Mortal Kombat Coming In April, PS3 Version Gets Kratos

By Ishaan . December 13, 2010 . 11:03am


Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios’ Mortal Kombat reboot has a launch window, and that’s April 2011. Oh, and the PlayStation 3 version comes with Kratos as a playable fighter.


No exclusive content for the Xbox 360 version of Mortal Kombat has been announced yet, but we might see some further down the line. At launch, the game will come in three editions: Standard, Kollector’s, and Tournament, with the latter two including different bonuses.


Interestingly, this marks the fifth time Kratos has made an appearance in a game outside of God of War. Believe it or not, he’s in Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds on the PS3 as a downloadable golfer. Kratos is also a playable fighter in SoulCalibur: Destiny on the PSP. LittleBigPlanet has a Sackboy based on Kratos, and ModNation Racers has a Kratos racer, too.


In addition to Kratos, the PS3 version of the game will include stereoscopic 3D support.

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  • Finalstar2007

    I wasnt going to get this game but now that Kratos is in it then im sold!

  • Apollokids

    I’m buying The King of Fighters 13 over this. Who is with me?

    • Guest

      Anyone with any common sense and taste I’d imagine

      • Apollokids

        I think you are referring to the minority. I cannot trust the masses to make the right call in judgment. But i will try to sway them- any way i can.

    • puchinri

      Are we actually getting it? Because if so, totally with you. (Then again, I wouldn’t mind porting if it is/was on console already…)

    • raymk

      i’m with you i may get it one day though but i’m getting KOFXIII and MVC3 because of time constraints and family issues i have right now.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Yes. Always. I’ve agreed with you before on this and I’ll agree with you again.

      Never was a huge fan of Mortal Kombat’s gore over everything else. Also, gorgeously hand drawn fighters with fine tuned mechanics are a dying breed that should be supported, while violently bloody games with brain-dead gameplay will thrive with or without support from the likes of me anyway.

      Unless it’s made by Namco and goes by the name of Splatterhouse.

      • Apollokids

        You hit the nail on the head with that comment. I cannot argue with it. I am not sure if you were aware of this next tidbit of information, but i found it interesting.

        >> Trieu at SNK-Capcom caught up with SNK Playmore USA’s representatives to ask about the King of Fighters XIII. The company has been quite silent about the console release of their popular arcade game, until now. Before talking about a release window, SNKp did stop to assure us all that the online play in KoFXIII would “Kick ass”. Let’s hope so, as the online offered in many past SNKp products has been deficient, to the say the least.

        So when can we expect the console version?

        “For those expecting Santa to stock your stuffers with KOF XIII for either PS3 or Xbox 360, well, he ain’t fitting down that chimney, so expect KOF XIII in First Quarter of 2011. Why so long? Well, SNK Playmore wouldn’t fess up to this, but our feelings is that they allow their arcade distributors/operators a chance to ‘make a profit’ before releasing it on the home version. From our perspective, very respectful of them, as this allows everyone a chance to make living in these tough times. “<<

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Sweetness!! I did not know that. Thanks much. ^_^ Also good for more people here to see.

          Already through-the-roof hype now taking off into the stratosphere.

        • Whoa! That is awesome! Do you have a link?

    • Same, especially since there is no fighter editor mode like there was in MK Armageddon.

  • Barrit

    Who would 360 even get that would fit in with the atmosphere? Master chief, not so much, but Marc Fenix? I could see a Marc Fenix chopping people up with his chainsaw gun as a fatality.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      They did have a Spartan in Dead or Alive 4, so it’s possible. It probably wouldn’t be the Chief, though

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Alan Wake gonna be killing evil doods like with his flashlight and pistol.

    • doomspeller10

      It could be Dante (Dante’s Inferno), though in that case he should also be available for the PS3.

  • Ive yet to actually use Kratos in fantastic Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds, but I do believe that I did buy it. I think I have him in both the phenomnal Modnation Racers and the simply stunning LittleBigPlanet.

    Unfortunately I will probably have to pass on getting this Mortal Kombat and the Kollector’s edition sounds Kool. The artwork is interesting but not something I would have to flip through (or at least use to adorn my desk in the lab, which I have my manga artbooks there).

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    I like God of War, dislike Mortal Kombat, but I always thought the two would go well together somehow.

  • The only fighter ive ever liked are Guilty gear/Blazblue games, tried this, soul calibur, street fighter, but never really did hit me in the, “omg so cool” spot. And no, kratos wont make me change my mind…

  • doomspeller10

    Man I wish I had a PS3 T__T I’d be already sold.
    Kratos is much more suitable for a Mortal Kombat game than for Soul Calibur. It’s just… not the same without all that gory brutality and finishers. It would be nice if they made his fatalities with button press mini games, at least as an unlockable feature.

  • MizuMikomi

    Hmmm, no exclusive for the 360 yet?

    I see two possibilities, Banjo-Kazooie *Shot* (Please don’t take that seriously), or Master Chief…

    Or they might pull a “LOOK WHO WE ADDED” and put in someone exclusive that has NOTHING to do with a Microsoft exclusive.

  • Is it sad that this made the game go from “I have no interest in this whatsoever” to “If they release a really, really good demo, I’ll pick it up?”

  • AaqibRawat

    the reason i own the second game
    ………. comedy value bicycle kicks nut punches poor animation terrible music results in my ribs hurting from laughing so much.
    ill get this game when its like 5 bucks or like in a bargain section and see if i can get some laughs from it :P
    KOF XIII ftw

  • doomspeller10

    It would be interesting if Kratos had a fatality dodge just like when fights Zeus in GoWII… though that would be kind of broken.

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