What Were Namco Bandai’s Most Popular Licenses This Past Year?

By Ishaan . November 5, 2010 . 7:32pm


Namco Bandai had an interesting second quarter. While the company’s arcade games business saw an increase over the previous year, their game software business took a dive. Overall, net sales and earnings were up, however.


In terms of sales broken up by platform, the Nintendo DS led the way with the most number of game releases and sales for Namco Bandai. The PSP followed with half the number of titles (and sales). Here’s a look at sales across all consoles:



Namco Bandai also have some rather lucrative character licenses that they make full use of, including Gundam, Dragon Ball and others. Here’s a look at which ones were the most lucrative for the first half of their ongoing fiscal year:


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  • MemeticRichard
    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      That’s terrible. Don’t even… :'(

  • Was the only Naruto title, Kizuna Drive the only new Naruto game for Japan that would be counted? Otherwise Ben 10 has surely exploded as of late, that is one awesome kid with one awesome device. I wish he hadnt aged :(

    Tales sells badly over in Japan too?

    • You need to stop with the Tales hate. It’s getting really, really old.

      • I never said I hate it. I dont have Eternia PSP and Symphonia (GC) for nothing.

        • Exkaiser

          As a jaded Tales fan, that just makes it sound like you hate it to me. But then, I suppose most people still actually like Symphonia.Wait, how did you play Eternia? It’s a straight port of a PSX game.

          But to answer your earlier question, Tales sales don’t figure into this chart, since it’s only for licensed franchises.

          • At that time, Eternia seemed to be one of the best presented PSP RPGs, definitely up there for me for best PSP RPGs, (and Monster Kingdeom Jewel Summoner :))

          • Eternia PSP isn’t terrible or even bad. Sure, it’s buggy, and the voices could have been better, but the gameplay was awesome and fun and the story was decent.

            It was certainly better than Star Ocean: First Departure…

          • Exkaiser

            The problem is that this guy doesn’t like games made before the PS2’s generation.

      • All he asked was if Tales sold bad in Japan too.

    • Ladius

      To answer both of your questions, in Japan almost every Tales game (aside from entries like Fandom or some Psp portings) sells better than the Naruto games on the same platform, the sole exception being Naruto UN2 on Ps2, if I remember correctly. Strangely enough, Naruto’s UNS games haven’t enjoyed the sales of the previous UN.

      Sadly, even Tales’ sales have decreased since the PS2 days, but nonetheless each new title is still able to sell 200k or more on every platform (again, excluding Fandom entries and many Psp portings of Ps1-Ps2 chapters), which is a great result for a non-Square-Enix JRPG. Tales of Vesperia’s sales are rather impressive if you consider both versions.

  • I assume this is for the entire company and not just the games division? That’s the only way I can think to explain Power Rangers accounting for that much money.

    • Exkaiser

      But Super Sentai is still extremely popular among the youth of Japan.

      • Yes, but the point is: were there any games? I don’t keep as close track as I could, but I don’t think there were enough Super Sentai and Kamen Rider games in the past year to account for that kind of money on their own. Which is to say: I’m curious what exactly those numbers mean.

        • Exkaiser

          Pretty certain they make at least one Sentai game a year. Kamen Rider had two in the last year.

          If it was all of Bandai-Namco, I’d assume the numbers would be much higher, from toy sales.

  • I should give that Gundam game a try.

    • Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 is fantastic is you like Dynasty Warriors and Gundam, great if you just love Dynasty Warriors, and still the least-awful Gundam game you can buy for current-gen systems if you’re not into DW but like Gundam.

  • hush404

    Hmm, the PS3 had just 4 games and sold 1800 while the DS had 20 and sold 2000? Interesting dynamic there.

    • I think that might be because the DS market is a lot more flooded than the PS3 market is. Also, a lot of Namco’s “big” flagship games are on PS3, so it would make sense that they sell more. If you compare how much revenue each system brings in while taking budgets into account, however, you might see a different story…but there’s no way to tell for sure.

      • hush404

        Yeah I figured as much. Of those 4 PS3 games I have no doubt much more work and money were put into their production and promotion when compared to most, if not all of the DS titles which may be considered throw away games when looked at in this light.

      • This is where I’d normally make a “Hey, Bamco, if you sell so many games on the PS3, maybe you should bring the PS3 Tales games over,” but at this point, I figure it’s like trying to get the earth to rotate in the opposite direction by asking it nicely.

  • kylehyde

    I know that the purpose of a company is to sell for gain money, but for God’s sake, doing it at the cost of abandoning all their original IP’s. Seriously is really sad that only fans of the series are the ones who really cares about them.

    Is not that I’m against of the games based in licences, is just that it makes angry when a company doesn’t put efforts in their own original products.

    • vadde939

      Since when have Namco put effort into anything?

  • malek86

    Absolutely no new games for the 360, and they still sold more units than the Wii?Their Wii releases must have been pretty bad.

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