Tales Of Graces F Idol, Suits, And Campus Costumes Dated

By Spencer . December 7, 2010 . 2:16pm

The "F" in Tales of Graces F could stand for fashionista too. Namco Bandai has a bunch of paid costumes like these campus outfits. Each Graces Academy costume costs 400 yen ($5).




This batch of costumes does more than change Asbel into a modern day high school student. These give characters special abilities too. You can get them from Japan’s PlayStation Store on December 16.


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But, first Namco Bandai will release [email protected] outfits for the girls. Each one costs 400 yen ($5).


009[1] 032[1] 033[1] 034[1] 001[3] 002[1] 006[1] 


Most of the men get "suits" costumes that make Asbel look like a pirate and Herbert a butler. These also cost 400 yen ($5) each.


015[1] 010[2] 011[1] 012[1] 013[1] 014[1]


Want bunny ears? Namco Bandai has those, but that attachment will cost 100 yen ($1.20). Four attachment packs will be available on December 16 – a bunny set, cat set, glasses set, and "piyo piyo" set. The last one is for the little yellow bird on Hubert’s head.


024[1] 025[2] 026[1] 028[1]


Altogether, we’re up to 5,600 yen ($67) in DLC. Tales of Graces F retails for 8,379 yen ($100).

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  • Exkaiser

    Wait, wait, 400 yen a costume? That’s 2800 yen for the entire party. Just for the one set!

    That’s really gouging the people who want them, isn’t it?

    • They’ll sell like hot cakes anyways,

      • Exkaiser

        Oh, I wasn’t doubting that part.

    • And that’s only the campus outfit.In the end, if you buy all the DLC, it’s gonna cost more than the game itself (probably) x_xIt’s not like they haven’t done this before. Remember [email protected]?

  • Man, im sure Namco bandai would get a lot of money bringing this game here… Im one of those that could even buy 1 custome just for the fun of it

    • Fans must not be writing Namco Bandai enough letters, we need to organize a huge multi countrywide campaign of swarming their mailboxes with postcards, millions need to work together!

      • Exkaiser

        There need to be at least a million people ready to buy localized Tales games before that can happen.

        • Im hopeful, though there has got to be a million tales fans outside of Japan, there just gotta be. (well it would be shocking if there isnt, unless the people here are just repeat customers though)

      • Darkrise

        Imagine that same thing happening with Namco. Fans writing enough letters to actually convince Namdai to bring F over to NA, just like how fans wrote enough letters to Cave’s producer, convincing him to keep Muchi Muchi Pork & Pink Sweets region free. Oh what a miracle that would be.

      • Dimentionalist

        Already on it. Everyone do what this man suggests.

        There are fans, they just think Namco won’t listen. I spoke to two people at the company who told me everything is being forwarded to the right people.

    • HAHAHA a lot of money

      Translating,advertising and like Bamco wants it with West Languages Synchro
      Tons of money for what?200 000 possible customers?xD
      And this for a normal Tales of and not such one with the art style of Graces…Lolis,kiddy stuff and such things…At most 100 000 customers in the complete West.

      But well…You just want them to bring the game.
      Why not importing it?PS3 is Region Free

      • Thats a lot of money, why do you think developers want to release their games out of japan if its possible? i dont think to lose money… Actually, i might be wild shooting here so dont quote me on this sentence but i dont think its too hard for a japan company to get money from releasing a game outside, most of the problems would go to the localization company, but anyway, im not really sure about this last thing, but well, hear this out…This is how i see it:They use more to actually “make” the game, and release it in japan, so the money they get will be obviously lower than in america… if they sell the same stuff, and all they gotta do is pay some people to localize it (it surely must be cheaper than a developer team), maybe some ads (because they barely do ads) and voice actors, that’s a lot money in brute they can do compared to what they get in japan.Check this, http://gamrreview.vgchartz.com…/Tales of vesperias sales in America were bigger than in japan (i know it may be because there are more xbox sold in the US), but still, more than 200k in just 1 console is pretty neat here. They could also release Tales of Graces on the wii, thats a lot of money in both japan and US, and, use the same translation but with some extras (the same with tales of vesperia for ps3), release it for ps3, and thats a good money in the bag, without counting the add ons. It’s always the same here, check out how the sales at the beginning arent that great but at the end, Americas’s sales beats Japan’s, this just prove how these kind of games sell better at a long term rate here.And what you said at the end makes no sense… i want them to bring the game, so… i have to import it? in a language i can barely read? You think i would be whining about the tales of games not coming because i can do that?…

      • Whoa.. You even out due me in being a needlessly hostile prick. Congrats.

  • Everytime I see a Tales game in the update, I always tease myself, excited for localization announcement that never happens. =(

    • PrinceHeir

      im with you man, they don’t publish their own games yet they go on publishing the more successful game created by others(*cough demons souls)

      namco im very disappointed at you. Tales is the only major JRPG series that has never made it to the west(besides Xenoblade but it will eventually as long as Nintendo dosen’t screw it up). End of Eternity, Valkyria Chronicles, Star Ocean heck niche games like Atelier, Death Smiles, Otomedius Excellence are being localize here yet they still manage to survive here.

      so why the hesitate? if your thinking it will sell 5 mill copies in 1 week your out of your mind, but you will be able to make profit since alot of fans are willing to support you. please don’t make us wait till next gen for a tales game.

  • ShinGundam

    Tales of cosplay

  • You know, with all of these anime themed costumes you’d think they’d take advantage of the anime fandom in America. Granted, anime is a niche here, but a rather large one. Hell, One Manga alone is a testament to that.

    • But wasnt/isnt that a worldwide site anyway? (and thats manga…?)

      • Alexander was simply implying (kinda guessing here) that if this game came out and all these additions were available to download as DLC for an English translated release, it would probably sell decently to anime fans who play the game. Since girl idols, men in suits, and school uniforms are major themes in various titles, including manga.

        • Exactly, thanks for helping me to get my point across, Aunna. Tsunayoshi Sawada, I think it was, but it attracted a fairly large western audience, or so the majority of its English translations lead me to believe anyway.

    • malek86

      Onemanga was free, though…

    • Hraesvelgr

      If you’re basing this on One Manga alone, I’m going to have to tell you that the “large” fandom shinks considerably once they have to actually pay for something.

      • Only a few brave souls actually read the series (well as many series as they were probably reading and went out to buy them) I guess. I was shocked to find that people who were manga fans owned not one hard copy volume at all…in America. Its so low cost that it blew my mind.

      • I was using One Manga as an example of anime’s influence here. I get your point though.

  • MizuMikomi

    Herbert? I thought his name was Hubert, actually I am pretty certain it is.

    Out of all this DLC, I will probably only get the suit for Asbel, and the Cat ear attachment pack. =3

  • pretty expensive for a costime that does nothing unless it does. :/

  • Ah, this is amazing. The men look good in their suits and the girls look cute in their [email protected] outfits. Tho.. I’m loving the glasses & cat ears add-ons. XD But that’s mostly because I love glasses and cats. XD

  • Tales of Graces: Narikiri Dungeon F amirite

  • shion16

    why dont something usefull??
    a side-quest, a extra boss, something like that
    fanservice is boring

  • $5 per costume XD, Namco and people who buy this crap are stupid

    • Hraesvelgr

      Considering how much Namco made off of the Tales of Vesperia costume, I’m not sure I’d say they’re stupid…

  • goronyan

    i’ll buy the [email protected] costume for sure, and as result i’ll end up buying all remaining costumes lol.
    The same curse occurred against me with Vesperia’s dlc

    ouch my wallet >.>

  • xNekux

    why are japanese games always in the 80-100 US range

    • PurpleDoom

      As far as I know, games simply have a higher MSRP there, then there’s the cost of importing if you choose to do so.

    • I heard that Japan is a pretty lavish place and that the higher cost of goods is because it takes more to continue to support its lavish environment. I want to visit because I heard that it is an awesome place and as portrayed in movies it looks like gorgeous place, with streets with gorgeous super cars, and technological marvels at every turn, it truly is on my list of must visit places that I want to visit after learning 2 or 3 more languages.

      • asian version is the way to go for console games these days.

  • EFF MY LIFE. The asian version went out of stock before I had the money. I better get it when it goes back in stock on play-asia. I need a JRPG. I’ve resorted to playing Eternal Sonata (TERRIBLE) DX

    • I feel your pain! I just wanted that game to END

      • Ugh, that’s exactly how I feel. They talked way too much about nothing interesting and the every single character sucks. No wonder it flopped here.

  • Dimentionalist


  • Catnipcookie

    Here. I will end all aruguements with Bamco and their logic to localizing. Ready? They releases Eternal Sonata here on the 360. Sells were so-so, not too great. They release Tales of Vesperia here. Sells are… okay.
    Ten Weeks for ToV: 97,856
    Ten Week for ES: 61,579

    Those are the numbers for the US. Now, Eternal Sonata’s update was released in English as well.
    Ten Week PS3 ES: 35,708

    They are most likely looking at those numbers for bring over a remake. As much as we all say we would go and buy ToV for the PS3 some people wouldn’t. As for Tales of Graces, they are most likely looking at ToS2. ToS2 sold: 129,806 in the US it’s first ten weeks. Which isn’t bad.

    My long story short, I refuse to talk logic with a company who would rerelease ES on the PS3.

    • I thought the Tales fanbase was larger, Im shocked that it is just 100-125K…Thats kind of not good considering other RPGs that arent franchise related did super well, like DS and DAO

      • PurpleDoom

        I always get the impression that the fanbase somehow inflated after the whole Tales of Vesperia on PS3 debacle…

      • Tales might be a nitche series in the west, which explains the low sales.

  • JustaGenericUser

    There is something wrong when the DLC costs more than the game.

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