• http://twitter.com/mintypixel Daniel Delacruz

    I hope this leaks and comes onto the internet, because I really want to play :)

    • http://twitter.com/OhKeh OhKeh

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  • Code

    All those weapons are looking delicious >w<~! Although I imagine Flute is a more correct translation from the original Japanese, but in the English version they are known as "Hunting Horns". But yeah seriously can not wait!

    I gotta sit down and check out the new God Eater demo too, I got it all downloaded but my spare time has been taken up by other things lately. Seriously I still think that's badass they released such a generous demo, it'd be awesome if Capcom did something like that with Monster Hunter too.

  • malek86

    Yeah, I really only need my trusty Lance.

  • shion16

    A good hammer, thats all i need

  • Cloud_ST

    Can’t wait to see the End-game greatsword for this game!.

  • http://ofurotaimu.dreamwidth.org shirokiryuu

    I watched someone play this on a streaming live on nico nico douga, looks sooo cool! I should really pick up a monster hunter game, should I wait for this one, or pick up one of the current ones?

    • http://www.siliconera.com/ Ishaan

      I’d recommend playing Tri first. It has the better controls and it’s less likely to make your hand feel like it’s about to fall right off. Once you’re used to the game, you can think about the PSP version. :)

      • http://ofurotaimu.dreamwidth.org shirokiryuu

        Oooh! Yeah I tried the demo for an earlier game, and found the controls streange…but..I’m kinda lazy to play non-portable games, it would have to involve me getting out of bed LOL

      • Asura

        Once your muscles adjust to it (and after countless hours they will), it works like magic though.

  • Draparde

    Cant wait to see what other awesome bow’s they have!

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