New Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Trailers Shed Light On Psynergy

By Ishaan . November 21, 2010 . 3:01pm

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is due for release on November 29th on the Nintendo DS, and Nintendo put out a new pair of trailers for the Camelot-developed sequel.


Psynergy trailer:


Gameplay trailer:


Dark Dawn takes place 30 years after the Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Because of this, some of the original characters from the first two games have aged quite a bit.


gsdd_001 gsdd_002

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  • Ive been watching so many videos of this on youtube. All the summons are so epically amazingly awesome! My Catastrophe, Judgment, and even Atlantala summons are splendid. The psynergy exhibitions videos people made, just epic.This is truly my most anticipated DS RPG this year, cant wait to have my hands on the game and the guide to get everything!! Hopefully I can finish P3P before I touch Golden Sun though. Oh the Music sounds wonderful in Golden Sun!

  • Looks cool, i hope the story is cool as well, because in gameplay, is pretty much the same as the GBA games but prettier/cooler.They could at least added a new element or something, and only the MC can use it, epic stuff like that

    • Exkaiser

      Eh, not really a fan of the whole “MC gets a super-special power no one else can use” schtick.

      Golden Sun’s protagonists are already the strongest party members as it is!

      • Well, that was just an example, what i was trying to say is that something different would be nice, a new element in general, and not just the MC, i mean.. even the MC are almost the same as the first golden sun >_> i know they are their sons but still… too much resemblance…

        I wonder if isaac married.. uhh i forgot her name, it was Garret’s sister? o.o or isaac and garret wanted her and she was like granddaughter of the old man… lol i forgot, all i remember is that she was kidnapped… OHHHH she was felix’s sister?! darn too many scattered memories

        • I thought Isaac loved Jenna. I wanted Ivan and Sheba to hook up. I could think of any other pairings that existed in the universe, though if the cast is all of their offspring, well, maybe Mia and Piers, Garet and Felix?! wow, lol.

          • Eri

            How do you know? Isaac never said a word xD

            Haha, but I wanted Ivan and Sheba to hook u as well. Mia and Piers seem like a logical couple as well. We know Mia has two children, but no idea who the father is.

          • Joanna

            Lies! He so did say stuff, just not in the first Golden Sun. Likewise, Felix talks in GS1 but not Lost Age.

            As for knowing that. Well, there have been little hints (more for Jenna), but when the two groups reunited, I do recall either Garet or Ivan saying that Issac was really worried about Jenna (without mentioning Kraden…hmmm >:] ). So the pairing isn’t totally baseless.

            The only reason I remember these fine details is because I’ve been replaying the Golden Suns lately.

          • Joanna

            I’m pretty sure it was the other way around (I replayed the games recently). In particular, there is a scene where Sheba teases Jenna about Issac and Jenna turns bright red.

            Anyways, fuzzy_hobo has confirmed above that Mathew is indeed the son of Issac and Jenna, so I am a happy camper now. :3

            Also the main female of Dark Dawn…what’s her name…the one with the green hair, has been confirmed to be Ivan’s daughter…as for the mother, I have no idea. Personally, I really hope it isn’t Sheba….I really dislike her.

            But, any way you slice it though, there will be someone without a partner (or at least a notable partner) since the guys outnumbered the girls.

  • Too much Sakurabaism…

    Yeah I think I’m the only one who think the hype on this game is only based on the success of the previous games. Because honestly, at least from my observation on gameplay videos, it’s nothing innovative and ground-breaking, unlike the first two games.

    Granted, I never liked the first two games either.

    • Well the whole appeal to Golden Sun: Dark Dawn IS the fact that it is similar to the first 2 games. I personally loved the first 2 games so I know I’ll love this one as well.

      This same thing applies to the Pokemon series. You don’t need to change something that isn’t broken.

    • fallen

      Too much Sakurabaism? I haven’t heard him write this style of music in years. It’s exciting to hear a new, retro Sakuraba score. To me, anyway.

    • kylehyde

      First of all: What hype?

      Is true that the people who loved the first two game can’t wait for them (including me). But aside of us the loyal fans, theres no much hype for this game. Nintendo has not created the hype for this game to the newcomers, seriously even that I’m sure that this game will be awesome I can’t see more new fans to the series because nintedo never worried to give a proper treatment to promote this game (the tv commercial is awful and make it look like a pokemon clone, which is not good for the game).

      So yeah, you are the only one who think the hype on this game is only based on the success of the previous games, because in first place theres not hype.

      Second if is not broken, doesn’t need to be fixed, seriously series like pokemon has teach us that. Maybe I’m not a pokemon fan, but I recognize that the series has make a great job at being faithful to their basics, which I think that is really awesome.

      Other examples are the dragonquest series wich has never left the route of the traditional RPG and I like that, specially in a generation where many developers are obsesed with the action elements, the turn based system is a breath of fresh air. Even the mario series has teach that being faithful to the basics is the way for the success, just have to look to the numbers of the 2D marios VS the 3D marios, and surprisingly, the 2D have the upperhand in sales and like to the people.

      Third, Golden Sun mechanics were great at their time and actually are a lot better than many mechanics employed by many modern rpg’s. I’m pretty sure that there will be some improvement that many of us doesn’t know. Even if thats not the case, doesn’t change the fact that Golden Sun considered by many people an excellent game, so if you don’t like well that was your choice, personally I don’t like pokemon too much, but I don’t post negative things about the series on the threads or entries dedicated to a certain game, but for as I said before, I admire it.

    • You know how people are always clamoring about how their old games are the best or how they had so much more fun with their games in the past? Well this is my Nostalgia. I think I was maybe 7-9 the first time I played Golden Sun, and I remember the day I bought Golden Sun: Lost Age, all those hours spent trying to figure out puzzles or trying to defeat the Twin-headed Dragon at the end. Admittedly, much easier now that I’m older, but the point still stands! And like they said, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it (improving it is fine, though ;P)!

      • Joanna

        You were 7-9? You make me feel ooolllllddd. D:I think I was around 14-15 when I played these two….and I also have a late birthday…edit: according to wiki, it was released in 2001 so I was almost 15. Wow, and it doesn’t feel all that long ago…yet I do remember playing it sometime in highschool. But I guess that’s because I’ve been replaying it recently. Still, it has been so long, it’s shocking!

    • Exkaiser

      Innovative and ground-breaking? Golden Sun?

      They were fun games, but they weren’t exactly special.

      • Joanna

        You’re right, but the psynergy puzzles were pretty damn good and I don’t see many puzzle elements in traditional RPGs (action RPGs have more of them), let alone the extent to which Golden Sun incorporated the puzzles. So to an avid RPGer, there was that puzzle element that did make Golden Sun special….just maybe not unique since it wasn’t the first to do so.

  • SneakyHawk

    I seriously need to go buy the first two games, dammit.

    • Truly you know that which you are missing. Golden Sun was the first RPG I ever played, actually probably the first games I ever did beat (Multiple times over).

    • You’re running out of time, Man! Get on it!

  • Nnnn, it’s been so long, I’m so excited! :D

    By the by… 30 years. The old man there, wasn’t he… the old man that traveled with you in the first 2 games? HOW IS HE STILL ALIVE!?

    I thought they never found the Lemurian potion, or it ran out, or the other old man kept using it died, or something. It’s been a long time since I’ve played GS.

    • It’s just water from Lemuria. Not difficult for Kraden to obtain.

    • Joanna

      Well with the Golden Sun and alchemy back…I suppose the drought isn’t hard to find/make…and the elements must be increasing the life span of people like in Lumeria. Or at least that is what I understood to be behind Pier and the other Lumerians’ long life span. Like Lupan, he’s a regular human, but he has lived much longer in Lumeria because of the high concentration of water psynergy in the place (the last to exist after alchemy was sealed) that creates miraculous water.Also, IIRC, Mercury lighthouse seemed to have the same kind of water after it was lit. So Karden should have no problem keeping himself alive without having to travel to Lumeria.

      edit: As for Babi, the man was like 300 years old and he only died because Issac didn’t get the Lumerian drought back to him in time.

  • As Long as Isaac/Jenna and Felix/Sheba made the beast with 2 backs, I’m good 8E

    • fuzzy_hobo

      It’s been confirmed Matthew is the son of Isaac and Jenna, but no word on Felix or Sheba.

      • Epic! Felix/Sheba had much less obstacles to it than Isaac/Jenna(Garret), so I’m confident they did the deed.

        • Ohh cool, i was trying to remember the names just below, yeah, lol garret wanted jenna as well haha, good thing he lost, i clearly remember i wanted isaac/jenna fo’ life

      • Joanna

        yeah~ I’ve been a big fan of the Issac and Jenna shipping since the first Golden Sun….not so for Felix/Sheba….probably cause she looks too young for him and just something about her personality rubbed me the wrong way. I loved all the GS characters except her. I wonder who Mia ended up with. Garet seems to be a popular choice, but I’d much rather have Felix paired off with her cause I love both of them.

  • I hope Felix is in this game…

  • Avojavo

    One more week! I usually prefer waiting a year for the prices to drop, but damn am I excited.

    Since Siliconera hasn’t done an brush up on this, does anyone who can read japanese know how the home crowd has received this game?

    • Aoshi00

      I’ve only taken a glance at the Amazon Jpn reviews, seem very mixed, they say the graphics, battle systems, and dungeons are good, but the story is shallow, dialogue is annoying, pacing is slow in first half, and too easy. I’m not very familiar w/ the series though since I’ve only played very little of the first Golden Sun (I was in college when it came out), maybe I should get my DS Lite out again to try it…actually maybe I’ll use the Gameboy player, wish I have the Hori pad though..

      • Eri

        The pacing is deffinitely a bit off. The story is so so, but I had to much wtf moments.

        Unless someone can explain me how entire new kindoms, ancient dynasties and the fricking wall of China appear within 30 years that is.

        But the gameplay (battles, dungeons and puzzles) were good.

  • Already preordered , it’s been a long time :)

    Considering the game gonna come on DS i’m very surprised about graphism

    Cause even there is a lot of RPG on DS (SFC Descendant ? :P) i don’t like so much SD Style

    But i could pass over this default for great games like DQ IX , Golden Sun and probably soon SaGa 3 !!! (i want a new Romancing Saga on Ps3 :()

  • Joanna

    I already have it pre-ordered and I can’t wait….I really need to hurry up and finish all the games on my plate. ^^;;;

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