See Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy’s Assist System In Action

By Ishaan . November 24, 2010 . 10:01am


Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy has an Assist System. You can call other characters from the selectable roster to drop into a battle and help you out.


You do this by building up your Assist Gauge, which you can see in the video above. The Assist Gauge is built up in the traditional fighting game style — by attacking and performing different moves. If you stand idly around, however, the gauge starts to deplete.


You’ll notice the Assist Gauge has two levels. Once the first gauge is filled up, you can press the L and O buttons to call your assist character in for an “Assist Brave” move that lowers your enemy’s brave meter. If you fill the second gauge up as well, you can perform an “Assist HP” move using L + □. This move hits the opponent’s HP meter.


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  • Zomg, I got lost, lol. It is so flashy that its awesome. Lightning is always a great sight to see and her attacks are awesome and that assist.

    • MemeticRichard


  • PrinceHeir

    can’t wait for this game :D

    please make the next DIssidia for the PS3 and make Zack as a playable character :)

    • I think you mean to make Zack AND Hope playable characters! :)

      • MemeticRichard


      • Code

        I guaranty he doesn’t, lol >w<' Seriously though definitely want Zack as an alternate for Cloud, it just seems like a given.

        • Exkaiser

          I would totally use a Zack costume for Cloud.

      • Zack and Hope aren’t even in the same levels, though I’d rather have Hope for Combat Diversity then Zack.Eeryone and their mom has a sword in Diss, but does anyone have a boomerang? Didn’t think So.

    • I don’t think they’ll add any good guy from Final Fantasy VII you can pray for Genesis, I’m still hopeful for Edgar and Yuna.

      • Code

        Yeah I don’t see Genesis happening, the leverage for Zack I figure is he could work as an alternate costume to Cloud fairly well. Although I suppose Genesis could sort of work as an alternate costume for Sephiroth too, but without Zack he’s perhaps a bit mismatched against Cloud, and Tifa. Although I think Tifa is it for FF7 characters for now.

        • I think there will be a problem if Zack comes, because he’ll most likely have the Buster Sword as his weapon rather than the SOLDIER sword so how are they going to explain two Buster Swords unless Dissidia Porologus (whatever that is) is a different game and has Zack instead of Cloud.

          • Code

            Waitt.. what? Your logic is, no Zack because there might be two Buster Swords on the screen at once xpx?? What if you have Cloud fighting Cloud?

          • Not in terms of gameplay how are they going to explain that in the story, it would be different if Zack dies in the game again and then gives the sword to Cloud.

          • Code

            @KushLikely in the same way they explained how most of the villains are still alive xpx;

        • Guest

          Gaynesis sucks! Why would anyone want him over Vincent

          • Vincent’s pretty Wack too. “Ooh, the girl I like is already in a relationship QQ”. People only like him cause he has a wicked cape and a gun.

            Barret/Yuffie/Cid are much better Characters (Personality wise) than Vincent IMO. Of Course, having anymore ff7 chars in this game would be balls anyway :/

          • Code

            I think Vincent is alright, I could see him maybe popping up in a 3rd game as a FF7 rep was mostly just talking Zack because they could make him a model swap with Cloud. As far as personality, I think spending a good chunk of one’s life in a pine box does have a way of souring one’s personality xpx;

          • Code

            Agreed, not a Genesis fan either. Protip: Never said I wanted Genesis take your complaints to Kush’s post not mine, lol >w<'

        • doomspeller10

          I’d choose Zack as a separate character over Genesis any day, for a future Dissidia, that is. I mean, he has all the skills necessary to have an interesting, hybrid combat style: combining Chain Slash, Octoslash, Apocalypse and Meteorain as HP attacks in one character doesn’t sound that crazy to me… and maybe Angeal’s Rush Assault as an Ex Burst.I don’t know about Vincent… I’m neither for nor against him in Dissidia. If the developers find a nice way to use him even if their reasons are BS, that’s enough for me.

          • Code

            Honestly as much as I like FF7, I’d rather see other FF’s, ones that come before FF11 in particular opo; casts get expanded more, Cloud, Tifa, and Sephiroth are fine by me for now. I don’t know personally I’d be satisfied with him being a costume swap, considering they’ve done that with another character already. But personally I wouldn’t mind a Ryu/Ken kind of deal where Zack’s moveset is a modified version of Clouds.

  • kupomogli

    Looks like with the assists we now have more combo opportunities. With no equipment and a break, the match is usually just about over though. The only thing is that with assists, matches will be over even more quickly. Unfortunately.

    • Well, the HP Cap is over 10000 now, so there’s no such thing as Endgame OHKO’s Anymore

  • Aaaah, so now we can combo, I like…

    • MemeticRichard

      Lol, you couldn’t combo before? XD Harh. Guess you never even attempted to try using Jecht. :3

      • ChaosPaladinFayt

        i guess he meant more like when they hit the ground, they are not invulnerable anymore. instead u are able to keep combo-ing them during a small window of opportunity. Which is good IMO =D more of a challenge and unlocks potential =P

        • Yes, that is what I meant
          Jecht couldn’t technically combo, his attacks just required precise timing
          In the original Dissidia, you could escape after pretty much every attack, there was no real way to keep someone (who’s good at the game anyway) defenseless after hitting them once

      • Oh, I used him, though that’s not really the combo-ing I meant
        I meant more what ChaosPaladin here says

  • Dat Assist

    Also, quit asking for FFVII chars! It’s not gonna happen in this game, so move on!

    • Guest

      Can I ask for Dark Schnieder of Bastard!! as a guest character instead?

      • doomspeller10

        What about Justin Bieber? I think it won’t be enough for me (and probably many others) having Vaan as a punching ball… or maybe as an alternative custome for Vaan?

        • Vaan probably has the most Variety available in his attacks. I doubt he’s gonna be as much of a punching bag as you guys suspect (Unless you make his AI Crap, I guess)…

          • doomspeller10

            Hopefully they also improve Ex Death’s AI. That was a joke in the first dissidia.

  • doomspeller10

    That last combo of Lightning and WoL looked pretty badass. DO WANT MOAR!
    EDIT: Can’t wait to own Vaan with a Tifa+Sephiroth combo.

  • add ramza please T___T”

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