In This Video, Sophie Meets A Made For Tales Of Graces F Character

By Spencer . October 14, 2010 . 2:49am

Tales of Graces F has an epilogue chapter entitled Linage of the Future, which introduces a new character just for the PlayStation 3 version. Sophie meets Little Queen in this scene.



"Everyone is gone," Sophie says to Little Queen. "Then you will… What happens" – next you say? The answer is in Tales of Graces F, which comes out on December 2 in Japan.

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  • Kibbitz

    Pretty. I need to remember to borrow Vesperia and this after I get my PS3.

  • DudeOnly

    Im tired of this :(

  • Aoshi00

    Kinda tempted to import this knowing this might never come here, but at the current exchange rate it’s like $100 :(… So did they re-do the graphics of the Wii ver completely because this looks really good. I really like the skids where they have everyone standing next to each other instead of just the boxed heads. Then again I should go back to finish Vesperia on the 360..

    • thebanditking

      I don’t know if they completely re did the graphics but they definitely bumped up all the texture resolutions, naturally the enhanced overall display resolution also helps clear up image quality as well. Overall you can tell its a port of a SD game, but much like the other HD ports the PS3 has gotten it looks quite impressive and is a vast improvement over the original.

      Also why not just buy the “Asia” version of this? Its usually $40 cheaper and is exactly the same. Wish I could read Japanese, as I would rather be in your shoes then mine. I always wanted to take it in college, but never did.

      • Aoshi00

        I’m not sure why I never get the Asian ver. even if they’re cheaper, I always think they’re not genuine in the back of my head, I need to see that Cero logo lol. I’m very picky when it comes to my collection, like I would never get the greatest hits ver even if they’re much cheaper, the only exception was DMC3 which had more forgiving difficulty. I wonder if the Asian ver. would include all the pre-order bonus as well like the drama CD, DLC, etc.

        You should teach yourself the basics w/ books or take a course or two, I don’t think Jpn is too hard compared to other languages (other than kanji), and we’re exposed to it so much in games and anime you know. College courses were quite effective though because you’re soaked in it for several years, but it only depends on how much you love the language, there needs to be a driving force :)

  • Awesome looking game indeed!

  • Ok sooo yea i cant play tales in english thank god i started working on my Japaneses again, cause i keep gettin teased just hate import prices

  • TomSkylark

    There’s nothing quite so frustrating as seeing awesome footage for a game that will never be localized, designed for a platform I’ll never own. Except, of course, for seeing awesome footage from a game ported from a system that I do own, but which was far too buggy in the original to bother importing… and which will still never be localized.

    I’m pretty sure this is what the very boring portion of hell is like, for some people.

  • zhemos

    Yep, hate Namco Bandai.

    • This again? There can be no hate for Namco Bandai for their anime shonen fighters are always excellent (ie Naruto).

      Everyone has means to get these Tales games. Sure it may not be localized in ones country but there are people who are willing to write translation faqs and such to experience the games. The games would surely be localized if there was perhaps some guarantee that there is money to be made or something or another.

      That being said I dont get why people cry over this Tales of Graces F, surely the more interesting title is the PS3 one coming after this one, a truly original title.

      • Draparde

        Its probably because the origonal tales of graces never made it state side either. there is reason to be sad/mad for no tales of, but honestly people should stop voicing it like its something new, we all know just about everyone that likes tales of, dislikes the fact none release out here.

        with that said i enjoy reading more about them regardless of when/if ill get them.

      • MrRobbyM

        Yeah, except most people on this site would rather see another Tales of game rather than a Naruto game.

        • Lets be realistic here, why cry over Tales of games continually when every one of their releases has questionable localization chances. Im of the belief that we should take what we get in excitement and just enjoy it. No Tales? Alright, we have Naruto, much better alternative? Aye?!

          • MrRobbyM

            I totally agree about the complaining on no localizations, which is why I have stopped complaining on Tales posts. I’m simply stating Naruto isn’t exactly on everyone’s wishlist here. Ninja Storm 2 does look pretty cool though.

          • goronyan

            naruto only suits for fighting genre.
            You’ll probably never see an “Tales of Naruto” lol

          • Im still waiting for my true Naruto RPG, which would be awesome!!!!!!!!

          • Naruto is far from a better alternative. In fact, if I had to choose one to be localized and one to stay in Japan, Naruto can stay in Japan.

  • I want this right now.

    Time to import or wait for no translation to ever come about…?

    Gah, whatever. I’ll do neither until we get some kind of response from Bandai Namco.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    What’s that squishy gurgly sound? Oh it’s just Bamco stabbing me in the spleen again. No biggie.

  • Finalstar2007

    Im really getting tired of reading stuff about tales, whats the point since we’ll never have them T_T. why? i just wanna know why cant we English speakers have tales?

  • I might actually import it! :D *dances*

  • Tales of Graces F you Westeners you’re not playing this

  • JustaGenericUser

    Every time there’s a Tales article I feel tortured. Yet I click on them anyway because the comments tend to be hilarious.

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