Dead Rising 2: Case West Infests Xbox Live On December 27th

By Ishaan . December 13, 2010 . 2:01pm

Following the events of Dead Rising 2, Chuck Greene infiltrates the Phenotrans Facility along with original Dead Rising protagonist, Frank West, to uncover its connection with the zombie outbreaks.


This downloadable episode is called Dead Rising 2: Case West. Exclusive to Xbox Live, Case West has been locked down for a December 27th release for 800 Microsoft Points ($10). It comes with new weapons, as well as the ability to take pictures once more, using Frank.

  • ugh i have 380 microsoft points after buying the 2nd blazblue CS dlc character. I guess ill buy some microsoft point once this releases. Does anyone know if there co-op in this? (i haven’t been keeping on track with case west).

    • There is co-op, yes. And if you go at it in single player, you play as Chuck with Frank controlled by the AI.

    • There was a special that Mircosoft had where if you bought two eligible XBL games you get 400 pts later on. Granted, you have to pay around 15-20 bucks for the games themselves, but it’s useful in situations like this (planning on using it on Valkenhayn myself).

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        Yeah, I really like how Microsoft handles deals/promotions on the 360, I wish Sony would get off there butt and offer similar promotions. Although out of all the deals I’ve gotten on 360, I preferred the spend $30 get $10 back deal they had in October over this one they have on right now. That deal was really awesome >w<'

        • I missed that one. Didn’t even know about it till I read about the current one.
          No one tells me these things :/
          BUT, it was good excuse to get Ikaruga and Rez HD finally.

        • They started doing the xbox reward publicly now. The only bad thing is most of the point you can gain is by buying xbox gold subscription and subscriping to media service like sky, netflix etc. You can gain 20 point per month by doing their quick survey. Looking for someone to co-op with? ill be buying the game once it out.

          • Code

            Awesome I’d be up for that >w<' Yeahh the rewards program microsoft is doing is only in the US though at the moment — the dashboard deals though luckily anyone can pick up!

          • Feel free to add “Kaishou Eleven” on xbox live. I probably won’t be on till friday after i given in all my work in.

    • Code

      Yep yep, it seems like the main focus will be on co-op play, rar, I gotta find someone to play with on 360, so I can be Frank +o+ Seriously I know given the choice EVERYONE would play as Frank but seriously who wants to play as Chuck given the hoice omo;

    • If you sign up for bing rewards (you have to use IE for about 5 minutes a day) you can “earn” somewhere around ~20msp a day. They way it works is you earn 20 rewards points a day, and when you get together 400 reward points you can turn them in for 400msp. I’ve made 1200msp so far doing this, and you can do it in about 5 minutes a day. Just spam searches in the bingbar until you hit your daily limit.

      And just to avoid the whole “LOL UR SPAM” I’m wearing pink rimmed 1$ sunglasses in my display picture.

  • Guest

    Yeah this is why I didn’t bother getting this game for my PS3.

  • I bought it used from Gamestop, so that Capcom wouldn’t get any money (my own pathetic little protest against the 360-DLC situation), only to discover…Dead Rising 2 bored me. A lot, actually. It was incredibly repetitive, which wasn’t helped by the restarting when you missed a deadline, and I just lost interest the first day I had it.

    I loved the multiplayer, though, which is weird, because I usually prefer co-op to competitive, but Terror is Reality was fun.

    Still, it wasn’t fun enough to make me not return it the next day I could. I never played the original, so I don’t know if the Western developers just screwed up the formula or if I would’ve been bored by the original too, but I just couldn’t figure out how you could make a game where it’s you versus 72,000 zombies boring.

    • Code

      Yeahh, Dead Rising 2 DOES kind of lack something the original had, my advice if given then chance to try the 360 original give it a shot, definitely a really fun game. Dead Rising 2 just ends up coming across much flatter in my opinion, the characters aren’t as interesting and the story never really clicks. The original Dead Rising had this B-Movie quality, where almost too much is happening which at least keeps it interesting. Me and co-worker were talking about it the other day, and I said, Dead Rising isn’t good because it’s a zombie game, it’s good because it’s a Frank West game, which pretty much sums it up.

      One day is maybe a little short to pass judgment on the game, but yeah Dead Rising 2 I feel shines most when it comes to co-op, and it’s multiplayer is ‘just’ enough >w<' Single player it's maybe good for one play through but the original I think I played through 7 times so far and every time was always interesting, DR2 it was getting pretty dry by it's second cycle.

      • “it’s good because it’s a Frank West game”
        That’s one way to look at it!
        Although, I’m not sure if I’d be game for a “Frank West’s Crazy Adventure” spin-off series…
        What I loved about the first is that you could explore a bit and really have fun with the zombies. You can do that in DR2, too, but with all these missions popping up I just get anxious and plow through the hordes, not really exploring or doing anything creative with the undead.
        Once I beat the game I’m just going to relax and really have fun in Vegas.

        • Code

          Frank West’s Crazy Adventures!?

          Day One purchase +o+

          Seriously though, I think part of what made the game was the fact Frank West is just plain great, he’s just your average joe reporter, who happens to be a zombie-disemboweling beast >w<

      • I don’t know, it just didn’t keep my interest. I ended up just watching the psycho battles on Youtube, as I fought three but didn’t find them very fun to fight (the other guy on the cycle, the hippie in the bathroom with the big shard of broken glass, and the slow guy with the tiger).

        I do have to say though that Frank West…well, he kinda looks like a douche. As I said, I haven’t played the original, so I don’t know his personality, but look-wise, he seems like he smells of the cheapest cologne imaginable, frequents peep booths, and questions the gender attraction of women who don’t find him attractive.

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          Guess that’s why you can’t judge a book by it’s cover then >w<;

    • The first game is pretty much laid out the same way as DR2 (as you know I only played the Wii version :P), but the main focus here is the Zombrex you have to have every 24 hour on top of the main missions and saving survivors. Blue Castle Games did a faithful job, imo.

      As I’m currently playing DR2 I’m starting to realize I love and hate the system process; you can lose the game, but starting over will grant you some benefits like keeping your level, money, silk dress, etc. Having missions and survivors keeping you constantly busy is something I enjoy, it keeps the flow going, but losing to either of them is just wasted time for me. Time is the real enemy in this game. The zombies may as well be incompetent Servbots getting in your way all the time :P
      I guess you have to chalk me in the group that is bugged by the saving system. As I’m getting better and learn more about the gameplay and maps the game becomes more fun, but at a cost of some blood vessels noticing some easy improvements that weren’t there.
      Then again, it’s like any other game where it rubbed you the wrong way, yet, pulling through you can probably beat it a matte of hours once you learn the tricks and short-cuts.

      BTW, I’ll likely get Case West when it’s out. I miss Frank.

    • thebanditking

      Well that’s one way to look at it, I am guessing that you bought the PS3 version then? I was more pissed that Capcom allowed the PS3 port to be as horrible as it turned out, the game is not amazing looking on 360 and for it to run as poorly as it does on PS3 it’s just pathetic. Capcom clearly did not care about PS3 owners with this release. I just wish I had bought the 360 ver instead.

  • Aoshi00

    Wanted to play the first one more but I wasn’t very good w/ the time limit thing, I think I screwed up and needed to restart.. I really wanted to see the unique psycho bosses too, I couldn’t beat the nutjob in the gun shop before..

    DR2 LE for 360 going for $29.99 on Amazon now, just picked it up :) $30 for LE should be worth it right. That’s the thing w/ LE, if you’re not in a rush to play the game and wait long enough, later on you could get the LE for even cheaper than the regular ver because they have so many leftover copies.. like Alan Wake and Castlevania LE were on sale for cheap before..

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      Ahh the Gunshop guy I didn’t even run into til my 2nd playthrough , he’s pretty optional. My advice is give it another shot, the game compounds your exp/stats and stuff so every play through will get easier and easier, even if you do get one of the bad endings. My advice is first play through though just stick to the case files and general playing >ww<'

      • Aoshi00

        Cool, that seals it, getting Zombrex pen and stuff, I was watching this guy’s unboxing video on Amazon :). There were several times I was tempted to get this game at $30, and now the same price for LE all the better.

        Yea, got pawned by the shotgun, and one time I almost had him.. I’ll go back to it one day, I want to see that crazy family w/ the rifle, but the scary clown…

        • Code

          Yeah $29 is a stellar deal >www<' super useful for bosses~!

  • Aiddon

    good times. A katana-sickle combo is just what the coroner ordered.

  • NeoTechni

    Why does Frank look like Dan Akroyd?

    • Aoshi00

      Yogi Bear would be the next costume :) And Chuck kinda looks like Aaron Eckhart, could use a two-face costume..

    • thebanditking

      maybe they just wanted to make him look older. Either that or they changed him because so many people found his original face quite ugly/scary.

    • lucy1986

      I thought he looked like a brunette Elton John myself. In the original game, I thought (and so did many others) that Frank West was up there with the most attractive male computer game characters. I suppose we all give in to steak sandwiches eventually…

    • Code

      haha I noticed this too actually — I kind of chalk it up to receding hairline.

  • thebanditking

    not sure if I am biting on this one, I bought Case Zero but thats when the game was fresh. I would be lying if I said Case Zero did not weaken my overall interest in DR2, and by now I am just not sure I care.

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