Japan Votes On The Most Popular Pokémon

By Ishaan . November 5, 2010 . 6:24pm


Back in September, The Pokémon Company polled Pokémon players to find out who the most popular monster from the 493 Pokémon prior to Pokémon Black/White was.


The winning Pokémon would then be given away in Pokémon Black/White, via the Dream World feature, which allows you to capture monsters from regions other than Isshu. So, who won?


No, it wasn’t Pikachu. Arceus came in first place, with Darkrai in second and Deoxys in third. Pikachu was amongst the more popular ones, however. He ended up in fourth place, followed by Meowth in fifth.


Note: As a lot of people have pointed out in the comments, this poll was geared at Pokémon players, so a rare, high-powered legendary winning over who looks cutest isn’t that surprising.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    *music cue*dahrn-ahrn-uh!*
    “Who’s that Pokemon?”
    “It’s… PIKACHU!!”

    *music cue*dahrn-ahrn-uh!*
    “It’s… Koffing!”
    “GODdamnit!! ARRHH”

    My guess was pikachu. :(

  • An incredibly-high-powered legendary, a high powered legendary, a high powered legendary, the series mascot, and the bad-guy mascot.

    Not gonna claim big surprise, there. When they mentioned they’d be giving it away, I knew right off that it was going to be skewed more towards “What Pokemon could you kick butt with if we handed it to you?” than “What Pokemon do you like best?”.

  • But we just got Arceus!? Wow, Teddiursa should have won!!!!!!! I would have been glad if it was even Scizor!!! Or even a dragon type, wow!!!!Just like they mess up manga popularity polls, they mess up Pokemon and chose the wrong pokemon!

    • Exkaiser

      What purpose would giving out a Teddiursa serve? You can just get one from a HG/SS player. They’re rather common.

      • Then by that logic everyone should have chose a Celebi or something. I imagine that the benefit to give an older gen pokemon is the fact that one would be able to use it before getting through all the gyms, since I think older gen pokemon are not available during the main game. Arceus…just had an event recently, people could just trade their Arceus as well. In fact they could trade any pokemon…

        Though the order of the pokemon seems to be in chronological order of the past major events it seems (if we exclude shamin)

        They should have made it more rewarding in which the winning pokemon would be shiny…

        • Exkaiser

          “Then by that logic everyone should have chose a Celebi or something.”

          Yes, that’s what happened. The Legendary they wanted most was Arceus.

          “Arceus…just had an event recently.” It was last year. In Japan, it was tied to a movie, no less. Celebi’s latest event in Japan, on the other hand, just ended in September.

          Most players don’t trade their legendaries.

          • Darn the timing of the events in comparison to Japan threw me off, didnt they get over 4 legendaries from that movie event (Celebi, and then like shiny spirit dog pokemon too?)What? I find it difficult to believe that people dont trade their own pokemon into the next game they buy…why would they put their legendary on the global trade system…If it were me, I would have imported in my Arceus into Black/White.

          • Exkaiser

            Maybe not everyone who voted went out to the movies last year to get Arceus? Japan’s a big place. Not everyone has an event-only legendary pokemon.

    • Code

      lol, could it be a distinct possibility they don’t mess up popularity polls and they just like things you don’t? >w<; I'll get my crack team of investigators to check it out for you man +o+~!

  • MemeticRichard

    Japan’s lame. :<

  • Pichi

    I’m not surprised. I bet more game player completest were the ones who voted due to how hard to get those top three pokemon without hacking and such. Good opportunity to take advantage with a legit pokemon here.

  • mnicolai

    It was poll for what Pokemon fans wanted to be given away. It wasn’t a popularity poll.

    • MemeticRichard

      “It was poll for what Pokemon fans wanted to be given away.”

      …And the thing that’s given away is dictated the most popular by the outcome of the results, which ironically clashes with…

      “It wasn’t a popularity poll.”

      …So yeah, lol, it’s a popularity poll.

      • So apparently you don’t get the difference between the questions “Which Pokemon do you want most” and “Which Pokemon do you like most.” Because if it was known this would affect a later giveaway, the former is the question Pokemon players would be answering whether it’s exactly what was being asked or not.

        • MemeticRichard

          …Dude, maybe you don’t get how the human mind works, but generally, most people want stuff the most that they happen to like the most…Dude comes up to you and your group of friends, and offers each of you a choice: An Acer netbook, or an Apple MacBook Pro. You pick, you get. Guess what, no matter which one you pick, you’re making a popularity poll out of it – SIMPLY because it’s based on opinion and a sense of want.Political elections aren’t polls in efficiency – they’re overblown popularity contests. The moment opinions become tangled, it’s a popularity contest.

          So, for the last gorram time – THIS…was a popularity contest. =_=

          • Here’s what actually happens as per your metaphor: dude comes up to you and your friends with a selection of items ranging from a candy bar up to a MacBook Pro and asks you to select your favorite thing, with the knowledge that whatever the most of you answer is what you all get. That could be your favorite candy bar in the world… but you can get it for pocket change in any store. You’re not going to answer “I want the candy bar,” even if you love that candy bar, with the knowledge that you could get a free MacBook instead. Because common sense and common greed will kick in and remind you how much more valuable the MacBook is.

            So if this was a way to gauge popularity it’s a pretty stupid one, because you will not get an entirely honest answer due to the fact that there is an extremely broad range of rarity and value assigned to Pokemon by the players.

          • leeorv

            no, it isn’t a popularity contest.

            if they asked you: what do you like better? a 500$ acer netbook, or a 3000$ apple laptop with superior CPU,RAM,etc’ you might say the acer, but if you are asked what you’d like to get, you’d obviously say the apple.

  • Well… good thing pikachu didnt won, i wouldnt want to get a pikachu in the dream world, when they are willing to give any pokemon

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      I’m sure that was everyone’s thought process

      • Joanna

        haha. It’s true. My favourite mon is Dratini but I would have voted for Arceus too. xD

  • Code

    rar, Arceus is pretty badass and one of my more-liked legendary type, but I’ve always loved Cubone and Gengar myself >w<;

  • I’m just sad this Arceus can’t be transferred backwards to HGSS, since I completely missed the giveaway for that one… And now I can’t get the Arceus, which means I can’t get the level 1 legendary… *sigh*…

    But old grudges/regrets aside, I’m not too surprise Arceus was first in the choice of Pokemon to giveaway, especially with the recent Celebi event in Japan.

  • Caligula

    I’ve gotta say, I really couldn’t care less about legendaries anymore. They were pretty cool in 1st and 2nd gen because there were only a few of them, but then Game Freak made about five hundred thousand for 3rd and 4th gen, and then they stopped being special.

  • cmurph666

    I have a feeling Mudkips would win on this side of the ocean.

  • Gambling Gambit ♢

    Pokemon comp: So which your favourite pokemon kid?
    Kid: Well i love Cyndaquil, they are cute!
    Pokemon comp: Thats fine! cause he may be elected to be given in the dream world!

    • ROFL

    • vadde939

      so true XD

    • I don’t really get why everyone voted for Arceus, Since Wifi Legit Legendaries have really stopped being a rare thing, now if it was alt color/shiny maybe. But I’d honestly prefer a Magicrap, at least that would be unique.

      • Joanna

        wait, what? I was under the impression that no region has gotten an Arceus event yet. But I haven’t really been keeping up with Japanese events….although I’m quite certain Arceus has not been released in any form in North America.

        edit: I stand corrected. Just checked Serebii and it turns out there was one event in each region. Still, that would make Arceus one of the more rarer event pokemons since the others have had more events.

        • The US had an Arceus event in Novemeber of 2009 via Toys R Us http://www.wiinintendo.net/2009/10/20/arceus-to-be-distributed-at-toys-r-us-next-month/

          • Joanna

            yeah I know, I just checked Selebii. Part of the problem for me is I don’t live in the US but Canada, so most of these events go over my head and I use gaming sites to keep track of them. Somehow missed it happened.But my point still stands, each region got one event for Arceus, whereas other legendaries have had more events: Darkrai has had multiple events as well as Deoxys. So yeah, I’m not surprised it won.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    So how far down the list was Bidoof?

  • Guest

    And they did not vote for mew? He is the cutest and the hardest to catch legendary of them all. Oh cruel cruel world.

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