Here’s Fresh Screenshots Of Capcom’s Two Resident Evil 3DS Games

By Ishaan . December 8, 2010 . 7:03pm

Capcom are working on two Resident Evil games for the Nintendo 3DS. The one that’s farther along in development at the moment is Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, which is 70% complete.


The Mercenaries 3D aims to replicate the “Mercenaries” mode from Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, but with some changes. The big change here is that you can now move while shooting, which wasn’t possible previously. Additionally, the controls also make use of the 3DS touchscreen.


Yes, that’s Claire in the first screenshot. So far, Chris, Hunk and Krauser have been confirmed for the game as well. You’ll also want to note that The Mercenaries 3D also has worldwide online co-op multiplayer.


mercs_clairemercs_chris mercs_hunkmercs_krauser  


Meanwhile, Resident Evil: Revelations is the more story-focused of the two games. This one is only 20% through development, and stars Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine aboard a stranded cruise liner.



Both games look rather impressive, don’t they? They’re running on a 3DS-compatible version of the MT Framework engine, which powers a lot of Capcom’s high-definition games like Resident Evil 5, Devil May Cry 4 and Lost Planet. A few months ago, Capcom detailed the features of the engine using Resident Evil: Revelations as an example.

  • PrinceHeir

    holy hell it’s claire and krauser though claire looks very different here. hopefully they use the same voice actors from the previous games

    now all we need is leon, ada, wesker, jill and this will be the best mercenaries game ever :)

    im really excited at this game. being able to shoot while moving, a more classic style game now this is just too awesome :)

  • Mercenaries 3D looks terrible…the fingers are still blocky. It is one of the most glaring things in the images. With such a powerful system at their fingertips I do not understand how fingers can not be emulated in true glory. Surely it can not be that difficult?!

    Revelations looks glorious to be at the 20% level, I love how we can start to see individual hair follicles and the rain looks believable as well. Looks to be the game that I will get and my first Resident Evil game.


      • Dude, I cant breath!!!! , lol, wow!

        • Wow, seriously? You’re going to complain about what the HANDS look like?

          You just seem like an immature brat video game nerd. Stop embarassing yourself.

          I’m excited as hell for these games, the look great.

      • Code

        Seriously though when it comes to games with bad fingers and hands that could use work, Street Fighter 4 comes to mind opo

        Capcom: THUMBS HOW DO THEY WORK!?

    • Well, something every team needs to keep in mind while developing games is optimization, and where to allocate the most polygons and higher-res textures. Typically, you up-rez the most visible areas and down-rez the not-so-visible ones. I doubt most people are going to be focusing on fingers while they’re busy trying to headshot people. :)

      Also, I don’t know if this ultimately impacted the character models in any way, but Mercenaries appears to re-use environment assets from RE4 and RE5, whereas Revelations is built for 3DS from the ground up, and perhaps better-optimized.

      And finally, there’s the fact that Mercenaries is going to be focusing heavily on online multiplayer, which might have contributed, too.

      • I do not see why they would not focus on the fingers. We are using guns, therefore more attention needs to be given to the guns instead of the glowing effect in the green sky; this is one of the few games that Ive seen in which the character is using a gun and has blocky fingers, though it should be expected when developers are lazy, we see that Ubisoft still fails to grasp the idea of utilizing great character models and focusing on visual parts during scenes (ie Blood looks like paper, fingers are excessively blocky, even at their third game on the consoles). I wont even comment on the ugly and out of fashion pants the characters are wearing. One would think such a company would focus on utilizing the system to the best of its capabilities.

        I cant imagine multiplayer can have an effect on it, Uncharted 2 still seems to maintain excellent attention to detail in online modes. Sites said the 3DS is apparently like power to the powerful consoles, so it should be able to still have great character models (and non blocky fingers) in an online environment, unless they are just trying to rush this game to retail…

        I guess this system will be another case where built from the 3DS ground up games will just look better than reused or ported stuff…

        • Guest

          Get over it.

        • 1. The Ps3 has WAY more power and memory to work with compared to the 3ds. They’re not even comparable.

          2. It’s not “Lazy”, it’s smart. Why the EFF would you waste time on FINGERS in an over-the-shoulder thirdperson shooter that involves a bunch of other people either trying to kill you or help you fight off hordes of Zombies?

          3. It’s F*cking Fingers. The rest of the Character models are top-notch, especially for a portable game. And you’re commenting on FASHION when these people are trying to survive a limitless horde of Zombies? Someone needs to get their priorities checked. Seriously.

          • As one of the first developers on the 3DS they should be trying to set forth a benchmark for other game developers to follow. Why not spend resources building excellent character models that be used in future games? In these market conditions, those companies who develop complete somewhat futureproof products are well suited for maximizing money and monetizing their franchise with the ability to release annual sequels.

            Having realistic fingers is key to the experience…if I were targeting some individual in the game and I notice their finger on the trigger in front of me and I see that it looks just like a block, I would be literally caught off guard and be brought out of the experience and most likely be unable to retaliate and get myself killed. So in this instance the lack of fidelity in the fingers has thereby inhibited my ability to not only immerse myself in the game but to actually play the game in the way it was originally intended, meaning the game is broken. I think this example elucidates the idea of just how vital having excellent character models is to the game.

            Once again, if we are killing zombies then surely one would notice their clothing, sometimes developers make like easter eggs on outfits of enemies or there could be costumes and such, perhaps my imagination just runs wild, but just seeing them in ugly out of fashion pants, well, that isnt very imaginative, dude!

          • What you’re saying: “As one of the first developers on the 3DS they should be trying to set forth a benchmark for other game developers to follow.”


          • Then you just suck if fingers gets you killed.

          • Aoshi00

            TS really has a point here, blocky fingers might not be the end of the world, but they really could be distracting and literally stand out like a sore thumb. Examples are Xenosaga Episode 2, FF 13, Xenoblade, the fingers are blocky as all heck in those otherwise fine looking games, every time the chars showing their fingers just remind you how sloppy that part is put together and takes you out of the game somewhat, just makes you think “couldn’t they have spent a little more effort on those appendages” :)? Other than the eyes being windows of the soul, fingers/hand speak volume in terms of a person’s expression. I don’t know about CG, but one of the hardest things to draw is finger as well, and sometimes people go sloppy on those.I don’t know how bad the fingers here look, as long as it’s not Xenosaga Episode 2 or Xenoblade bad (the fist looking like a lego block), I’m fine I guess.. like Nier has no problem w/ fingers but FF13’s fingers look pretty blocky, just makes you think what they spend their money on… oh right, the hair lol..

          • I am so glad that someone understands!

            Well and FF13 had an issue with its grass and ground textures that looked as murky as like N64 games (Zelda, Mario, etc)

          • FF13’s fingers never looked blocky to me.

            And Actually, after thinking about it, Aoshi’s comment actually debunks your wank, tsuna. If FF13 had blocky fingers like you say, why did it not take you out of the experience? You tout FF13 as the “Premiere Final Fantasy”, blocky fingers and all. If an HD system can get away with it, why not a Portable system?

          • Aoshi00

            I thought both the arms and fingers in FF13 looked pretty blocky and could have used a little more work, Lightning (or Vanille) looked like she had those chubby man-fingers in some close-ups … For the chars who wear gloves they weren’t that noticeable like Snow or Hope, but you could still see they went a little sloppy because the gloves don’t fully cover their whole hands for Lightning and Sazh.. It stood out to me because graphics is one of the best things about the game, and I was a little thrown off by the blocky arms/fingers, guess there’s only so much money and time to go around.. I mean they weren’t like horrible blocky fists like Xenosaga Ep 2 (that game looked so good and realistic other than the hands) or Xenoblade (even the faces look horrible at times), but it just felt sloppy to me because I held FF13 to a higher standard.Come on man, cut TS some slack, I hate to say it, he does make sense sometimes (as outrageous as that might sound), and I find myself agreeing w/ him 50% of the time.. maybe he was just too enamored w/ his teenage hero Hope he didn’t notice lol, but w/ RE the hands are kind of in your face.. The point is sometimes the hands COULD throw you off, when I watched the Xenosaga Ep 2 cutscenes, I kept telling to the TV, “separate those fingers”.. because they were all mushed up together like a block :(..

          • FF13’s finger blocky O.O?

        • “We are using guns, therefore more attention needs to be given to the guns”

          You said it yourself. Make those guns look gorgeous even if the game looks ugly when upscaled to 1080p!

    • pedrron

      Sorry, we all can’t be perfect like you TsunSaw.

    • Guest


    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      I have a foot fetish. Why do they wear shoes?! I need to see those meticulously rendered toes down to the toenail crud and the arousingly perfect arc of the sole!!! I mean, what if when they are running, I see them bobbing up and down and am reminded that they have feet, and I cannot see those dearies because of the close camera view?! I’d go craaaaazy!!

      Jokes aside, I am bothered by (lack of) things like attention to detail, and while blocky fingers won’t cut my eye, in the larger scheme of things an accumulation of many low quality attributes will. It also depends on consistency and my acceptance of hardware limitations; if a game is blocky all over, I wouldn’t be bothered at all. The oddity that can *almost* break the experience in otherwise good-looking, narrative heavy games are poor eyeball animations. That’s usually where I first look when a character speaks. When the rest of the character looks so convincing, “dead eyes” creep me right out into the uncanny valley and I have a hard time getting back out.

      EDIT: Beaten by Aoshi more or less but wtvr.

    • Code

      rar, I played games back in the days before blocks had fingers, it never bothered me.

      • But werent those the olde days in which there was no online connect enabled on consoles? Surely it wouldnt be an issue if you are playing a single player campaign with olde algorithms for computer AI. This blocky finger issue is vital for online gameplay as, because one is playing against intelligent humans with dynamic patterns of action, taking a momentary pause to be appalled by the ugly blocky fingers will surely open up a moment for retaliation and death from the other player.

        • You’re just a dummy if you’re more worried about their fingers than the bullets heading for you. That’s nobody’s fault but your own.

          • Well that would be true if this were like the most phenomenal FPS Ive ever played (and possible of this generation) Modern Warfare 2, which seemed to always have bullets coming out from all directions in the campaign. I didnt even have time to look at the enemies hands and character models that closely because it was a fierce and high action game, people online are desperate to rack up kills!

          • It’s not even an FPS! You won’t even SEE the frickin fingers!

        • Code

          haha, obvious troll is so obvious >w<' fission mailed.

    • Back to old habits of pointless complaints, now, aren’t we? Before you start making one of these complaints again, think of limits that developers need to keep in mind of.

      The 3DS is not an infinitely powerful machines. If they are to display a certain amount of detail, or number of enemy characters on-screen, some things need to be dumbed down (be it texture resolution, or geometry).

      In this case, fingers aren’t a super-important detail. With a small screen like that, the majority of people won’t be putting too much attention to it since they will be focusing on the action around them.

      You may have changed your name, but your habits remain. Stop them. Think. And before you make another complaint like this, take a few game design classes designed with consoles in mind. Consoles aren’t PC’s, they have an ultimate limit to their power, and developers need to think of ways to get around them. The fingers are one of many examples.

      In other words: Deal with it.

      • Dude that just doesnt make sense. We are not dealing with something that is an impossibility here. Just because a game is being on a small screen doesnt mean that details need to be dumped down; I do not see how it is harmful for them to commit to the details of the fingers. Even console developers on much more powerful hardware still skip out on the details for fingers…just look at, Assassins’s Creed 2 and the cutscenes where the hands are involved, blocky, and thats on a console and the game certainly didnt push any limits.

        And if we may be honest, there are a lot of murky textures and details in this RE: Mercs (the rooftops, the pants on the zombies, the lack of being able to see individual hair follicles). A game that seems to be codeveloped, that Revelations, seems to look more improved, we can see her hair follicles.

        A small screen would make these lack of details stick out since we have to hold the 3DS so close to out face and we are confined to focus on less screen area than a TV screen.

        These arent pointless complaints, Ive already stated how the disgusting look fingers will inhibit one from being able to focus on the gameplay and cause them to die because they will have to take a brief gasp in the middle of high climax action when they see the graphical oddity, therefore a feature that breaks the game and makes it unplayable.

        • Not noticing every hair follicle in a portable game( that’s only about as good as the PSP so far) is not a “Graphical oddity”. It’s someone bitching.

    • It’s a shooter, not an h-game.

      • D:

        • I know Wild.

          I am disappoint.

        • You name me another kind of game where finger model quality matters. O8

  • SlashZaku

    Somewhat on/off-topic but what the bloody hell happened to the PSP RE Capcom? Are you sitting on it till the PSP2 is officially announced to show off a PSP2 version of the MT Engine? I mean, it was announced back in 2009 (?) and here we are with the 3DS getting 2 RE titles =

    • I had stated inquiry about the PSP Resident Evil in the last RE topic, lol. People said it must be vaporware

  • Guest

    I wish this was dlc for RE5, i can’t imagine playing this on a handheld.

  • cj_iwakura

    Wouldn’t this be better suited to the PSP?


    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Maybe at some point it WAS on the PSP…

    • Well it seems the Nintendo 3DS is more powerful then the PSP. Also, with the PSP2 coming next year (according to estimates) then Capcom are probably holding out, rather then try and mess around to fit it into the PSP.

      • I see it this way…. the 3DS graphic power, just reached the psp’s graphic powa, a portable console released like 4 years ago (i think), i can’t imagine the beast the PSP2 will be X.X , also, i´ve heard it will have a HD screen, omg.

        Of course, the 3DS/DS forte isnt in the graphics, but in the dual screen+touch screen, and now 3D thingie with internet thingies (something the psp already had, but it couldnt get in the middle of a game though) and mii stuffy with the dual camera 3D powar

        • 3DS graphic like the PSP?
          Kinda retarded or clearly a Sony Fanboy :D

  • I am hoping for an HD console port of Revelations.

    In fact, I think I’d like to see that with Megaman Legends 3, as well.

    Doubt either will happen, unfortunately, though.

    • capristrider

      I agree 101% I would love to play both those games on PS3, I can only imagine dual shock 3 controller upping the fun and comfort!

      Come on Capcom, give Nintendo a “timed” exclusive only, pretty please with a cherry on top!

  • 2002120141

    in game claire(mercs) looks like jack black in that brutal legend game.

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    It just goes to show you that no matter how good something may be, there will ALWAYS be ignorant people that will complain.

    And even if you give them a resonable explanation or facts, they STILL choose to ignore it. At that point those people are a lost cause.

    Anyway I can’t wait ’til RE:Revelations though. Day One purchase for me.

    • NeoTechni

      just cause you dont like the complaints doesnt mean they are ignorant

      • kylehyde

        If the shoe fits, wear it

  • SolidusSnake

    3DS should be pretty amazing if the other games look half as good. I can’t even believe a handheld is capable of producing graphics like this.

  • cant wait to play this when im about to sleep
    i usually play my DS when im heading to sleep
    play some 2 hours and then get tired and sleep, ill enjoy this cause its gonna be survival horror back to his roots ;)

  • ChaosPaladinFayt

    wouldnt there be a problem with difficulty? kuz shooting games are always easy on touchscreen handhelds *cough CoD cough*….bit too easy for my liking….unless they add like super extreme difficulty.

    • kylehyde

      I don’t think that the touch screen will play an important role in this game. However we have to remember that theres a stick, so probably they are going to give priority to that kind of input.

  • Interesting discussion. lol I love you guys =]

  • Game looks great can’t wait :D

  • Ok,so this kind of graphic can be made on a dual core arm 11 266 mhz?
    The specs reported are lower than the new Iphone and look at that,own a 3DS will look as youre owning a 360 portable xD



    Now all we need is a little Rebecca, add a little Billy Coen, a dash of Barry, and I’d say we’re pretty good to go.

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