Aksys Officially Announce Record of Agarest War Zero

By Ishaan . November 5, 2010 . 3:28pm


Last week, European publisher, Ghostlight, went ahead and announced they were localizing Agarest Senki Zero in Europe and made a reference to U.S. publisher Aksys’s localization skills in their press release.


Aksys handle Agarest in North America, and yes, they’re localizing Agarest Senki Zero, too. While Ghostlight only announced plans to publish the PS3 version of the game, Aksys will be publishing Record of Agarest War Zero on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on retail discs sometime in Summer 2011.


Localization editor, Ben Bateman, had this to say about the game in the official press release:


"The portraits during conversations are now animated, which is nice, and the addition of a feature called, tentatively, ‘Free Intention’ allows you to explore towns and meet with members of your party, giving you more control over your relationship(s) with the ladies. Speaking of the ladies, as they grow fonder of you their clothes will change. Dressing like a nurse seems like an odd way to show your affection to me, but I’m not a woman on an adventure to save the world, so maybe I’m missing an important perspective.”


Record of Agarest War Zero introduces a card system with which you can customize Sieghart’s skills. The Xbox 360 version in Japan had extra content, which Aksys are including in the localized PS3 build as well.

  • THE BEST NEWS OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!1 Now I need to play through Record of Agarest War. This will be one of the higlights next summer (first Disgaea 4 and now this!, awesome)!

    How many hours should I expect to get through the story?

    • Our initial testing suggests over 9000.

      • zhemos

        lol awesome

      • hell… thats more of a year time… non stop, every hour… great!

  • Exciting stuff in more ways than one! Yay!

    • Phoenix_Apollo

      Maybe Aksys could announce a disc release of the PS3 version of the original eventually? That’d be really nice.

      • Unfortunately SCEA’s rule of thumb regarding PS3 titles is it’s only allowed to be on one or the other, aka disc or PSN, can’t be both :(

        • Phoenix_Apollo

          I find that interesting, considering games like Warhawk and Burnout Paradise are on both. I’m sorry to hear that.

          • Hraesvelgr

            Don’t think about it too much, SCEA is bizarre.

          • Phoenix_Apollo

            Oh, I know. Trust me, I know.

        • You know, I don’t think your information is accurate, considering Warhawk, Socom, Infamous, God of War Collection, Tomb Raider Underworld, etc…

          • Those were allowed since they originally let you to do both PS3 and PSN back in the day :) Now-a-days it’s one or the other.

          • Really? That’s why God of War Collection came out THIS TUESDAY on the PSN and Tomb Raider was last month? As I said, I think wherever you got this information from was inaccurate.

          • malek86

            Both GOW and TR came out online only months after they were on retail. Maybe Sony won’t allow a simultaneous PSN-retail release.

          • Havent all those games been out on disc originally for at least several months?

          • …Well, Akselziys is an Aksys employee. I think it’s safe to assume that he is getting information straight from them.

            (Edit for gender pronoun: I thought so, but just wanted to be sure!)

          • He :)

          • Really? Hmmm. So I can direct any complaints I may ever have towards him. Good to know. lol

            Just kidding. If you say that’s the policy and you actually are an Aksys employee, I’ll accept that that’s the policy.

          • Yes, I am an Aksys employee and unfortunately that’s the policy :( And I can’t show you any official documentation of course because that’s NDA’d. But I should probably stop talking about such things anyway :)

          • Well, SCEA can make exceptions (probably because those are both higher profile than most), but that’s still their current rule of thumb ;)

          • Can you send me a link to your information, please? Because Tomb Raider Underworld was a pretty big flop, to my memory, and wouldn’t really count as a high profile title.

          • Joanna

            @Charles: Tomb Raider has brand power, I should think that enough for it to get the green light, while Agarest is a really obscure SRPG.

          • kupomogli

            I don’t think it’s an SCEA thing, but Record of Agarest War has already been released quite awhile. Release a disc version now and you might get the really big fans of the game and maybe some others who would pick it up, but Aksys would probably lose money as I think they are required to print a certain amount of copies and who knows if those copies would be sold.

            Just import the PAL version if you want a disc version.

  • nyoron

    Does PS3 get an actual disc this time?

    • Yes, 360 and PS3 will both be physically released on disc :)

    • Like Bo said, yes, it’s on disc on both. The full details are in the press release, which you can find here: http://li.brari.us/raw0

      • Updated the post with the link now, just so it’s clearer. :)

      • nyoron

        Well that’s good news! Can we expect another really naughty LE this time as well? Extremely naughty even?

        • There will be another LE. The level of naughtiness is still under discussion. Personally, I’m pushing for “Horrifically”.

      • glemtvapen

        I wonder what made SCEA change its mind on letting Aksys release a physical disc for this one? *twists head in a unnatural fashion*

  • MemeticRichard

    I hope it ain’t download-only again.

    (…Who am I kidding…I just bought Fate/Unlimited Codes today >_< )

    • Awesome choice of games! I had Fate/Unlimited Codes on day 1, one of my favorite fights on my PSP!

    • Read well, it says retail disc! :D yay!!!

    • Anyone that bought that game is my favorite person in the world. Somewhat off-topic: My Fate/Extra Typemoon Box Edition import arrived today! *tears*

      • that game is pretty mean with people bad with kanjis, it have a lot more kanjis than normal games have T.T

        • goronyan

          add furigana would help a lot who’s studying japanese

      • MemeticRichard

        You poor thing…

        Well, at least the figure’s nice! :3

    • The article stated it was disc based.

      • MemeticRichard

        …I smell a cloak-and-daggers edit…

        That sneaky, sneaky Spencer…

  • malek86

    Nice. It’s also cool that they are including the extra content on both versions, so nobody misses out.

    Now we just need to know what kind of presents they’ll have in the box… :P

  • Exand

    Kind of funny this one is on disc when it’s way shorter than the first one. Hopefully they get around to bringing over part 2 soon.

  • What the hell?!? Why this is…oh…wait…false alarm. Nothing to complain about. This is a good thing.

  • kupomogli

    Boob mousepad ftw?

  • Kris

    Hmmm, never got Agarest because I didn’t have enough room on my PS3’s hard drive. Is there anything vital I’d miss by not playing it before playing Zero?

    • Shouldn’t be. Zero is a prequel.

    • Yeah, and is all improvements from agarest wars >8).

      MAYBE, just maybe, they may be something like, ohhh i see!, but, that is really hard, since agarest’s story is misterious but not that misterious, and if they talk about a place in particular it could be hard to remember, because there is a bunch of places in agarest.

    • Same here. I have enough money in PSN credit, but it’s just so large and takes so long to download. I’m glad to hear about the disc option!

    • Joanna

      I’m in the same boat too. I still have room for it, but ~10 GB is a lot, so I decided to pass on it for the time being.

      I’m pretty new at all this and I haven’t really tried to do anything with my PS3, but I’ve seen comments saying you can back-up your save data on USB. So my question is, can you also put your DD games on USB? If I could, it would make downloading Agarest a lot less painful. ^^;;

  • Slashlen

    Great, I’ll be able to get it on disk and on PS3 this time.

    I still need to finish the first one, though.

  • YIIIIIIIIIIIIESSSSSS!!!! thanks a lot aksys!!! really! finally, and on disc, watashi ha ureshii desu.

  • Souji Tendou

    Enlighten me on something here, will this be a 5 Generations story again…? Because if yes, I think I’m not gonna get this game.

    The 1st Agarest are eating up two weeks of my life. 90 hours wasted on story only. That’s tiring me out. -__-;

  • Liked what I played of the first Agarest, plan on finishing it sometime soon. So, looking forward to this sequel. The relationship stuff definitely can use an upgrade.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    The ‘nurse’ part of Bateman’s message made me laugh out loud.

  • cj_iwakura

    Yay, more Idea Factory RPGs. Who needs gameplay or plot when you have fan service?

    • Well, luckily, on November 2nd, Congress repealed that resolution saying that you had to buy them.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        And replaced it with one requiring purchases from Obsidian Entertainment, but making the dowloading any and all patches for said games illegal under penalty of death.

    • speedstersonic

      I kinda liked the story and gameplay behind the first Agarest. I just ignored the fan service.

      • The gameplay of the first Agarest was pretty tedious, but I like the plot enough to keep playing. The fan service I didn’t see as much of because I didn’t go through all the True Ending hoops.

  • Nice. More games to look forward to.

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