-scrolling X-Men arcade beat-’em-up game. X-Men is now coming to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.


Konami and Marvel made the announcement at the New York Comic-Con this past weekend and mentioned that the game would include a drop-in online co-op mode for up to six players. Offline, X-Men supports up to four players. Aside from the addition of online, the game will also allow you to select a difficulty setting of your preference. A custom match mode lets players search for multiplayer sessions by the difficulty level or create a room with their difficulty and starting level choice.


Backbone Entertainment is handling the port and plan to release X-Men on both platforms this year.

  • RAVENKam

    I could done without the overused ‘save the city’ VO in that trailer but cool I’ll be getting this.

    • Aoshi00

      lol, pretty quirky.. now Prof X has moved onto better things like Lords of Shadow :) Never played this game, only the sidescrollers on the SNES.. but sprites rule!

  • Guest

    Doesn’t Konami still make TMNT games?

    • Aoshi00

      ReShell was a disservice to the legendary Turtles in Time, just god awful..

  • i call nightcrawler

    • raymk

      you can have him i prefer colosses or storm anyway :). I hope theirs a kick player feature because you 6p you know some people are going to be a ass and not move. and in arcades if you don’t move you get zapped but more than that it just holds up the game. I hope those types of people don’t exist but you never can be to careful.

  • nyoron

    Why is six people online only? I thought the PS3 at least could handle 7 controllers at once.

    And how about that Simpsons arcade game, Konami?

    • It’s not 6-players online only. The PS3 version can have up to 6 locally as well.

      btw, I call Wolverine.

      • nyoron

        That contradicts what’s written in the post but good news if true!

        I’ll take Cyclops (since Nightcrawler was already taken grumble grumble…)

    • trickylove

      The reason for only six player online coop, is cause the good arcade machines for this game were six players. (note the image with six xmen) That was probably the greatest thing about the game.

      And I guess I’ll call collassus

  • It’ll be good to make a comeback, bub.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Yeah, I loved this game as a kid… back when arcades were more than urban legends in America.

  • Chow


  • capristrider

    Great old skool game! Wolverine’s biceps are still hairy as ever!

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