The Final Part Of The Discussion Between Takehiko Inoue And Eiichiro Oda

By Ishaan . October 16, 2010 . 12:28pm


Part 6 of the translation of the talk between Slam Dunk and Vagabond manga-ka, Takehiko Inoue, and One Piece manga-ka, Eiichiro Oda, is now up on the Eastern Edge website.


In this final part, the two contemplate the possibility of hosting an exhibition both in Japan and overseas. Oda feels he would only be able to do it after One Piece is complete. Oda says his “real life” will begin once the series concludes, as he presently lives only for his readers.


Oda: But just being able to do something else while dedicated to another thing… On top of that, being able to draw the characters from your serial in a setting like that… I can’t keep up with that kind of strength. In any case, my One Piece serial is everything to me. When it’s done, I think I can begin my real life (laughs).


Inoue: What? You mean it isn’t now?


Oda: Right now I live for my readers.


Inoue: That’s fantastic!


Wondering what that picture above is? It’s Luffy, drawn by Inoue. Check out the full interview at Eastern Edges!

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  • Inoue: What’s amazing about Mr. Oda’s One Piece is that Luffy’s eyes are dots. That’s really something. Mr. Oda says, “Something that’s really good, is still good without adding this or that.”

    I think it’s amazing, too. Other characters’ eyes may be detailed, but Luffy’s have always been so simple, and yet he’s such an emotional character. And the emotions are always conveyed so well! Oda is beast.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      It think it’s precisely because his eyes are drawn that way, Oda can express more emotion with the character. Having so much white in his eyes with two concentrated dots makes his stare intense, and allows for much movement/ positioning of the pupils. I feel like this trait, along with his exaggeratedly slim figure and ability to squash and stretch, really makes him something of a relative of old school Looney Toon characters–many of which were so very expressive for these very reasons.

  • joesz

    luffy resembles ace in that drawing

  • His real life will only start once One Piece is out of serialization…at the pace One Piece is going he does not seem to be in any hurry to get to his real life, lol.

    One Piece is pretty good but in what way are they trying to show these characters?

  • Aoshi00

    I thought the last exhibition was supposed to be the last one for Inoue. I can’t say I like Inoue’s drawing anymore, it has really deteriorated since the Yoshioka fight. If you compare the art, the earlier volumes are much more detailed, the newer volumes are drawn w/ haste and could pass for storyboarding sketches.. it’s hard to look forward to the Musashi-Kojiro fight w/ those arts.. One Piece I really can’t comment about because I have never read it all these years, Oda’s drawing is just not for me.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    I’ve read 25 volumes of Vagabond in 2 days.

    … I think I have a problem.

    • Aoshi00

      I kind of did the same thing but in about 1 week. I first picked up vol 2-14 (I bought vol. 1 like 10 yrs ago), got to Kojiro, it was such a cliffhanger I had to go to the city on Sunday to pick up the rest, now I’m on book 31.. I don’t like Inoue’s drawing anymore though, it got worse and worse after the Yoshioka fight.. it was still okay at vol. 25, but look at vol. 33, it’s really ugly, just compare Kojiro from vol. 33 to vol. 17-8.. :(… I don’t like the new Jpn title logo either after vol. 20, the word “Vagabond” written by ink brush was much cooler, don’t know why they had to change that.

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        The Yoshioka fight! That was so awesome. I thought Kojirō’s arc was a bit too long. Even though it was interesting, I wanted to see more of Takezō during that time. Matahachi is irritating, just as I’m sure Inoue wanted him to be (or maybe he was already like that in the novel), and I find the relationship Takezō has with Otsū really satisfying.

        The artwork is just beautiful (I have yet to see the artwork from later volumes).

        Unfortunately, now I have to wait for the rest. The friend whom I borrowed the books from doesn’t have anymore volumes. But that’s okay, maybe I’ll restart reading when Inoue wraps the story up. And I would love to buy the books for myself at some point.

        • Aoshi00

          I thought the Kojiro origin story was very exciting. It dragged out a bit when he was in the mountain fighting w/ the villagers and stranded warriors trying to survive, but his transformation really made my heart pound like when he gets the first taste of blood. The Yoshioka fight was okay, the art was starting to get worse there so I was a bit disappointed, the volumes that came after it were a little boring. Matahachi is annoying, but that loser gets a lot of action lol. The earlier art was indeed beautiful, just like Slam Dunk. Usually I don’t think manga cost all that much, but buying all the books at once for around $250 proved to be a little expensive… I just wish his art had stayed the same level as before (some as rough as storyboards now w/ less details and screentone), maybe drawing that brutal fight took a lot out of Inoue.. Also from what I gathered, he took a lot of liberty w/ the novel source, Kojiro is not supposed to be a deaf mute for one thing, but that made his origin story so much more interesting and touching.

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