Watch Multiplayer Videos Of Atlus’ Naruto Shippuden Games

By Ishaan . November 3, 2010 . 7:33pm

Atlus have two Naruto Shippuden games releasing this year: Dragon Blade Chronicles on the Wii and Naruto vs. Sasuke on the Nintendo DS. Both have multiplayer modes, too.


Dragon Blade Chronicles multiplayer looks like a regular 3D arena fighter:


Meanwhile, Naruto vs. Sasuke looks a little reminiscent of the Super Smash Bros. style:


Both games are releasing this month on November 16th. Atlus have a third Naruto Shippuden game, Naruto Shippuden: Shinobi Rumble, scheduled for February 8th, 2011.

  • GamerKT


    • ChaosPaladinFayt

      LOL if this is about tuna boy down there thinking about naruto 24/7, then yes i agree (not that i’m implying anything *cough* *cough*). However, if this is about the naruto game, i still agree. GJ

      • SouskeSagara

        Love ya comment chaos

      • GamerKT

        It was about that DS game’s multiplayer. Good god.

  • pridesin

    I hope publishing these games don’t lead to ruining the reputation that Atlus currently has.

    • Excuse me? Naruto Shippuden should increase their reputation exponentially. lol.

      To have such an epic and highly acclaimed franchise in their arsenal! I know, it excites me to the very depths of my soul.

      • pridesin

        I know Naruto Shippuden is famous franchise manga (Naruto Ninja Storm 2 is awesome game), but these games are not good.
        Especially, the DS one (Naruto Shippuden: Naruto vs Sasuke). That game-play looks exactly the same to the one that I played on GBA system.

      • shion16

        ATLUS USA only published these games
        they only increise their money with naruto games

    • Shadow_Raskolnik

      I’m pretty sure Atlus is just distributing these games, they did the same thing for other games in the past. Hopefully as soon as these are out Atlus would go back to publishing the games which they are known for.

  • shion16

    jump ultimate starbut only narutowell…… one piece did the same so its not bad
    except that one piece game had over 40 characters

    • If you’re talking about Gigant Battle, there was only 20 characters.

      Of course compared to Dragon Blade and its 2 characters…

      • shion16

        only 20??
        ………..i guess the trailer cheated me ^^U

        • Hehe yes, the trailer cheated everyone…

    • GamerKT

      The One Piece one is better.

      • No, no, Im quite sure that in all instances Naruto games are better. The capable cast of people in One Piece that are fighters is actually pretty small.

        • shion16

          not in this one, Gigant Battle have more characters, more combination, more stages, and a lot of One Piece characters are cool, we have ace,luffy, zoro ,chopper,white beard, mihawk, robin, sanji, the ouka shichibukais,the gold roger nakamas, the dragon’s crew, the three admirals,franky, brook is funny xP, usopp too.
          One Piece have a giant cast with a lot of cool characters

          • The Shichibukai are actually playable characters (Boa Hancock too?!). Is Dragon playable? Mihawk, Zoro, Boa, and Rayleigh Silver would be the ones I would want in the game and to play as.

  • I honestly think that there is no day where I do not think about Naruto. These videos are win! Naruto is simply the greatest videogame franchise that I have ever experienced!!!!!

    • SouskeSagara

      Umm… I think you should start liking Sakura or someone that is a female because people well…. if you keep thinking about naruto
      1) you have no life….
      2) people will think your gay…
      3) Naruto is lame….
      If you think Naruto is the best try Final Fantasy dissidia duodecim and you will see naruto is BLEH comparing to Final fantasy

      • Final Fantasy Dissidia was honestly…a mess of a fighter. The games system was so complicated that only the gaming elite could understand it and enjoy it. I was lost the whole time. Naruto is simply far from lame, Naruto is the living embodiment of excitement and fun. The story is touching and exciting, the character, Naruto, is simply one of the best Ive ever encountered and just oh so awesome and funny, too.

        Though who would be making those 3 assumptions, lol, thats rather rude for people to think.
        *Sakura is a worthless deadweight, unfortunately, still she packs a powerful punch, lol.

        • FireCouch

          Wait what? Did I just hear you say the game’s system was so complicated only elitists can play it? What on earth are you talking about. The game is incredibly simple to understand, and pretty easy to get good at as well. Play Street Fighter 3 or something if you want a challenging fighting game, but even those are easy to grasp. They just take a very long time to get good at.

          And the fact that you think Naruto games are the best games ever made…
          This is coming from the guy who doesn’t play games without voice acting because it’s too hard to read though, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

          • Yeah it would be easy to understand if someone was in the gaming elite. The game is vastly different than the Naruto fighters I have…theres are far more things happening in the Dissidia and even worst, or I guess a good thing to people who are fans, is that the game seemed to take place on both the ground and in the sky and maybe some land in between. I felt overwhelmed with all that was going on.

            The game wasnt one of the ones, pick up and play and do good at on the first try but then play longer and realize the battle system can actually be pretty deep. Dissidia was just deep from the very beginning. I wont say its not a good game, but its just something that elite gamers would enjoy.

          • FireCouch

            You are incredibly wrong.

      • GamerKT


      • okay i believe that was a bit uncalled for in sense if you dislike the series naruto that is fine but one thing about the series cannot be denied that it has a huge fan base and is very successful i love the games and series but comparing it to final fantasy >.> final fantasy we”ll we all have our opinions all day and not but don’t down the series

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