What Are Amazon Japan’s Best-Selling Games Of The Decade?

By Ishaan . November 5, 2010 . 12:31pm


To celebrate their ten-year anniversary, Amazon Japan have compiled a list of their best-selling games for the past decade, from October 1st, 2001 through June 30th, 2010. Here’s what it looks like:


Rank Title System Year
01. Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies DS 2009
02. Final Fantasy XIII PS3 2009
03. New Super Mario Bros. Wii Wii 2009
04. Wii Fit (w/ Balance Board) Wii 2007
05. Tomodachi Collection DS 2006
06. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (Portable 2nd G) PSP 2008
07. Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King PS2 2004
08. New Super Mario Bros. DS 2006
09. Animal Crossing: Wild World DS 2005
10. Final Fantasy XII PS2 2006


Food for thought:


Note that this doesn’t necessarily equate to the best-selling games in Japan. For instance, there isn’t a single Pokémon title on the list.

  • perhaps no pokemon due to the “must have day one” nature of the game in japan?

    • Would perhaps apply if these weren’t cumulative numbers.

      I think it’s simpler:
      First and foremost it’s a kids game, and kids (perhaps together with their parents) buy it in a store. They don’t shop using Amazon.

  • Wouldn’t that

  • Wouldn’t that go for the DQ games as well then?

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    I guess a relevant question is whether Amazon is anywhere as big in Japan as it is in the US, and how many gamers buy their stuff there vs. at local shops. I know that in Hong Kong, there’s hardly any need to buy anything online because the shops have everything and they are everywhere.

    • puchinri

      That is a very good point to make.
      I remember when I was in Oosaka, I couldn’t do much searching for video games specfically, but I really didn’t see video game stores or games in general as much as I did here. But that was just in one, small part of Oosaka alone (nor did I ask any of the other students if they had much like finding games).

      I guess if you’re in a place like Akihabara though, or have a relatively easy time getting there, Amazon would definitely be useless for you.

    • Code

      Exactly, and in Canada, Amazon.com stopped shipping to us forcing us to use the absolutely bare Amazon.ca which is terribly lacking by comparison, it’s really sad how much less it offers.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Wow I’m sorry to hear that. What happened, I wonder…?

        • Other shitty thing about .ca is that it costs SO MUCH more sometimes.

          Like with Evangelion Platinum, it costs over 100$ at .ca and in .com it costs like 60$ or something.

          Really poopsmop.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            You can buy a whole other box set with the price difference!

      • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

        But if Scott Pilgrim is any indicator, if you order from Amazon.ca some chick will deliver the package, forcing you to fall in love and fight her exes. Doesn’t hat make it worth it?….rar

      • Soma

        Amazon.ca is pretty lame, but they generally have every Atlus game available for pre-order with the bonus, so I can’t complain that much.
        Actually, I think that Atlus games are the only games I ever order through Amazon. The only new games I buy are from Atlus and NISA, and NISA has their own online store. Too bad that the Atlus store is gone. :(

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Too bad the Atlus we knew that localized diehard obscure games is gone. :(

      • Joanna

        I know. It’s unfair. Not only is the selection on Amazon.com better, but so are the deals. T______T

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      Hey, I was wondering when you would finally use a Jubei pic. There it is!

      Yeah, that’s my contribution to the discussion.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s


    • Soma

      Can you recommend any good shops in Hong Kong? :D
      I’m here for the next few days and haven’t come across any good game stores yet.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Assuming you can find your way around in traditional Chinese, I’d say you can find the concentration of most of them in Mongkok 旺角 (pretty much where everything else is). I recommend Sino Center Arcade 信和中心, it’s like 4 stories of tightly knit game, movies, and anime/manga/figurines… a teeny bit of Akiba in a box if you will. Super-crowded on weekends; You won’t need to go anywhere else. HoKing Shopping Center 好景商場 might also be good places to look. If anything, just keep walking along Nathan Road and you’re bound to find something.

        Oh, on an unrelated note, be sure to hit up Modern Toilet. It’s a fancy restaurant themed around you think I just said. ;)


        • Soma

          I was going to head to Mong Kok today, but due to crowds and the weather, I’m going to go Monday or Tuesday. Last time I was here was far too long ago, but I remember that Mong Kok had all of the coolest stores.

          I’m not so sure I’ll want to visit Modern Toilet. XD

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Mongkok does have the coolest stores. It’s like the internet sprawled out onto many blocks and streets!

            I don’t know about other systems, but good riddance the Asian version of PS3 games are sooo cheap. Be sure to grab some if its the case for other systems too. Manga also cheap. I blew so much cash without realizing the last time I was there. Resorted to ramen for like months when I came back. :D

  • Monster Hunter
    Final Fantasy
    Dragon Quest

    no suprises

  • Wow finally a powerful game gets the justice it deserves. Even people who shop on Amazon in Japan agree that Final Fantasy XIII is the premiere final fantasy title. I loved that game to death (Hope is truly my favorite character in the whole Final Fantasy realm). I think it has one of the best battle systems out of any RPG, so flashy and fast.

    Anyway Animal Crossing? Whenever I tried the game, I always felt like it was a Sims knockoff, I could never embrace the game. I guess its poplar over there, though I imagine if it was Amazon US, it would be replaced by one of the Sims.

    • Exkaiser

      “Even people who shop on Amazon in Japan agree that Final Fantasy XIII is the premiere final fantasy title.” Actually, it only has a 3/5 customer rating from 2,200 reviews [on Amazon.co.jp], which means that they don’t agree that it’s “the premiere Final Fantasy title,” despite strong sales. Sales do not a quality game make.

      • Don’t even bother man. He doesn’t comprehend simple logic.

        • Exkaiser

          You’re right. It’s time to just stop hitting Reply.

          • ChaosPaladinFayt

            Reply button? we have a reply button?! …oh wait…

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            I don’t. XD

      • Good games beget popularity (good sales). Now whether or not customer is satisfied with the product…that is a different question.

        • Aoshi00

          Bad games beget “buyers’ remorse”. From reviews of generic users both in Jpn and US, XIII is one of the worst FF games in history. If it’s such a great game as you stated, why would so many Jpn gamers rate it so poorly? I’m sure FF15 (out in 10 yrs) would sell well also because of the brand establishment (to me it’s more like Sonic S-E is driving the series to the ground), it could be crap but it would still sell, because old fans would keep thinking, “OK, I will give S-E another last chance, they better redeem themselves”. They’re ruining FF, 11 was online, 12 was pseudo online (in retrospect I like it better than 13), 13 was mostly awful (had potential but awful), and 14 came out as an incomplete beta game even seasoned MMO players hate. VS won’t come out in another 2 yrs, 15 won’t come out in another 10 yrs. nuff said.. Just better off play Lost Odyssey or Last Story, made by the guy who made good FFs. If you want to play a good RPG, go play Nier. It didn’t sell too well though because it didn’t have the word “Final Fantasy” in the title. So no, good games don’t guarantee sales.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            “…15 won’t come out in another 10 yrs.”

            My spleen is acting up, quick hand me those pills Nier the counter. I hope it’s enouFF to stop the pain. >_<

          • Aoshi00

            lol.. Last story would.. hope this is not the Gooch’s farewell.. and I know the Cavia guy is up to something leaving AQI :)

          • I wanted to play Lost Odyssey but as it stands…its an Xbox 360 exclusive and I can not find enough Xbox 360 exclusives to justify buying the system. I heard the soundtrack to the game because it plays on the video game music radio stations and it sounded pretty epic, so I did want to check the game out.Do you honestly have no faith in the Final Fantasy series? It has been going on for so long that I am a bit shocked that players do not like every non-online entry. Is there some “expected formula” that each entry is supposed to follow? If it wasnt called FF XIII would you still think it to be awful? FFXIII was the first Final Fantasy game I completed from start to finish and I found it enthralling, perhaps because of this, I compare it to the other games and use it as the baseline.

          • Aoshi00

            I have all 3 systems because each of them has games I want to play. I bought the 360 for Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey at the beginning. Well, there was really no set formula, FF used to represent the top tier of JRPGs, w/ memorable story, chars, music, gameplay, etc, and most importantly “fun”, that one would want to play thru it multiple times from beginning to end, just to experience the story again, can you genuinely say you want to play FF13 more than once? I suppose Lost Odyssey (or Blue Dragon), both made by Sakaguchi, would be what you called the old Final Fantasy formula, basically they had turn-based battles, up until XI which was an online, and XII tweaked XI’s gameplay and make it play like a single player online game. The older FFs had very interesting stories, setting, deep chars that are developed and you char about, exploration and usually an air ship where you could control in end game to go anywhere as your pleased, whereas FFXIII had none of those, no towns, no relevant NPCs to talk to so you feel immersed in the world, no air ship, no exploration, no fun side quests/mini-games (unless you like the mundane hunts, hunt monster 1, hunter monster 13, hunt monster 58, etc). Just play them and see for yourself. What FF13 has was running straight thru a corridor, fight, a cutscene, another corridor, fight, cutscene, and a battle system that didn’t even open fully up until after the first 20 hrs, do you think a lot of people would be so patient to stick w/ it? So why would you be shocked if people are put off by such irritating rinse and repeat?Like I said, if 7-9 from PSX felt too old for you, then try X. XIII actually did follow a similar format as X except 13 has a worse story, less developed chars, less exploration (how about no exploration, the Gran Pulse field doesn’t really count does it), no puzzles, no towns, no NPCs, a horrible ending, etc. If it wasn’t called FF13, yea, I would’ve thought it was an okay game. But since it’s supposed to be a main entry, people didn’t just expect an okay game, people expected a great game, they spent what, 5 yrs making it? And that’s the best they could come up w/?

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          You can’t state that as an absolute fact, c’mon TS, think for a bit. The FF brand is enormously popular. There have been excellent FF games, true. But that does not make the next FF a good game. Aoshi has explained it best =P

          Anyway, about battle mechanics, you ought to try Tri-Ace RPGs.

          • Tri-Ace RPGs are the bestWell, I’ve only played FFXII and FFXIII. So I dont know if the others were bad or worst except by basing it on sales.

          • Exkaiser

            Basing the quality of a game on sales is the most retarded thing you can do.

            I mean, this would imply that Final Fantasy is better than Megaten.

          • Well its the only unbiased criterion one can use to compare games…and it causes people to bite some tough bullets…just see how up in arms people are when we compare Naruto sales to say Tales of RPG series sales and why there is continued support.

            I think that at the end of the day, the true answer whats better lies at the very depths of ones soul because we are individuals and buy things that cater to our specific desires…I know not everyone loved FFXIII but I found it to be the best in the series from my own experiences and it just so happens that…well I guess I need to know the sales of all of the other FF titles to state whether or not its sales numbers correlate it to being the best selling FF title…and therefore the best FF game.

          • You played TWO final fantasy games and call it the BEST final fantasy in the franchise?

          • Aoshi00

            How do you even compare when you said you’ve only played FF12 and 13, compare 12 to 13 and 13 to 12 *.*? At least go back to play X, it has voice acting in it (don’t follow it up w/ X-2 though, it was written by the same guy who wrote 13, fake Toriyama I call him)

          • I do not see what so illogical or crazy with the idea of my comparison. I use the power of logic to deduce how the previous Final Fantasy’s must have played, considering they evolved and use aspects from previous titles and 13 was seen as an evolution of the series and that around FF3 or 4 there was another evolution, I can conclude that 13 was just better. (I did play the first two hours of FFX and a few hours of FFIII DS…but not enough to state whether or not those games were awesome or not)…I do hope for an HD collection of FF 10, and I somehow have a copy of PS1 version of FF9 since someone said I can play PS1 games on the PS3…naught tried to play it yet though.

          • Aoshi00

            Um.. you dont even know the story or chars in FF 6,7,8,9, & 10, so you just imagine how those games were, based on what? Each game was unique, fun, and memorable. I think you kind of insulted Edgeworth when you call such thing “logic”. There’s no way you could’ve concluded that FF13 was better or the best. FF13 had the most paper thin char development in the series (some would say 12, I liked it, I just didn’t like the gambit system being too MMO-like). It’s like you have only watched Terminator Salvation and said it was the best Terminator movie ever among the 4 movies, that’s not logic, that’s crazy talk. And no, Salvation was not the best Terminator, I guess one would just need to see T2 to see how good it is, instead of “guessing”.

          • @Aoshi00 that may be the case but there is no way to feasibly play all those final fantasy games you list.

          • Caligula

            The correct way to state your opinion would be “I thought FFXIII was the better of the two FF games I’ve played.” Sales and how recent a game is are not necessarily good ways to determine whether a game is worthwhile.

            For instance: Tales of Eternia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. One was made in the late 90s and sold like crap like all Tales games, and one was made in 2008 and sold pretty well (for Tales, anyway, which really isn’t saying much). Using your logic, a person should go play the latter game. Guess what? I would gladly play Tales of Eternia again. It’s not a masterpiece and it’s definitely not the best game in the series, but it’s pretty alright. On the other hand, I regret ever buying DotNW and would not replay it even if you paid me because it was that fucking horrible. In fact, DotNW is considered by many to be one of the worst Tales games, period. Does the fact that it’s the second-best selling Tales game in North America make it decent?

          • Exkaiser

            “but there is no way to feasibly play all those final fantasy games you list.” Come on, bro, you’ve got a good fifty more years or so, at least. Don’t make excuses.

          • @Caligula then I cant comprehend why a bad selling game would be good and the good selling tales game would bad bad. It blows my mind and defies logic, why would people buy a bad game?

          • Aoshi00

            @Tsunayoshi Sawada Why would it be impossible to go back to play them? They are readily available, FF6 is on GBA and could be played on the Phat DS or DS Lite (or the GB player via Gamecube), FF7-9 are all on PSN for $10 each and 10 could be picked up easily, you have a PS2 right, since you played FF12? Unless all of the listed games are too old for you because they were from the SNES, PSX, and PS2 respectively. Again, if you have only played 2 FFs, then don’t say it’s the best FF. You could say you like it better than 12, that’s pretty much it because that’s all you’ve played. Like the example I give, if you have watched all 4 Terminator movies, then you can rank them all. And do yourself a favor, trying playing 6 to 10 and you will know 13 is not the best of them, far from it. Alas, those games don’t have HD cutscenes and voice acting, so…

          • Caligula

            I’ll tell you why Dawn of the New World sucks and still sold well. It’s a sequel to a fairly well-known JRPG. That’s the only reason why it did well. That happens often, too. Bad games that sell well tend to ride of the coattails of related games that did also well. That’s why Square Enix can release a garbage FF game and it’ll still sell more than a good obscure game would. People don’t have time to pick through all of the games that get released, so they tend to buy ones they’ve heard of or games related to ones they’ve already played and liked.

            As far as good games selling poorly, it happens all the time. Megaten is a great example–great games, original concepts, and sales are just kind of okay at best. There are plenty of good games out on the market, but only a few will ever really make it big. It’s all a matter of luck sometimes.

          • Exkaiser

            “why would people buy a bad game?” There’s a lot of reasons. It could be attached to a popular game or franchise, as with Dawn of the New World, which was the sequel to an extremely popular Tales game. It could be that the previews were exciting and the reviews weren’t harsh. It could just be that people were willing to ignore bad reviews and buy the sequel to a game they loved. Maybe players just simply didn’t know it was bad before they bought it. Early in the release life of a game, this is extremely plausible. It’s really not hard to fathom.

            In a similar fashion is the way Final Fantasy will always sell through the power of being a name brand, independent of the quality of each game.

          • @Aoshi00 I was in the presence of a PS2 when I played 12 but Im not anymore. I probably wont be playing 6 or 7 or 8 because 7 didnt seem to age too well, 6 and 7 and 8 and 9 would need to be remade in order for me to play them. I experience 7 by way of Crisis Core on the PSP.

          • Aoshi00

            Well, in that case, then you could only state “I refuse to play all the FFs that came before 13 because they were before my time, FF13 is the only FF I have played and I think it’s the best in the franchise”. Good assessment.

            It’s like you have not read things that came before Naruto and think it’s the best thing ever. Just imagine in 20 yrs, some kid would come to you and say Naruto sucked because it was from 20 yrs ago, I could never get into it, the art looks soo retro… something to that effect..

          • @Aoshi00 Im open to playing them if they are remade. People suggested that I avoid even playing FF7 because it has not aged well. My past roommate bought FF9 and gave it to me because he said it was the best one ever…I just need to find how to get PS1 games running on my PS3 then I will try it out. When people suggest stuff I usually try them out.

            Was it not you and Isshan, was it talking about Rurouni Kenshin* saying that it was good manga/anime? Im going to check it out since it seems like it would be compelling and was suggested so positively.

            Although my comments make me seem a bit on the narrow minded side, I do try to keep an open mind about things and try them out. lol.

          • Aoshi00

            If you can play Crisis Core on the PSP, then you can certainly find a PS2 to play FFX man, it looks good. Why would you need to figure out how to play PS1 games, you just set up a virtual PS1 memory card on you PS3 if you want to save, and you just pop in the disc. That’s my opinion OK (before I get based by FFX haters), if you like FF13, then chances are you would like X, because it follows a similar format except you have interesting towns lying throughout the world for you to soak in all the cultures instead of barren fields and corridors, more intriguing story and better char development, Uematsu music (the guy who composed the soundtrack for the first 10 FFs, Hamauzu FF13’s composer was also the co-composer too), more touching ending, etc. BUT, the battles are turn-based like traditional JRPGs, so if that’s not your cup of tea, that it can’t be helped.

            If you want to check out Kenshin, I suggest you read the manga first. I prefer the original manga to the anime series even though it was not badly done, just like Dragonball. The anime had some fillers in btwn, just like Naruto..

            Part of the charm of FF7 was the SD lego look though, just like the cute sprites in FF1-6. It hasn’t aged particularly well I suppose (you know that it was revolutionary at the time right, pre-rendered CG background was unheard of), but if you play it on the smaller PSP screen, I guess it would look better than being blown up, especially an old 3D game played on a big HD TV. You really shouldn’t wait though.. waiting for S-E to remake FF7 for PS3 is like waiting for Chrono Trigger 3 or something.. and just try CT on the DS, if you find it looking too archaic, then again it couldn’t be helped, but the story was great.

          • Exkaiser

            “I experience 7 by way of Crisis Core on the PSP.” That’s a spinoff, not a remake. It’s not the same game.

            That’s like “experiencing Final Fantasy Tactics by way of FFTA on the GBA,” except with a more dissimilar battle system.

          • epy

            Dude, I thought you changed your name and avatar to give yourself a fresh start by thinking what you say before you post or something…?

          • FireCouch

            Your idea of logic is ridiculous. Please stop commenting, it just gets everyone mad.

        • Okay, are you honestly just trolling when you say that? I can think of 50 great games that sold horribly and probably another 50 awful games that sold great.

      • Ereek

        Hmm, while I’ll not comment about XIII’s quality, you are aware that 2ch spammed Amazon Japan with low rankings on purpose in order to skew the number?If you’re not familiar with 2ch, basically that’s like 4chan rating everything a 1 on a site and then taking that number seriously as what the total ratings are.

        • Aoshi00

          I have to say not everyone is from 2Ch, I based many of my game purchases based on both Amazon US or Jpn, among other reviewers, many of which are insightful rather than fanboyish. It’s not a conspiracy. I have a couple of friends who have started FF13 and I haven’t seen them play it for months, one guy’s trophy is still at 4% (I don’t remember I stopped playing FF 6-10 or Chrono Trigger). It’s like Sigma Harmonics, sometimes if a game is rated badly, there is a certain amount of truth to it. I don’t think everyone who rated Front Mission Evolved or FF14 poorly were from 2Ch right? I know you like FF13, but a lot of criticism and dislike for the game are legitimate, myself included. I have liked many FFs in the past, I like Xenoblade, I like Lost Odyssey, but not FF13. I also wrote things on Amazon US’s discussion boards, but I’m not a troll am I? I don’t think it’s right to dismiss all the constructive criticism as trolling and use that as an excuse to defend the game was good, and those who don’t agree w/ it are trolls

          • Ereek

            Of course not all of it is from 2ch, but absolutely some (if not most) of it is. This is one example where you can’t take the number on Amazon seriously because this happened. I’d say without it the number would probably be at a 4 or so.It’s perfectly fine to not like something, but unless you’re like a certain someone on this site who always generalizes about what people like, there’s no reason to constantly go around bashing a game you don’t enjoy- something I do see you do every time XIII is mentioned. In every single article. I don’t like Final Fantasy X. You don’t see me saying how I hate X every time someone mentions it as their favorite game or that they even liked a part of it (not that XIII is my favorite game of all time by any means). We get it; you and some others don’t like XIII.If you’re going to do constructive criticism often, you should probably point out the good things as well, don’t you think? That’s the entire point of constructive criticism. Tell the developers what you like and want them to keep as well as what you think they should change.

          • Aoshi00

            I have mentioned many many good things I liked about FFXIII and the things I dislike about 13, I have also mentioned things that they didn’t do and should have done, I guess you miss those. You don’t really get a chance to bash FFX anymore because the game was from 10 yrs ago, and every other article some would say FF13 is the best FF ever, even if someone has only played 2 FFs. No, I do not believe the number would be 4, I would say 3-3.5 at most. For every good thing about the game, I could say 1 or 2 bad thing about it. Again I know you love FF13, so I could see what you do not like it when I say why I don’t like it. And everytime the subject of Sigma Harmonic comes up, I would gladly say it’s a bad game and suggest people not to pick it up. As I have said many many times, there are things I liked about it, just wish S-E hasn’t done such a half ass job on this game, because they concentrated all their resources on the graphics, if they can’t do good story, gameplay, and graphics at the same time, then allocate resources more wisely. You think this game is good? Imagine Nier getting a FF13 budget, that would be a good game, people wouldn’t complain about the graphics for one thing. Of course you would always have staunch defenders of 13 because it looks oh so pretty, but then I could list a lot of games w/ better graphics and atmosphere, it really didn’t impress me at all. The graphics were no doubt good (that’s my praise for it, +1), but I felt it I was enclosed in a narrow tube and the vista looks like a HD wallpaper, -2, in FFX I did not feel linear unlike 13 because towns break up the monotonous non-stop corridors after corridors after corridors). Do I still need to list all the pros and cons?

          • Ereek

            Nier with a budget the size of XIII’s was already made. It’s called Oblivion. Only Nier has a more interesting story and music, but with less interesting side quests, NPCs, and areas.
            Well, actually, saying Oblivion is exactly like Nier is a bit off, admittedly, but something close to The Elder Scrolls mixed with the dark loneliness (NV doesn’t have it) of Fallout 3 is what Nier would be.

            I liked FFXIII because it’s a streamlined dungeon crawler. I love dungeon crawlers. I know people weren’t expecting that coming into the game and that’s why it alienated them. It’s not my favorite FF, or even in my top 5 FFs, but it’s just annoying seeing it in every article.

          • Aoshi00

            I have not played Oblivion or Elder Scrolls so I can’t comment (I imagine it’s more of a open world MMO?), but pls don’t say Oblivion/Elder scrolls would’ve been like Nier if they have better story or music, they don’t. It would be like saying if FF13 would have a good story and interesting chars if it were to have Nier’s story and chars. A game’s story and chars define the game, just like the graphics did a large part in defining FF13, but for me graphics is probably the least part that enhance my overall experience compared to gameplay, story, chars, and music. Don’t get me wrong, I love good graphics and well directed cutscenes, but not when other components take a backseat.Persona 3 or 4 were dungeons crawlers too and so many people liked those games because it had other elements in it, social links to advance the story to get more familiar w/ your party, rather than just fight, walk into another corridor, fight, walk into another corridor, repeat ad infinitum. I guess Persona 3 would be more streamlined too if it only had Tartarus and nothing else. Well, I also get annoyed when people hailed FF13 as the best FF or best thing since slice bread. And when I object to that, people all of a sudden said there are many more games better than it, what a contradiction. Like I would say Chrono Trigger or Nier are my favorite RPGs, I would not go back and say many games are better than them. If one says many other games are better than FF13, then it could only mean it’s really not that good.

          • Ereek

            but pls don’t say Oblivion/Elder scrolls would’ve been like Nier if they have better story or music, they don’t.

            I think you missed my point entirely. If Nier had a bigger budget, that means it would have played differently and tried to appeal to a more mass audience. As it is now Nier is not a mass appealing game.
            What Nier’s gameplay is now is basically Japan’s version of Oblivion. Just like how XIII went halfway with their open world bit, so did Nier. It’s almost like they’re hesitant to make a truly open world game.

            And the Elder Scrolls doesn’t play like a MMO. I think you should try it, honestly, especially if you can appreciate a well developed world and lore (you develop your own character) and enjoy exploration.
            I’d suggest starting with Morrowind on PC.

            While I’m on the subject, FFXII did open world better than XIII did, and SE even stated they were going for an open world feel in XIII. I’m not sure what happened there.

          • MrRobbyM

            All I’m saying, a LOT more people disliked FF13 and recognized it had some major flaws than you think.

          • Aoshi00

            I didn’t mean bigger budget, I just meant better graphics, because that’s pretty much the only thing people complained about Nier (NPC fetch quests are irrelevant, I don’t remember people complaining about the quests given Xenosaga ep 1-3’s story being so epic like Nier, they are boring, but if you do them it just makes you appreciate the world more). To think of it in reverse, take away FF13’s graphics, and you’re pretty much left w/ nothing, mediocre story and chars that weren’t fleshed out, flawed battle system, linearity to the max, horrible and silly ending that left a bad taste in your mouth (w/ mind boggling Advent Children level CG).Well, to me Nier has better graphics and is more stylish than FF13 anyway as it is, even w/ a much smaller budget, it feels like Ico, very dreamlike in the desolate world. FF13 never really delved too deep into the chars’ thinking and feeling.. (there were in the book, not in the game). Actually I’m quite adverse to a total open world, especially MMOs, that’s why I haven’t played Fable and such. I didn’t even like FF12 at the time because the world was too big, made me remember just running in endless fields in FF11 just getting from one town to another takes days, but after FF13 (felt like I was constantly in a prison, I never felt that way from any game I played before), I appreciate 12 more, but still I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite kind of gameplay. Also I was never really big in a full blown fantasy sort of thing, unless it’s just watching Lord of the Rings. Not sure if I would ever try Elder Scroll and such, I still have Fable 2 and Mass Effect 1/2 waiting for me.. (me sucks at shooting and all…)

            P.S. There are open world/mission type games I like, such as GTA 4 or RDR because the chars are defined instead of a nameless hero. I don’t like custom creating a char on my own and naming him. Like Mass Effect I never changed Shepard’s look.

          • Ereek


            First off, let me state that I am referring to Japan only here. The article is referring to Amazon Japan and doesn’t mention North America or Europe.

            But while the game wasn’t perfect, I think you’re the one overstating the Japanese market’s hatred for it.

            Ever wonder why it was voted in the top 3 most popular game of all time by Famitsu readers? Hmm. Surely it’s because the game is horrible and everyone in Japan hates it! That must be why!

          • Aoshi00

            I think it’s Famitsu taking money, I remember them rating quite a few games 39 or 40 out of 40, they rated Sigma Harmonics fairly highly too because it was from S-E. And you trust Famisu, seriously? I would read 10-20 reviews on Amazon Jpn or US anytime instead of listening to Famitsu or IGN, Famitsu doesn’t even review games, they just write 2 sentences and give a number score right? I think the reviews among Jpn gamers are mixed too, paralleling US and other Western gamers. Why would you think 80-100% of Jpn gamers would automatically love FF13? I don’t think everyone in Jpn hates it, I believe in the likelihood that 5-6 out of 10 gamers like it and 4-5 out of 10 dislike it, give or take, same as the US. It’s a pretty known fact the opinions on FF13 is pretty much split 50-50, the most polarized in the franchise, and it’s not unwarranted.

          • Ereek

            Taking money. . .for a fan vote?

            I don’t understand your logic. Unless you’re saying that SE paid them to give XIII some extra votes?

            Then are you also saying Capcom paid them more, because Monster Hunter is 2? And that DQIX doesn’t deserve its spot at 1? SE must have paid them for DQ, too, if they’re willing to go for one, why not both?

          • Aoshi00

            So you think it’s unusal for a major publication to get a little pocket money to do some advertisting. yea, S-E probably doesn’t have to pay Famitsu, it’s FF it will sell millions, they could put the title a turd and people would still buy it, not exaggeration. But say if IGN or Famitsu threw out a good word, it would get even more people buying it, people who trust their “perfect score”, yep it’s 40 out or 40, so it must be perfect. And speaking of perfect score that is so bought, you have to be kidding me if you truly think Famitsu thinks this is a “perfect” game, or those editors seriously have some screws loose in their heads (made me remember Fang’s line, see that’s something good I remember from FF13, + 0.5). Remember the whole MGS Peace Walker fiasco? Famitsu was basically shoving down the game thru people’s throats.I dont play Monster Hunter or DQ IX. But one of the big selling point is they are multiplayer games in Jpn, and when you have kids and friends playing it would sell. FFXIII on the other hand is not. Imagine if Famitsu really does its work and review the game and rate it 30/40 (75%), people on the fence would think “man, maybe I shouldn’t get this game for 9000 yen after all”. To say that this game is flawless is 100% ridiculous, hence I stand by my “logic” the game was completely boughts. There is no way they could rate 40/40 for XII and the same for XIII. That’s why I always say I trust user reviews (well I like Gametrailers too), why would anyone depend their purchasing decision on Famitsu, they don’t even do “reviews”, they give almost every big title perfect scores in recent years.Finally I have to be frank w/ you. I’m getting quite annoyed myself you were on my case several times as well, time and again. You think this game is gold and nothing could change your mind, and I think this game is near garbage (cons >> pros). I’m sure half of the people think like you or half of the people think like me. No 2ch conspiracy here. So if you would like to think of this as a great game, continue to think so. Let us who feel otherwise also do the same.

          • Ereek

            Nowhere did I mention reviews.

            I’m talking about the fan vote of most popular game of all time. This has nothing to do with the ratings of a game. I understand some outlets take money, I’m not even going to deny that happens; people have actually gotten caught doing it.

            But if you’re saying Famitsu took money for XIII votes, they probably took money for DQ and Monster Hunter votes too, since both were higher. I think this is simply your dislike for XIII speaking more than your rationality.

          • Aoshi00

            Personally neither Monster Hunter nor DQ appeal to me, but I could see why it’s appealing to the masses, when you have kids playing MH on PSP together outside and how DQ could be played wi-fi by school kids. That kid in class has it, so everyone else would have it too. I could also imagine how fun it is to hunt monsters together w/ several friends or in a big group, it’s just not my thing. But for FF13 a single player RPG (if you could call it that), I think it’s a pretty crappy one at that, other than the graphics and soundtrack perhaps. BTW, if you think I hate the game so much, why would I be importing FF13 Int’l? Because I was quite disappointed w/ the “ending”, and I want to read the new bonus novella that talks about what happens after the ending, just like how i liked Ep Zero. Also I hope the artbook would have more original Nomura artworks, though I somewhat doubt it, most of these stuffs we’ve seen were all generic CG, as I really missed them (like FF7-10, 10-2). I wanted the game to be better, alas it wasn’t. I’m glad some are more easily pleased though.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Epic discussion/argument is Epic. And I always worry about lengthening the response column… XD

            Just kidding. Though I feel like we need some laav &’ peasu around here. :(

          • Exactly. The only people I know who hate Final Fantasy XIII are all people over the internet. EVERY PS3 OWNER I KNOW PERSONALLY, and that’s a number in the dozens, loves the game. I don’t think any of us would say it’s our favorite Final Fantasy, but it does come close, at least, for me. Just behind FFIX and FFX.

            I think that the people online are just unnecessarily vocal about their hatred of it and will go out of their way to shout down anyone who disagrees.

          • Aoshi00

            Actually you yourself do the very same thing, “every time” someone comment Chrono Trigger and Nier being some of the best RPGs, you would chime in and say they are mediocre at best and not that great. And when people say they want Tales of Vesperia on PS3, you always have beef w/ them “whining” too. We just have very very different taste is all. I like Enslaved, you like Majin (boring demo btw). So pls don’t sound all righteous and accuse people of criticizing a game that you happen to like. If you like to defend how perfect FF13 is, feel free to do so and give the reasons why you like it, don’t stop people from saying it’s bad, because a lot of people do feel that way (instead of these imaginary trolls), otherwise you’re just a big hypocrite. Just like to point that out.

          • Aoshi00

            @MrRobbyM I agree. To FF13 fans, they rate it 4-5 meaning they think 80-100% of the game is good and almost none of it is bad, that puts it in the top-tier.. which is something I have a hard time trying to grasp even till today. But then again they would say lots of games are also better and that the game is just OK. Actually I guess it’s not hard to understand, “Final Fantasy” was in the title after all… and whenever I say I don’t like it, people accuse us of setting our expectation too high.. um.. it’s FF, supposed to be the best franchise of former Square right? Excuse for having high expectation of this game… *sigh..* Yep, most negative feedbacks were from trolls, right…That’s why I keep telling myself to expect nothing more from FF from now on, ie Versus. If it’s good it’s good, if it’s bad, it’s just another FF from S-E, just like bad Sonic games are the norm now and good ones are the exception.

          • As someone who loved Final Fantasy XIII, I can also say that I am not a huge fan of the franchise. I like the first half of VI and then all of VII, IX, X, X-2, and XIII. That’s only 6 games out of a 14 game franchise.

            I consider IV probably the most overrated game I’ve ever played. I so do not understand the love that game gets. Maybe you had to play it when it first came out or something. I dunno.

            V was the first game with a plot so stupid I couldn’t actually play more than 3 hours of it before I returned it. VI was great until World of Ruin, where it’s like they decided to just call it a day and ship the game without giving the second half of the game a story. VIII had that particular plot twist that just killed everything for me (the orphanage). XII is the only game I’ve ever played where I could fall asleep and still win in a boss battle as long as I hid my character in a corner and set the other characters to autoheel. Not to mention the absolute cardboard cutouts that were the characters in it.

            XIII has probably my favorite characters in the series and a story that I actually was hoping for a sequel to when it was done. I still like FFIX and FFX better than XIII, though.

            Still, even with my love of those 6 Final Fantasy games, if I were to make a list of my top 10 RPG’s, only two (FFIX and FFX) titles from the franchise would even make it on there, and neither would be in the top five. I don’t go crazy just because something says “Final Fantasy” on it. FFXII sold extremely well, based on the name alone, even if it was about as fun as getting a root canal.

          • Aoshi00

            Well, out of the “14” games, two of them are MMOs and have no business of being called FF11 and 14, they are FF MMO 1 & 2, so technically there are 12 FFs, and if you like 6 of them, that’s half, which I suppose isn’t bad. I also did like the same FFs as you do, and more. I played FF6 when I was about 16 or so back in ’96, right before Chrono Trigger, and it was one of the best RPGs on the SNES (just curious how old were you when you played FF6, and did you play it years after its release?). FF4 was also when FF first started having a deeper narrative. Yes, I would say a lot of games would not have the same effect if you play it years after its release. If you didn’t play FF7 in 1997, you would think it’s blocky and ugly now, if you didn’t play FF6 during the SNES era you might feel the 2D super deformed sprites don’t bring you as much realism and more detached from the story. A lot of people mention things are overrated looking back, but you have to remember FF6 was revolutionary at the time, so were FF7 and X, being the first FF on PSX and PS2 respectively, elevating graphics and storytelling to a next level. 13 not so much because there alrdy exist many games that look and play better than it.8 was not a favorite of mine mainly because of the battle system (drawing and stocking magic), but it was still more fun than 13, a more interesting story, 12 was not a fav of mine either and I’m not a MMO player, but I also liked it and found it more fun than 13. FF13 has “potentially good” chars but they were not explored very well at all. I like the chars and appreciate them much more after I read the novellas. If some of all of the novellas were included in the game in some form, via text, char dialogue/flashback, etc, then I would say the chars are good “in the game”.Well before FF13 came along, I thought FF12 was one of the worst since it was a single player MMO game even though I really liked its epic scale. Now that FF13 is here, it knocked it out of the ballpark and took the rightful place of worst FF. I could go replay FF12 quite a few times, I do not think I could replay FF13 more than once, first time was torture alrdy. The reason I replayed the US ver was because I was curious about the Eng. dub (which was quite much better than the Jpn dub, so I gave higher scores to the US localization). I have also pre-ordered Jpn Int’l for the epilogue novella and artbook, just because the story in the game itself was very lacking, and I felt I needed more closure. Also unlocking achievement is not a bad thing.. (I have not finished the US ver on PS3 btw, just couldn’t stand playing it again, I would do it w/ the achievements I guess, and force myself to see it to the end to watch the ending in Eng.).

          • Aoshi00

            @Charles Lupula Again you choose to believe what you want to believe, I know more than a few people (who also have liked most past FFs) just stopped playing FF13 early on. One of my friends did not like FF12 much but he managed to beat it. W/ 13, he didn’t even bother. He was looking forward to it like I did, but we were both let down. I tell you I was no fan of 12 either, but after 13, I went back to that game and though 12 was really much better than 13 in many aspects, just wasnt in HD.

          • The amusing thing is that it’s almost the exact opposite with my friends when it comes to XII and XIII, in that I don’t think I could ever force myself to play XII again, while I go back to XIII to do the L’Cie hunts on occasion, even though I beat the game back in March.

            I’m also the ONLY person I know who actually played XII all the way through (I still describe it as “70 hours of my life I’ll never get back,” though). It’s funny how many people ask me, “Why?” When I say that I’ve beaten it. With me, it was just that I put so many hours into it already that I felt I had to keep going, and Balthier and Dr. Cid did make some of those hours tolerable.

            As for the cast of XIII, they’re honestly my favorite cast in the franchise, even if I liked the stories of IX and X more. I felt genuinely connected to each of them by the end, even Hope, who, for the first 10 hours, I felt a Vaan-level of hatred for, but his character development actually won me over.

          • I will say in a moment of semi-agreement with you on how XI and XIV shouldn’t be counted, my friends and I have gone to the point of not even counting XII, referring to Final Fantasy XIII, as Final Fantasy XI.

          • Aoshi00

            well, the chars of XIII are okay after I played the Jpn ver, read the book, and then play the US ver (once I have those foundation in my mind that the chars’ background are actually deeper, they just weren’t told in the game). I don’t know l’cie hunts are alright, hardly what I would call interesting post-game quests, I prefer the mob hunts in 12 even though they were really hard. Even though I don’t care about 13 much as it is, I wouldn’t say I had wasted time on it, the game was good looking after all, it’s worthy for at least one playthru if people could stand the first 20hrs before the game opened up and actually became fun (bad pacing right there I thought). Couldn’t stand Hope and Snow either, at least not until I read the book (how good I felt when Lightning punched both of those wimps, I was like let them have it.. the piggyback male bonding was funny I guess, Snow is friggiing tough like Ironman, see I had some good memories w/ the game :). Vanille and Fang also weren’t fleshed out, after reading the book I like them much more, Lightning and Serah as well, the epilogue/flashback stories made them human and give them an extra dimension which I thought was sorely lacking from the game itself. Thought the story and char development could be much better, I didn’t need an extra book to enjoy X. I won’t even go into no towns, some people say they’re not missed I do, every other good RPG has them, FFX has them, yes it was an escapade, but it could still be done in various ways, one if flashback. More interaction w/ everything would be good. I actually enjoyed X-2 partially, the battle system was more fun than XIII, the charlie’s angels bit was a bit campy and that X didn’t need a sequel to muck things up because X was really perfect.BTW, you said that you didn’t like the 2nd half of VI and that IV was overrated, I assumed you those games for the first time when you were much older. It’s like EVA, it was such a great series when you watch it as a teenager, and even today it still holds a special place in my heart, but a lot of people would diss it and said that it’s not as good in retrospect.

          • Yeah, I first played Final Fantasy IV and VI when they came out for the PS1. I never owned an SNES (I get all crazy political with my videogames, sometimes, and Howard Lincoln narcing on Sega to Senator Joseph Liebermann gave me a deep hatred of all Nintendo products until Lincoln was gone), but had gotten into RPG’s through Working Designs’ Sega CD games and the Phantasy Star series. My guitarist is a huge Final Fantasy IV fan and he first played it on the SNES, when it was called FFII, and says it has a really special place in his heart. Personally, I couldn’t get into a single character as they all pretty much die about 20 minutes after you get them. At a certain point, I stopped leveling up new character because I wasn’t sure I’d get to keep them. And I can’t really get into an RPG if I don’t feel something for the characters.

            I know it’s not simply because they were older games as I also didn’t play Chrono Trigger until it was on the PS1 and that game blew me away.

          • Aoshi00

            Well, my RPG days went back to as early as late 80’s, I played a lot of Dragonball or Romance of 3 Kingdoms turn based RPGs on the NES/Famicom back then, I played some DQs back then as well because Toriyama was my fav artist and still is. Back then that’s the only JRPGs you could get (I’m not familiar w/ PC games, I’ve only grown up w/ consoles). I would still say it has something to do w/ age or how old the game has been out. Like some of my favorite anime were shows from the 80’s I watched as a kid, if I show them to kids these days the art would probably look way old to them and the stories were just different back then. Like if you showed someone EVA today after they’ve alrdy watched so much stuffs after EVA since the mid 90’s, they might not be that impressed. It’s all relative. I was curious because some people have not played FF7 (or those before) all these years, looking back of course those games are archaic in many aspects, but back then they were the beginning of something sophisticated. Like I read and watched YuYu Hakusho when I was in Jr high in the early 90’s, if someone say in their 20’s today read it for the first time in 2010, it’s going to be different (Yusuke a deliquent student smoking and drinking in a shounen manga was pretty badass back then (in the anime he chews gum :). The bar has been raised higher and higher in video games from 1985 to 2010 (that’s pretty much when I started playing video games, w/ Mario and Contra), especially the story telling of RPGs (and there was a time JRPGs excel at that, it’s a little hard to say the same today, Nier was like an exception and some of the best stuffs from “S-E” in years). Chrono Trigger is quite a timeless classic, I would still find it fun if I play it again today because of the nostalgia factor, but for those who got into gaming much later, I’m not really sure they wold get the same experience as I did. Perhaps they would because CT was just so good and it still holds up rather well after like 15 yrs, the graphics and music is still amazing by today’s standard.

          • I had been playing videogames since the Colecovision days. I remember playing Galaga and Dragon’s Lair and having people all crowd around the machines when I’d be in the arcade and I was like 7 or 8 years old. I tried the first Final Fantasy when I had an NES, but honestly it bored me. When I heard it was a role playing game, for some reason, I remember I thought that would mean it was like an Infocom game, as I used to love text adventures. I was very disappointed and didn’t play another RPG for more than an hour until reading about Lunar in Diehard Gamefan and deciding to give the genre another try.

          • Aoshi00

            So you were born in the mid 70’s or something if you were 7-8 at ’82? If so you’re older than I thought because I assume most people here are in their 20’s. I was born in 79 and my first system was the NES (or the Sega master system). My first RPGs were all JRPGs along the line of DQ, 3 Kingdoms, DB, and such, I had this friend who just played some of those games for hours and hours power leveling, and then he could pawn Freeza in a couple of hits :) Back then there were really two kinds of games for me, platformers and JRPGs..

            Yea, I remember Lieberman.. EGM was making fun if he were to become VP, the only games we could play would be rock paper scissors lol..

          • Yeah, born in 1975. It disturbs me to think that Gerald Ford was president when I was born. lol

          • Aoshi00

            Sry, I assumed you were much younger because you said you liked FF13 and not so much the early FFs, as most people who seemed to like 13 are on the younger side and started gaming later :)

          • It’s okay. I like it when people think I’m younger than I am. lol

            I look at some of my friends from High School on Facebook and it shocks me how half of them look like they could be my parents now. I think it’s because I do a lot of things that keep me young and most of my friends tend to be in their early-to-mid twenties.

          • Well that was a nice read by you, Aoshi00 and you, Charles Lupula, a walk through videogame memory lane. Though now I feel bad for eaves dropping…I will say that…EVA is still impressive, I watched all thats been available dubbed just last month or two months ago, and it is…simply stunning.

          • RupanIII

            “I don’t think it’s right to dismiss all the constructive criticism as trolling” Well said man! Just a general observation I’ve been noticing this lately, like people offering reasoned critical thoughts- even putting qualifiers like ‘I’m not saying I don’t like western games, cause I do…’ and getting these replies like “zomg you hate all western games !!11eleven” or “how dare you have reasonable criticism of this particular corporate entity!! our corporate masters are above reproach11!” (S-E, Atlus, etc)Anywho, yea, the 13 backlash came from non-fanboys too, I found; my total graphics-whore-started-gaming-with-PS2 friend felt totally let-down by 13**Online message board legal/flame disclaimer: The party responsible for the views expressed in the asterisked sentence (referred to hereinafter as ‘the first party’) does not intend in any way to suggest that the Square-Enix developed property ‘Final Fantasy XIII’ (hereinafter ‘FF13’) is an inferior product. Individuals who enjoyed FF13 (hereinafter ‘the second party’) are in no way implied by the first party to be non-existent. The first party acknowledges the second party’s existence and the positive attributes of FF13. The first party does not claim that parties with excessive dislike of certain titles, including FF13, (hereinafter ‘trolls’) do not post their opinions in a distasteful manner. The first party makes no libelous statements regarding the Square-Enix corporation or its subsidiaries, board members, intellectual properties, trustees, coders, artists, developers, designers, directors, writers, managers, and/or all other employees.

          • Aoshi00

            Because S-E/Nomura/KH/FF13 worshipers/defense force are the internet police and do not allow dissent to their omnipotent gods.. anything bad said about them are artificial and heresy, the infidels must be “purged” :(…

        • Exkaiser

          Eh, I hadn’t heard about 2ch doing that, but I can’t say I really paid any attention to FFXIII. I just looked up the Amazon.co.jp ranking to check it against his thesis. The number of reviews were even across the board, though, not spammed in 1-star.

          Hmn, speaking of which, I haven’t seen 4chan spam anything recently… But, well, /m/ doesn’t really keep an eye on the other boards as it is.

    • MrRobbyM

      This site sure is growing in ignorant commenters pretty fast…

      • I know Im days late, but it blows my mind that people honestly “liked” such negative comments..what is humanity coming to?

        • MrRobbyM

          Maybe it’s because a lot of people agree… Just food for thought.

        • Aoshi00

          That’s because you piss off 85% of the people here (and that’s a conversative number) w/ your ignorant comments, be it intentional or not. Sometimes I try so hard to see things from your side. But I simply can’t, it’s like you’re testing our patience w/ your often outrageous comments. If you haven’t said otherwise, everyone thought you were like 15 yrs old, “Naruto rulez!” And when you said all Sonic games are awesome, that’s pretty much the last straw, you lost all credibility (to think that I was still willing to give you a chance after you said you like Justin Bieber..)

          • Well every site Ive been too people always said I seemed like in the <15 age range…Naruto and Sonic are awesome. Surely everyone has franchises that they believe are simply pure awesomeness. I could see where you are coming from, if I had stated that the games were flawless, but their awesome and imperfect franchises. I don't know, awesome is such a huge part of my vocabulary :(

            And Im here for the pursuit of more knowledge and more access to players gameplay experiences that they enjoy, since I use the information from peoples comments to fish for new games to play and new genres or just series to try out, I just dont have all the knowledge that everyone here has, certainly it cant be a negative or dislkable trait for people to use to judge me :(

    • You know, I really like XIII, but I think you may be going a bit far calling it the “premiere Final Fantasy title.” It’s good, but you’re acting as though it’s the greatest RPG in the history of mankind, which it is quite far from being.

      • Well, I know people may think Im crazy…but Im not that crazy!!! lol. It was a good RPG though.

  • MrRobbyM

    This post’s thumb just reminded me that I’d really like an HD FFX, XII collection thingy ma-jig -_-

    • Aoshi00

      Would really love that, trophies for 12 would probably be real hard though w/ the hunts.. and there’d be a trophy for dodging the lightning a hundred times in X :)

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    I think this shows that Pokemon games are so good, people in Japan can’t even wait for the shipping times. They all went to the stores to get them because they wanted the games without waiting

  • puchinri

    I notice someone brought up kids buying Pokemon (with their parents) and thus not using Amazon, but I guess that brings up the point of possible imports. I think most people import from playasia or other sites, but are imports counted on those lists?

  • Soma

    Huh. That’s a pretty interesting list.
    Does Amazon.jp offer exclusives the same way that Amazon.com or Amazon.ca does? Maybe that could equate for stronger sales of some of those titles?

    Also, I’m a little surprised that Love Plus isn’t on there. XD

    • Aoshi00

      They do, Amazon.jp always include pre-order bonus provided you place your orders soon enough. Also, they give like 5-10% discount for new releases, too bad they don’t ship games overseas, but even if they do, the 2000yen EMS shipping would kind of negate the discount, still they have the pre-order bonuses.

      • Soma

        Well, that’s good to know.
        I’m sure an exclusive pre-order bonus through Amazon will increase sales on a game. It would be interesting to see which games in the top 10 had a pre-order bonus and what said item may have been.

        Also, I’m wondering if embarrassment is a reason for a title selling better on Amazon. That’s kind of the reason I thought that Love Plus would be in the top 10. Not the kind of game I can see many people being proud of buying from a store. Then again, I’m sure most of the people buying that kind of game don’t really give a damn.

        • Aoshi00

          Before the game is released, Amazon usually have “pre-order bonus included” listed next to the titles, it’s only after the release they take it away since the first batch is alrdy shipped.

          Hm.. I guess lots of people buy Love Plus when they’re on their way to Akihabara right.. even though Love Plus is popular, I would imagine it’s still quite niche compared to Pokemon or Dragon Quest, selling millions of units instantly on day 1 no questions asked.

          Oh, actually now that you mention about pre-order bonus, in Love Plus’s case, Amazon does not have those, they are different ones limited to retail stores like Sofmap like telephone cards. Remember people buying several copies just to collect the goodies? (and later they probably sell off the extra copies). Also other games also have store exclusive bonus, just like Gamestop or Best Buy’s DLCs here I guess..

          • Soma

            Ah, yeah. That’s right. I remember reading about the store exclusives for Love Plus.

            However, I do think embarrassment is the reason why FFXIII is #2 on Amazon’s best selling list. I know that a lot of people probably bought it to give the game a chance, but didn’t want to be chastised by employees when buying the game in store. ;)

          • Aoshi00

            I dunno.. FF is just something people would buy regardless of quality. Or it could be just the discount, tax-free, and free shipping if they’re like Amazon US.. I used to get everything from Amazon, but now they’re so slow w/ their free shipping I don’t really get games from them anymore if I have a cheaper alternative. Nowadays for some in stock items, it would take them days sometimes as long as a week to even start shipping it, and then another week to get to my door.. used to be I get it almost one or two days after release day, guess they’re trying to get people to upgrade to Prime. People keep saying it’s a good game and Jpn gamers don’t hate it, used copies went into bargain bins quick for like 2000 yen… who the heck would want to play it again.. (people would throw stones at me for jabbing at the game again :(….

          • Soma

            I find that Amazon is usually pretty slow with the shipping. Even on new items.
            Also, I still haven’t had the chance to play XIII, but most of what I’ve heard hasn’t been positive.
            Though, I have noticed that more people who were introduced to the Final Fantasy series during the PS2 era (i.e. FF X) seem to have a positive perspective on XIII, while gamers who were introduced to the FF games earlier (NES to PSOne era) cast it in more of a negative way. Once I find someone who is willing to lend me the game for a bit, I’ll play it, but I’m not willing to spend the money on it right now.

  • It’s impressive how fast DQIX could catapult itself past so many other popular games in such a short time. Just goes to show the kind of draw the series has, I guess. ^_^

    • malek86

      Nah, it’s just that these kind of polls usually favor the more recent games. If you look, only 2 of 10 games come from the first half of the decade, and they are all in the lower part. And notice how the first three spots are all from 2009.

  • Wow, I actually own all those games except Tomodachi Collection.

  • Ugh, Final Fantasy needs to die a horrible death, but meh, I can’t complain, they are pretty games at least.

    And I must say, Nintendo can sell the same game at least a dozen times and make millions of dollars. Not that that’s a bad thing, at least those games are fun.

    Dragon Quest was never my bag, but if I ever get a chance, I may buy IX, seems epic awesome.

    Animal Crossing: Wild World, Good game. This is where Nintendo’s “Sell the same game” thing doesn’t work for me though, each time I bought one of these, from the Game Cube, to the DS, to the Wii, I enjoyed them less and less (I also had less and less time to waste on them). I do hope they can innovate here, it’s just not working. Pokemon, Mario, Zelda. I could replay them 1000 times, but for this genre, they just don’t have that “re-buyability”

    • So…Final Fantasy is bad but Animal Crossing, of all things, is good…

      I see…

      Moving right along…

      • Aoshi00

        I guess you like the direction they’re taking w/ FFs in the last 10 yrs, a single player game that takes years and years to make (compared to other RPGs) and still might not end up good at the end and MMOs btwn every other entry? If 4-5 yrs is the best that S-E can do w/ FF13, then I lament their skills w/ HD consoles, they better just stick to the portables if everything else needs to be sacrificed in the name of graphics. Where were FF11 & 14 btw? Right, Lost Odyssey and Last Story filled those shoes perfectly.

        • It’s not so much that I’m a huge Final Fantasy fan. As I said, I’m half and half on them.

          But Animal Crossing has sucked from the very beginning and continues to suck now. A friend of mine had me play one of the early ones on the N64 (I don’t know how many they made, honestly), and I couldn’t believe she could actually spend hours on that. She actually recently bought that city one too and makes, “Hey, Charles, I picked up your favorite game,” remarks now.

          • Aoshi00

            lol, at least they’re cute right.. Animal crossing is not my type of game either, I never played it I think it’s like “the Sims” in a fantasy village? I don’t think I would dislike it if I play them, I just don’t have time for those kind of games, I just want a game w/ a good story (I watch a lot of movies). It’s like Pokemon is not my thing, but I could see the appeal to others, many people go crazy over it (would they ever run out of colors for the titles? guess not). Well, the title “Final Fantasy” meant something at one time, a certain quality/standard was expected of it, now it’s very arbitrary and they seem to just stick it on anything and everything, spinoffs, numbered, or even MMOs. After all, Crystal Chronicles and Tactics weren’t called FF 15 or 20 or whatever, what should MMOs, they named them that way to boost sales and give people illusion thinking the last one wasn’t that long ago..

          • That is true. My ex-girlfriend was remarking to me about how disgusted she was with how low the Final Fantasy series had gotten. I thought she complaining about XIII until I found out she had never seen XIII and was talking about that Crystal Chronicles game. I later showed her XIII and she was one of the people I was talking about who loved it. But yeah, she was all asking me why they’d even call that a Final Fantasy game (CC) and all I could say was, “No one would buy it otherwise?”

          • Aoshi00

            Well, 13 did get somethings right, but also got many other things wrong..thought it could’ve been much better, w/ X I didn’t feel that way. It’s ok, better luck next time S-E, FF15 will still sell millions of copies and we would still get suckered in. I’m seriously not looking forward to VS at all because of FF11-14. If it turns out good then it’s great, I will wait for reviews. I regret blowing big dough importing both 12 & 13 on day 1.

  • Tokyo Guy

    I question why people are even looking at Amazon “reviews” in the first place. Most of what I have seen are about as “comprehensive” as the “reviews” in Famitsu, which is to say approximately 3-4 sentences of game impressions and then a score. If you ask me, some of the reviews on other sites like GameFAQs or even fansites are far more legitimate in terms of making a decision about spending money or not. Also, notice that-as usual-Amazon doesn’t provide any actual numbers by which people can react to. (See anything related to the Kindle, for example). So best selling is rather relative, because for all anyone knows, half of the games on the list combined might have sold less than half the sales of just ONE of them at a physical game store chain. Consider that while Amazon is often around 5% less than retail stores for a game upon release, most retail stores give about 10% store credit in points with each purchase thus ensuring that people use them again and again, either to get more points or else to use them.

    • Aoshi00

      I do look for reviews everywhere though including both Amazon Jpn and US, (I thought some of them are quite comprehensive, for example just check out some of the Nier reviews, there are times I don’t want to read “everything” about the game and be spoiled because I still want to play it myself), among other sources like video reviews from Gametrailers or just from regular people on youtube, I might go to gamefaqs once in a while if I can’t find reviews on a Jpn game, such as their message boards. There are hundreds and thousands of reviews of Amazon for so many things, it’s hard to think some of them aren’t useful. An example is I’m getting the Mario DSi XL and I look at reviews from Jpn Amazon because it is not released in the US yet. Also I was looking to buy a pouch for it, I was reading what people had to say about the Hori pouches, because not all Hori products are good. These are from people who have bought and used it, I find their comments very helpeful and valuable. I even do research on TVs or computers from Amazon reviews (I would check out CNET too if available).For games, I like to see the input from both hardcore and casual users as well for comparison, not just from people who’ve played games for 20 yrs, and then I judge on my own because I could tell if my taste aligns with that of the reviewer. Famitsu reviews are irrelvant (4 guys giving FF13 10 out of 10, really!?) but I dont think Amazon’s are because they are from such a wide spectrum from informed to regular users and those in between. If there are games that I have set my eyes on, I would not read reviews before playing the games on my own at all, I don’t want somebody’s influence clouding my enjoyment of a game, just like movies. I’m going to see MegaMind, I don’t need reviews to decide that.One more example is I was thinking of getting the Dream Club port on the PSP, then I found out the horrible loading times from reviews on Amazon Jpn (even installint won’t help) and they say the choices are more limited than the 360 ver, so I’m glad I read up on it before I made the mistake.

      I agree w/ the other things you said about S-E, KH, or Nomura though :)

      • Well I try to make my reviews as helpful and as unbiased as possible to people on Amazon, I get helpful votes and sometimes in the front page review spot on them, so I guess I know they are helpful since others see them. (woot and 104 reviews and counting, lol).

        I guess because of that I value Amazon reviews greatly, alot of the times the people are helpful and taking their comments in sum is much more informative than reviews on sites (well apart from Gametrailers, their reviews are long and videos and often a video is worth thousands of words).

        • Aoshi00

          Well, I’m not sure how unbiased you could be when it comes to Naruto or Sonic, it seems that you like them so much you would buy every single game regardless of quality (actually most Sonic fans have played all Sonic games as well, that’s how we find out we got burned). I’m a life long Dragonball/Toriyama fan but they’ve been milking it to death in recent years, DB games are like the annual Madden games, just how many fighting games w/ a few tweaks do they expect fans to buy you know? Make a console RPG alrdy (not GBA or DS), they haven’t done that since the SNES/Super Famicom days.Amazon reviews are just references for me, I don’t blindly trust any sources, and there are some whose taste are similar to mine. Like right now I’m trying to find out if the Hori DSi XL screen protector is good, so I check out reviews everywhere (I know, review for a screen protector, silly, I just don’t want to buy one that’s too small and doesn’t fit or doesn’t stick, etc). Gametrailers are generally pretty good, their video reviews are very helpful, but when it comes to JRPGs, I don’t usually agree w/ them. Before people usually go to gamefaqs for detailed written reviews, that’s before the time of gametrailers, or youtube.Glad you liked EVA, it was really something. Why didn’t you watch it in Jpn dub? Shinji voiced by Ogata Megumi sounded much better than Spike Spencer. The EVA TV series Eng. dub was actually kind of awful.. did you stream it only in Eng?Finally I just need to add this, no offense, but I wouldn’t trust any of your reviews.. and since you seem to have such questionable taste, you actually kind of deter me from buying UNS2 (unfortunate because I think that’s a good game, I’ll get it eventually). But man, you’re way off w/ things 95% of the time..

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