Chunsoft Say Shiren the Wanderer 2 On Virtual Console Is A Possibility

By Ishaan . October 16, 2010 . 1:31pm


Shiren the Wanderer 2 was one of the few role-playing games that saw release on the Nintendo 64 about ten years ago. Seeing as how the N64 wasn’t exactly a hotbed of RPGs, it’s hard to speculate how many people got to try out Shiren 2 back in the day or even know it exists on the system ten years later.


Today, however, Chunsoft made mention of Shiren 2 on their Twitter feed. In response to a fan asking about the game, Chunsoft replied that Shiren 2 seeing a release on the Wii Virtual Console was a possibility, should series fans make their voices heard, although there are no definitive plans for this as of now.


Shiren 2 was never localized into English, so don’t get your hopes too high for an overseas Virtual Console release…unless Chunsoft are feeling very, very generous.

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  • Another waste of time…why not focus on new games instead of bringing out ye olde as dirt games? Might as well even make a 3DSWare port of it if they wanted that route, lol.

    • Kris

      How old ARE you? Since when did the N64 become old as dirt?

      Anyway, I’m actually in support of more Virtual onsole games. There are so many games that deserve do be revisited, but are hard to find. Ogre Battle 64 and Harvest Moon are perfect examples of the kind of experience that the VC should be delivering more constantly. It’s a great service, but lately, it just needs more support.

    • Yeshua49

      What 2 new Shiren this year is not enough for you ?

      • Nope! ;) We need more English Shiren games though. Also, I’m pretty sure that the N64 game is not Shiren 2. I have Shiren 2 on my Super Famicom! Shiren 2 was the game that they ported over to the DS as Shiren The Wanderer in the U.S.

    • That reminds me… did you end up purchasing Alundra and/or Arc the Lad on the PSN? You did seem curious about that.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Somehow this reminds me of all the awesome looking Goemon games over the years that were never brought stateside… :(

    Also, Atlus says on their forums that “localizing old Atlus games for virtual release wouldn’t make us any money, so there’s almost no chance of it happening.” Like you said, I’d imagine Chunsoft would have to be very generous indeed.

  • malek86

    The world needs more Shiren.

    Emphasis on “world”. Not just Japan.

  • RAVENKam

    I think it was nice enough of Chunsoft to acknowledge the fan’s request.

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