Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon Has Double The Weapons, Double The Co-Op Players

By Spencer . November 3, 2010 . 3:18am

EDFIA - Incoming Carriers

Newcomers to the giant insect genre, Vicious Cycle, are doubling the amount of weapons in Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon. Vicious Cycle created 300 weapons compared to the 150 arms in Earth Defense Force 2017.


The streets of New Detroit will be filled with rifles (regular, sniper, and assault), rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and energy weapons. You’ll need these, plus four different types of armor, to fend off waves of giant ants and spiders. D3 says there are also robots in the game that are over 100 meters tall.


Need help? Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon has split-screen local co-op that supports up to four players. Players can also jump in and out of online campaigns or see who can last the longest in six player survival battles with endless wave of insects.


Like Earth Defense Force 2017, D3 plans on pricing Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon less than the typical PS3 / Xbox 360 game. Insect Armageddon will retail for $39.99 when it comes out sometime in spring 2011.


EDFIA - Trooper Loadout EDFIA - Mech Load Screen EDFIA - Flying Armor Incoming Mecha-ants EDFIA - Flying Armor Financial District EDFIA - Firebase Overrun EDFIA - Building Destruction EDFIA - Boomer Attack EDFIA - Battle Armor Loadout EDFIA - Attacking Hectors

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Hmm this sounds like it will have better gameplay, but (because of dev change) it seems to lack that old school Ultraman/ Monster Attack Team aesthetic which I find essential to the camp quality of this game.

    • ECM

      So you’re not going to like it because it’s lacking ‘camp quality’, despite probably having better gameplay…I so do not get today’s gamers =/

      • M’iau M’iaut

        It’s a budget title in Japan and will be seen even more so as in the US. In a western player’s mind the graphics and style will definitely be noted against the likes of a Bayonetta, Enslaved, Batman or Prototype/Infamous. In such a case, it really is best to have some kind of hook that at least the knowledgeable gamer can use to ‘remind’ themselves why they are playing.In the case of EDF it was the bug hunt movie look. I too am not getting the same drive-in movie/saturday night festival/Neil Patrick Harris vibe from the screens, and am also sad to see it go.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Charm and style go a long, long way. Isn’t that a major reason many people prefer Japanese games over American ones? And this is EDF we’re talking about. The first game was distinctively Japanese in feel, and one could easily argue making you feel like you were part of a Kaiju disaster movie was the entire point of that game. This game clearly is not going for that, and I resent it.

        Yes, gameplay is important, but for a game with such simple mechanics, aesthetics factor in heavily to keep you interested. I’ll take a game with “great gameplay, mediocre style” over a game with “terrible gameplay, high style” any day. But that’s not the case here. This seems to be a case of “slightly improved gameplay, unispired style” vs “decent gameplay, ridiculously inspired style”. Now I apologize if style is of no significance to you, but I’m also not much for online, and unless the sequel plays leaps and bounds better than the original, I’ll prefer the original.

        Oh, and please don’t make such a broad generalizing statement that not only judges my tastes on all games based on one game, but pins me as a representation of “today’s gamers”, dissing both me personally and the gaming populace at large. :/

        • Guest

          Respectable, but, why would you say no to improved gameplay? To having more weapons? Local co-op? I understand where are you coming from, i like the first Drakengard even with it’s awful aerial battles, i liked the story and atmosphere, but a more polished gameplay would had benefit that game a lot. We are getting a better package here in every front, it’s still a sci-fi fantasy monster action-fest. Is not like if they put some skinny black haired guy as the main character of the game or something like that

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            I shouldn’t have argued over this.

          • Guest

            No you’re right! Why are you backing down?

            Sandlot is an awesome developer. Case in point: the recent Zangkei no Reginleiv for Nintendo Wii. This does lack the charm and despite it ‘seeming’ to have better gameplay, it’s as Inafune formally of Capcom said: KI: “For one, competition has intensified, and furthermore, players have gotten “used to” games. To use a simple analogy, any kind of erotic picture will turn on a middle school student, right? (laughs) Oh, but it’s not like that so much anymore…”
            Gamers of today are so jaded anyway, most likely this will be ignored by the masses anyway over the next Call of Doody

        • I agree with SunWoo, I mean if they just released the same game with none of the nice improvements like they did with this one, it would be just a simple rehash. I mean if it was a new EDF2017 with online play, it would’ve been nice but it would’ve left people wanting more. I’m pretty sure ALL of us wanted Sandlot to work on it but this has gone forward already….not much we can do for it but to wait and play it ourselves right?

          Gotta say though, I really hope they improve the craptactular vehicle controls from EDF2017…….I want to fly in my helicopter and NOT get shot down by a giant laser in 5 seconds flat.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            I’m just cautious how improved the gameplay will be because Vicious Cycle are the people who made Matt Hazard, which wasn’t all that fun to me. From what I’ve heard from this article and elsewhere, the gameplay improvements seem minor at best. Also more isn’t always better.

            Why are some of you putting words in my mouth? I didn’t say this game had to be exactly the same, I didn’t say Sandlot had to make it, and I didn’t even say I wasn’t going to try it. All I said was “it lacks a distinct style I liked”. Believe me, I am one of the least negative people on this site, but that doesn’t mean I am a yes-man.

          • I’m kinda confused on why you are acting like a victim, I mean I’m not disrespecting your opinion on the subject or anything. While I completely agree with you on it’s change in style, I’m just saying that it’s too late for it to change developers….even if some of us don’t like said developer. Yeah we’ll miss the campy feel of the old one but considering how long it’s been since EDF2017, some fans would just wanna play a new EDF. Whether we’ll like it or not is for the future to hold.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Yea you know what, my whole spiel was rather pointless. I apologize. Here’s a like for you.

  • EDF2017 was one of my favorite games on 360! I was bit weary on this at first since it as a dev change and plus didn’t have local co-op but now that it has it and that I’ve seen more gameplay, I’m really looking forward to this one. And is it really 4 player local though? The old one had 2 and I heard this one’s online mode had 3(or 6 in Horde mode) players the last time I checked.

  • Testsubject909

    And now that Couch Co-op is back?

    I’m pre-ordering this. Join hands people and shout loud and proud with me on day 1!

    EDF! EDF! EDF!

  • This is one of my most anticipated XBOX 360 games for when I get a new one.


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