Vanquish Comes With Six Languages On Disc

By Ishaan . October 25, 2010 . 9:29am



In a post discussing Vanquish’s narrative design on the game’s development blog, PlatinumGames’s J.P. Kellams reveals that the game ships with six languages on the disc: English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.


The blog post also discusses the narrative design of Vanquish. Kellams reveals that the initial candidate for the opposing force in Vanquish was China, but that Russia was eventually settled upon for reasons the development team felt were logical based on the real world. Kellams writes:


"I’ve noticed some people on the net claim that Russia is clichéd as an enemy force, but it really is the only logical conclusion. Vanquish is based on an extension of our current world into the future, so the original plan of a Chinese enemy makes very little sense. China owns most of the United States debt, and the US buys most of China’s manufactured goods.


When there is money to be made, people tend to find ways not to fight. Russia, on the other hand, makes perfect sense. Over half of all Russian exports to the US are petroleum products, so in a resource crunch, the economic ties that bind Russia to the US would be severed, allowing them to attack. After all, all wars are essentially about resource control."


Kellams also touches upon the subject of Vanquish walking a line between being serious and a parody of sorts, of a good vs. evil story rooted in war, like G.I. Joe. The intent with the English script, he says, was to never forget that Vanquish is a game, and that the dialogue was tweaked accordingly to be almost self-aware.

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  • GOTY for me. Absolutely love this game.

  • Well with 30$ in Amazon credit I will have in November, this game, based on positive word of mouth, has shot up on my list of games of interest. Strong narrative and excellent voice acting

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      Strong what?!

      • Strong in a Daytona USA, Sega Rally, Virtua Fighter, Shenmue 1 English dub sense, of that I’m sure.

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          Oh! Okay then, carry on.

  • This is probably why they were complaining about low disk capacity even though it’s a relatively short game

  • Too bad that the Japanese dub is far from being lip synced. There are even few second long gaps between the words and mouth movement.
    Other than that it’s a great game – completed it in about 6-7 hours and I will come back for more later ;d

    • Why would anyone play the game in Japanese dub? I have difficulty imagining Russian operatives speaking Japanese, I also cant imagine English operatives speaking in Japanese. Usually in games I, if given the option, turn the dub to whatever fits the setting, for example switched it to Italian for Assassins Creed 2.

      It just removes me from the experience and makes the game highly unbelieveable.

      • The dialogues are so bad, that it really doesn’t matter in what language they are spoken. At least the seiyuu cast is good.

        • Aoshi00

          I haven’t tried it in Jpn yet, but I’ll do that after my first playthru in Eng. I thought the Eng. dialogue was funny and campy. See, it was never the space issue, Alan Wake has like 7 languages too, they just don’t want people to reverse import. I really wish they would’ve included the Jpn dub on Castlevania LoS, Patrick Stewart as Zobek, but Fujiwara Keiji probably sounds better as Gabriel than Robert Carlyle. Too bad Enslaved wasn’t even dubbed in Jpn (even though the Eng. dub was excellent), that was such a story driven game full of dialogue it would be more fun to replay it in a different language the 2nd time around.P.S. also I need to watch out too, sometimes I don’t want to accidentally unlock achievement in Jpn, I have the “boobtube” achievement unlocked in Jpn (“terebi-kko”) for Alan Wake while all the other achievements were in Eng, there’s no way to change it it drove me crazy. This probably won’t happen for Vanquish though because the language option is in the game menu rather than the system’s language setting.I haven’t looked up the seiyuu cast yet, but I rather like the Eng. voice acting, campy and funny, not as good as Bayonetta but fun nonetheless, “I want you men to shoot if you see so much as a f-ing Roomba” lol you can’t make that stuff up :).

        • Aoshi00

          I just tried playing the tutorial and watched the intro in Jpn (w/ my Jpn gamer tag, didn’t want to erase my safe file), I like Sam and Elena’s Jpn voices, the female president and Russian villain sound good too (though I don’t dislike Gideon Emery as Sam or Elena’s Eng voice, the dialogue is supposed to be campy). Can’t find which seiyuu voiced Elena though.. It’s too bad the mouth flap don’t match a lot of times (especially in the comlink windows), kind of distracting and take you out of it (in Jpn dubbed hollywood movies they do a really good job of lip synch). Man, I really wish they dubbed Enslaved in Jpn, I’m sure they’d do a good job.. BTW, I just realized what the kanji tattoo on Burns’ arm says, I was wondering what “Fu-Aku-Yuu” means (like “not a bad friend”? doesn’t make sense, maybe he just thought the kanji is cool), it’s the sound, lol.. the attention to details.. still can’t find any info on the seiyuu, it’s not listed anywhere.. I just played a little more of Ch. 1, some jokes are lost though, the lines just weren’t translated.. so it’s definitely better to play in Eng. first.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        I like to do the same for everything (games, anime, movies). Most of the time the original dub is best because it was part of the creators’ vision and so well done. Other times the setting is too prominent to ignore.

      • You know, I’m actually going to agree with you for once. Sounds crazy, I know.

      • Aoshi00

        Because for such an intense shooter, it’s convenient and more immersive for non-English speakers to just hear the conversation btwn characters in their own language, instead of having to worry about reading the subtitles, or missing out on the story.

        Well, I’m not sure if I really need to play Assassin’s Creed in Italian for the authentic feel (they did throw in a lot of Italian phrases w/ Eng. subtitles in AC2), it’s like the Disney Prince of Persia movie, I don’t think they need to go for Persian (Farsi?), it’s not like it’s Passion of the Christ where everyone spoke Aramaic, it comes w/ the territory for games or movies to use a language that is most accessible to the majority of audience.

  • thaKingRocka

    It must have been tough to choose a title for a post that covers three different aspects of the one game.

  • Xeahnort

    nowadays, UK versions features only english in order to avoid import from uk

    • malek86

      And that’s the reason why I have learned english.

      Well, not really that, more the fact that older PC games were almost always in english language.

      But still, at least now I can import from the UK to my heart’s content, regardless of the language. It’s good for saving money.

      • I really feel sorry for you guys because games are more expensive in Europe :(
        Went to France once and saw that games are around €70 D:

        • malek86

          Ordering from the UK makes the prices much more convenient.

          For example, Vanquish costs some 29£ from UK sites, which is around 45$.

          • Yeah.. I always frequent Shopto because they give out quite good deals, I must say :)Anyways all the best to you!

          • Price differences are insane and I can confirm what Ashgail saw: a local game chain wants 70€ for this, the regular edition.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    No Russian…?

    • Sorry the population of Russia is too small XD

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        They all turned into robots.

        • neocatzon

          Dr Robotnik made some progress then

    • Ooooh… that’s bad.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Someone got my reference (?)… XD

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          Nah, MW2 is too mainstream for this site!

          (Just kidding =P)

    • Aoshi00

      Yea, what’s up w/ that.. The bad guy said “Do svidaniya” once and that’s the only Russian I know. I just finished Ch 3 last night, amazing game. And people laughed at that chubby guy in the baseball hat, that was a pretty violent intro…

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        How long is the game? In chapters? I haven’t gotten it yet. >_<

        • Aoshi00

          Hm.. 5 chapters, but they’re quite long, each one divided into like 7 acts, I’ve been mauling over it the whole week playing on and off, and I’m not the greatest in shooters but I try to stick to normal. Also I went back to earlier chapters to get the achievement I missed, they’re some really fun ones. Crazy weapons that are upgradable. The enemy AI is good, these robots flank and rush at you, they’re out to get you. You hide behind covers and also dash about the place, I’m sure people want to keep replaying it to make the best times on leaderboard. I think the story is fun, it’s supposed to be campy, not as deep or intriguing as Bayonetta but I like it, the stock chars are cool, like the raspy voiced chain smoking Sam (he can distract robots by throwing cigarettes), the buff space marine, etc.. I think it’s very Gears of War like from the gameplay down to the environment but more fast paced and unique in its own way, borrowing aspects from other games as long as it’s well done, unlike Quantum Theory that had epic fail written on it the first moment I saw it.. The cylinder colonies are a sight to behold, would make Tomino proud :)I think I’ve killed enough robots after Enslaved and this lol.. Oh yea, I forgot to mention, the melee combat is awesome too, he trashes robots differently depending on what weapon he’s holding, but that’s a trade off because he overheats if he does close quarter combat, that’s like a last resort, you need to use everything in your arsenal to tackle the different situation, aka swarms of killer robots. So 8hrs for a single playthru is probably right, it might take me longer, lots of replay value though like Bayonetta, Platinum Games is up to great things.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Sounds like length isn’t really an issue. 8 hours is plenty as long as the pace moves at the right speed and the game is packed with content/ tight gameplay for that duration. I liked the demo so much I played it over and over until I died once or less. :P

  • shion16

    i envy you guys
    when a game is in your languaje,normally is a good dub
    in my case, spanish, we have the latin america spanish and the horrible spain spanish
    and sadly the games only have spain spanish u.u
    that really piss me off!!

    • Youre not English speaker? Wasnt Uncharted 1 a perfect dub? They were naturally Spanish.

      That reminds me, lol, it may sound utterly hilarious but I always think of people online to always be American and American speakers. Its still mind blowing to think that the internet has undergone globalization.

      • Yes he’s an english speaker. Read his comment. Is that not in english?

        • If one is an English speaker wouldnt one be glad for English dubbing (if the game is set in a place that uses English?). shion16 seems to only mention Spanish dubbing which made me think he/she is not an English speaker.

        • shion16

          actually…… not a english speakerim from Chile, Im latinobut ive been studying english =p

          • Una lengua no tiene por qué ser su lengua materna a fin de que tu sea un presidente de ese idioma. Mientras tu puedes tener una conversación con otra persona en ese idioma, entonces tu eres un hablante de esta lengua.Note because of online translators though, I mean a face to face conversation, not one over the Internet. Although… I can say the above but I wouldn’t be able to translate it back to English if I didn’t know what it was originally. X(… Something about my top paragraph here feels wrong……

          • shion16

            its ok (just change tu for usted, usted is way too formal, like “tu puedes”)

      • … The Internet’s the result of merging different forms of networking from around the world into one. So by definition it’s a global network. It’s been around for your entire life. How is that mind blowing?

        • I guess I never gave into the thought of it to be honest. With so much English on the net, I just imagined it to be American oriented. Then again alot of things are mind blowing to me as of late; university was the first time I met and interacted with people who were not born in America, or heard people speak languages that were not English as their first and primary language, or seeing people learning English. The internet, well I only traversed the same sites day in and day out and none of which involved things that didnt pertain domestically.

          • shion16

            Thats the problem
            The internet is made for north american people (im south american, from Chile, i cant consider USA as America =P)
            We have to know english to could use the internet as it should.
            Im not complaining, but thats a fact

          • .– – …. ..–.. / …. — .– / … …. . .-.. – . .-. . -.. / .– . .-. . / -.– — ..- / –. .-. — .– .. -. –. / ..- .–. ..–.. / — .- -.– -… . / .. – .—-. … / – …. . / ..-. .- -.-. – / – …. .- – / .. / –. .-. . .– / ..- .–. / .. -. / -. -.– -.-. / – …. .- – .—-. … / — .- -.- .. -. –. / — . / .-. . .- -.-. – / – …. .. … / .– .- -.– –..– / -… ..- – / .. / — . .- -. .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- / –. .- ….

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          Oh no, here we go again =P

    • Ren

      At least you have something in spanish, even if it’s a completely different kind of spanish. We brazillians don’t even have games in european portuguese to play, since most that come with the language are things like Fifa or Madden, and even then, most of the time we don’t even notice that there are portuguese language options.

      • shion16

        i didnt know that
        and yes, we have at least european spanish, but you have to think we re not from europe so sometimes they dont put even that spanish.
        The point is that til the day they consider south america as part of the market we will still be playing games in english

  • gatotsu911

    I really like the game, but I wish Vanquish would stop pretending it had an even halfway-decent narrative and just focus on the fact that you can ROCKET AROUND and DECAPITATE ROBOTS and BLOW UP TRANSFORMERS.

  • Loving this game. Had to stop myself, though, from playing it in German. Something about that just seemed so funny that I couldn’t actually focus on the game and had to put it back to English.

  • Anybody else run into the disco-dancing robots right before the second Unknown fight? I died a few times in that room, and normally, if I saw robots, I’d just rush and kill them all. This time, however, I put the controller down for a minute and noticed there was music playing. I had wondered why that one robot looked like a boom box. lol

    • Aoshi00

      That caught me by surprise too, I just paused for a while and then wiped them out (made me remember the Israeli soldiers breaking into a dance out of the blue a couple months back and caused a stir w/ their youtube video). The scrapper was annoying but I made short work of him w/ the rocket launcher. That fortress was pretty epic. I just finished Ch 3 last night, taking my sweet time.

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