Atelier Totori DLC Adds Two More Party Members, One Attacks With A Frying Pan

By Spencer . November 10, 2010 . 12:09pm


Want to add a culinary wizard to your Atelier Totori party? Gust’s next downloadable content pack will let you do just that. Yksel can join Totori’s search for her mother armed with a frying pan and a plate of sparkling food. This content pack also makes Cuderia playable. She carries an arguably more useful weapon, a gun.


Both characters are in a party addition download pack scheduled to come out tomorrow. You get Yksel and Cuderia for 500 yen ($6).


Gust also plans on releasing another background music battle pack #4 on the same day. It has songs from other Atelier games like Deceitful Wings and Red Lucifer Rising. The 31 track pack costs 300 yen ($3.60).

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  • jesus… 6$ for 2 characters and cook system?…
    incomplete game sold as a fullgame…

    • MizuMikomi

      You should be used to it by now, shooters have map packs and weapons among other things. RPGs have costumes, skills, un-needed level boosters, dungeons, and at times characters, as well as the useless item packs that you could find the contents of in game. while fighters have characters, announcers, stages, armor (Soul Calibur), and even special forms of a character that you can obtain through normal play. (glares at BlazBlue’s unlimited forms)

      Everything is sold incomplete nowadays, I mean just look at the Kingdom Hearts series and its Final Mixes. They could easily pack it all into one solid release, but they know fans will buy the remakes so they half ass the original release, and come out with a superior version later on down the line. Namco has also caught onto this as well, with the Tales series, and all the DBZ/Naruto rehashes… since in essence they are all the same game. <_<

      All these things COULD be included into initial releases or gotten normally in game, but companies would prefer to milk people for their money until they are satisfied, as well as take advantage of casual gamers who don't want to work hard to achieve a few items or levels.

      There is also the whole "Time Constraints" excuse that has become the norm ever since Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) used it.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        I know statistics can be wrong often, but if true then only 6% of initial buyers for games on average buy any kind of DLC afterwards…

      • Neckbear

        I personally buy DLC if:

        I have leftover money on my account AND the DLC itself attracts me on some way.

        I don’t think Publishers/Developers REALLY CUT DOWN ALL STUFF POSSIBLE AND SELL IT LATER AS DLC (well, most of the time at least), but rather these are things we wouldn’t see on the game at all if we didn’t had Downloadable Content.

        I think alot of games feel complete even without it (Excluding some very bad, bad cases we see from time to time), and DLC most of the time is an interesting addition to an already complete game.

        • Assassin’s Creed II did it. I’m expecting it as well with Brotherhood. I couldn’t honestly tell you all the games that have come out over the last year that felt incomplete and had DLC added but other games like Borderlands have been expanded a bit. The DLC for Red Dead Redemption is also nice for what it adds mostly.

      • I’m sure there’s a lot of shoddy practices, but you can’t really argue against DLC AND against ‘final mixes’ at the same time. Clearly, there are things that don’t make the cut or that companies would like to add to the game for a rerelease. The choice before was to either ignore it (unless it doesn’t get localised at all) or buy the game again as a special edition.

        Now we get DLC, which admittedly we’re still trying to work through the specifics of in terms of pricing and content, but it has a lot of potential. Case in point is the PS3 release of Eternal Sonata, which added two extra characters we didn’t have on the 360. Atelier Totori isn’t releasing a platinum edition or a 360 port with extras the original fans don’t get to play, it’s instead putting them out as a DLC extra. Which I’m much happier about.

        I will happily admit that the current system overall can be pretty corrupt, and in many situations is just a way to pretty much sell people cheat codes to their own games, but I think it’s an old practice we’re just getting in a different way now.

        • MizuMikomi

          I wasn’t saying they felt incomplete, I was just stating what I have noticed. It does not mean that I do not purchase DLC (Since I am a DLC addict) I was just saying in general. Nothing against Totori, or any games, the person above me was saying “incomplete game released as complete” I shot my mouth off at him because comments like that piss me off.

          I purchase limited editions, I purchase remakes, I purchase DROVES of DLC, and I import like a madman. I have nothing against the current practices, I just have problems with the people who say games are sold as incomplete, then are released later in a superior version, basically you could take my original post as mockery of what a lot of people say.

    • People need to learn the difference between good DLC and bad DLC.

      Totori is a very complete and content laden game to begin with, they’ve added characters because fans demanded it.

      I’m going to guess by your talk of a cooking system you dont know anything about Gust games but they add stuff because the fans want it, they dont cut stuff out just to sell it later.

      • 6$ for 2 characters… i must be th user with th lowest budget in here… xD
        but ok… I guess that only th fans that wanted them will buy them… and some others… probably…

        • That’s still better than BlazBlue’s $8 for a single DLC.

          • 20 dollar map packs are even worse.

          • Whoa! What game is that from?!? I’m guessing a Call of Duty game, right?

          • @Charles Lupula
            Well, it’s actually 15, but with the taxes, it’s pretty close to 20 over here.

    • Cooking, as part of alchemy, is already in the game. This pack is for two characters who weren’t playable before.

      • that makes it even worst xD

  • Rarutos

    This makes me very very very happy. <3

  • JustaGenericUser

    I hope when this gets localized it comes with all the current DLC automatically.

  • Well, for most part, the DLC in question needs to be put into perspective.The characters added are either hangovers from Atelier Rorona (Cudelia and Yksel are party members from Rorona) or are normally NPCs in Totori.They were only added due to requests, more or less.The song packs at 500 yen each are a series of tracks, used to customise either Atelier theme song, or combat songs only. Considering the number of songs in each pack (There’s a lot) it actually ends up being somewhere in the 32 songs per pack.The cost per song ends up being about 15 yen per – for those who don’t feel like doing the math, about 20c AU/US per SONG.They’re not required to finish the game, since it’s pretty much for those who’ve already finished and are planning to do silly stuff – they’re mostly for those who’ve loved Rorona and wanted to have fun with some of the Rorona old cast (Cudelia and Yksel) or see how Cecilia would perform if she decided to take up full time adventuring after an event in Totori.

    *Edit – Checked the packs and did the math properly.

    • Joanna

      I don’t get the whining either. 6$ for two playable characters isn’t bad, especially if you liked said characters.

      Those avatar packs on PSN and the gold guns for UC2 are much worse. Those are really pretty much useless. My younger brother keeps whining about getting those guns and I keep trying to tell him that would be a total waste of money. I don’t mind him buying map packs for 6$ though, or add-ons to LittleBigPlant, since he actually uses the additional stuff.

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