Umineko no Naku Koro ni On PS3 Comes With Racy Pre-Order Bonuses

By Ishaan . November 7, 2010 . 1:31pm


Depending on where they pick the game up from, Japanese gamers get a bunch of different phone cards along with their copies of Umineko no Naku Koro ni on the PlayStation 3, if they pre-ordered the game.


Alchemist and 07th Expansion are also working with other parties to produce items like a variety of racy pillow cases to promote the game. Let’s take a look at what different retailers are offering:

letter_set pen_set

Amazon gets a pair of ballpoint pens in a neat case and an Ushiromiya family letter set.


Ami Ami:


Ami Ami gets a phonecard. Note that all phone card images are samples only, and that the final design could be different.




Library card!




Geo gets money clips, although we assume they probably look less cool without a picture of Battler on Japan’s actual money bills.



gamers_phonecard gamers_pillowcase

Gamers is offering a limited edition set of the game for 9,849 yen. It comes with a phone card (left) and a pillow case (right).



sofmap_phonecard sofmap_bookmarks

Popular retail outlet, Sofmap, are getting a phone card and set of bookmarks.


Happinet Online:


This has got to be the coolest of the bunch. Happinet online gets an Umineko-themed Shogi set.




A racy but tasteful phone card.




Another risqué phone card.




Yet another phone card.


Wonder Goo:


Here’s something new for a change. B2-sized Tapestry!




And finally, pillow cases at Animate, featuring Beatrice. This is a limited edition that comes for 11,004 yen.

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  • Shogi Set and the Tapestry are the best of the bunch lol.

  • neetloaf

    God I would kill to get that Bernkastel tapestry.

    Though I assume it would be hell on earth if you want all of these special extras, though the scary thing is I’m sure someone would shell enough money to get all of this stuff.

    • neetloaf

      Dammit, I think I’m going to cave in and use a proxy to get that Bernkastel tapestry…

    • mirumu

      I for one am thankful for the decided lack of Rosa and the Seven Stakes of Purgatory amongst those extras otherwise I could be tempted to get more than one.

  • EvilAkito

    Damn it, I’ve been in total non-perv mode for a while now, but then I had to see this. I think I like the one with Jessica and Natsuhi the best, but I also really like the phone card with the picture of Natsuhi getting out of bed.

  • malek86

    Isn’t this kind of preorder stuff par for the course on visual novel releases?

    Looks like PS3 or PC doesn’t make a difference. Well, except PC ones are usually far more NSFW.

  • Code

    rar, yesterday I was doing courtesy calls at work while sitting in a whole pile of FlingSmash stuffed animals, and Sonic Hats pre-order bonuses >w<; I'm still disgusted by Sega sneaking in Sonic Colors with that way too expensive $59 Sonic Hat omo;

    • OMG, how is the Sonic Hat?! Im so excite to get it with the game once it releases down here, lol. Im so glad they packed in such an AWESOME bonus for yet another awesome Sonic game…I think it stands as a testament to how awesome ALL Sonic games are and how awesome this Sonic Colors one will be! I just love Sonic to deaths!

      • mach

        Please tell me you’re being facetious.

      • Aoshi00

        I think you’re a nice fellow, but sometimes just the things you say.. like FF13 is the best game evar, All Sonic games are awesome (even the unplayable first Sonic on PS3/360? Well, Sonic 4 is a good start because it’s basically like NSMB Wii old 2D gameplay given a facelift), and you like Justin Bieber, isn’t his music for like 14 yr old girls? I’m sry, it’s hard not to think you have questionable taste..

        • I think I said FF13…was the premiere Final Fantasy title in the series, based on my experience. Im of the belief that all Sonic games are awesome and of the highest quality of modern day platforming leading to an awesome gaming experience. The games are platforming at its finest. The Sonic 2006 was not unplayable, for it had a high caliber presentation and extremely fun gameplay which were both pretty enjoyable, if not utterly fun and amazing.

          And his music is pretty good (like “One Time”), if its good then it must be popular, aye?!

          • Aoshi00

            Well, first of all, you played 2 FFs. If you ask 100 people what they think about FF13, 50 people would say they like it and the other 50 would say they hate it, so that’s your premiere Final Fantasy.Well, if frustratingly bad camera that you need to wrestle with means fun platforming to you, then yes. The old 2D Sonic games for the Genesis were great and Sonic Adventures on the Dreamcast as well (not sure if you’ve played those, first one on PSN/XBLA now) , but Sega has done nothing but mucked up the franchise for a decade now. Fans just kept buying the games hoping “the next one will be good”, it’s almost like a miracle for us to get a playable 3D Sonic game. And I won’t get on your case for listening to Justin Bieber..For the PS3/360 Sonic game, just read the reviews, it’s 2.5 stars average from almost 100 reviews on Amazon, and that’s quite generous. That game needs to be buried in the desert.


          • Ive played all the Sonic games (Sonic 2 on the Wii Virtual Console, Sonic 1 and 3 on the PC). SEGA has done nothing but move the series to embrace the excellent 3D age of gaming, and now the age of powerful hardware that enables powerful vivid presentations and immersive fun gameplay experiences.

            The camera was not as terrible as you make it seem and simply didnt hamper the experience. None of the games have been terribly done either. Sonic Unleashed and Sonic & The Secret Rings & Sonic 4 were games that could be considered as the newest pinnacle of the series and no doubt Sonic Colors will join them in that category. The people who wrote those Sonic 2006, reviews just couldnt embrace such a fun and splendid game…it was too much for them to handle and they spent too much time focusing on small minuscule minor qualms, that clearly do not break the game causing it to be unplayable or something.

          • Aoshi00

            I guess Sega is glad to have a devoted fan like you :) Just ask how many people have been burned by the recent Sonic games and most of them would think twice before getting the latest one. It’s really amazing you seem to like the games that are universally regarded as bad to horrible by the majority of gamers, I guess the rest of us just can’t handle these “great” games w/ good presentation. You like Sonic 2006 (one of the worst Sonic games ever, universally agreed) and dislike Mario Galaxy 1/2 (one of the best Mario games, also universally agreed), like I said, you have highly questionable taste. If I were to base my purchasing decision on your opinion, I would buy everything the complete opposite I’m not kidding :) I suppose it’s lucky to be living in your own world or something..So you’re in college and you listen to Justin Bieber?

          • You want the High-Quality Platforming? Play Psychonauts.

      • Did you enjoy the Sonic games on the Game Gear or even 3D Blast?
        I’m not harping on you, if you enjoy them that’s cool. I’m just curious as those games were enough to sway me off Sonic games till S4: E1.

      • it seems like you just like to irk people. :/

    • Aoshi00

      So you don’t think the cute Sonic hat is worth it? Here Kmart has $15 credit, I was wondering the Gamestop hat is worth 15 bucks, makes you look like Billy Hatcher or something :)

      • Code

        I don’t know if the hat is worth $59 though >ww<'

        • Aoshi00

          Well, the game is $50 here, but only Gamestop has the exclusive hat, and Kmart is giving a $15 coupon so it’s like $35. I’m thinking if I should just forget about the hat.But yea, w/ Sonic games you really could never tell, it’s always a gamble, and we should just wait for the reviews to be safe. Sonic 4 seems to be quite good though for $15, even though the running animation seems a little funny at first, they even used a lot of the old stages from the old games basically.

          • Code

            Yeahh, I don’t know at least for me when I tried out Sonic 4 (friend’s place, sat down and beat it well hanging out) it was way too slow for me, I think it kind of invokes nostalgia in the most literal way possible, and over all it just didn’t sit well with me sadly omo’

          • Aoshi00

            yea, it does look like it’s slower than it is, maybe it’s the weird posture from his running animation, it’s like he never really takes off w/ his speed.. Still, the demo was kind of fun I suppose, w/ the old stages it’s like a trip down the memory lane, I would get that once it price drops, but not for 1200 MSpt/$15.I think Donkey Kong is probably the safer bet..

          • Code

            Yeahh, Donkey Kong does appear to be a safer bet from the looks of it x_x’ Which I find funny because when I first saw it I hated the look of it, but I’ll give credit where credit is due, Retro Studios actually made a surprisingly smooth transition from doing Metroid for like 7 years to a Donkey Kong game, it looks pretty good x__x;Still when it comes to Sonic 4, I was a little heart broke that the game was as slow as it was T_T’ I think had it run 25% faster it’d have actually made it marginally better in my books.

          • Sonic 4 is totally worth its weight in rings. It has memorable music, memorable levels, and the addition of the Homing Attack make it feel really fast and exhilarating.

            Donkey Kong will be fun too, truly all Nintendo fans, and especially Donkey Kong Country fans, would be getting that on Day 1, its looking to be the best Nintendo game of this year, and I think, of this generation.

          • @TS
            Sonic 4 was terrible. The Fan Remix and Colors look infinitely better.

        • What are you talking about? Sonic games “having a wait and actually see” period? Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic games have been consistent in quality, begging for a day 1 purchase and play. Avoiding Sonic Colors is a crucial mistake; one wouldn’t want to miss out on such an awesome Sonic experience and hat.

          • Code

            Well it wasn’t til really post Sonic Adventures 2 (at least for me) that Sonic games became really hit/miss. This isn’t just a individual opinion either sadly, I’ve known a lot of long time Sonic fans who feel the same, short of Rush, in the last 5-6 years most Sonic games have been at the most a gamble. In fact one of them was working on putting a portfolio together to apply as an artist to work on the Sonic Archie comics, so he’s no scrub when it comes to Sonic-fanbase, and even he’s felt mixed about Sonic games in recent years. I mean I’ve seriously got my fingers crossed for Colors, but yeah with Sonic games you never know until it’s already out if it’s going to be poor/average/ or solid.

          • If one has not been able to embrace and enjoy Sonic these past 5-6 years then one has not been willing to be open to change and innovation in the series. Every game has not only innovated beyond its predecessor but delivered inequivalent awesome experiences. How can one be a fan if they have not been able to enjoy the pass games and write them off as a “gamble?”

          • Code

            @Tsunayoshi Sawadalol, I don’t think you should be talking to anyone about writing games off, Mr. Olde-Timey-Games >ww>’

          • I do not get what you are saying. When I played Sonic 2 on the Wii’s Virtual Console (the best Sonic game) and I go on to boot up, say, Sonic Unleashed on my PS3 both games provide equally exhilarating, fast, breathtaking experiences. Sure the 3D Sonic games of beyond Sonic 3 have innovation and embraced 3D, they still offer exhilarating comparable experiences….unless fans believe that innovation causes a game to be sub-par…This reminds of those people who just want every sonic game to be exactly the same, the idea of simply running from point A to B in lightning fast speed…that is not a game that utilizes and embraces all the recent innovations in gaming and just would not be fun if all gameplay replicated Sonic 1…2…3 in this paramount age of videogaming and innovation.

          • “If one has not been able to embrace and enjoy Sonic these past 5-6 years then one has not been willing to be open to change and innovation in the series. Every game has not only innovated beyond its predecessor but delivered inequivalent awesome experiences. How can one be a fan if they have not been able to enjoy the pass games and write them off as a “gamble?” ”

            Being a fan does not mean accepting whatever crap is given to you (Not to say that I haven’t liked them, seeing as I enjoyed SA/SA2/SH/SR). I’m a fan of Kingdom Hearts, but I’m not blind enough to realize that they’re milking the series. I’m a fan of Square Enix, but that does nt change the fact that some of their titles are subpar.

            If Cyberconnect released a new Naruto game with No Graphics, no music, and Naruto Constantly yelling “SASUKE!!!” on a black and white DoS-Box as the only means of Gameplay, would you be a fan of that game simply because it was Naruto?

            And It’s not really “Innovation” When most, if not all of the gameplay elements in the recent Sonic games all came from Sonic Adventure and SA2, which came out more than 5-6 years ago (AKA, outside your area of relevance).

          • Code

            BELIEVE IT!

          • I would buy that Naruto game because it has Naruto, and Naruto stuff is never of sub-par quality but of the highest quality on the market. And as a fan, I would feel obligated to purchase it and know that I would enjoy it. That is to say, if one is a fan of a series, then they would enjoy every game in that series, if not then they truly were not a fan in the beginning.

            Perhaps we have differing views on the definition and expectations of an aficionado. A fan should support their series through thick and thin, through the hard times and the bad times. A fan would voice their concerns to the company if they felt that the experience did not reach its maximum potential.

            Milking a series, or I guess franchise fatigue, wouldnt dilute the value or the experience of being a fan, as it only affects the way that nonfans perceive their series. I believe that fans are the driving force behind series having numerous entries. The popularity of the series is driving the creation of new titles, if the series was unpopular then there would be no need for another entry, except to drive popularity for an upcoming title.

            With that being said there has been innovation in the latest titles, though I guess the degree of innovation will vary depending on the experiences that one has had with games on the systems at the time each released. That is to say, the incremental changes, new storyline directions, new methods of control, new abilities, are innovations that have differentiated each game from the other and moved the series forward.

          • “I would buy that Naruto game because it has Naruto, and Naruto stuff is never of sub-par quality but of the highest quality on the market. And as a fan, I would feel obligated to purchase it and know that I would enjoy it. That is to say, if one is a fan of a series, then they would enjoy every game in that series, if not then they truly were not a fan in the beginning.”

            So even if they were so clearly ripping you off with literally nothing, you’d still buy it? Wow. I just…wow. BTW, have you read some of the recent chapters? “never of sub-par quality” is a BIT of a stretch…

            “With that being said there has been innovation in the latest titles, though I guess the degree of innovation will vary depending on the experiences that one has had with games on the systems at the time each released. That is to say, the incremental changes, new storyline directions, new methods of control, new abilities, are innovations that have differentiated each game from the other and moved the series forward. ”

            But other than a change in story/scenario (What is the official chronology for sonic, anyway? He goes to so many places, I honestly can’t keep up), what exactly has changed in the gameplay, innovation wise? Sonic still runs around a 3d plane (Sonic Adventure), he still has the homing attack (Sonic Adventure), and he can still jump (every platformer ever). If the Werewolf scenario in Unleashed is innovation, it’s a bit behind, considering it’s been done before in, you guessed it, Sonic Adventure (or SA2, i forget). Sonic Riders is just a racing game, so that doesn’t count. And I suppose the DS RPG of Sonic could count, except it plays nothing like a Sonic game, So I don’t think it should count toward the innovation of the main series. So As I’ve pointed out, unless I’m missing something, the only thing being “innovated” is the graphics. Which isn’t so much innovation as much as Par for the Course.

            Basically, What I’m saying is, Graphics =/= Gameplay. And as far as this being the most innovative era in gaming history, I’m just going to have to flat out say you’re wrong. Compare the variety of different gameplay styles prevalent in games created in the 80s and 90s (Look at how many different versions of Tetris, pong, Mario, etc there are, as opposed to Gears of Wars, Halos, and Call of Duties), and then compare them with the variety being created today. The sheer fact that the US has essentially become shooterfest central (And Japan, RPG. Korea, MMOs) is pretty indicative of how bad things have gotten as far as innovation goes.

            Honestly, I think the increase in graphical capabilities has hindered creativity, as it’s easy to sell games off of graphics, as opposed to the past where developers really had to work to make sure their games were fun and not just eyecandy.

  • MemeticRichard

    I’m confused. *What* is this game again? Seems like some random visual novel you pulled out of the blue to do a post on…

    • Umineko no Naku Koro ni is a part of the When They Cry series– Higurashi having been covered before on this site as well, and a trailer for this game’s announcement being covered, and even news considering it’s original PC version…

      When They Cry is actually a bit relevant, since it’s one of the few sound novel series to have been officially released in America. It’s got a bit of a following.

      • MemeticRichard

        That explains it. Thank you.

  • ChaosPaladinFayt

    It looks like a harem gone wrong….*looks at school days*

  • DlanorKnox

    I’m still hoping against all logic that this version will come out here. I suppose I’m lucky I’ve been able to play it in English at all, though.

    And if we’re picking pre-order items, I’d go for the red and blue pens!

  • Great pre-order bonuses ;)

    • Aoshi00

      Can’t imagine any fan would buy so many copies though, this is like 8000 yen instead of 5000 like Love Plus, and it can’t be that easy to resell them right. Not sure about the game, the art is nice, they should just put out an artbook or something.. the art on the pre-order bonuses look even better than the in-game arts. I’ve always liked the AmiAmi phone cards, but don’t think they’re worth the extra money.

  • They should’ve gotten Ryukishi07 to draw the phone cards and stuff.

  • Shadowsword

    Will anyone explain me what is this Phone Card? Please…

    • Prepaid phone cards, basically. If I’m not mistaken, in Japan you use these for the public telephones as opposed to cell phones.
      Ah, here’s a professional answer:

      Although, I’m not exactly sure how these have become such a highly collectible asset for video games and manga…

  • Shadowsword

    Will anyone explain me what is this Phone Card? Please…

  • I find it funny how people will choose where to buy this from by the level of arousal they get from the pre-order bonuses.

    • Aoshi00

      It’s called bait and switch :) Since console VN can’t be too naughty like their PC counterparts, they have to resort to phone cards.

      • That and, well, sex still sells, I guess. :/

  • Did Anybody else notice Kon? ;P

    Also, Messe is awesome <3

  • I want to see the trophies for this sort of game.

    • neetloaf

      I wouldn’t see trophies being anything more than progress indicators for a visual novel. When you reach a certain point in the story, or fully read through one of the Episodes, then you’d get a trophy most likely.

      It’s not like there are any choices in Umineko, so reading through the whole thing would most likely be an easy Platinum.

      • Aoshi00

        So there aren’t branches in this one? I heard Steins;gate had many routes and endings and getting all the achievements would be quite hard taking 30+ hrs. This is Ep 1-4 right, is 5-7 out on PC alrdy? What kind of game is this anyway, like murder mystery in a mansion? PC ver has lots of ecchi scenes in it?

        Oh, I just chk’ed out AmiAmi’s site, looks like the PC games were sold separately and have much worse amateurish art..

        • DlanorKnox

          The pre-order items are very misleading. The ecchi content in Umineko is very mild. It’s not really a game, it’s just a novel with pictures and really great music. The only game-like thing about it is trying to solve all the mysteries the game contains.

          Chapter 1 can be downloaded free as a demo if you’re curious about it. All the chapters but 7 have complete English patches too, if you don’t read in Japanese. You can find what you need here:

          • neetloaf

            Dlanor my love~ <3

          • Aoshi00

            Cool, thanks for all the info. I never cared much for Higurashi because the cutesy+gore art just wasn’t my style. It’s okay I can read Jpn. This is tempting but I planned to to import too much alrdy (Dodonpachi DFK, Dream Club Zero, GalGun, Catherine, and Last Story) and now the Ex rate is $1 to to ~80 yen, and more impulse buy would not be good :(..Speaking of misleading, I heard Agarest is like that too, the ecchi scenes are few and far between, w/ the sexy cover and booby mousepad and all lol. AmiAmi’s phone card actually looks very nice.. See, their bait n switching campaign is working :)

          • Kris

            The Higurashi VNs don’t have event scenes, so all of the violence and gore is conveyed through text. Although the art is really amateurish, the games are also surprisingly scary. If you have an iPhone, you can get the first one for free off of the app store!

          • Aoshi00

            yea, I’m surprised the original PC VNs were so primitive. But how about the 2 anime series, were those really gory? I never could bring myself to watch things like SAW, so.. or maybe this is more psychological than gore. Another reason I never touched it was they used cute girls to do a violence story, it felt very jarring and gimmicky to me, the art here is much more appropriate.

            Nah, no iPhone or iPod Touch yet still, maybe one day.. I looked at the Jpn website the grade A seiyuu class almost got me into getting this, but I dont think it’s wise to spend more at this point, aldy on a buying spree in the last 2months at Kmart, now just got myself a Mario DSiXL and Kinect (much more fun than I expected), and the other upcoming imports.. just Dodonpachi LE is going to set me back like a $100, god save me :(..

          • Kris

            I haven’t actually seen the anime series myself, as I’m trying to finish the VNs first, but I’ve heard that they’re pretty brutal. I’m not really good with super-gory stuff either, but I like a good scare, so the poorly drawn (but affordable) iPhone ports work out perfectly for me.

            You speak Japanese though, right? You could import the vastly visually improved DS Higurashi, which I believe has all of the game’s chapters. That would probably be cheaper than the PC games or an iProduct.

          • Aoshi00

            I’m still torn btwn getting an iPhone (signing up w/ AT&T or Verizon) or just get and iPod touch, my cell contract hasn’t expired yet, that’s why I haven’t picked one up all this time.. There are 4 Higurashi DS games right? I actually picked up the 3rd one for like $25 when it was on sale, but never got the other installments because they’re so expensive, and since mine is the 3rd game, I haven’t even played it because it’s like in the middle. Maybe I’ll wait for the reviews on this one and see if it’s worth importing.. still not sure if AmiAmi’s phone card is worth the extra $15 or something… I came very close to getting Steins;Gate (I actually bought it on ebay and the seller fell thru so I just got a refund), but now I’m not getting it, I think the sci-fi stuffs and Jpn internet meme would be too much of a pain…

        • neetloaf

          Yeah, the Umineko series is kinetic; the story goes down one set path, and there aren’t choices you can make to influence the story in any way. You’re basically just reading through a digital book with pictures and (awesome) music. The story is basically as you said, a murder mystery in a mansion. The Umineko series is really a doujin series, so it’s pretty obvious that this PS3 enchantment is going to be of much better quality. They were sold individually, but the first three Episodes are included in the fourth Episode like how this PS3 game is, and 5-8 will follow suit once the 8th one is released in December.
          Oh, and there aren’t any ecchi scenes in the PC version. In fact, there aren’t any CG images at all.

          • Aoshi00

            I see, so there aren’t that many sudden gameovers like if you open the wrong door or something? It’s pretty cool if you just read thru it, as playing thru it again could be repetitive. I got Infinite Loop on the PSP before and couldn’t figure out what to do and got stuck, later I just gave up, that game was soooo repetitive, because things kept repeating like the movie Butterfly Effect..Personally I don’t like stuffs that are too violent for shock value. It’s good to know the PS3 version didn’t cut out all the juicy stuffs from the PC ver, not that they’re that important, but I don’t like it when contents are cut it just feels like you’re getting something incomplete. I have the Jpn ver of Heavy Rain and was pretty surprised they cut out all the nudity of Madison, I didn’t even realize there was supposed to be nudity in the US ver until recently when I saw some videos they put out w/ Move :(..

            Unfortunately alrdy got too much on my import list, and this is a two-parter on the PS3 too… tempting.. but $200 for a full VN..

    • Aoshi00

      most likely by getting all the different routes and endings for VNs..

  • Aoshi00

    It’s kind of rare Amazon has exclusive bonus right? And the two pens seem to be the most harmless.. It would be nice if they have just one LE that comes w/ an artbook featuring all the arts here. I’ve never played any of the Higurashi games or watched the anime (the cute style + gore just look strange to me), but the art here looks pretty good and has a great seiyuu cast.. Still, it’s awful to import these days, this is like a 100 bucks (I thought getting Steins;gate for $66 was bad).. I know Amazon won’t ship overseas, and I’ve ordered from AmiAmi once based on someone’s recommendation, great experience. How about other stores, they have online stores that ship outside Jpn? This game’s probably too violent for me though..

  • Holy….!

  • NeoTechni

    I hate how different retailers get different stuff thus making it impossible for a collector to get everything

    Not that Id collect that stuff…

  • neocatzon

    animate have the best offer
    happinet online is not bad either

  • There are people that would actually fork out actual cash just to get cards of cartoon characters nearly naked? What sad, sad lives these folks h- AN ACTUAL THEMED SHOGI SET? PREORDER! PREORDER!

  • Funny enough, I’d rather have the pen and paper.

  • TyeTheCzar

    This is a deal where I can confidently say:
    “OH DESIRE!”

  • gatotsu911

    What are you talking about? That doesn’t look so r-
    Oh, okay.

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