Capcom: No Plans For Gem Fighter HD Remix

By Ishaan . October 23, 2010 . 1:31pm


Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix was a super deformed fighting game released by Capcom, that utilized characters sprites previously used in Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. Partaking in a recent fan-powered Q&A on the company’s forums, Capcom’s Seth Killian addressed the subject of a potential “HD Remix” of the game.


Speaking to the possibility of a remake similar to that of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, he stated:


“In Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, the character animations weren’t redrawn in HD, they were just up-rez’d with filters. It was the blocks themselves and the rest of the screen that was redrawn in HD from the ground up — doing all the character’s was cost-prohibitive even then, so would be just as bad with Gem Fighter (and Gem Fighter would probably sell a lot fewer units to try and recoup that cost).


Twas a fun game, but probably not heading for the HD remix treatment anytime soon. And just so it’s not all bad news, one of my favorite Gem Fighter combo vids: “


Another interesting tidbit came from Capcom’s Christian Svensson, who answered a question regarding the custom d-pad attachment that Capcom shipped for use with Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX on the PSP:


“Alas, they were a one shot deal. We’ve not got any more and we’ve got no plans to produce more. I don’t think Sony was thrilled with us producing those in the past. 8) “


Capcom’s next major portable fighting game is Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition for the 3DS, which makes the game a little easier to control via the ability to assign moves to four touchscreen panels on the system’s bottom screen.

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  • Gem/Pocket Fighter was a fun lil fighting game but I’d rather have some other Capcom fighting games in HD like Vampire Savior which imo, deserves it way wayyyyy more. Plus it was already in Alpha Anthology while sadly, the Darkstalkers Collection was released only Japan.

    • The PSP version did make it to America though.

      • But if you don’t play portable systems, it’s like it was never released at all.

  • Kris

    I wonder how well those D-pad attachments worked. I’d love to have a Saturn-style d-pad on my PSP!

    • neo_firenze

      I still have one on my PSP-1000. It’s a definite improvement over the stock pad, but it’s certainly not up to the divine level of a Saturn pad. Gotta remember it’s just a piece of plastic that sticks (with strong adhesive) to the raised stock pad. The reason it helps is that response was slowed on the original PSP pad since it was so low. The d-pad attachment, plus simple mods, just raise the d-pad to make it easier to hit. PSP-2000 and 3000 models are also noticeably improved over the original.

      Also, no matter what you do with the d-pad, it doesn’t fix the issue that PSP’s button layout still is far less than optimal for a fighter. 4 face buttons and two imprecise shoulder buttons (especially while ALSO holding the whole machine) is never gonna match two rows of 3 buttons.

    • I had no idea that Capcom ever did that. I have the Hori set:

      They came as part of a larger accessory pack, but those are definitely the same. Been very pleased with my D-pad, but I’ve lost my 2 favorite analogue nubs :( Still worth it, though.

  • Aoshi00

    I had a lot of good memories from Puzzle Fighter, played it forever w/ friends since high school and even in college arcades.. I thought it was lazy of them they didn’t re-do the char animation like the gems in HD for the PS3/360 port, the sprites were just some blurry blown up mess (I got both even though I have the PSX disc).. I was wondering why they never actually do a sequel for Puzzle Fighter especially now we have PSN/XBLA, seems like a no brainer for Capcom.

  • cmurph666

    I’m really ok with them not making Gem Fighter an HD Remix.

  • Advent_Andaryu

    I like this game even better than the Puzzle fighter game.

  • lupinsansei19

    But what about ps one classics? Can’t they release it there, not hd of course but at least it would play on psp/ps3!

  • I have a dpad attachment that wasn’t made by capcom, but when it isn’t there, you can TELL immediately.

  • If you can’t re-released it in HD, then why don’t released it in wii

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