Arc The Lad II And Arc Arena Also Coming To PlayStation Classics

By Spencer . October 12, 2010 . 2:27am

imageMonkeyPaw Games and Gaijinworks have Arc the Lad lined up as a PlayStation Network download today. It’s the first entry in the Arc the Lad trilogy that Working Designs localized for North America.


Don’t worry, the other Arc the Lad games are coming. The ESRB just rated Arc the Lad II and Arc Arena Monster Tournament. Arc the Lad II continues the story with Elc who thinks Arc was part of the group that set his village ablaze. Arc Arena Monster Tournament lets players import monster data from Arc the Lad II into the game for tournaments.

  • ::Screams:: I LOVE YOU VIC~!! ::Faints::

  • urbanscholar

    Holding out to play Arc 2, I’ve heard is vastly superior to 1.

    • They’re one story. You even load up your Arc 1 save in 2. Playing only one of them is like reading only certain chapters of a book.

      • urbanscholar

        I wasn’t aware it was all 1 unifying story there, I will check it out.

        • BK0000

          Yeah. You definitely don’t want to play Arc 2 without playing Arc 1.

    • Arcm

      Just make sure you still play Arc 1 since that’s pretty much like a prologue to Arc 2. I spent over a hundred hours in Arc 2 it’s great.

      • urbanscholar

        Over 100? Ok definitely going to wet my feet with Arc 1, thank you.

  • I’ve never had the chance to play either game, and have heard good things about them both, so I’ll probably take a chance on these in the months to come. The ability to play these on the go (on the PSP) makes it a lot more likely that I can actually get through them sometime before 2030, and that’s always good.

  • The Arc the Lad PS1 trilogy is one of my favorite gaming experiences of all time. I recommend to anyone that’s even remotely interested in strategy RPG games to give this series a shot. Arc the Lad is a wonderful prequel to Arc the Lad II, which is quite possibly one of (if not) the best SRPG games of all time. The game save transfer from I to II is awesome, and it is HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended that you play the first one (despite it being a little short) and NOT just “wait to play the second, *better* game”. $6 is nothing for what is still a fantastic prequel game.

    So excited the series is coming to PSN, I bought it for full price with the awesome pocket watch that came with the huge Working Designs box years ago, and there is no question that I will purchase every Arc the Lad release that comes our way a second time. Thank you so much Vic Ireland for making these available once again, I am absolutely overjoyed, and REALLY hope that the third game will make it to PSN as well!

    • kupomogli

      Arc the Lad Collection was my most anticipated game of all time. Waiting and waiting for the game and then going through the delays made me want it even more. The first one I enjoyed playing through it once as it’s an average tactical RPG, and then after finishing the second the third one is above average but not too great, it’s the second game that is the reason to purchase the Collection.

      Arc the Lad 2 is just amazing. The hunter’s guild while being nothing more than a extremely large side quest adds so much to the game. The hunter’s guild might be the largest side quest, but it really doesn’t even scratch the surace on what AtL2 has to offer. Then Arc Arena adds more value to those who already are in love with AtL2(and even better of a game if you have a friend or friends who like AtL 2 to play against.)

      I also bought Arc the Lad Collection day one. I got the pocket watch with Elc on it. Although being one who doesn’t purchase strategy guides, I was an idiot for not purchasing the hardbound strategy guide for $30. Hardbound, full color, somewhat large, and 571 pages.

      • I had the exact same experience with it when it came out, I have never waited for a game release with such anticipation as I did for the Arc the Lad Collection. I remember drooling over Japanese screenshots and previews of the game in magazines years before it was announced for the US, and then jumping for joy when Working Designs (which was my personal favorite game company at the time, delays and all) announced they were publishing the collection.

        I agree completely that the first one is a somewhat standard SRPG and that after playing Arc the Lad II, number three doesn’t quite live up to its predecessor, but I still thoroughly enjoyed them both and am really hoping the third game will eventually come out to “complete” the PS1 collection on PSN.

        Arc the Lad II is just phenomenal though, it would take way to long to touch on everything that makes it so special, and even then, words can’t do it complete justice. The main game is so huge itself, and I spent so many hours doing most of the Hunter’s Guild quests and had an absolute blast doing so, same with the Arena. I’m so excited to get all these to play on the go with my PSP!!

        I got a Gogen watch (who was my favorite character at the time since I was obssessed with lightning in video games), and a second watch of Arc for free since my family was very good friends with the manager at our local EB Games at the time when I bought it. I am still on the lookout for a Dieckbeck, Elc, and/or Shu watch, and I’m not sure if they made a Kukuru watch, but if they did I want it bad. I’d actually be very interested to know how many different character watches were made, there were a ton of main characters across the games…

        It’s a shame you didn’t pick up the guide, it really is fantastic and offers a TON of info on the games. I always used to get Working Designs’ guides pretty much for the poster offer in the back, although I’m not sure where I put most of the posters I got from them… I remember them saying a second hardbound guide for Arc the Lad III was going to come out, but after all the delays of the game, then the delays for the guide, I remember they just ended up canceling the second guide which is too bad.

    • Joanna

      Congratulations, you have just convinced me to check this game out. :)

      • Yay! Your comment made my day! When I got the email saying that you had replied to my comment I was actually on my PSP playing the game haha. Having a nostalgia blast myself going through it again, but doing so just makes me want #2 real badly… I actually love that the first game is like an “Arc the Lad Tutorial/Prequel”, but I just can’t wait to play the pure SRPG awesomeness that is Arc the Lad II again. I’m also trying to beef up my characters and do everything there possibly is to do in Arc the Lad I so I’ll have them good and ready for II’s release.

        Let me know how you like it, and if everything seems somewhat restricted or linear, and kinda basic (depending on your gamer “level”), just enjoy the story, characters, battles, and get pumped for the main course of the series which will hopefully come out real soon!

  • BK0000

    Victor Ireland posted at GAF that the plan was to release Arc the Lad II next month.

  • Awesome… gonna buy these in hopes of Lunar 2!!

    • BK0000

      Ireland has said that there’s absolutely no chance that they can put Lunar 1 or 2 on the PSN.

      • cmurph666


        When and where did they say this! I still own the discs but I wanted digital copies to put on my psp.


        • BK0000

          He talked about it in the thread at GAF about Arc and Alundra coming to the PSN.

  • I got the collector’s edition about two years ago on Ebay but it wouldn’t hurt to have the games on the go now.

  • neo_firenze

    I’ll re-buy Arc 2 to play on the go on PSP. None of the rest of the series really warrants a second purchase when I own the PS1 discs though. I’ll just import my saved Arc 1 game by loading it from PS1 memory card -> PS3 through mem card adapter -> PC via USB drive -> PSP.

    If you never played Arc 1, 1+2 is worth $12. But know going into it that what you’re really paying for is the awesome Arc 2 and a small story prologue with more primitive mechanics in Arc 1. Please, please, please don’t judge the series if you just play Arc 1 and stop there. Arc 2 is many times more awesome, and is one of the finest SRPGs ever made.

  • cmurph666

    I assume this mean Arc III isn’t far behind.

    I have the WD Collection but I never opened it. It sit in my chest of games collecting dead skin.

    I guess I’ll pick up these digital versions and try them out on my PSP.

  • holyPaladin

    Now Arc III to PSN soon~

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