Lightning, Laguna, Tifa and Vaan Have At It In New Dissidia 012[duodecim] Videos

By Ishaan . December 15, 2010 . 10:28pm

Square Enix rolled another update to the Dissidia 012 website out today, and it includes two meaty battle videos, showing off four of the game’s new characters. Without further ado:


Vaan vs. Tifa:


Laguna vs. Lightning:

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  • AWESOME videos, really loved the action. I also noticed the action is much faster… or is that just because of the chase sequences? Eh, I dunno. Maybe it’s just me.

    … Though I was hoping Tifa would win in the first video. Ah well.

    Nevertheless, this makes me want to try all of the characters. :o

  • Code

    rarr, I didn’t like the Tifa vs. Vaan fight, not only did Tifa lose, which totally shouldn’t have happened, she really, REALLY, seemed to have a tough time getting her hits to connect and closing the gap between her and Vaan. God I wanna punch Vaan in his smug little abs, Tifa’s four times the man he’ll ever be omo;

    The music in that fight totally makes me wanna have custom music options TpT; It’s got that moment in the track where it sounds like the music is just about to go Metal Gear, but it never does TpT

    I will say though the stages look much-MUCH nicer, I’m glad to see Square realized open stages are better, the indoor stages, full of corners and traps just sucked, and sometimes the camera couldn’t even cope with the stage designs in the original. It looks like there playing it smart with there stage designs, so I approve~!

    Laguna looks good, perhaps too good opo; I still think that Dissida will always have tricky balance issues because of the engine encouraging keep away tactics. Not that I don’t enjoy the games, but I’d have really liked to have seen some of the more close-combat characters close the gap easier, even if it was likely CPU controlled characters.

    • evilmoogle

      I knew vaan haters will hate him more.

      • Code

        Aww but there’s more to my post then hating on Vaan >ww<;

    • ChaosPaladinFayt

      U could always hate the guy who played Tifa =D. Kuz i kno if i played tifa, i would never lose vs vaan….NEVARRR

      /hate for now.

  • this game is going to sell over 2 million copys just saying

  • Damn you, Squeenix! Of all the times you used Tifa, you decided to make “them” jiggle NOW?! Dx

    Anyways, game looks great, as always. There should be special tag attacks for certain pairings.

    • doomspeller10

      I hadn’t even noticed the jiggling…XD I’m disappointed by Tifa’s ex burst, it’s just an “Omnipunch”… Though that will not prevent me from maining her XD.
      EDIT: Gotta say I’m also disappointed at Laguna’s voice, sounds like a lame version of Jecht to me.

      • ChaosPaladinFayt

        Yea im kinda disappointed in her EX burst too =(. Like u said, it’s not gonna stop me from maining her=), she’s gonna be a lot of fun to play also taking in consideration her ability =D. TIFA MAINERS, UNITE!!! *high five* xD

        • doomspeller10

          I expect to see an accesory that modifies jiggling depending on the multipliers. Then you find an DP bonus condition that requires you to achieve a jiggling of 8.0x or more… I’d be playing with multipliers like “Near death” and “Near loss” just to add to the difficulty of being more distracted by the superior jiggling.
          EDIT: *prays for swimsuit to come out as DLC custome and then realizes this is not a DOA game*

          • ChaosPaladinFayt

            Do u know how epic that would be? very. maybe Premium Heart’s effect is multiply the effect of the multipliers….which is to exponentially increase jiggliness xD. ok well the more i think i about it, the more closer it seems that there no physics anymore lol. *shudder* wouldnt want that to happen, now would we?

      • Jecht?! Bah, Jecht will always have the more manly voice… english anyway. I didn’t expect Laguna’s voice to sound like a casual pervert though.

        • doomspeller10

          Don’t get me wrong, Jecht’s voice IS awesome (I also agree the English one is better). Though when I first watched the video I thought Laguna’s voice kinda sounded like a lame version of Jecht’s Japanese voice.
          I felt Laguna’s ex burst was a little out of place…

    • ChaosPaladinFayt

      oh snap, i didnt see them jiggle lol. *watches it another 100 times in slow motion* OHH u mean the intros, i thought u meant in battle lol. kuz that would be pretty hard to see =(. Good to know that SE knows how important jiggle physics is in a game where everyone on cosmos is either a guy, or a girl, but their chest is so flat that they too will be labeled as a male. Nice move SE…nice move.

  • PrinceHeir

    damn laguna and squall together? fucking nice :)

    ohh and tifa’s body is awesome *drools

  • omg, in intro Tifa’s Boob is Wiggling

  • these characters are pretty good so far

  • the game looks simply amazing i love it

  • evilmoogle

    Vaan’s exburst at the end is funny.
    It’s like his pose made the finishing move.

  • The speed has really gotten enhanced in this sequel. Can’t wait for it to release

  • urbanscholar

    Yep Vaan gameplay is fun confirmed. Looking forward to using him the most.

  • ChaosPaladinFayt

    weird, i didn’t see Tifa’s ability being used. Unless it was used, then i just missed it =/. heh. gonna be using Tifa’s EX burst a lot kuz…BOUNCE factor!!…that is all.

    • It was used a lot in the vid, actually. the instance where she punched Vaan clear across the map was one. She started her attack, feinted behind him, then sent him flying. (if you dont know what i mean, it was right before he used Cyclone).

      • ChaosPaladinFayt

        ohhh ok i see it now that you mention it. It just looked so natural in the video that i didnt notice =P i thought it was weird how she started her attack, then it said dodge, and then he got owned. xD

  • karasuKumo

    They could have at least got some decent players -__- I like Tifa’s HP attacks though.

  • *squeals in excite* Vaan!!!!!

    That was so exciting, I am now, liek, so totally excited for this game. They made Vaan simply stunning. Dude did anyone else notice how simply awesome his attacks were?!

    • doomspeller10

      yep, another reason to hate him. When I watched the video I thought he might be broken. Tifa will certainly have her revenge on my PSP.

    • Guest

      stop licking his abs again

    • Man, you make it so hard to be a Vaan fan….

  • Laguna! Now go hug your son!

  • Tifa losing to Vaan? Now, that’s ridiculous…

  • shion16

    avan and tifa look better than laguna and lighting

    • Dude where have you been?! I havent seen your comments in days! lol

      • shion16

        Im on vacation xD
        Ive been busy playing PS3,Wii and eating strawberries xD
        I love summer xP

  • … Is that multifunction HP attack thing Laguna a mini-Ragnarok? Awesome.

  • Fonic

    Looks good. Tifa and Laguna seem fun to play as. And they finally have the FF8 boss theme, although I’m not as crazy about the remix it’s still one of my personal favorites from the series.

  • Heheh, now it’ll be hard for the Vaan-haters to take him out easily…

    And as if it wasn’t hard enough being a Tifa fan before. Now the “pervert” accusations will get even higher because of this… But it won’t stop me from using her :3

    • Draparde

      same, i hate vaan as a character, but his fighting style in this game seems pretty fun…ill probably lv him after tifa :D

  • Chiupon

    You can tell the Tifa was a CPU~ Any normal player would’ve avoided Vaan until that EX meter went down all the way (it was almost gone!) and then got in the finishing strike. x3 I think there would be more videos, that just seems like an exhibition of the two recently released characters. I wanna see what Tifa can really do! (even though that CPU was pretty fierce.)

  • mach

    I’m still totally confused as to why Vaan got chosen over Ashe or Balthier. Let’s face it, Dissidia is in desperate need of some gender parity, and seeing as Vaan has no unique abilities, Ashe could’ve replaced him in a heartbeat. And Balthier is just bad ass.

    Besides, Ashe was the main character of her game (and Vaan was quite possibly the least relevant character in FFXII. He literally did nothing to further the plot.) Add in the fact that they weren’t even able to get Vaan’s Japanese VA back in and you’ve got an incredibly strong case for replacing him with a halfway decent character.

    • I went over the impact Vaan had on the story back when he was first announced. At this point, will you people PLEASE quit whining about him being in the game? It’s not gonna get him replaced -.-

      • mach

        Oh, well excuse me for not zealously reading your comments. Had I been aware that YOU’D gone over it already, my opinion would clearly be different. Please, though, explain exactly what impact Vaan had on the story. How did he in any way, shape, or form affect the plot? From what I remember, the only thing he did was steal the MacGuffin Balthier would’ve stolen anyway. After that, he spent the entire game just tagging along while the grownups saved the world.

        And while we’re on the topic of futile efforts, comments like yours aren’t going to stop people from complaining. In fact, they’ll have the opposite effect, since most people find condescension like yours incredibly irritating.

        • Yes my condescending attitude is irritating. Just as Irritating as people whining about Vaan after he was confirmed, what’s this, 2 months ago? SO I guess we’re even. Copy-pasted from before:

          “He did have Character Development. He went from being a pretty petty thief who just whined about his hate for the Empire, to someone who tried to do something about it, to someone who was confronted with his most hated enemy, to someone who could let his pain go for the greater good, and to someone who could keep his friends with greater status and responsibilty in good spirits. Yes, he may not have been the ‘hero’ (which could be taken either way, consider it was his fault they found Basch, which spurred everything else on), but he contributed and grew in the way that was appropriate for his character.

          What did you actually expect Vaan to do about Ivalice’s problem? He’s a peasant; an orphaned peasant at that. It would be highly illogical and improbable to expect him to have any major impact on the country/continent on his own. That’s where Ashe comes in.

          Think about it this way; If Vaan hadn’t stolen the magicite in the beginning of the game, Balthier/Fran wouldn’t have crashed the ship in the sewers. If they hadn’t crashed in the sewers, Ashe would’ve died down there. If Balthier/Fran weren’t with Ashe to get caught by the guards and sent to prison, they never would’ve found Basch, who would’ve, most likely, died as well. “

    • Aoshi00

      It’s nice they found a seiyuu to replace Vaan’s amateur Jpn voice, I think they didn’t want him to reprise for the role right? Still doesn’t make me like him anymore though, going to pound him to a pulp w/ other chars :)

      The ironic thing is now Balthier’s seiyuu (Hirata Hiroaki) only gets to voice Laguna, seems like a couple of VAs did double roles, like Aerith = Lightning, Auron = Squall, and now Balthier = Laguna..

      Love the music. The victory fanfare was sorely missing from FF13, among other things…

  • They added Laguna!? As he once said, “Oh shi-!” And I see Desperado’s back in full effect and flashier then ever. I’m glad at least one of my dream characters made it. Now only if Quina Quen could….or at LEAST Vivi or Beatrix.

  • These videos bring up the one huge complaint I have about XIII, even as someone who loved it.

    Why was there no win theme after a battle? As much as I love the music in that game, I don’t understand the lack of that theme. After how much I was getting into the music, I was so looking forward to the first time that little jingle would play, and it never did.

    • That would have been nice and more elaborate victory poses (maybe Hope coulda done a backflip too?)

      • I’d settle for a fist pump while Lightning crosses her arms and looks annoyed.

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