Professor Layton x Ace Attorney Crossover Game Announced For Nintendo 3DS

By Ishaan . October 19, 2010 . 5:39am


Remember “Witch Trial,” that tease from Capcom last week, hinting at a new Ace Attorney game? Remember that rumour that suggested that Shu Takumi, creator of the Ace Attorney franchise, was working on a new game in the series?


All of those teases have culminated in the form of a game titled Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney for the Nintendo 3DS, announced at Level 5’s Vision 2010 event. It’s a crossover between Layton and the Ace Attorney games. No details about what kind of game it is were revealed.


Here’s the game’s logo:


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  • O_O Wants! I wonder how they’ll combine the gameplay of both games… And hope Phoenix is back as the main character! xD

    • I’m sure you’ve seen the screenshots just released. If not, then I’ll just tell you: Phoenix is back, baby

  • malek86

    Level 5 has announced a lot of titles today. How big are they? I always thought they were a relatively small studio.

    • Joanna

      Not sure myself, but there was an article about how they were/are rapidly expanding. I doubt they are anywhere near SE/Nintendo/Sony size, but I’d say they are medium-to-large company now.

  • a gentleman leaves no innocent guilty

    • puchinri

      I expect to see that line in the game now. >u<'

  • Whoaaa. If it’s more Layton than AA, I might be in.

  • w00sta

    my brain just exploded

  • No matter what else happens today… today was a good day ^-^
    I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

  • Avojavo

    … Ace Attorney usually comes with the whacky vibe that I’m not sure will mesh very well with the leisurely pacing of Layton.

    But hey, if they can pull it off, I’m interested in seeing what comes out.

  • So you’ll solve puzzles to catch the criminals as Layton, but then take them to jail as possibly Phoenix? That’d be pretty cool

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Too….much…concentrated….awesome… *head explodes*Having said that, I DO have to wonder whether the artstyles are really going to end up meshing well. While the Ace Attorney series has always followed a more conventional anime style, Professor Layton seems like it is partially inspired by western animation.I also wonder how the gameplay is going to work. It’s possible that they will follow a similar model of the typical Ace Attorney games. Professor Layton and his assistant could cover the investigation part while Phoenix/Apollo/someone from Ace Attorney would participate in courtroom trials.

  • Wow lol, so I cant comprehend this crossover, lol…Im honestly shocked.

  • fuzzy_hobo

    As long as Takumi does the script, this game will be fantastic.

  • I’m excited for this.. but how are they going to overcome their proportion differences? They should transform into each other’s style once in a while…

  • PersonaBull

    Law and Order: OBJECTION!


  • kylehyde

    HOOOOOOLY EEEEEPIC WIIIIIIIIINIs more than official, 3DS first day, no matter how it cost.

    • Aoshi00

      Told you $250 is not much, given the right titles :)

      • Well, if you’re talking about USDollars, then it’s most likely actually 300 dollars

        • Aoshi00

          I don’t know why people keep applying the current exchange rates for pricing. I know the yen is crazily strong now, but I bet the conversion is 25,000 yen to $250. Just like the 29,980 yen PS3 is $299 here and the 29,800 yen Xbox 360 is $300 here, or the 14,800 yen Kinect is $150 here, or the 15,000 yen DSi is $150 here, it’s been that way for almost all consoles all these times, you pretty much just knock off 2 zeros regardless of the US dollar-yen exchange rates. I ‘m willing to bet you the 3DS is $250 when it’s released in the US, that was my estimate since the very beginning, and the fact that it’s 25,000 yen just seals it.

    • I dont understand, unless you are getting it in Japan on Day 1, this newly announced game wont be out in English at least until late 2011, I think, which the 3DS will have dropped in price by then.

      If anything, this game means one could wait until later to get the 3DS.

    • Joanna

      You and me both. Time Travlers was the cake and this is the icing!

  • PS – Now I wonder if Jiro Ishii (428 / Time Travelers) is also working on this game. He kinda mentioned it on Twitter before this news came out, but squashed it after the Level 5 x Capcom Ace Attorney collaboration rumors started spreading.

  • Chow

    (And Level 5, but they’re not known for crossovers)

    But… this should be interesting.

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