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By Ishaan . November 14, 2010 . 10:29am


This week, we’re talking about zombies and our favourite zombie games! Head to our Facebook group for the full, lengthy discussion.


Steven wrote:

Zombies are eating at our brains by invading our game systems, phones, theaters, t-shirts, televisions and general media! Are we going to stand for this?! Heck yeah!


Ok… so perhaps this pop culture phenomena may be getting a bit old, but it’s still strong as ever. Since most of us here are gamers, I’d like to know what your favorite zombie game titles are (specific titles, not entire franchises). Feel free to grab your boomsticks and discuss why they are your favorites…


Since I don’t count the Ganados, I’m gonna pick the Gamecube remake of Resident Evil over Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition. The GC remake is the reason why I got into the Resident Evil series and was the only game to legitimately instill fear in me up to that point. I still remember screaming like a little girl when a crimson head stood up and started running (flying like a bat out of h***) down the hall to kill me. No one told me zombies in Resident Evil could run (and apparently they couldn’t before). I became addicted to the tension that I felt while playing Resident Evil and that is why it is my favorite zombie game.


Anton wrote:

The Resident Evil series is excellent. Not my favorite zombie games, but still amazing. For awhile, Left 4 Dead was my favorite zombie game. However, it was very short and didn’t have much to the story or any character development. The game was a lot of fun to play, though.


Recently, I played the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned expansion for Borderlands, and it is now my favorite zombie-related game ever. There was just something so satisfying about killing zombies in that expansion that can’t be matched. Plus, the story was hilarious. Not to mention all of the side quests to do. And zombie T.K. Baha.


Philip wrote:

I have to say that Resident Evil Series is what made the zombie games and films popular. One of the first zombie games I played was Resident Evil 2 for N64, even though the graphics were crappy, but playing that at night and running from giant spiders zombies zombie dogs… And lets not forget that mutated aligator.


Even Resident Evil 3 was scary. Resident Evil 1, the original and remake, had their scary moments with giant snakes. Chimaras Hunters. Resident Evil 2 I think they had the lickers. Those were creepy because they would pop out of nowhere. In fact, all of the creatures were full of suprises. That is what made Resident Evil series a good game. It is suspenseful. Because of Resident Evil, we now have Resdent Evil films, zombie remakes of Dawn of The Dead, Night of The Living Dead, Day of The Dead, Land of The Dead. Zombieland. Shaun of The Dead.


Samwise wrote:

I really like the Left 4 Dead games every once in a while, but I’ve mostly watched zombie games, not played them, unfortunately. I’m really excited for Yakuza: Of the End, however, and I hope that is exceedingly great.


Tristan wrote:

Ive only had limited experience with zombies in that the ones that were Resident Evil were my only encounter with them. I found them to be scary in the games universe but pretty awesome in the extended universe of the epically awesome Resident Evil movies. I saw that they were in Left 4 Dead as well, which is pretty awesome and cool indeed as well.


So…what are your favourite zombies games, and why? Fire away!

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  • Resident Evil 3, hands down. Goddamn Nemesis popping up when I least expected him to be.

    • I still remember almost having a heart attack when he bursts through that window at the bottom of the stairs (in the station iirc)

      • Especially when you just about to solve a puzzle, right?

      • Chow

        lol, yeah. I remember I panicked and went back UP the stairs (which if you’d remember was a dead end). -_-“

    • doomspeller10

      Hell yeah. Even though I first played RE2, I recall Nemesis being much more menacing than that dull tyrant. You just heard the Nemesis theme and your heartbeat rate went through the roof. I miss the old school REs btw, with those tricky camera angles.

    • For the first couple of encounters, I thought he was just a “new zombie” with a rocket launcher. I would stick around trying to kill it, and eat up all these herbs and say stuff like “What the hell! This game is so cheap. What kind of person turns into a zombie with a rocket launcher in his hand!”

      It wasn’t until I noticed the music changes *every* time that I realized it was Nemesis. He looked so much larger in cutscenes!

  • RagnaXBL

    Nemesis is still the scariest zombie of all time

    • joesz

      Nemesis .. every time I hear his name I lose my appetite…

    • capristrider

      Yes, Nemesis omnipresent evil threat made RE3 scary as hell. I’ll always remember the the one word he utters: S.T.A.R.S!

  • malek86

    I’d say it’s a toss up between Left 4 Dead and the House of Dead series. I’ve played a couple others too (Nation Red, Zombie Driver), but they weren’t that good. Most of the recent ones seem to be made just to bank on the newfound popularity of the genre. As for the classics, RE has never done much for me. I’d add Alone in the Dark 1/2, the first game was more about monsters, but the sequel had lots of zombie pirates (or gangsters, whatever). I’ve yet to play 3, so I don’t know about that one. I should be starting it soon.I’m also throwing in Infectonator, which is good fun for free. You can never complain about free stuff.

  • joesz

    My favorite zombie game is Resident Evil 1Even with the godly awful,disfigured faces and lame dialogue It had in the game, It held some great suspense and had a great composed music in it. Generally,all the Resident Evil games are well made games,even though Resident Evil 5 took a different detour. But If Capcom is mysteriously reading this topic,Please If you were to produce 6,please just don’t add the Resident Evil 5 version of Chris in it!I don’t want to see his huge,mutated biceps ever again!

  • Xeahnort

    I’m getting tired of all of this zombie stuff, But to tell the truth, I would like to try games like Yakuza: Of the end or Dead Nation

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    With the exception of the highly atmospheric Gamecube Resident Evil’s (remake, 0, 4), I have never really found zombie games all that scary. In fact, I find a lot of them to be cheesy. When I want horror, it’s gotta be psychological horror (sprinkled with shock horror). That’s not to say I dislike zombie games or cheap thrills, but their saturated presence has somewhat stunted the evolution of more cerebral horror games on my console this gen.But I enjoy mindless fun as much as the next guy, and in that light my favorite zombie games are: Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Metal Slug 3 (it has zombies!), and House of the Dead 2. More recently, my friends introduced me to the Nazi Zombie mode in CoD:WaW and it looked pretty intense, while the Wiiware title Zombie Panic in Wonderland was a smashing good time in 2 player.

  • The first time i ever played Left 4 Dead was the best zombie experience ever, spending 2 hours on the first half of no mercy on expert mode when we didnt know any of the tricks and tactics was so much fun.
    Sadly the game loses that appeal somewhat when you realise you can just back against a wall and melee (we had no idea how to melee, it was messy. Very messy.)

  • Ereek

    Fear Effect has zombies and other forms of undead, does that count? If we’re going for the more traditional RE route in answers here, REMake is by far the creepiest. RE2, 3, and CV simply don’t have the atmosphere or even creepiness of RE1/REMake.Nemesis, as mentioned below, definitely has the “intense” factor, though. Oblivion has some cute little zombies. It’s obviously not a zombie game, but I feel the need to mention them because I like them.Now how far can I stretch the term “zombie?”Because something like the mindless/feral ghouls from Fallout could be considered zombies as well.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      All I can remember from Fear Effect are lesbians. And what were beautiful graphics for the time. I think it played alright…

      I always wondered if the Shibato from the Siren games are considered Zombies.

      • Ereek

        I have a love/hate relationship with Fear Effect’s gameplay. The controls are terrible. Absolutely horrible. If I didn’t play a lot of games with RE-like controls back when they were popular I would probably find the game unplayable. I actually really like the RE-type control scheme and it feels natural to me, but it’s not what they use here. What makes it bad is the camera angles causing running and sneaking problems and many, many, many instant deathtraps due to falling. The gameplay itself, though, is quite excellent and, as mentioned, the graphics were stunning. They’re some of my favorite on the PSX. I mentioned it in an article a few weeks back, but it would be an absolutely beautiful game in HD.I can’t really think of any one game to compare it to, but I suppose MGS might be somewhat accurate. There are stealth (very important so that you don’t die in one or two hits), action, and puzzle elements, but the story also takes a secure front seat. It’s mature, but in a different way than MGS. More violent and twisted.
        For example
        Minor spoilers

        After locating our villain, one of our heroes pretty much gets butchered. His limbs are torn apart and he is placed into a kitchen freezer, where the heroine eventually runs into his still barely alive body hanging from a meat hook.

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Not a fan of tank controls myself… some people found that (not having perfect control of your character) to add to the horror but kind of like you said I too found it unnecessarily frustrating.

          I’d play through FE again, but I no longer have a copy, so a PSN version would be nice. Never tried the 2nd one but I’d play if given the chance. Of course, HD remaster/remake would indeed be great, and the better yet a sequel or spiritual successor.

    • Chow

      Oh man, I’m recalling memories of Fear Effect. Without going into too much spoilers, so many things happened in that game that I would’ve never expected to happen to your main characters. But iirc, there was some sort of reset button conclusion that made it all okay (in the first game).

      • Ereek

        Late reply, but. . .Fear Effect is probably one of the more twisted games, story-wise, on the PSX. Characters getting ripped apart, tortured, the like. Not to mention playing as characters with mutilated body parts was really cool. Also, dressing as a prostitute for infiltration was a great idea.I forget exactly what happened in the best ending, but I think it wasn’t exactly a “reset everything.” The one guy is dead forever, it’s just the two that went into the final dungeon (erm, without spoilers, but you know what it was) that survived and lived. tl;drFear Effect earned it M rating, easily.

        Edit: I just learned that one of Fear Effect’s writers was the writer of F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin. Interesting.

  • kupomogli

    Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil Outbreak are my two favorite zombie games.

    I know people hate Outbreak but I loved the game. No matter the stage, zombies still kept coming. You could do stuff to slow zombies down like blocking a door, etc, but they would eventually get in. It was always really cool that these stages were better looking versions of areas in other games.

    Now Capcom had the great idea, or so I’ve heard, of purposefully making long load times for advertising space whenever people played the game online. If that’s true that was pretty screwed up in my opinion, because just to get more money they made the game have some of the worst load times out of any I’ve ever played. Regardless. Outbreak is still my second favorite in the series.

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      Pretty high praise for Outbreak. So, even playing offline was worth it? I passed on it at the time because of the online thing (didn’t think it would be any good playing offline), but maybe I should try it…

      As for me: Resident Evil 4 for the pitch-perfect gameplay, Left 4 Dead for the same reason, Nemesis for the overall tone of the game and… Those are my picks. Nothing extraordinary. Veronica X was pretty cool too. And I’m sure I would love the REmakes, but I never had the chance to play them, unfortunately.

      Oh, there was a “Scariest thing in a videogame” Facebook Files already. Too bad!

  • While I absolutely love the House of the Dead games, I’m still partial to the original Resident Evil (which I played on not the PS1, but the Saturn). No game has ever created such an intense feeling of actual fear for me (although both Siren: Blood Curse and the first Silent Hill came very close). I remember playing it one night and just having my fingers ready to shoot any time I’d open a door in the game.

    Of course, my biggest scare in the game came from the Hunters, not zombies. I remember when I’d enter a room, I’d have my gun ready, and I’d stop and listen for a minute. Literally, like 60 seconds. I’d listen to hear what type of monsters would be in the room with me. There was one room, and I stopped, did my usual. Listened. I hear nothing, so I figured it was okay to run around the corner of the room. I do that and a hunter comes running out at me and just slices Jill’s head off and I actually screamed from the jolt of that moment.

    It was like, “Okay, time to turn the game off for the night.”

    I liked the sequels, but none of them actually scared me like the original did. In fact, I remember being somewhat disappointed by Resident Evil 2, while everyone else was calling it the greatest game ever.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Siren: Blood Curse. The ONLY survival horror game on current HD consoles that doesn’t focus on your skills to shoot and kill things. Good game.

      Silent Hill needs a serious retooling. Or better yet, we need something that continues its spirit but doesn’t attempt to copy it.

      Before anyone mentions Penumbra and Amnesia, I’m not a PC gamer.

      • malek86

        SBC was not that good. It worked for the first three or so chapters, then you start noticing that killing shibito will actually make your life easier than trying to evade them, and so it becomes a fightfest. Also, the last chapters are seriously ridiculous.

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          It wasn’t a great game, and I can’t disagree with what you pointed out, but it had its share of shining moments and atmosphere abound to keep me entertained. And I didn’t try to kill everything.

          Considering all the other horror games on the PS3 so far (even Silent Hill) have been third person shooters, I’m just grateful to have this game.

      • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories may be what you’re looking for.
        I think what they did with that game was what the series needed.

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          I’ve played through Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. It’s an excellent game, but it didn’t feel like Silent Hill, or a horror game even. It’s a unique experience. Not to contradict myself, but to me Silent Hill stands for one of the most psychological terrorizing experiences and a real retooling needs to bring that back.

    • Chow

      I think in terms of RE2, it was just the sheer amount of content the game had that had people calling it great. There were four full-length scenarios plus two survivor scenarios. Sure, the four scenarios quasi-shared major cutscenes (it’s hard to explain), but it was interesting to see how things could be different with a minor “what if” change at the beginning.

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