Da Capo: Innocent Finale Finally Localized

By Ishaan . December 5, 2010 . 12:03pm

Da Capo: Innocent Finale is a sort of “What If…” scenario — a retelling, if you will — of Shirakawa Kotori’s story from Da Capo. Originally developed for the PlayStation 2, Innocent Finale explores what would have happened had Jun’ichi ended up with Kotori instead.


Da Capo: Innocent Finale has both older and newer characters. MangaGamer, who are publishing, are keen to point out that it’s also the first title in their portfolio localized through their new editing and beta-testing pipeline, which they hope will lead to a better quality product.


Innocent Finale released this past week for 19.95 Euros on MangaGamer’s website, and has the original Japanese voices included in the game.


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  • not interesting

  • Can’t wait to play this, I think it looks good!

  • eh….

  • Im kinda confused, does this “Da Capo” even came out, in english, for the ps2?

    • The game was originally developed in Japanese, on the PS2.

      MangaGamer’s release of this game is in English, on the PC. It’s the first time this game has been localized into English or released on PC.

      • Cool, thanks for the explanation!

  • Ladius

    I hope MangaGamer starts releasing physical copies of their titles, I bought Higurashi on Himeya and I would gladly support many of their games if they gave us the possibility to buy them not only as dd.
    Other companies like Jast USA are releasing their titles on dvd, and since MG has many licences that are quite popular in the otaku niche I think it won’t be in vain, especially if they start with All-Ages titles.
    That said, I’m happy to see a reasonable price tag (a shame that the original Da Capo is still at 49.95 EU : ) and I’m curious to hear some feedback relating to the new localization process. Good luck to MG!

    • Technically, Kira Kira and the Question Arcs for Higurashi ARE available on Hard-Copy. They were sold at both Anime Expo, Otakon, as well as online and at other conventions by Hen Da Ne.

      I think they still are too.

      If you want to hear more about the localization process head over to our staff blog–just click my name. (The blog is technically registered as R rated because of some images posted on there from time to time.)

      As for Da Capo’s price tag… check back in a few days. =3

      • Ladius

        Hi Kouryuu, it’s nice to speak directly with you :) Yeah, I know Higurashi and KiraKira were released on dvd, when I mentioned Higurashi I was referring to your edition (Himeya put it on sale roughly at the same time as Hen Da Ne). Unfortunately Kira Kira never showed up on Himeya, and since HDN has problems with shipment to some european States I couldn’t import it :
        That said, I would really appreciate to see other MangaGamer titles going retail. Surely being only a consumer I’m missing some key informations, but I really can’t see how JAST USA and their affiliated companies can publish all their games on dvd (at low prices, mostly) while MG has so much problems.
        I don’t think that a game like Da Capo has less market than a Lightning Warrior Raidy title, for example (on the contrary, I think it has far more appeal in this niche), and the same could be said of titles like Shuffle, Soul Link and Koihime Musou, not to mention Higurashi’s other arcs.
        Your price tags have always been quite steep for a dd-only purchase, and having retail copies (even as limited editions sold only through some online retailers) would surely help convincing many “grey area” fans to buy (and that could be important in a fanbase in which even some hundred customers can make the difference, at least seeing the problems regarding Koihime’s dub licensing costs). Many visual novel fans have a collector-like mentality, while having to pay for dd in a scene saturated by fantranslations (nothing against them obviously, God bless them for their hard work) is a powerful incentive to piracy, sadly.
        Of course you have probably read posts like this dozens of time and maybe you can’t answer some of my questions (especially the JAST comparison) because of company policies, so I apologize if they came off as blunt. I really appreciate your work and look forward to MG releases!

        • I do read these suggestions all the time, which is part of why we’ve been working on them. ^_^

          All I can say for now though, is to keep an eye on blog/twitter/facebook for more updates. We’re actually hoping to announce something soon.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    A Japanese title for the PC that is translated into English and isn’t an MMO/browser-based game? Why, that sounds fanta…..oh wait, it’s DD-only.
    -_- This is what I hate about Japanese PC titles; there is always a “catch”. Either it’s yet another MMO/browser-based game, a DD-only title or it is exclusive to Japan (and thus only available in Japanese).

    To Circus’ credit, though, at least they seem to be aware that the PC gaming market is far more lucrative outside of Japan. The same cannot be said for bigger gaming companies in Japan, such as Capcom and Atlus. Even though the console versions of the original Persona and the Ace Attorney series received an official release overseas, their PC equivalents remained exclusive to Japan. WHY?!?! What possible reason would a game developer have of keeping a PC game exclusive to one of the world’s weakest PC gaming markets?! The complete lack of logic and common sense that such actions demonstrate makes me want to floss my head through the ears with a barbed wire and scream obscenities.

  • kactaplb

    What they localize nowadays is amazing. There was absolutely nothing 5 years ago. Keep it up, nice to see real eroge titles in english.

  • Yay. Saw the anime of this side story, and it was fun. I’m definitely going to pick up this VN.

    I hope it sells well: that’ll indicate both that there’s a market for certain good side-story VNs, and also for “natively” all-ages VNs.

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