Rune Factory Oceans Announced For Wii And PlayStation 3

By Ishaan . October 12, 2010 . 6:28pm

imageCapcom aren’t the only publisher putting out multiplatform games across the Wii and PlayStation 3. Marvelous just announced Rune Factory Oceans for both consoles in the latest issue of Japanese magazine, Famitsu.


Rune Factory: Oceans features everything you’ve seen in previous games. The dating-sim aspect, the ability to get married, the realtime combat. In addition, Rune Factory Oceans lets players control a male protagonist, Azel, and a female one, Sonia. Character changes occur mid-game.


Rune Factory Oceans introduces the ability to explore oceans on the back of a giant named Ymir. This giant will also be able to pick up entire islands and move them to new locations, although, it isn’t clear if this is some sort of scripted event or you can move islands around wherever you like. Famitsu mentions that you can fight on the back of the giant as well, which sounds like an interesting twist.


imageRune Factory Oceans has an option to get married and Famitsu has pictures of the three brides. From left to right, they are Iris (youngest daughter), Lili (eldest daughter), and Odette (middle child).


Rune Factory: Oceans is slated for release on February 24, 2011. The PlayStation 3 version supports the PlayStation Move controller.

  • Rune Factory for PS3?! Wow that is a shocker to me, Color me Surprised, please get a domestic release!

    • The first person in this post to suggest this not being localized shall be slaughtered by my hand. You have been warned. ><

      • this is never going to be localized :D

        • *cocks shotgun*

          • M’iau M’iaut

            *Prepares to call in a Tomahawk cruise missile strike should the sawed off double buckshot blast not be enough.*

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Dislike! Dislike! :(

        • glemtvapen

          I concur. The PS3 will never get it here. The Wii on the other hand…

          • Shadow_Raskolnik

            The wonders of Rune Factory should be open to all regardless of what system they own.

      • vadde939

        Why wouldn’t it be localised? We got Frontier and from what I’ve heard it may have outsold all the main Harvest Moons on Wii. This isn’t Namco after all. The Wii version is sure to make it over and I think the PS3 versions chances are good too.

      • And i will make a follow up combo naruto ninja storm style, hey ishaan, you have a ps3? if you’d like, add me in your friends :P, my ID is Losroki

        • No PS3, sorry. :( I’d invest in one if I thought I actually had the time for another console, but somehow I don’t see that happening any time soon!

  • Guest

    I want to be excited but I just couldn’t get into Frontier. I’m sure it was a quality title just not my kinda game. Still this is great news for MMV and fans.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    I’m not usually the type of internet commenter to do this but… omgomgomgOMGOMGOMGOOOMMMMGGGG!!!!How can the PS3 get any freaking better!? I’ve been wanting this since I’ve got a PS3! So excited 1million emoticons wouldn’t do my expression justice right now.

    EDIT: Moving ISLANDS with a giant!?!? I’m going to pass out! Can’t wait for more info, more scans, whether or not the PS3 version is a port of the Wii or seperate, etc.

    • Wow someone got the excite bug! lol!!!!

    • It seems to be Wii ported to PS3, the graphics (blurry as the pics are) look very identical to Frontier on Wii… and these shots ARE of the PS3 version, you can see the circle button in the text bubbles.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Wow nice observation, I didn’t even notice. Need bigger scans.


        Wii’s Graphics were pretty good anyway, what im expecting for the ps3 ver. , besides being sexy and trophies, is less lag and less “ERROR READING DISC MOFO”, how many times i had to repeat days in rune factory frontier because if this…. oh! did you realize how the snow in winter, as it falls, if you move close to one of those white dotes, try to get one of the dots close to the TV screen, and you will actually see the snowflake! not just a white dot, HOW COOL IS THAT!?

  • Code

    rar, colossi fighting a pirate ships!? I’ll take two.

  • Female protagonist option!! Finally!

    • regreto

      yay !!

    • Maybe this will be the first harvest moon style game i will play ALSO as a girl…. all i hope is that the dialogues are not generalized for both genders -.-

    • Joanna

      Hell YES!
      That’s what I’ve been waiting for since Rune Factory 1!

      I’m confused why it took them so long, doesn’t the Harvest Moon franchise have one of the biggest female followings?!

  • Soma

    To be honest, I’ve never played any of the Rune Factory games. But, this looks like reason enough to start. =)

  • PersonaBull

    The only thing that could make this news better would be that I could hit on other characters of that same gender that I chose.I can dream, right?All wishful thinking aside, this sounds pretty awesome! I can’t wait to see how this game plays! I’m glad there’s already news of another new Rune Factory before I get Rune Factory 3 in a month, this way I know I’ve got even MORE to look forward to! :D

    EdiT: Oh, also, I wonder if this means you’re stuck with the second character throughout the post-game? I wonder if you can pick what character to play as (somewhat similar to Odin Sphere, perhaps, or a more recent and probably closer example, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep) once you beat the main storyline.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Yes, marrying a girl even if you are a girl would be a first for HM. But unlikely…

      I too, wonder what “character changes mid-game” means. I didn’t quite dig the way it was implemented in RF2.

      • Patrick de Kruijf

        It probably means that some character grow up like in HM AWL.

        Dunno if its the same in RF2 but I liked it in AWL

      • Joanna

        It probably means you play as your child. I haven’t played RF2 yet (damn backlog!) but I do recall hearing about the feature in the game where you playing as your child afterwards. So I’m guessing this is what that means.

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Ah nevermind. Now that it’s been revealed you are both the boy AND the girl, it probably means you can switch which one you control at the mid-point. It seems like your other half interacts with you even when you share the same body.

          RF2 was alright. Switching to your kid is weird; whoever was your lover before is now your mother. O_O The kid can’t get married. I also felt the dialogue and character interaction was better in the first gen, but the 2nd gen had much more to do. Rune Factory 3 is suppose to improve all this though.

          • Joanna

            Ah, sorry about that. I’m a little behind in the articles. I’ve read the article you are referring to now. And I have to say, that’s the switching genders is both weird and intriguing. I wonder if you can switch once you are married and thereby making you have a same sex partner. 8)Also makes me curious what the relationship is between the female and male lead. Is it like Ranma 1/2: same person switching genders, or two unique characters.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            They’re two unique characters.

  • Half of me is a tad upset over it being multiplatform (as the RF was always Nintendo-exclusive, it’s kinda one of those “is nothing sacred anymore?” situations), but the other half understands as HM has also been appearing on Sony’s platforms every now and then.

    As long as the Wii version doesn’t suffer (baselined on Wii as it seems to be is icing on the cake) graphical or content-wise (at least as good as Frontier on Wii), and a Nintendo platform always gets a RF game, then what’s to complain about?

    HM itself has had a once in a blue moon exclusive on Sony platforms, like Save the Homeland and its pseudo remake Hero of Leaf Valley.

    • malek86

      Oh, series get different all the time. Monster Hunter was always Sony-exclusive, but that didn’t stop it from going to the Wii.And at least this one is multiplatform.

  • DanteJones

    While I’m completely stoked, anyone think that the PS3 version is gonna be just a ported Wii version? I hope not, but we’ll see. :O

  • I’ll take two.

    • Code

      Not before me you won’t! *knocks everyone over and runs away with two copies*

  • j.

    While I’m not a big fan of the series, the fact that there’s a female protagonist is awesome, and on PS3 no less. :o nice.

  • puchinri

    As long as the graphics look as good as they did in Frontier or better on the Wii, I’ll be going with that version.Although I’m considering the PS3 one, just to give MMV more support.

    I’m excited. How long have we been waiting for a new RF? *o*
    (Not all that long honestly. But on a home console…)

    And a female protagonist. ;u;
    MMV I love you~.

  • Just… no Runeys, please.

    • Hraesvelgr

      This. Good god, this.

  • Hope the PS3 version has A Japanese voice option.

  • cant w8 to grab this for my PS3 way to go Marvelous

  • PLZ BRING THIS TO THE US I WILL SELL YOU MY SOUL MMV and not to be a killjoy but why is the 360 ignored? be it the ps3 fanboy i am i cant help but to notice this is becoming a small trend and i feel its somewhat unfair no?

    • vadde939

      I think its pretty obvious from the screens that the Wii is the lead platform here and the PS3 version is a port. Since the Move is so similar to the wiimote+nunchuck and the PS3 controller layout is similar to the classic controller it would probably make porting easier than it would to make a 360 version. Not to mention the 360 is not exactly Japans favourite console and this game is definately intended primarily for a Japanese audience.

      • Joanna

        Yeah I have to agree with you here. This seems like the logical conclusion.

  • fuzzy_hobo

    So…is the PS3 version Move controlled only?

  • kupomogli

    I own Rune Factory 2 but have never played it because I have such a large backlog. Even though I haven’t played it, I’m still interested in this because I like the premise.

  • And the PS3 version will probably cost $39.99

    • If so, i will be more happy than a kid in a super toystore

  • Time to start emailing XSEED everyone…

  • I personally can’t WAIT for this. I’ve been hoping, begging, pleading for a PS3 Harvest Moon or Rune Factory for ages. Please, if you guys want this game as well get it for the PS3 so it will help show Marvelous that we will support PS3 games they make, as they can make them prettier and full of more content, and last but definitely not least have TROPHIES! I will gobble up all the Rune Factory trophies like candy, I can promise you that at LEAST. The fact that the setting is water/the ocean is just icing on the cake.

    ALL i hope is that they didnt lack off in the character stories, making them generic, because they use the same script for male and female MC (of course the bachelloretes are excluded)

    EDIT: Oh! i just remembered that “heart attack” is called “cardiac arrest” in english, please replace all heart attacks (wich is a bold literal translation from spanish) with cardiac arrest ;D

    • Cardiac arrest is actually a little different from a heart attack, but that’s just getting technical. You were correct to use “heart attack” to express your excitement because that’s what most people with English as their first language use too.

      Something sounds a little too… professor-like about the above.

      • lol thanks for clearing this up for me

  • Guest

    meh I am way more interested in Marvelous other game Malicious coming to PSN. That game looked siiiiiick…

  • Sekundes

    Rune Factory on my PS3??
    *dances wildly*

  • i have died and become happy! First day buy for me!! but wait… only 3 bribes? i need my pink hair fix!

  • thebanditking

    Awesome, love that they are adding the PS3 to the platform list!

  • JustaGenericUser

    Holy crap. Well, this is news. It may even be the first Rune Factory/Harvest Moon game I buy. There are a few things I’m curious about:

    1. The “Character changes occur mid-game” line. Does it start with the male hero who marries one of the three girls, then you play as the daughter? Or you start off with male hero, he marries, then the story changes to someone else entirely? Or you switch back and forth between the two protagonists? Or what?

    2. My fear that NPCs’ dialouge will become generic for both genders, instead of reacting how they would to one specific hero like in previous entries.

    3. Whether there will be any differences between the PS3 version and the Wii version as far as content and graphics.

  • HPN

    Let’s hope the PS3 version looks like a PS3 game and not a Wii game in HD.

  • Cba321st

    Girl protagonist :DD I look forward to playing the male and female characters… if it comes out in Europe in the next century -.-
    Get rid of the runey system and I don’t think I’ll care much about the rest, I’ve liked all the other games

  • Avojavo

    Whoa, what? Three of the bachelorettes are sisters? Wow, can you imagine how’d that work in real life if some gigolo went about wooing all three sisters? The dinner table must have some pretty frigid talk.

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