Atlus USA Announce The Cursed Crusade [Update: Concept Art Added]

By Ishaan . November 4, 2010 . 11:57am


Next year, Atlus are publishing three old-age-themed games: Trine 2, Rock of Ages and now The Cursed Crusade. In development for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC by Kylotonn Entertainment, this one is planned for a Summer 2011 release.


Wondering what kind of game it is? Here’s a bullet-list of features from Kylotonn’s website, quoted word-for-word:


• Live intense combat sequences in third person view, in the heart of Crusaders’ army.

• Get more than 130 weapons of all kinds: axes, blades, crossbows …

• Experience the Templar’s Curse through the nightmarish Hell Vision!

• Provide your character with new armors and equipment, and upgrade his skills mission after mission!

• Give orders to Esteban Noviembre in the single player mode, or team up with another player in a cooperative mode to accomplish your mission!

• Travel through 40 distinct environments: from 12th Century Europe to the Byzantine Empire, from France to Syria, via Venice in Italy and Zara in Croatia!

• The most famous monuments and places re-created in 3D exact copies, from Hagia Sophia to Theodosius Walls, and the Constantine racecourse!


Atlus have their own site up for the game, too, which you can check out here for some screenshots and wallpapers.


Update: Have some concept art and screenshots care of Atlus USA.


Concept art

thecursedcrusade_conceptart_04thecursedcrusade_conceptart_03 thecursedcrusade_conceptart_01 thecursedcrusade_conceptart_02



thecursedcrusade_screenshot_03 thecursedcrusade_screenshot_04 thecursedcrusade_screenshot_05 thecursedcrusade_screenshot_06 thecursedcrusade_screenshot_01 thecursedcrusade_screenshot_02

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  • Truly innovation and originality are absent from Atlus and Kylotonn Entertainment. Can you say, deja vu?!

    First. The game is set in medieval times. Really, this time period is as played out as World War II era shooters. Even worst is the fact that Dragon Age II is coming next year so this game will be unable to diversify itself enough to get people to play it. We all know Dragon Age will be supported by plenty of content packs to keep people interested in that game, so, who will even be going to get this game? The company making that game hit gold with Dragon Age: Origins and the sequel looks to be better than ever. Apart from that, the genre was so played out and dull, Dragon Age greatly innovated or at least brought some spark of life to the genre, but this Cursed Crusade…just dull.

    Second: The sword fighting looks like a blatant and straight rip off of the superior Assassin’s Creed series. That stab through the chest with the sword…did not both Altair and Ezio both do the same move?! It truly felt like a “been there done that already seen this before moving on nothing to see here folks” moment. There was also nothing else about the fighting that was truly new, unique, or says “you want to be interested in this game.”

    The music and fortunately the game’s character models/overall graphics were positives seen here, but otherwise, this game is not original, not innovative, and certainly, set in a terribly overdone time period for videogames. It also stole mechanics from a outstanding videogame franchise.

    I am cautiously optimistic about hearing more on this game.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      I’m guessing they will make something of the “Live intense combat sequences” which look like mo-cap of actual medieval combat entusiasts.

      Again, not something their traditional customer would make a buying decision off of

      ……unless of course they next announce a game with mo-capped cosplay enthusiasts reenacting fights from Sailor Moon, Fate/Stay Night, Nanoha or the like.

      • DlanorKnox

        All of those would be a day one buy for me!

    • Exkaiser

      First off, Atlus USA is a publisher. “Innovation” and “originality” comes from the developers. Moreover, weren’t you happy that they were publishing the shovelware Naruto games.

      “The stab through the chest with the sword” isn’t some signature move to Assassin’s Creed. I’m a fencer, so I’ve got a bit of experience with swords, and last I checked most of them are pretty pointy. Impaling a person through the chest is a fairly natural, if somewhat over-the-top, extension of simply stabbing someone in the chest. Moreover, how can you say that it is a “rip-off of the superior Assassin’s Creed series”? How can you say that it’s a superior series when the product you’re comparing it to isn’t even established!? You also did this with Dragon Age, but guess what: Dragon Age and Assassin’s Creed both had to establish themselves with a first game.

      Why are you even comparing it to Assassin’s Creed? Sword-fighting was hardly the emphasis in that game. If the sword-fighting looks similar, it’s because the mocap actors and coordinators for both are fighting the same way because that’s how they figure sword fights played out back in the day.

      I’m not really interested in this game, myself, but it seems to me you’re just clinging to existing names and don’t want anything to do with an unknown factor.

      • I have great difficulty believing that this small, virtually unheard of studio has the full capabilities to develop an X360/PS3 game without any assistance from Atlus. The sword motion and stabbing is exactly the same as Assassins Creed, to the dot. They could have had some innovation there, like blood or something, AC2 had blood, even thought it looked fake as ever, but it was still present. Assassin’s Creed is a superior series for it has high sales. Unless I’m not understanding your statement. In the case of AC2…it was essentially the first of its kind so there was nothing to compare it too, when had we had another open world assassin esque game set in the middle east brought to mass market main stream appeal? My comparison of the two is sound as this game, has dozens of other games to compare it too… last time I checked there were oodles of medieval games on the market. Dragon Age was initially compared to other games of the genre and although it brought little new too the table, it did everything well enough to diversify itself and become the premiere RPG of the generation. Comparing to Assassin’s Creed is sound as well. They use the same animations and all, I dont know how many times I can say it. They could have at least varied it or something, even changing the dynamic camera angles. Its like they were playing AC2 and was like, well lets emulate this in our game since we cant think of anything creative.

        • Exkaiser

          Atlus USA is not a developer. They don’t develop things. They publish things and often translate them, but they do not develop. The assistance they give might be in overseeing the project, but they aren’t the ones to complain to about a game’s originality.

          Comparing it to Assassin’s Creed is illogical, since AC is primarily a stealth game. Cursed Crusade is obviously going to be heavily focused on combat, and they certainly made a show of multiple weapon types and selections.

          Boo hoo, the animations look similar. Diablo’s got the same sword slash as Baldur’s Gate, and it’s totally a ripoff, right?

          • What Assassins Creed did you play? I would say only 30 or so percent of the game is even about stealth since it can be played in any way one imagines.

          • Exkaiser

            I played the first game and the PSP game. Haven’t played the second game, but my wife said it was good.

            Hidden blade is the only weapon. [/hardcore]

  • M’iau M’iaut

    So now it’s a mashmix of Assassin’s Creed and GoW, with just enough hint of Demon Soul’s to entice those who stumbled across the latter title? And we are already at next summer releases for Atlus?

    They better give us a late Summer-early Fall announcement for Catherine soon, or I’m afraid many of the Atlus ‘faithful’ will have lost all faith.

    • glemtvapen

      You forgot Dante’s Inferno with the references with Templars.

      Though this could be an interesting game.

      • You guys don’t need to worry. Whatever games they’re releasing, they’ll keep it up with their faithful, and expansion can be a solid thingaling.

    • SolidusSnake

      Yeah, I’m guessing they’re trying to find a more profitable demographic than the “faithful.” Kind of a drag. Hopefully we’ll get Catherine and the Innocent Sin remake at least.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Wait, there’s also Lords of Shadow, Dante’s Inferno, Dragon Age 2, Two Worlds 2, and Hunted: The Demon’s Forge! Medieval hack and slash games galore!EDIT: Not that they are necessarily similar, I just felt compelled to throw them in.

    • Exkaiser

      Since when does Atlus USA announce localizations of Atlus games that aren’t even out in Japan? They almost always announce them after they’re out. That’s how it was with Strange Journey and Etrian Odyssey III, off the top of my head. Pretty certain it was also the case with P3P, but I didn’t pay much attention to that one.

      Calm down.

      • Ereek


        Patience is a virtue. I’ve no doubt Catherine is coming.

      • Feynman

        They’re announcing it before it’s ‘out in Japan’ because unlike Strange Journey, EO III, and P3P, this isn’t an Atlus game, or even a Japanese game. It’s a game from a French developer, Atlus USA is just the publisher for the game in North America.It’s only natural for a western game, developed by westerners in the west, to be announced in the west first as well. Heck, there are good odds that the game may not even see the light of day in Japan, and that even if it does, Atlus Japan won’t have anything to do with it. This is just Atlus USA making some extra cash by publishing a French game in NA territories. It’s nothing to freak out over.

        • Exkaiser

          You missed a crucial line of my post: “localizations of Atlus games.”I was talking about the above commenter mentioning Catherine, not The Cursed Crusade.

          • Feynman

            Whoops! I didn’t even notice the post you were replying to, and took your statement way out of context. Guess I need to pay more attention!

            I’ll just go sit over in the corner with my dunce cap on.

          • Exkaiser

            S’alright, happens to the best of us!

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Announcements for localization on both PS2 Persona’s happened quite early in the news cycle for both games. The bypassing of traditional titles that were a staple of Atlus’ lineup certainly leads to valid questions or concerns about an apparent new focus. I am aware that if you look at Atlus’ past history, they’ve always had a few titles like Galleon, 101 Megamix and the like that were published with pure quick $$$ in mind.

        It’s just we are talking about the company who brought us these weird things when no one else even knew they existed. I can have patience, but can still be saddened by an old friend’s changes.

  • All i see is a 4 secs video saying springboard O.o

    good thing i receive atlus’s mails…

  • HarryHodd

    Will keep my eye on this one. Sounds interesting but i’m not really a big fan of western RPGs and the crusades. Definetly hyped for Catherine though.

  • malek86

    This somehow reminds me of Die by the Sword, though I’m sure it will end up being very different.

  • HPN

    I’ve never heard of Kylotonn before, but The Cursed Crusade is now on my radar. I’m hoping Esteban Noviembre really does follow your orders like the bullet point states. I dislike having dumb A.I. partners.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    This isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last western game Atlus is publishing in recent times, while jumping ahead of myself to scream “sellout” is certainly unfair to them on many levels, but honestly I don’t know how to feel about this.

    Plus it doesn’t feature mind-controlled gorillas.

    • malek86

      I don’t think it’s a bad thing, as long as they keep publishing their other stuff. And it could end up being a good game like Demon’s Souls.

      I mean, how is this worse than selling bad Naruto games?

      • Unless no other company wanted to get this game…doesnt seem the game company is that big either…

        And you are prematurely judging those Naruto games, Shinobi Rumble, Dragon Blade Chronicles both look and sound epic. Publishing them is instant profit since we know Naruto games bring in more money than Tales of games. Its a win scenario for Tomy and Atlus.

        • So much denial.

        • Did you just call publishing a Naruto game A “win scenario”?

          • More Naruto games is a win situation, we buy all the Naruto games consistently, it guarantees them money, we win with more Naruto gaming goodness, and they win with more money. Who is losing here?

          • FHOIW

            The Tales Of fans. Lol. Like me.

          • Tales of Fans…I hate to be frank, but Tales of fans failed to buy the previous games in enough quantities to warrant bringing out more of the games. When we compare it to a robust series that is continually supported by fans, ie, Naruto, we see that they do not forsake a series.

          • malek86

            Well, for Atlus it probably is. These games should sell a good amount of copies without needing to spend too much on localization.

        • shion16

          only CC2 make good naruto games
          the rest ones are crap

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Yea the fact that it is Atlus alone kept me from dismissing it completely. The trailer doesn’t look bad at all, pretty solid swordplay in fact. It just doesn’t look like… look distinguished from much of what’s out there.

        And how much of their other stuff they’ll keep publishing is a bit of a concern. Ah well, we’ll see in time.

        • malek86

          If the game is good, that’s not a problem. You can’t always have innovation, you know. Sometimes you have to try and make improvements on something already existing.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Nah you’re right. I’ve been feeling kind of irritable lately and it’s not because of games. :/

        • Ladius

          Atlus USA’s current offer sadly has almost nothing to do with the old Atlus USA of jrpg goodness we came to love in the past.

          Imho their credibility as a publisher has been drastically tarnished the moment they decided to ditch their old fanbase by publishing MMORPGs, party games, western dd titles and Naruto games leaving in Japan a slew of jrpgs related to series they localized till a year ago.

          Of course all those titles could be great, but the fact that they decided not to add them to their previous lineup, but to eliminate their previous jrpg focus in order to push new genres using their old fanbase to push them makes me really sad.

          • This doesnt make sense, you dont want them to meet market needs by diversifying their portfolio?

          • Ladius

            I imagine that you answered without even reading my post, since I made my point pretty clear in the last paragraph.

            One thing is to diversify one publisher’s offer (i.e. adding new genresseriestitles to the current offer), another thing is to ditch almost all the previous offer in order to focalize on completely different products.

            If they publisheddistributed Luminous Arc 3, Growlanser, SRT OG Saga EF Exceed, Summon Night TxC AND 101 Party Megamix, Tomy’s Naruto games, Trine 2 and this Cursed Crusade I would have no issue at all.

            Since they have shrinked their jrpg offer almost completely (20 jrpgs in 2008-2009, 7 in 2009-2010, 2 in 2010-2011), focusing instead on totally different genres, I have an issue with their new policy.

            I don’t think it’s that difficult to grasp the difference between my position and “they shouldn’t localize those games at all”, frankly.

          • I still do not get what you are trying to prove.

            Have you considered their quality of those titles?

            20 – 7 – 2? Perhaps the games available to them to localize are just not quality titles or so risky that it would incur no profit for them to even localize, or that the possible people who are interested in jRPGS isnt enough. There is a thing of catering to a market but then they need to make money too. This is a real world… and for two of those titles I think you are casting them off of never coming LA3, and SRT OG SAGA EF Exceed, certainly both could come in 2011, maybe Summoner Night?

          • Ladius

            (to the post below)

            No, pardon me but I fear you don’t know what you are talking about.

            Atlus USA has been in this market for more than a decade dealing almost exclusively in niche jrpgs and, as proven by pre-2010 Atlus USA, NiSA, Aksys or XSEED, that is still a profitable market, so the whole “this is a real world, man” thing is totally baseless, unless you are saying that other niche publishers and old Atlus USA were in a different space-time continuum or managed to stay in the market thanks to some unknown billionaire’s donations. Of course there have been bombas amongst the niche localization, but that is beside the point since bombas are a problem for any publisher, be it niche or mainstream

            Other than that, in 2009 and 2010 Atlus USA has ditched titles that were far less “niche” than some they had previously released, even more so considering that they had built a fanbase for some series and that marketing a sequel to a title that has an american fanbase is far easier than bringing its first chapter without any guarantee about its results. Old Atlus USA was fine with that, new Atlus USA isn’t even able to support the franchises it established till a year ago.

            And no, it’s difficult to imagine a mid-2011 release for jrpgs that were released in Japan in 2009 and haven’t been announced, if you have any familiarity with Atlus USA’s jrpg release-announcement schedule for past titles you could figure that out easily. In the past there were some late localizations, but they were in a period when jrpgs were clearly Atlus USA’s focus and it was still reasonable to hope.

            As of the end of 2010, however, it’s fairly easy to see how their offer has changed, if you simply observe their current lineup and how they have completely abandoned their old offer to pursue totally different genres.

            If you’re saying “hey, you should be happy, Atlus USA is going more mainstream, who cares about your niche jrpgs” I can only say that my interests as a consumer are to support a company that provides me with the titles I like, not to support a company for its own interests even if its products have nothing to do with its old fanbase.

          • Atlus always had extremely low expectations of their games anyway. Even if they release a title that’s extremely risky, they have a pretty dedicated fanbase that would buy it if they’re interested. Besides maybe Luminous Arc games, they said the sales of Endless Frontier exceeded (no pun intended) their expectations. Almost everything they’ve sold have met their expectations.

            Research before you open your mouth.

      • Ladius

        Malek, looking at Atlus USA’s 2009-2010 lineup and announcedreleased 2010-2011 lineup you can already see a complete change in Atlus USA’s offer. The whole “as long as they keep publishing their other stuff” thing would have been right months ago, when the publisher’s change of policy was not so blatant.
        They have already ditched a long list of jrpgs they would have released till a year ago, many of them related to series they localized in the recent past, and they have created a lineup that is almost completely unrelated to old Atlus USA’s.

  • gatotsu911

    So you fight as a Crusader? Huh. Will it include the rape, torture and murder of hundreds of Jews and Muslims? After all, God of War taught us that action gamers love shock value.

    • The Fourth Crusade was a “crusade” against the Byzantine Empire.

  • cj_iwakura

    This looks pretty cool. I’m always down for more Demon’s Souls-esque action.

  • What is this crap… Atlus you should be bringing us niche games from Japan leave this crap to SE.

    • Yea, don’t make money and feed your families, Atlus. That way, everyone will be happy!

      • Ladius

        Isn’t this a little extreme, Ishaan :P ? Atlus USA has become a well known publisher precisely because it published niche games for many years. If it wasn’t a profitable business they would have ceased activities many years ago.
        Of course they are free to do what they want, but isn’t it understandable that the traditional Atlus USA fans are pissed to see almost all the games they desired in 2009-2010 remaining in Japan? As said many times, no one would whine if they expanded to new genres while keeping their old focus, but I think it’s natural to see this kind of discussions when one company changes its course so completely.
        Siliconera has always had a focus on japanese niche games, don’t you think it’s at least a bit sad to see this kind of development for one of the few western publisher that translated jrpgs? If the logic is “Atlus USA catered to our niche in the past, so we must appreciate its products even if they are completely different” then I don’t think I can agree.

        Edit: Also, it is strangely impossible to answer to Ereek’s post below. I have tried to do so three times, and the posts are “awating approval”. Is there some kind of problem ?__?

        • malek86

          To be honest, while it’s true they have worked like that in the past, we don’t know how good (or bad) their financial results have been in the past two years. Actually, yes, we do know that in 2009 they had a loss, while in 2010 they made a profit (and apparently it was only thanks to Demon’s Souls).Just because abusiness model has been profitable in the past, it doesn’t mean it will always stay that way. Maybe Atlus noticed that it was starting to lose more money than they thought.I also agree that it would be really nice if they also kept publishing their usual stuff, but admittedly, if they see it just doesn’t get them enough money anymore, it’s not like they can continue only to please the fans…

          • Ladius

            Yeah, 2009 apparently was a troublesome year for Atlus USA, but I don’t think it’s a very sound strategy to completely ditch a business model you have held for more than a decade after only one problematic year.
            No one is saying “Atlus USA should localize 20 jrpg as they did in fiscal year 20082009”, but I think there is a middle ground between the 20 of that period and the 2 (1 of them a porting) of fiscal year 2010-2011 (I hope at least Radiant Historia manages to make the cut). That said, the fact that three other publishers are thriving with that same business model proves that it is still completely feasible.
            If they want to branch out while keeping their old offer they are welcome to do so, but since they are the only ones who could localize some series (the other niche publishers already have their hands full with their own franchises) if they completely change policies we will never see them in the west again, at least for some time (XSeed has the gigantic Trails in the Sky games to translate, NiSA is busy with their usual NiSGustCH stuff, Aksys is trying to satisfy many niches and just announced Agarest Zero and Ignition seem to have abandoned the jrpg scene after the string of epic fails linked to their localizations).

          • malek86

            There is a lot of stuff we don’t know about Atlus, so it’s not easy to say.

            For example, there might be problems of restructuring: if Atlus wants to pursue bigger titles (western RPGs, MMOs, etc.), they might have had to restructure their teams to do so. This would make it economically unviable, since they would then assign a large team to work on a smaller game.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            (In part for malek)

            And it’s also that personnel are different. I believe it was Gail Salamanca that left to start/join Aksys early in that companies time line. I’d also suspect there was some headhunting by NIS or XSeed when those companies got started; if one was looking for localization talent when entering this niche, there was one obvious place to look.

            I do wish to apologize if my comments helped to take this thread down roads it did not belong. Thank you all that are here!

          • Joanna

            @malek or anyone who can answer this: That’s interesting. I’m not the most informed on what goes on inside localization companies, but it seems to me, at least, that there is nothing standing in the way of making multiple teams; larger ones for the new approach and smaller ones for the niche games. I really don’t understand why it would be difficult to organize themselves that way. Maybe even have a few people sliding between teams depending on deadlines and such. I do understand Atlus isn’t big enough to have multiple teams, but I think 2, one large, the other small, could still be within their range. Or, have one large team and select the best individuals from it to form temporary teams for each small niche title, while keeping the rest of the team working on the more mainstream titles.

        • It’s completely understandable that people are annoyed by Atlus USA publishing games that are different from what they’re accustomed to. The problem arises when people start calling them out on it like they’re suddenly a “worse” company with comments like the one above.Something we try very, very, very hard is to promote sincere and intelligent discussion on Siliconera. So again, it’s totally cool that people are upset…just, it would also be nice if they didn’t start acting disrespectful because of it.

          Edit: Let me look into the comment thing…one sec…

          • Ladius

            I see your point and I understand many pissed comments are gonna sound obnoxious, especially in a discussion where repetitions are bound to happen because of the comment structure.

            That said, seeing a publisher you have supported for many years buying almost all its products (often in two copies because “hey, let’s support the niche localizations!”) pursuing totally different paths is really sad. Of course I will still buy Atlus USA’s games if they interest me, but if you try to build a reputation in a certain field (raising a legion of “Faithful” zealous fans in the process) you can’t expect to get away without at least a modicum of whining with such a U-turn in your offer.

            Of course in due time old fans will toss aside the matter and cease complaining, continuing to support the other publishers still interested in our niche.

          • I think there’s a discussion to be had around this subject, and I’m thinking maybe we can have a separate post for just that this weekend.

            But in the mean time…I think you hit the nail on the head. Which is that every time we have one of these posts, people think Atlus are “abandoning” their audience. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t…we can’t say that yet. If they decided to pass up, say, Persona 2 or Catherine, yea; that’s not a good thing, considering what we love about Atlus games.

            But to fault them for not publishing games like Tokyo Beat Down or Dark Spire and whatnot is kind of the other extreme. I mean, I was shocked that they even bothered with those in the first place. I guess maybe what I’m getting at is that the knee-jerk reactions are kind of bothersome, where as the more thought-out discussions are interesting.

        • Ahh, I see the problem with the comment. You used w3eaboo in it, which we added to the list of banned terms after some people started using it in a derogatory way last year. I know you didn’t mean it that way though, so I’ve approved the comment. It should show up now. :)

          • Ladius

            Normally I hate that term too, I used it in that particular context only to differentiate between a completely anti-western position (that I would never share, personally, being a fan of countless western products) and a simple criticism of a single publisher’s offer.

            Thanks for your effort :)

        • Thanks, couldn’t have said it any better myself.

      • SolidusSnake

        Nah, it’s a consumer society. Of course we are going to support the companies that supply the products we want and reject the ones that won’t. It does feel like Atlus has flip-flopped from publishing primarily niche japanese games to publishing… games that are not relevant to the interests of their previous demographic, so of course people are going to be disappointed. Yes, they have the right to publish whatever they want, but we as consumers also have the right to bitch about it. Capitalism ho!

  • MrRobbyM

    End of game: Main character is assassinated by Ezio.

  • Ereek

    So, what genre is it? The amount of customization and description makes it seem like an ActionRPG to me and not really an action game.

    Also, the environmental art is nice. I’m not a big fan of third person western hack-and-slash RPGs, but we’ll see.

  • Ladius

    Even if this game’s setting is potentially really interesting (the fourth crusade is a moment rarely explored by narrative, not to mention games), I’m really saddened by the current Atlus USA: its offer is so different from pre-2009-2010 Atlus that it’s almost unrecognizable, and every new announcement makes this fact more obvious :(
    The fiscal year 2009-2010 saw a sharp decrease in their jrpg localizations (7 jrpgs among 12 released titles, while 2008-2009 had 20 jrpgs among 24 released games), but fiscal year 2010-2011 is looking totally abysmal so far, with 2 jrpgs (one of them a porting) amongst 13 announcedreleased titles.
    The saddest part is seeing some of Atlus USA’s longtime fans (i.e. the jrpg aficionados) happy for the company’s new policies, as if they were still unaware that they have been almost completely ditched by a publisher that is focalizing its offer on MMORPGs, western games and Naruto titles. At least Atlus Japan’s games are almost surely being still localized, but they weren’t the only thing that made Atlus USA great: to see a publisher that devoted more than a decade to bring to the USA niche japanese games change so quickly (not adding to their previous offer, but eliminating it to publish completely new things) is really sad.

  • Ereek

    This just in! Atlus is still publishing niche titles. They’re just not all Japanese anymore. You shouldn’t automatically dismiss a game simply because it’s not made in Japan.
    Edit: Do you like Etrian Odyssey? Guess what? You like a western RPG! EO borrows heavily off of Wizardry, a series that still exists today. The only real difference is that it’s easier and has Japanese-styled art.Also, Atlus isn’t the only niche publisher. We have NISA, Aksys, and XSEED. Ghostlight seems to be rising in Europe. There’s a lot of competition on the field and it makes sense for Atlus to want to expand a bit because it might not be getting the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to game choices. We still wouldn’t be getting a lot of titles (IE Wizardry DS, Summon Night, etc) with or without them. and we’re still getting Atlus’ first-party titles (except Growlanser).And a serious question here: For many fans of Japanese RPGs, aren’t the above three companies better? People always complain about how Atlus doesn’t add Japanese voices. The other companies do.

    • Ladius

      Excuse me, but no one is dismissing Atlus USA’s new titles, the problem here is that they ditched almost completely their previous offer in order to bring us titles that are completely unrelated to what made Atlus USA a publisher loved by many. I hope you are tied to games and not to the publisher’s name, because I don’t think supporting a company that completely changes its policies simply because of its great past is a smart thing to do from a consumer’s viewpoint.
      Also, no one is dismissing those new titles because they are “western” and not japanese. That would be a ludicrous and rather w3aboo thing to do, frankly. Problem is, there are countless western publishers that provide almost every kind of gaming experience, from grand strategy historical games to action games to glorified tower defence to graphical adventures, while there is only a small number of western publisher interested in localizing jrpgs. So, seeing one of those few publisher joining the mass of normal western publisher means losing diversity in the global english offer.
      Regarding EO and its western influences… what’s the point with that? Every dungeon crawler fan worth its salt knows that japanese dcs are derived from the western example of series like Wizardry (now a japanese series). No one here is dissing western gaming or its massive impact on many game design elements that are widely perceived as japanese.
      And no, the fact that NiSAAksysXSeed are better or worse than Atlus USA isn’t the point here: the problem is that without Atlus USA many series won’t arrive here simply because the other companies have their hands full with their traditional licences. Of course I hope one of those three companies suddenly announces Luminous Arc 3, Growlanser Psp, Summon Night X TC, Blaze Union, SRT OG S EF Exceed and many others, but sadly I don’t think it would be easy. That’s why I and others are sad about Atlus USA’s change.

    • NISA is a good company. Aksys have shown very mixed results and XSEED haven’t published anything for a system I own since the PS2 days, so I still have to go with Atlus.

    • malek86

      Yep, I wouldn’t be worried. Niche games are a market. If a competitor goes away from the market, somebody else will step up to try and get their share.

    • Exkaiser

      In response to your serious question:
      NISA, Aksys, and XSEED can’t release Megaten games, so they’re not better for me. Megaten is my favorite RPG franchise by far, edging out into my favorite general video game franchise.

      When it comes to voice acting, I don’t really care about having a dual-audio option. It can be nice, but it’s not something I worry about.

  • Dear Siliconera. Please install an “ignore user” function into the comments section.

    • Joanna

      Makes me sad if Siliconera ever gets to the point that something like this becomes necessary. :(

  • shion16

    It looks like
    Demon souls + assasins creed

  • There’s wouldn’t be any reason for them to not release Catherine. The Persona series has always had good sales.I’m MUCH more worried about Radiant Historia.

    Edit: Whoops, meant to post this as a reply to the post below.

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