Level 5’s Time Travelers Confirmed For Nintendo 3DS

By Ishaan . October 19, 2010 . 5:18am


A few months ago, Level 5 announced a game titled Time Travelers for a piece of unreleased hardware. This game is now confirmed to be for the Nintendo 3DS.


Time Travelers is a mystery game being developed in collaboration with Jiro Ishii, who penned 428: Fusasareta Shibuya de, a high-profile visual novel published for the Nintendo Wii in Japan. If you’ve heard of it, the anime, Canaan, is based upon a bonus scenario in 428.


Level 5 showed off a trailer for the game at their “Vision 2010” event in Japan, but details were scarce. The trailer showed a schoolgirl standing in the subway. The underground lights go out, and a mysterious man appears, just as a countdown begins. The girl asks, “Why has it become this way?”


In the past, Ishii has only worked on games with anime art or live-action actors. Time Travelers is his first time working with CG. At the game’s reveal, he assured fans that Time Travelers would be heavy on the story, and that it would include some sort of new design that would help the game appeal to a wide variety of people.


Unfortunately, no other details regarding the game were announced. All we have for now is a piece of concept art for the game, revealed months ago in Famitsu magazine, pictured above.

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  • joesz

    I’m sure 100% I’ve seen this interesting awesome picture somewhere else a long time ago.
    I’m not sure where,maybe it was a dream? I can’t remember where but I’m sure I’ve seen it somewhere.

    • probably you are remembering from famitsu ad

      • joesz

        yes! yes that’s might be it.

  • will there be a vid on youtube?

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Funny…I thought this was already confirmed to be for the 3DS? Oh well, it’s nice that we can be certain of that fact now.

    I wonder what is the reason behind them wanting to use CG: Is it beacuse they want to try something new or beacuse they want to make use of the 3D effect? Or both?

    Anyway, the 3DS lineup already contains a lot of diversity and this is only going to add to that.

  • using the whole of all 4 dimensions

  • Steve

    Sounds very interesting.

  • Avojavo

    I liked Time Hollow. It was brief, but it had a pretty decent story, as well as a very nice introduction song.

    This game doesn’t look to share the same approach, but I hope it shares the same spirit.

  • “If you’ve heard of it, the anime, Clanaad, is based upon a bonus scenario in 428.”
    I think it’s Canaan, not Clannad. Haven’t watched the full season of it though.

    Anyway, it might be a massive change of gameplay when it comes to 3DS. This could be an interesting yet more interactive use.

    • Urgh. Brain fart. Thanks.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    “t would include some sort of new design that would help the game appeal to a wide variety of people.”

    I hope that means the game will be more than just a visual novel, increasing its chances of making it over here. I really wanted to try 428: Fusasareta Shibuya de for the PS3; the whole video and stills presentation looked so fascinating and different.

    • Shadow_Raskolnik

      I think I remember hearing somewhere that Level-5 just created or is going to create another branch for NA. If it’s true then we can probably expect to see a good number of their titles released here eventually.

  • gatotsu911

    I’m starting to wonder whether the 3DS might have TOO MANY must-have games at launch. Mightn’t they all eat into each other’s sales?

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Don’t worry. A lot of what was shown aren’t launch games. They’re just games down the pipeline and will probably release months to a year after launch. Heck, some might never even see the light of day. There’s always a few games shown before each system’s launch that end up nowhere.

      • Joanna

        Just hope this game isn’t one of them because it actually sound really interesting!

  • puchinri

    The music on the trailer is lovely. Sounds like something from Joe Hisaishi (especially Spirited Away). I wonder who the composer is.

    The trailer made that zombie/skeleton guy look ever eerier too.
    I am much too excited for this now.

    • RupanIII

      I just watched the trailer and you’re right – sounds so Hisaishi-esque! He’s one of my favorite composers so hope he’s involved. Even if he’s not tho music’s sounding great.

      • puchinri

        Doesn’t it? That was nice! And I agree~.
        I’m excited to hear who the composer is, hoping it’s Hisaishi, but I believe I’ll enjoy whoever it is. (And probably follow their work from here on out.)

        • RupanIII

          Same here, hopefully they reveal who it is soon :D

  • Joanna

    Gah, this has pushed me over the edge. Now I know I shall be picking up a 3DS. Just a matter of when.

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