Metal Gear Solid: Rising Isn’t The Next “Hideo Kojima” Game

By Ishaan . October 17, 2010 . 4:27pm


Of late, Hideo Kojima has been tweeting about projects he has in the works again, with some interesting thoughts on game development voiced along the way. Kojima’s most recent tweets are to do with his next major game.


He begins by briefly touching upon the subject of differences in the style of development between Japan and the West:


“The differences between the creators in Japan and the West in this industry… Japanese creators try to express the game’s environment through beautiful artwork, but western developers use technology to draw out the environment. The Japanese make the models and textures carefully to create a world. The West use shaders, lighting, shadows, effects, and programming to create their world.”


Following up this tweet, Kojima mentioned that he’s specifically asking his team to abandon the idea of creating “pretty images” for their next game. Instead, he wants them to create a “beautiful world,” indicating that perhaps he’s more interested in the overall aesthetic rather than details such as texture resolution or individual assets. He writes:


“For my next project, I’m going to mention to the staff to throw out the old ways of production. Do not create pretty images, create a beautiful world. Designers shouldn’t focus only on their part, but also borrow the programmer’s strength to maximize the quality. We shouldn’t measure quality by parts, we will measure by the quality and completion of the entire world.”


And finally, a last tweet on the subject reads as follows:


Had our first meeting for the next “A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME” with the core team members today. Some member are also participating on [Metal Gear Solid] “RISING” so 10 people total this time. We will have a meeting every morning to discuss planning, testing, research, and scouting. An open environment to talk about important issues and share our dreams and concept for the project.


So, while Rising is very much a Metal Gear Solid game, it’s not a Hideo Kojima game. Kojima has stated this numerous times in the past as well.

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  • Here’s hoping his next project is another Zone of the Enders game.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      I’d rather it NOT be another MGS game a bit more than it be a Z.O.E game. I wouldn’t mind Z.O.E, if that makes any sense.

  • Ereek

    The West use shaders, lighting, shadows, effects, and programming to create their world.

    While I’ll not comment on how accurate/inaccurate Kojima is in his judgment of east/west development, in this case I think “Western” development has the better of it. Lighting and shadows can add a ridiculous amount to a game, More than any “pretty graphics” could. It’s what keeps games like Demon’s Souls moody and immersive. Proper use of lighting can make or break a scene and area.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      I think he’s subscribing to the “art style always wins” thing, but I agree with you, having a good grasp on tech can multiply tenfold how good your existing art looks.

    • I am a bit confused by your post because Demon Souls is a Japanese game.

      • Ereek

        Whoever developed it doesn’t matter. The point was not that it is about western and eastern development but rather that lighting is extremely important. It was Kojima that made the statement about it being Western, I wasn’t meaning to agree or disagree with it. That’s why Western is in quotation marks.It’s the fact that From Software and Sony used light and shadows properly that I used them as an example. If you’re looking for a western title that uses lights well, I’d have to recommend Flower. The lighting sets the mood there perfectly. That title even uses something games don’t use often enough: showing the darkness to be peaceful.

        • I get what you are saying, but your post didn’t give me that impression. It just seemed as if you were trying to claim the superiority of Western design in this respect. Something I found odd because Demon Souls is a Japanese developed game.

          My point is, you never really made it clear that the origin of a games development was relevant. Instead it seemed as if you were defending the merits of western technical game design and used Demon Souls as an example. But like I said, I get your point I was just confused about your usage of Demon Souls.

  • Aoshi00

    Wonder if Kojima was referring to Lords of Shadow, the environment in that game looks very beautiful and detailed. There were a lot of stunning artworks in the gallery, and they were fully realized in the game. It really has all the elements of a Castlevania game in it, those who said it just borrowed the title are crazy, it’s the best 3D Castlevania to date, and I don’t even like GoW that much. I know many people want ZoE, but I wouldn’t mind him making visual novel games like Policenauts again. I think Rising should be fun (still not very happy PW was on a portable..)

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Lords of Shadow is impressive from both a technical and artistic standpoint… kind of a contradiction to what he believes about the East vs West development. Funny he would say that when LoS was developed by a western dev under his watch.

      EDIT: Check out the digital foundry assessment of LoS:

      • I know! that’s what I’m so confused by his statements….

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          I think he likes to keep his fans mystified half the time. It’s… part of his interesting personality.

      • Aoshi00

        Nice link, good thing I made the right decision of getting it on PS3, I thought they said no disc swapping was required after installing both discs, unlike Star Ocean 4.

        Actually it’s an act of fate, I was going to go w/ 360 at first because before the release day only the 360 demo was up, after I played that I thought it was A-okay no hiccups. Then the next evening I went to Kmart intended to get it on 360 w/ Enslaved, but LoS was sold out. So that night I went home and the PS3 demo was finally available, I tried it and it played smooth too, so I thought god must’ve wanted me to get it on PS3 (lead platform, 1 disc, etc). The next day I went to a different Kmart, still wondering which version is better weighing all the issues (controller, achievement/trophy, 1 vs 2 discs), they only have the PS3 copies left. So due to all those circumstances I ended up getting it on PS3 lol.

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          What a strange chain of events. Guess you had no choice then. XD But seriously though, the parity of the content itself is amazing. Why aren’t all multiplat games like this? (I know, UE3 doesn’t get along with my PS3)

    • Code

      Maan I can’t wait to try Castlevania, I’ve been hearing so many good things from so many people >w<~! Unfortunately I blew my last paycheck on Dead Rising 2 and Front Mission *facepalm* yeahhh I know, I know, I went in knowing I was taking a risk — a Double Helix risk in fact, hoping, hoping it’d be a case of one of those games that had redeeming qualities that my niche tastes would draw out. But yeahhh I got burned, I should have known better, much better, moving on z_z; Any ways yeah seriously the thing I’d really like to see Kojima do is branch out from the safety of Metal Gear series more. After the pure masterpiece that was Metal Gear Solid 3, at least to me there was a level of closure, I know there will be other Metal Gear games, but I know at this point there will always be A best one. I want to see him bring that quality to other series, games, ideas rather then getting burnt out on just the Metal Gear Solid series.

      • Aoshi00

        lol, I was wondering why you were playing Front Mission Evolved, I’ve heard nothing good about it, on Amazon Jpn it’s like 1.5-2 out of 5 stars so there must be some truth to it. DR2 is not really for me, I’m really bad under the pressure of time limit.. Castlevania is definitely fun but much longer than I expected, I prefer shorter games these days, I’m playing it bit by bit so it’ll take me a while to finish.

        I agree w/ you MGS3 being the best of the series, 4 was good too but not as good as 3, PW I just gave up after several hours because I don’t like the control and the confines of the PSP, sigh.. it would be nice if he does something else other than MGS, getting too convoluted like the Castlevania series, so Lords of Shadow was a good reboot.

        • Code

          rar, it’s bad, it’s soo bad T_T’ don’t even insert it into your PS3/360 even if they pay you. Seriously I’m just playing it to try and get some kind of closure before I turn it into credit T_T’ Closure the game is TOTALLY not giving me without a terrible, terrible, fight. It’s the worst thing to happen to my PS3 account since my friend Clark put Call of Duty in my PS3 by accident, lol >w<;But yeah MGS3 definitely in my books is just an absolute masterpiece, just amazing job, which I just don’t know if it can be topped. I kind of felt like after MGS4 and PW (which I enjoyed although I can understand it not being everyone’s thing) I don’t know it just feels like it’s all kind of “extra” at this point. Kojima’s done his work there, and I think it’s time for him to move on and tackle some other series. Which seems to have worked out great, what with Castlevania turning out so good.

    • I love Lords of Shadows, BUT to say it’s the best 3D Castlevania is pretty damning praise. lol. That’s like being the world’s tallest midget.

      • Not exactly. By saying you’re the world’s tallest midget, you’re still implying that you are a midget. This game is the best 3D Castlevania game in that it isn’t in the same class as the others. In terms of quality, if the first 3D games were midgets, LoS wouldn’t be the tallest of the midgets, it’d be a normal person.

        I hope that metaphor made sense

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Bestow soon thy blissful game upon thine unworthy followers, whatsoever shall it be, oh sweet master of the tease. Lord Kojima, how I beg thee… May thou conjure a creation so utterly sublime and blessed by beauty herself, foolish mortals weep whilst nonbelievers tremble in their petticoats cease their blasphemy at its mere glorious descent from the heavens!

    … :P Seriously, Kojima, I want to see this.

    • Aoshi00

      Even Patrick Stewart didn’t speak like that in LoS lol..

      • Ereek

        He (Patrick Stewart) did in Oblivion, though.

        Not really related to your comment at all, but hey, the more you know.

        • Aoshi00

          I see.. never played Oblivion, that’s Sir Charles Xavier for you, he’s anywhere :) He’s really good in LoS though.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        I just get sudden urges to speak in old English.

  • to be truthful i feel that western dev. are too into fps stlyed games really they dont even enter other genres anymore which most likey why ,like how he said, “they use shaders, lighting, shadows, effects, and programming to create their world” its cause fps only needs these small details then the rest no? but i cant say eastern devs are as perfect as kojima puts it out, idea factory cant do programing right most of time(i mean the lags and slow Frame rate issues) plus most eastern devs go for an 2d stlyed game play with details to models but no so much backgrounds since its mostly copy and paste.

    • Any genre can benefit from the advantages of modern game development technologies. FPS is just a safety genre like the JRPG. As we can observe in both cases, that safety has its limits with saturation. Not everyone catches on or chooses to accept this as soon as the others.

  • What is he trying to say? Enslaved is a western game. It had shadows and great lighting and thought it looked great. MGS4 also looked good, but I don’t think it was for any different reasons….

  • Yes finally someone gets it! Harness the power of the technology, hardware, and programming to deliver awesome looking games!!!I am curious what Kojima is working on next though, I was hoping for a MGS reboot to get me into that series though a new and original title would be awesome.(Im hoping that Rising is series noob friendly so I can jump in) the GC (2005) being the first console I actually bought…has caused me to miss alot of games and series.-Perhaps Square Enix should take note of this, especially for the next Star Ocean, SO4 could have greatly benefited.-

    • Code

      rar, definitely, definitely recommend “Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistance” (Snake Eater, but you want the Subsistance version) it’s for the most part a stand alone story, although all MGS games kind of use it as an origin point plot wise, but it’s by far the best of the series >w>’ No need to wait for a reboot or nothing, the game is fairly easy to find and, it’s everything you need. A great place to enter the series, without having to feel like waiting for “the next one” — also one of the best parts is it makes playing through the the other 3 Metal Gear Solid games even more engaging.

    • GamerKT

      The ONLY “jumping on points” in MGS are MGS or MGS3. Yes, you’ll be spoiled and lost if you just get Rising. MGS’s story is no joke (content-wise).

  • Blacksofa

    I hope it’s a Kojima sandbox game.

  • Cloud_ST

    I read somewhere he said he is interested in making a prequel about Liquid Snake,I would be all over that!,specially if It’s for the PSP.

  • cmurph666

    Kojima’s next game is a sequel to Suikoden~!

    I wish…

    • Ereek

      Suikoden is melodramatic enough without his influence. If Kojima got his hands on it, it would turn into some strange mix of Final Fantasy, Xenogears (perhaps one of the most melodramatic and pretentious titles of all time – that’s why I love it), and MGS.Still, if it gave Suikoden another chance I wouldn’t be complaining.

  • RAVENKam

    ‘The Japanese make the models and textures carefully to create a world’. And western developers don’t?

    I used to hang on this man’s every word back in the day. These days I just wish someone would shut him up.

    • Bruce

      you don’t get what he’s talking about …

      • RAVENKam

        And you do I assume? Well of course…

  • joesz

    lol! ishaan,posting a negative statement about western stuff on a western site is not a smart idea.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    I love MGS as much as the next guy, but Snake’s story is over, and seeing Rising’s tech demo videos assures me that it will be something memorable (even if it is just for the free cutting =P). Maybe it’s not the MGS that people are used to know, but the name itself will sell a fez copies, so…Other than that, I’m one of the “Kojima doesn’t have to make MGS anymore” guys. He’s creative, he does a lot of stuff that other designers don’t even think about (I remember telling about the Psycho Mantis thing to a friend of mine when the game came out, and he just couldn’t believe it) and he’s a MASTER of details (even though some of said details may come from various members of his team). And I’m a details kind of guy.Bottom line: I like his stuff. It may be flawed, but it’s pretty unique. So, bring it on.P.S. I, like many others, wouldn’t mind ZOE 3, but I guess that’s up to Shuyo Murata. And speaking of Murata, Guy Savage was AWESOME.

  • “So, while Rising is very much a Metal Gear Solid game”
    I laughed.

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