Diablo III’s Demon Hunter Class Mixes Amazon And Assassin

By Ishaan . October 22, 2010 . 5:30pm


Diablo III’s fifth and final class, the Demon Hunter, is the game’s equivalent of a ranged bow class. However, the Demon Hunter is also designed to be more flexible than a simple long-range attacker.


At a Blizzcon panel, the Diablo III design team described the Demon Hunters as a mix of the Amazon and the Assassin classes from Diablo II. While they can equip crossbows (and even dual-wield them), they can also lay traps and lob grenades, bouncing them off walls. Demon Hunters are Diablo III’s “anti-hero” class.


Blizzard also confirmed that the Amazon’s “multi-shot” skill from Diablo II would be making a return in the Demon Hunter’s skill tree.

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  • Please for the love all money, let this game come to the PS3. I do not want to sit hunkered down in front of my laptop to play this epically sounding game

    • Tom_Phoenix

      So don’t play it on a laptop….Play it on a desktop instead. :P

      But really, it’s futile to hope for a Blizzard game on a console. Their development process just isn’t suitable for a console environment (something StarCraft: Ghost made abundantly clear). Besides, considering how little competition they have on the PC platform, there is generally very little reason for them to move to consoles.

    • MemeticRichard

      Lol. Okies, little buddy.

    • Exkaiser

      If you want to play Diablo on the PS3, you’ll have to settle for the PSX port of the first game. The second game didn’t get a console release, and the third game certainly won’t.

      It’s very much a PC game. Just buy a USB mouse and play it on your laptop, it’s what I do for all my PC games.

      …Actually, I find I do most of my PC gaming on my art macbook, since it’s a lot more powerful than my old laptop, but…

      • I think I will have to bite the bullet to play Mass Effect 1 on my laptop. Someone gifted me a ton of games on Steam leaving me with no choice but to play them. (well I need to play through ME1 since ME2 is coming to PS3 and I want the full experience)

        Maybe if I like the experience of ME1 on my laptop then I will cave in and pursue this DIII when it comes out. I have a usb mouse but its like laser lighted type and finding the right surface is a challenge in and of itself :(

        • Exkaiser

          I use a nice mouse pad I’ve had since my desktop days- honestly, I use my laptops like miniature PCs- it works well with my Logitech laser mouse.

          They have a new kind of laser mouse that apparently has much better surface detection, apparently, but a mouse pad is cheaper and more versatile (Functions as a coaster in a pinch!).

  • Augh, so excited for this game, but all I could see watching the trailer was Kasumi Goto :)

  • fenix7

    Can’t wait…

    hope the inventory is bigger, couldn’t stand the inv size in d2.

  • i wonder if my grandchild will play this game before i die (note: im 20)

  • CIN

    Did they announce anything else besides this Demon-Hunter class? umm like a release window for the main game? any hints at least, cuz I know I’m being naive here by posing this question ;)

    • They announced some stuff about the other classes, and the new revamped Skill / Rune system which sounds fantastic. Nothing even resembling a release date though. In fact, the press kit they put up specifically states they have no idea when it’ll be out.

      There’s another panel with a Q&A today, so we should get more info from that.

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