• Cloud_ST

    That’s actually pretty cool,gives a feel of life to the game,I wonder what kind of gifts will they give?.

    • http://twitter.com/gustave154 gustave154

      probably stuff like food and materials xD

  • neogeno

    Took a cue from God Eater huh? Even though they wont join you on your quests like in GE this is still pretty cool though. I played multiplayer with alot of rare hunters who were great and it be nice to see them again even if its just as an NPC.

  • http://thrust-the-sky.deviantart.com/ WildArms

    Nice adition, good thing we can make the guild cards more personal now

  • PrinceHeir

    kinda reminded me of the Ghost feature from Tekken and God Eater Burst.

  • Code

    rar, neat but not as good as God Eater’s friend ghost data, maybe next time though! I remember once I tried to upgraded our bath’s water, then the house burned down, man was that ever an adventure >O>!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/jodecideion?feature=mhum TheWon and Only

    Capcom please port this to a console. So we can use some real online, and a bigger screen. I tell you it really seems like Tri was a demo compared to this.

    • Exkaiser

      Monster Hunter doesn’t sell on consoles.

      Make non-Portable MH as profitable as the portable games and maybe they’ll worry about it.

  • ChaosPaladinFayt

    aww lol i thought that they would be able to go on hunts with us in single lol, ah well, cool idea for them to show up though(Y)

  • Chow

    Hmm… those baths could be pretty useful for when I’m playing with myself.

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