Digital Growing, Print Manga Sales Down 20% In 2010…Again

By Ishaan . October 16, 2010 . 4:35pm


At a panel titled “Comics & Digital” at the New York Comic-Con, pop-culture news and analysis site, ICv2, presented a report on the sales of graphic novels and comics thus far in 2010. The gist of the report was that print sales are down across the board while digital sales are starting to take off rapidly.


ICv2 began by pointing out a 20% drop in print sales for graphic novels (this includes manga) in 2010. This is said to be the result of sharp sales declines at bookstores. The decline of Watchmen sales in 2010 in particular accounts for 50% of total bookstore decline. Bookstore sales were down by about 30% in the first half of 2010.


The manga market dropped another 20% in sales, which is a repeat of 2009’s performance. This effectively means manga sales have dropped by 50% since 2007. Signs of the decline have been rather prominent, with multiple publishers like CMX and Aurora closing up shop.


ICv2 note, however, that certain popular series continue to do well, such as Hetalia Axis Powers (Tokyopop), Vampire Knight (Viz), Black Butler (Yen Press) and Naruto (Viz), which is still the #1 manga franchise in the U.S.


The subject of the panel then shifted to digital publishing, which was the hot topic for the remainder of the event.


ICv2’s estimates point to a $6 – $8 million English-speaking market for digital sales. These, they say, are driven primarily by Apple’s iTunes service. Over the next year, digital sales on the iPad are expected to have a large impact on the market, and further growth is expected as tablet devices other than the iPad are brought to the market.


Finally, while proponents of the retail and digital spaces might have conflicting interests to an extent, the Comics & Digital panel ended on a collaborative note, with the topic of integrating digital downloads into retail comic stores being one of the ideas that were put forth.

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  • Yeah go Naruto !!! Shows just how amazing it is, lol.

    I guess the manga market had exploded in 2007 or prior and is now just going back to realistic normal levels? Or perhaps the solution is to focus on series that are hugely popular and not everything under the sun.

    • Just warning you now. You’re going to get a lot of flak for this. Again.

      • Everytime I see YFU post, I just want to punch the wall and scream in agony. I just decided to ignore all of his posts.

        • Dude, come on, lol, my posts aren’t that bad; they are just good at stating what everyone has on their minds but for some reason or another will not state. After all the time and effort I take into pouring out my thoughts on topics, lol. Naruto is amazing, therefore, sells well.

          • Oh please. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

          • vadde939

            What makes you think you know what everyone else is thinking? Just shut up.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            It’s alright to be excited, we all have things we are passionate about. It might be a better idea to open up questions, ask if others feel the same as you, and discuss rather than assume. Don’t get discouraged, though… just be a bit more considerate. :)

          • I guess Im just too mainstream oriented, lol. Well that is a good suggestion.

          • Code

            No offense, your posts are TERRIBLE at stating what’s on everyone minds. Usually I don’t want to get on anyone’s back about stuff, and I’ve held back a few posts, but yeahh like the last week and half your posts have been kind of like this x_x’ I think there’s a possibility you’ve rubbed a few people the wrong way around here with this sort of thinking x_x’Sorry that kind of came off harsher then I wanted, but it’s been a few posts building up T_T;

          • Who is liking these posts…lol.

            My thinking is terrible and rubs people the wrong way? I think I just state things the way they should be and are perhaps a neophyte in the ways of gaming*

          • Code

            No-no don’t get me wrong Yousuke, I don’t think you, or your opinions are terrible >w<' Although your ability to say what's on "everyone's minds" is probably going to miss a lot here considering just how diverse of a community Siliconera is what with everyone's wildly unique niche tastes.It’d be tough to have a universal take on practically anything here, and I figure some of your posts perhaps reflect to people then what you may have intended. But yeah seriously don’t sweat it kid, sorry I came off kind of harsh, I figure I’m just as guilty as having quirks that unintentional rub people the wrong way >ww<'

            Also, rar, respect Makai Kingdom, whither it was remade or not +_+;

          • Aoshi00

            This is OT, but if you really decide to come to the dark side :), this is the time. P-A finally has the Jpn 250Gb 360S back in stock (ship w/in 1 week), either that or the 4Gb Kinect bundle at same price.



          • Aoshi00

            I don’t read all of your posts, I guess you’re okay man. I just don’t agree w/ you about the Naruto Shippuuden anime being good :)

          • Code

            rar, yeah I saw that earlier this week, hopefully it’ll ship out soon >w< I can't wait it's like having a 2nd birthday, but I only have a vague idea of when it'll be!

          • It’s cool, you’re more mainstream than everyone else and I like that. It brings a different mix into the commenting culture here. :)

            Just keep in mind that it also means that your opinion on a number of subjects will be different from what people are used to seeing or what they want. Like the comment about sticking to what’s popular probably made a few people cringe because that’s exactly the opposite of what they hope for…more variety. :)

            Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion! Just make sure you can back it up.

          • … Perhaps I’m at fault here for instigating this thread here but…

            Or perhaps the solution is to focus on series that are hugely popular and not everything under the sun.

            That’s what I was referring to actually. I was just trying to give a… neutral warning about that. Like everyone has said so far, just try to be more a little more considerate next time you make a post in an article. Although to be honest, the One Piece vs Naruto thread was a little interesting to read.

            And er… Sorry.

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          I can see where you’re coming from, but don’t be like that, now. No need to be upset or single someone out. I find the atmosphere here to be generally calm, cheerful, and respectful for the most part, unlike a lot of other gaming blogs out there. Nobody likes to be ostracized, however extreme their opinions might be.

          • This is few of the only gaming sites left that I actually enjoy coming to. I enjoy listening to everyone’s different opinions because almost everyone here is well informed and pleasant to talk to. However, YFU is different. He really gives me the impression that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but tries to post in everything he finds. Ok, he contributed by stating a grammar error in an article once, but everything else I went to, I just thought his posts added nothing to the topic and rather annoyed some people (such as myself).

          • I post when I feel that I have enough knowledge on the subject to qualify me of posting thoughts. In this case, I own the manga in that the post references…manga series that always top the charts. I really do not think that I do not know what Im talking about. Sure I will admit that I post some pretty edgy, groundbreaking, progressive, future looking, or creative comments….but I do not think being different is bad, lol.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            I see. Well, I hope he learns, you can continue to enjoy this place, and we all get along in the end. :D

    • I’m think the reason One Piece is the best-selling series in Japan and Naruto is the best-selling series in America is that the Japanese know what real manga is.

      (Oh no he didn’t!)

      • Oh come on, lol, I think most people would agree that Naruto is better at storytelling and plot development than the long-winded and huge character cast filled One Piece.

        Well that same group, has the list with One Piece second to Naruto here anyway.

      • Well One Piece is good and such but I just think it just sometimes dawdles and then in high action moments it goes by extremely fast, ie the recent marineford stuff is going by fast (though thankfully the anime goes at an pace to make the arc even more awesome than the already awesome arc in the manga is).Character cast is large, I dont know, it makes it difficult to grasp everything that goes on or to keep tabs on who is who. It seems the writer has a bit of difficulty giving adequate time to each character in the chapters and in the story as a whole (we still have no clue who Dragon is, or all those other powerful pirates)Naruto’s arcs are of shorter, seem to be fleshed out well, and manage to give characters fair amounts of time. The cast has expanded with the Gokage bit, but it isnt as huge as One Piece is. Oh well thats the way I see it, not that I think either one is bad,but Naruto > One PieceThough Im baffled how One Piece sells just about double Naruto over there!

        • So you’d rather it be like Bleach where each chapter would take up 120 seconds in real time? What you’re describing about One Piece is called pacing. You don’t let the boring stuff go on too long and you let the good stuff elongate. That’s called good story telling.

          Writer plans out everything years in advance. You’re not supposed to know anything about Dragon and the other powerful pirates because they story isn’t over yet. It leaves room for surprises and allows the audience to hypothesize and speculate. If all information is given up front, the story would be awfully boring

          And yes, your typo is correct. One Piece > Naruto :3

      • Dragon should have had more coverage that what we have seen so far for the One Piece world to hate him so much and such, lol.

        One Piece pacing feels weird and I have difficulty imagining One Piece or even Bleach are planned out years in advance, maybe the ending is formed but I find it difficult that they plan that far out and pace it and such (dont they even write to the whims of readers and popular characters?).

        I guess I just have qualms with One Piece in terms of the cast and just the focus of those characters that I assume Im supposed to think are important but havent been shown. Seriously, you think ~500 chapters and only maybe 3 or so chapters with anything dealing with Dragon is acceptable? That is like 10yrs worth of information that we do not know about. Even Ace suffers at the fault of the over crowded character cast; because of limited appearances it is difficult for me to even feel any way attached to him. In comparison to Naruto, Every main character of interest (or ones tied to the plot) was covered in such detail that it is easy to feel attached and actually kind of care for them. I think I just value characters in these series so much that that is really how I base how much I like a series and enjoy it.

        One Piece at Bleach’s pace, heh, that would be interesting, lol. Though some arcs like Skypeia and Thriller Bark were boring and felt way too long. Alabasta and Marineford were of perfect length and such.

        • Dragon isn’t a main character. Ace isn’t a main character. The true main characters have all had their back-stories fleshed out in a significant manner. Actually, even Ace did, depending on how far you’ve read. (I won’t spoil anything). For the longest time we didn’t know anything about Itachi or Madara, but now we do. The same thing will happen with Dragon. At the appropriate time, his backstory will be explained.

          Alabasta is the longest arc so far….and you were just saying how Marineford felt rushed earlier. But judging by your syntax, I don’t think you’re all the way caught up on One Piece so your knowledge is limited in terms of story content

      • Marineford does feel rushed, well some of these chapters seem like they are just naught but 13 pages even anyway. And even worst is that they always cut away to different characters, or characters who we had no knowledge of previously/barely got to meet.With Ace being part of this arc, I find it odd that we didnt have any previous build up to him and his relations to Luffy. I dont really recall even seeing Ace once during the previous ~490 chapters or so (well apart from giving Luffy a vivre paper). In Naruto’s case, Itachi was there in part one and part of Sasuke’s flashback to childhood, and even encounters with the leaf village in part 1, and then occasions in Part 2 with Naruto, and more. I will even go as far to say that even someone like Kisame had more coverage than Ace does if we compare across manga series and non-main characters that seem to be part of a big plot.Im just a bit tired of waiting to see what is so big with Dragon, whatever it may be that is special about him, it better be landmark epic and he better have some large focus in some future story arc, lol. Alabasta felt short to me, thought it was that arc that hooked me to One Piece, so much excellence in it! Smoker, Nice Robin!!! lol.

        • Ace was shown in Alabasta, during Skypiea and during CP9, and after that he was imprisoned so they didn’t show him until he got his own arc. And it made sense at Marineford since they were hundreds of pirates there. If Oda focused only on the Straw Hats, he wouldn’t be able to tell the whole story of what was happening there in an adequate manner. And you just said it was perfect length and now you’re saying it feels rushed again…..

          edit: and why do you keep clicking reply to the post you’re not replying to?

          • I think I keep blending the way its presented in the anime with the way its presented in the manga.

          • Could be. That’s why I don’t like to watch/read things simultaneously. I usually wait until one is finished. There is also those times when the plot diverges between the two so it’s easier to keep the relative plot elements separate.

          • One Piece is an anime that I just had to see animated, it worked wonders for Impel Down and Marineford at covering things that were just briefly seen in the manga. I just jumped in at like the 440th episode or so, and it is so worth it. The anime is almost as good as Bleach/NarutoShippuden.

            I cant imagine pushing off One Piece to watch once the manga finishes…that could be years!

      • malek86

        Well, I’d argue that early Naruto was better than early One Piece (which might explain why it took off more in the US).Nowadays, however, there is just no contest anymore. Ever since the Sasuke rescue arc, Naruto has been slowly becoming a miserable little pile of secrets, while One Piece only gets more awesome with every volume.

        • Ereek

          I’ll second this, but Naruto does still have its moments, even now. The last chapter with Konan a few weeks ago was good after a long dull streak.

          In my (very unpopular) opinion, the less Sasuke there is in Naruto, the better the series will be. In fact, the less overpowered Uchiha there are in Naruto, the better it would be.

          • Its pretty awesome when there is plenty of Naruto coverage, the gokage summit arc seemed to slightly remove Naruto a bit, but it was rather shortlived.

        • Code

          This is almost my exact take on it too, Naruto vs. One Piece too. Early Naruto was solid, but by about the Rescue Arc it started to sag for me. It still has moments and I still enjoy it but I felt like it was getting too much into a “power cycle” where it’s all about getting stronger (although ever since deciding to stop reading scanlated I’ve been behind). Personally what really appealed to me about Naruto early on was the fact it was less about power and more about “out witting” in the fight scenes, but that gradually became less and less in later sections. Naruto I still think is top notch stuff and has this excellent sense of capturing the growth in it’s characters. I mean I have friends who read Naruto religiously, and HATE Naruto as a character, but because the entire cast of characters in the books are so fleshed out, they still read and love it. But I can’t help but feel like Naruto kind of hit a lull after starting out excellent.One Piece on the other hand maann it’s tough to compete with, like you said Malek — rar, every volume is just full of more and more win. One Piece was slower getting going, but to me it’s always maintained this pure essence of creativity, you NEVER know what to expect. With all it’s bizarre islands, and absolutely off the wall characters, all of which are masterfully threaded into a plot that so absolutely ridiculous, and over the top, I can’t think of anything else that comes close xwx~!

          • malek86

            Yep, One Piece started a bit rough, but it’s now become one of my favorite manga. Right now it’s just behind Slam Dunk – sorry, but for how awesome OP can get, I’m afraid SD will never be surpassed by anything – and Dragon Ball, which I still find better in a pure entertainment sense.Naruto was good at the beginning, but nowadays it’s fallen well short of my favorite shonen series (YYH for example), and doesn’t look like it can recover.

          • Gosh just what did Naruto deserve to fall from your ranks, lol. Naruto reminds me of myself, probably why I still think of it as my second favorite [behind Fairytail] (he’s so easy to connect with and the friendship tale is so powerful).

          • malek86

            Naruto’s problems are on its focus. Remember when they actually used to fight a bit like ninjas? Putting traps, teamwork, tactics? That was when the manga was awesome. But now it’s become just a bunch of one vs. one fights, where the most powerful wins.

            So nowadays we have a sort of DB, except without much humor (and when they try, it sucks) and with a lot of social commentary. DB worked because it was silly – mind you, that’s why the Cell saga is my least favorite one.

          • Wow you make it sound like Naruto is just down in the dirt and that One Piece is like heaven on earth, lol. I think I just like ninjas and the naruto world. The one piece world is pretty scary. Though I have to agree that it does have crazy designs for characters and lands. (Though One Piece is reluctant to kill off characters, fail!)

            If we are talking about manga thats full of win, well Fairytail wins that one, lol. Best series ever!!! lol.

          • Code

            rar, oh I do not, don’t be like that — Naruto does a lot of things amazingly well >w<; I do like Naruto, it's a great manga, but when it comes to One Piece vs. Naruto, my preference is One Piece, it just does such an amazing job capturing creativity and adventure. Definitely agreement with Malek though original Dragonball was absolutely incredible, it definitely holds great memories for me.

  • It’s kind of sad this is happening…I always prefer the physical copy incomparison to the digital scans.

    • Same here, mate

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      I agree so much I wish I could double-Like your comment. I hope it’s not a sign of getting old, but there’s really no substitute for having a weighty bundle of paper in my hand, feeling the textured pages, flipping with my fingers, seeing the artwork on the same medium it was created, the ink… staring at a hard, bright, and sterile screen while hitting right arrow key simply cannot compare to the sensation.

      EDIT: wow it can’t be helped, I sound so old.

      • FireCouch

        No, you sound logical. Having a physical object is always better than digital media. Sure, I don’t read manga, but it’s the same concept of digital books.

        • what about music? I’m glad I don’t have to carry around hundreds of CDs everywhere.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            That’s a whole new can of worms… O_O

        • Ereek

          Comparing a novel to manga isn’t really in your favor here. A good, long novel, at least the type that I read, usually breaks 600-1,000 pages – not to mention any series. Reading manga is like taking a quick stroll down the road with your dog and reading a long novel is like taking a long hike into the mountains. One you can do easily without much planning, the other usually requires a lot of work, calls, preparation, and time.A manga is much easier to read digitally than a novel is because usually the scans are actually larger in size than they are when printed. Most of the scans I read are at least two times larger than the actual books you buy in North America. That alone makes them “easier to read” in my eyes.

          • So many times I’ll have a comment I want to type, only to notice that you’ve already voiced the exact same thoughts. :)I’m with you on this one, too. I prefer reading manga digitally for a number of reasons, the biggest one being that I’m usually very scared of ruining the binding if I try to part the pages too much. Plus, as you pointed out, scans are usually larger and easier on the eyes.

            Edit: Just thought I’d add a point — I wish DMP’s prices weren’t so nutty. I really liked what I saw of their Speed Racer digital editions. Scanned stuff just feels so convenient in every way, I have a very hard time seeing how it won’t become the dominant form of reading comics/manga very, very soon. You don’t have to think about wear and tear, storage or even packing/unpacking in case you move.

          • Oh, man, I feel you. I hate lending out manga volumes to “inexperience readers” because I don’t want to get it returned with huge creases

          • That’s very true. But the inherent collector within me still wants to have a physical copy of the series I like. For instance, I read scanlations of all the Shonen Jump titles. I also buy them all when they’re licensed. While I do prefer reading them digitally, for the reasons you mentioned, I still like having a collection that I can show off to people and lend to others if need be.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Can’t argue with easier to read, easier on the eyes, and more accessible. It’s just… as I said, it’s really just a mixture of personal sensations I guess. Not much more to it. Not really connected to practicality, I think.

          • Y’know what though? Even though it might be “easier on the eyes” and such, and I agree it can be, what about the smell of the ink? And the art does lose a certain level of fidelity when transfered over, even with the best scans. I mean, I’m reading Vinland Saga illegally right now, because it isn’t out here, but I’d never download it over here… the art is just way too good to not be on the printed page. I just think it is a decline of true art, if you bring it onto a computer/screen. It becomes lifeless.

            Not only that, but a big thing about sequential art is a “time buffer” of sorts. In a comic book, you read one panel, but you can still see the past in your vicinity as well as the future. Scrolling the page ruins this completely.

            Not to mention, having the book there it is much easier to recall an event. I can tell my brother about a great thing in Berserk, and look at my copies, and recall “Oh, here it is!” and find it easily. Unless they add some kind of awesome index feature to the digital ones (which would be an awesome idea, kinda like in Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel… as you read you get to find entries for various things across your total library, and can even add your own entries… like, “In your collection you have 21 series with Japanese sound effects, 174 volumes total. In you collection you have 13 series with translated sound effects, 53 volumes total.” or even more specific, like “Satanic Pagan Orgies are found in Berserk, Volume 3, chapter ___, etc, y’know? That’d be boss.)

            Of course the other good thing about digital manga/comics would be older out of print stuff. If they rereleased Blame! for example, I’d be very happy. Or even just the old school Detective Comics or Punisher stuff. It’d be great…

            so it has that advantage, I just don’t want to see the printed stuff die.

          • Well yeah, the tankoubons are kind of small, but I quite like it for being portable and light compared to full sized Jumps which are quite large and have several colour pages. I can’t imagine having a mountain of Shonen Jump in my room while having nowhere to sleep @[email protected]

            This digital/physical thing is me quite a lot of dilemma :( It feels not right to not hold a manga to browse it, but it’s also quite a space taker

      • Draparde

        i agree with you. i prefer phisical manga over digital, same with games, and just about everything else. maybe i just like seeing my collection on my dresser….

      • It’s okay. I feel older than you.

    • I’m in agreement, I love the look of a collection on a shelf in my room, the feel of the cover, the pages when turning, the smell of a book newly opened. There’s nothing like having a good book in your hands at home relaxing.

      When I’m out and about, and if I had a good reader, I wouldn’t mind having a digital copy to lug about with me, but I will always go back to the book at the end of the day.

      As for sales being down, I find it hard enough to find certain series being sold at local bookstores, so I have to resort to Amazon nowadays just to be able to get certain series (that isn’t Naruto or Bleach, which is what you’ll really only find on the shelves).

      • Joanna

        I agree on having to use Amazon for everything that isn’t shounen jump series. I still pop by my local comic shop. They have an ok selection and sometimes I find something there.

  • As long as they don’t stop printing current series and switch them over to digital (which would halt my collection), I’m fine with it. I also want to be able to download the series I purchase instead of being given a license to read on someone’s website. If manga starts getting released on the iPad, though, it [an iPad] may end up being worth it.

  • Aoshi00

    Would really like to get an iPad eventually, I think the 10″ screen is very nice and perfect for reading manga, but a 3G one is so expensive, the competitors’ tablets would have more features but a much smaller 7″ screen. If I have one, I wouldn’t mind reading manga this way, space is the main issue for me, just like no one wants to swap CDs to listen to music nowadays, remember those binders we stuff dozens of CDs into. It’s nice to have books, but I don’t have sliding shelves like the CyberConnect2 people, so.. also I just flipped thru my old Rurouni Kenshin manga recently, they turned quite yellow-ish from oxidation like newspaper, so I guess digital files could last longer.. I’ve been seeing my fellow commuters using them, they tickle my fancy :)

    • The kindle’s display is very good, too, but the lack of colour and touchscreen kills it for me :(

      Might want to wait for the next iPad before you regret getting a beta version of it this year :(

      • Aoshi00

        I did think of getting the Kindle since it’s cheaper now, but there’s no color like you said, and I heard other devices run the Kindle app too, and I don’t read actual novels that much lol. I’m definitely waiting a bit for a newer version, I heard iPad 2’s coming out early next year? I actually still haven’t owned a smart phone yet, when my contract expires, I think it might be a good time to get an iPhone 4.. I was wondering if I should get an iPod touch and not be tied down to AT&T, but I don’t want to carry so different devices around.. BTW, I finally caved last night getting a Bronze DSi XL w/ Amazon’s $10 credit back. Lately I don’t want to touch my DSi anymore because I felt the screens are too small and hard to see, and I still have many DS games I want to play, I’ve seen many youtube reviews I think it would look great and w/ longer battery life. At first I was sure I would go w/ the Burgundy, then I keep looking and Bronze looks better. I don’t like flashy colors for my consoles.. Nintendo finally got me, I have 4 DSes now lol (my DSi was from Jpn too, it was the Gyakuten Kenji one, so it really bugs me I couldn’t play Alice in Wonderland on it..)

  • I don’t care what anyone says, looking at my collection of manga on my bookshelf and grabbing one whenever I want for a re-read is way better than typing on some webpage to read a quick chapter or two.

    • Aoshi00

      It’s hard for me, because I have so many so rows and rows of them are stacked behind and in front of each other.. so for me space and harder to access is a big issue. For me to get to my say Vagabond manga, I need to take out the manga from the two rows in front of them. I imagine iPad would be easier, just like I could pick all the XBLA games at the click of a finger, or the way now we listen to MP3s instead of switching countless CDs.

      • I did some very rough calculations, and with 64 gb of space, (I know the 64 gb iPad really has less than that blah blah) you could hold over 2000 volumes of manga. That’s a lot to have in the palm of your hand

      • Code

        Yeah this is exactly my problem with manga, space absolutely kills my ability to collect it, and in fact this passing summer had to part with a good chunk of my small collection because I just don’t got the space T_T’ Digital options for manga is definitely for me, it keeps my room from instilling claustrophobia, and it keeps me more mobile.

        • Yeah, that’s the main argument in support of digital games. The main problem most people have is the current licensing issues and the complete killing of reselling games. Let me tell you, I’d buy a lot fewer games if I couldn’t put them on eBay in a few weeks.

          These arguments don’t necessarily apply to manga, though, which is why doing digital comics can really thrive right now

          • Aoshi00

            The licenses for games are definitely a pain, I don’t resell games that often though unless I feel like I made a bad purchase, but it’s good to have the choice to resell (I recently traded in a bunch of game to Amazon for like $200, d/lable games cost much less, so I guess they’re okay). For books, I have to go w/ practicality at this stage of my life, just like nobody is attached to CDs now we have MP3s, though for collection physical media is nice, just like games (the problem is d/ling a 7Gb game takes a long time and we have limited HDD space for consoles). But books they take so much dang space.. I almost never lent my books to anyone ever (like my sis’s friend wanted me to lend her Scott Pilgrim, I said no, got to the library), so it’s the same if they’re on an iPad. Also mobility, when I became an old man and need to move down to Florida, how the hell am I going to drag mountains of books w/ me you know, they’d be thrown away by my children, on a digital device however it’s much easier. of course I could be moving too depending on where I’m working, etc. Hey, you’re a lion now :)

          • Yeah, books definitely look to be going digital, although I’m not sure whether books or games will be 100% digital first. And that’s very true about hard drive space. I can get a 1 tb hard drive for my computer and never have to worry about needing more space for music. With games, though, you have to buy the super-special-brand hard drive and they’re completely overpriced. Books do take up a lot of shelf-space. I’m thinking about moving into a new apartment, but I really don’t want to just for the fact that I’d have to lug all these boxes over. Wow, this page has really made me do some serious thinking about the niceties of a digital future. I mean, having all of my books on one portable device would be s~o nice. Then again, there’s the problem of the device becoming obsolete. Like those old people who have photo albums on a stack of floppy disks.

            You know, it’d be cool if Viz and Tokyopop and Del Rey and all the publishers just came together and released one device similar to the Kindle. Free 3G linked up their online superstore. It’d just be one super-manga device for everything you could imagine. Buy by the chapter. Buy by the volume. And release dates the same in every major language. Not that’d be cool, but I don’t think it’ll ever happen *le sigh*

            And yeah, I saw this painting of a lion and thought it was impressive. Now it’s my picture :3

          • Aoshi00

            yea, I know things would go obsolete, so there’s not much point clinging to physical instead of digital media, like now I can play all the old Sonic games via XBLA, I used to treasure my Genesis cartridges, but no one would hook up their old 16-bit system and switch cartridges and play w/ wired controllers anymore, all the old Mario games are on VC or even compiled on a Wii disc, the drawback is they’re all tied to your machine or online ID. They always make you rebuy stuffs anyway, I’ve upgraded some of my fav. movies from VHS to DVD to now Blu-ray (I dumped all my VHSes one day btw, I didn’t think I would ever touch a VCR again).A universal device that lets us buy manga in different languages would be very nice. I always imagine the convenience of digital library, like I want to read FMA, I would go down to F and voila, flip under B to find Bakuman, or V for Vagabond, instead I have 10, 26, and 33 books for those 3 titles, they’re space eater.. and the worse is I don’t know where I stuff them sometimes.. right now Bakuman, Shiki, and FMA are in my front row, I’ve been buying all the new volumes for a while but too busy to read them, and now Bakuman and Shiki anime are airing, so I have some catch up to do.

            p.s. I wonder how many episodes would there be for the new Sonic, haven’t bought ep 1 yet, but tempted, it’s like a New Super Mario Bros like GT’s review said. If there are 2 to 3 eps, I do kind of want it on a disc, like the Enslaved soundtrack now, I don’t just want to buy the mp3s, guess the collector in me hasn’t died yet :)

          • Code

            The only answer is have as many grandchildren as possible, and then have them migrate your books to Florida. Just watch out they don’t get dysentery!

            About the only books I have on hand are a few particular books I couldn’t part with and Scott Pilgrim since got my books signed so I’m going to hang on to them pretty tight >w<'

        • Aoshi00

          Totally man, I like my physical collection as much as everyone else, but the mountain of books scare me, and claustrophobia is the right word, and the problem is I’m still buying them (I buy about 4 or so tankoubon every month). I guess I’m an adult now and don’t really get bogged down by those stuffs anymore. What if one’s wife kicks you out, how are you going to drag out your manga, if they’re on an iPad, that’s mobility for you lol :)

      • It’s certainly something I have conflicting opinions on. As time goes by, I do buy less CDs. If I do buy one, it’s for collection purposes and it just gets stored on my bookshelf with some other CDs that I listen to from time to time. The rest are in storage. Music I have no problem going digital, but I’m more conflicted on things like games and books. I stare at enough screens every day. I don’t need to be staring at more while I read a book. Sitting down a with a physical copy of a book is something that’s more intimate than breaking out your Kindle and loading it up. It’s nice to have a ton of games on a memory stick, or a harddrive, but those things can fail. You can lose your memory stick, or your 360 harddrive could crap out on you. I’m not a pack rat; I don’t horde tons of things, but there some things I’d rather have physical copies of rather than digital ones.

        There’s no denying that as we push further into the future, the more digital everything becomes. It reminds me of Ghost In The Shell, actually. I think Masamune Shirow’s view is right on the money. I don’t doubt that we might be seeing people with cyber brains, and people that are mainly cyborgs in the future.

        • Aoshi00

          I think it would be nice if you buy the physical copy they let you rip it like music CDs, like I bought the FF13 or LO soundtracks to collect them, but as soon as I buy it, I ripped it right to my PS3, I’m not going to switch btwn the 4 discs to find a track I want to listen to, but I know theres the piracy issue. 360 games they let you do full HDD install, but they still need the disc in there to start up.. I guess if your system craps out, it still doesn’t matter if you have physical or digital media, like people had NES games, and most NES are not in working order these days, so what good does it do to have those cartridges lying around, no one is going to buy a new NES now we have VC. And you could re-download stuffs you bought from history, I’m not sure how long those servers would stay around though. I think Kindle and iPad are starting to give a relatively similar experience to books now, the screen is thin to hold like a book unlike a chunky laptop, you don’t need to sit in front of a monitor, it’s not like you have to scroll, zoom, and move around a small screen, I thought it was ridiculous they think people would want to read manga on a DS or PSP. Like I said, I like my collection as much as the next guy, I have tons of “junk”, but I don’t have infinite space, once I buy something I almost never sell them (otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it in the first place) so they keep piling up, and whenever one needs to relocate, that’s a real drag. I buy manga, DVD/blu-rays, games, music CDs, etc, they all take up space, those stuffs could be taken hostage by my wife later lol

  • evilkaz

    my favorite anime series/manga of all time is Full metal alchemist (brotherhood for anime). u think goin digital could be a good thing. paper gets ripped, burned stained, fades but digitally it’s safer and if ya loose it it’s easier to get it back.

    • Well that depends on if you just have a license for that service, or in terms of devices what if the device isnt support in the future? Or we could get into the issue of how iTunes is run and that if somehow you delete the file you have to rebuy it or make replacements, which one hard drive failure is all it takes to lose manga.

      I think FMA is on the service with Square Enix digitally.

  • malek86

    Until they can sort their price issues, I don’t expect digital manga to be too successful.

    • What price issues? I just do not understand people comment about the cost of print volumes and digital volumes. Just what price do people want to pay.

      • malek86

        In some cases, it seems digital manga is a lot more expensive than print manga. Even though it’s not not supposed to cost more (heck, it’s supposed to cost less).Like that Speed Racer news some weeks ago. $5,99… for a three days rental? Come on now.

      • WonderSteve

        Well the answer is very simple, people expect to pay lower prices for digital copies.

        Some of the prices I’ve seen for digital copies, or the speculative/rumored prices for the upcoming digital manga services, all charges prices very similar to the physical copy.

        I think consumers are aware the digital distribution usually mean lower cost for the publisher, and consumers expect SOME (SOME not ALL) of those saving to be reflected on the price.

  • WonderSteve

    One thing I hope they will consider is to be platform agnostic.

    That means I can access my paid content on any device that they support. They should also support as many major platform as they can.

    It would be a deal breaker to me if the digital manga is “tied” on to a particular device/platform.

    Speaking of digital manga, Openmanga project has been pretty quiet recently. Anyone knows what’s up with them? Last time (couple of months ago), they said they are going to launch very soon.

  • Anyone remember the library unveiling scene in Beauty And The Beast?

    That’s the library I want.. filled with manga, art books, and all other sorts of lovely reading material.

    Never let the print die! You can’t have an awesome room like that library with digital!!

  • tomkubu

    What is the name of the manga in the picture?

  • tomkubu


  • Roses4Aria

    This seems like a trend across the board with books period, and with the advent of Kindle it’s pretty obvious which direction print media is heading. It’s sad, but inevitable I’m afraid. Like some others here, I can’t help but prefer physical copies. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing like holding an actual book in your hands. Of course, my position as an aspiring author probably biases me a bit as well. I’m trying to stay optimistic and see the growth of digital manga as a good thing.

    Just as a side note, why are so many of the companies venturing into the digital arena focusing on shounen titles? I hope they’ll spread the love around and give some shoujo titles a fair shot–other than BL, I mean–otherwise I may have to think about going cold turkey with my manga addiction. :(

  • People always talk about how rare stuff is, but I don’t know about elsewhere, but here I can go to Chapters and get them to order pretty much anything I can find on Amazon and more, for the price of buying the book at the store (no shipping, y’know?).

    I told my friend about this, since he had R.O.D. volumes 1, 2, and 4 (or something, I could be slightly wrong), and was missing 1 and it was never in the store. Well, he could get it by asking them to order it. It really isn’t a problem at all.

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