Watch Skull Cap Ichigo Cut Things Up In This Bleach: Soul Ignition Video

By Ishaan . December 19, 2010 . 10:31am


A gameplay demo of Bleach: Soul Ignition with Skull Cap Ichigo? Why, certainly. And it doesn’t look half bad either. Sony plan on releasing a demo for Bleach: Soul Ignition on PSN on December 24th, as a promotion for the Bleach: Hell Chapter movie in Japan.

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    Oh look! Samurai Warriors: Bleach Version

    • Aoshi00

      That’s the kind of game we don’t need more of, oh well, quick anime cash-ins…

      • The fate of licensed titles… But hey, at least this looks decent compared to the other cash ins..

        • From what I can gather, this is being developed by the same team who made ‘Soul Carnival’ on the PSP, which was a pretty damn decent side-scrolling action RPG.

          Which gives me incredibly high hopes for this game, although the amount of Bleach games that’ve made it overseas is pretty slim. Neither Soul Carnival game made it, although a few of the 1-on-1 fighters and three of the DS games did.

          • Ahaha that hit the spot! I finished the first Soul Carnival and was impressed by it. So I wasn’t wrong when I thought “Hmmm, a 3D Soul Carnival”

      • Unless your living in Japan though, your not getting many Bleach games. But I see your overall point as well.

    • GVmanX

      I prefer Dynasty Bleach, myself.

      • i would go for sengoku bleachara

        • GVmanX

          Why not Fist of the Soul Reaper: Ichigo’s Rage?

          • How about Shinigami Gear 2: Overture?

          • Zeonsilt

            Shinigami Warriors VI : Ignite My Soul

        • shion16

          a bleach game must have “soul” in the name
          what about soul society musou : soul ignition ?

          or thats too much soul?

  • Feels like Soul Carnival in 3D. Looks better than Ebareshi Tamashii, at least

  • karasuKumo

    I can’t wait for this! Heat the Soul and Versus Cruade’s styles were far too slow for Bleach. I really want to know where this’ll go up to. I also want to know if we will get this, probably not -__-.

    Edit: I don’t get this so there’s a hell now too? I remember that weird gate Rukia summoned but by that logic there must be a heaven also. And what if you kill something in Hell where does it go then? There’s too many dimensions XD

  • Just thought the same. But I don’t care, I love those kinds of games. I just hope that there will be another combo for Ichigo o_O Gawd, the same over and over again can be cool, like in Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes, but this combo looks stupid.

  • zhemos

    I got bored watching the demo. Can’t imagine how the game is gonna be. Oh well, If It’s released in the west, and I get to play as Rukia I’ll buy it.

  • Well, at least is something “different” Ichigo looks kinda blocky though, anyway looks fun, specially for bleach fans

    Seems there is only one button to combo though…

    Edit: Now that i finished the video, it doesnt look that good (too repetitive) >< fighting game was better

  • andref

    Well all i can say is that we may have gotten a naruto game like this maybe (from looking at dragon blade) so i guess its bleach’s turn

    • Aoshi00

      All I wanted from Dragon Blade was the cute Naruto/Sasuke keychain, it was deal of the day on Amazon the other day for $20.99, but UNS2 is enough for me.

      • I love the keychain, it so cool! lol. OH and the game is awesome too cause its Naruto, naturally!

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Hey, have you finished Storm 2 already? Did you like it?

        • Aoshi00

          nah, lazy, not yet.. just started and finished Sasori. The game’s pretty good, I like the way you run around in town (so far Konoha and the Hidden Sand Village were pretty big) w/ the static camera like old JRPGs. A bit surprised the fights weren’t that faithful to the manga, like Gaara was captured differently by Deidara, or in the Sasori fight, Sakura didn’t break his puppet shell but he just took it off and revealed himself, I thought it would’ve been exciting to see that in the game.. I liked it more than the first UNS so far, the side missions weren’t as repetitive. I liked it better than FF13 though in terms of towns (someone is going to jump me on making unfair comparison again). My mind is on Dream Club Zero at the end of this month and Last Story next month :)

          • I was glad it wasnt 100% faithful though as some of the fights even surprised me. I think the english voice actors did an awesome job, it was my first time hearing many of them (Oh and Lelouch/Zero as Sasori never gets old, simply awesome)

          • Aoshi00

            But the way they deviate from the manga didn’t make it better, it made things more boring and anti-climatic. It would be cooler for Sakura to break Sasori’s shell and then face the true Sasori puppeteer, so there would be two parts of the fight, instead of Sasori just taking off the shell right away. And Gaara was taken out by a couple of spider bombs in the back carelessly, it didn’t feel as exciting when he was trapped in the sky (a clay bird flew into the opening of his sand barrier) and exploded.. now I wonder what the rest of the boss fights would be.. if this wasn’t made by CC2, I would’ve thought they were just lazy and omitted some important parts to save work.I’m playing it in Jpn first, never really watched much Naruto in Eng.. if I ever do play the game once again like getting S ranks for all the boss fights I would check out the Eng dub.

          • Yeah itachi’s fight wasnt bad, and we could kind of feel sasuke’s feelings first hand…
            Still, maybe it was because i first saw what happened in the anime that left me with the “O_O”, and it kind of became “only epic” for the anime

          • Meh, some parts were good in the game, some crappy, for example, the fight with naruto vs. sasuke, i thought it was pretty epic in the game, in the anime/manga they barely fighted.
            Also when hinata saves you know who (spoilars?) in the pain fight, it was pretty lame compared to the anime/manga T.T

          • The Sasuke Itachi fight was pretty epic in the game though. Definitely one of the high points even though I dont think it was following the manga or anime ( never saw it animated)

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Well, while I think that the Itachi boss fight was pretty cool in the game, I gotta agree that it was WAY better in the anime. Great animation, great use of music and great overall atmosphere.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Yeah, there’s a lot of different stuff from what I understand. In a way, I’m kinda glad I don’t read the manga. That way, the changes/omissions don’t affect me as much.

            I know I’ve said it before, but the boss battles are some of the best animated stuff I’ve seen in a videogame. Really impressive. The Itachi boss fight is beautiful, full of little details. The end of the battle just made it that much better.

            Almost forgot! JIRAIYA! My god, Jiraya’s boss battle. So good.

            The Last Story… So lucky.

          • Aoshi00

            Really, you haven’t read the manga? I guess that’s good in a way since playing the game is more fresh for you while we alrdy know what happened so there’s no suspense.

            The Sasuke-Itachi and Jiraiya-Pain fights were quite monumental in the manga too. I was just surprised there was changes because from the making of videos, I thought CC2 was being panel to panel faithful to the original source w/ their mountains of books for references. UNS2’s graphics are really up there no doubt, best anime game I’ve ever seen at this point. I’ll look forward to what the differences are I suppose since everyone said it’s still good.

            I hope Last Story would live up to the hype, I’m sure it would because it’s Sakaguchi, he has never disappointed me yet (unlike S-E again and again). Dream Club Zero is delayed, doh!! :)

  • ChaosPaladinFayt

    sucks. same move over and over again. his voice is really annoying now. boring gameplay.

  • shion16

    That bad guy,
    zoro and hijikata seiyu
    and cool design
    = badass formula

  • ForeverFidelis

    Graphics are pretty but the gameplay looks shallow.

    Also, I really don’t like the hollow designs

    I’m gonna go into hipster mode and remember back when hollows actually had variety in their designs

    • karasuKumo

      Very true, hollows were more animal like and creepy in the good old days of Bleach. Now they all either have to have two arms and two legs or be flying faces. -__-

  • This game looks epic! And Ichigo is pretty hot in this!! lol those moves are so awesome and firey. I so can not wait to finally get my hands on this phenomenal title. It is a fitting game for such an awesome anime!!!! And I heard that Bleach is supposed to last for maybe 10 more years, epically awesome stuff!

    • Awesome and firey, yes, but when I think phenomenal, i don’t think repitition a la DW.

      I think your Otaku goggles are much worse than my Nostalgia Goggles…

      • alundra311

        First, he was gonna explode all over a poster of Vaan. Now Ichigo is hot. I don’t like where this is going. O_o

        • Thats cause all these characters are epic. Ichigo is a leading reason to be interested in Bleach, just simply stunning.

  • Slash slash slash slash *zoom in* Uppercut slash!


    Turning Bleach into some kind of Dynasty Warriors BS with probably even less moves? This one can stay in Japan. Thanks.

    • Terrible? Did you out on your Hatred Glasses? Because what I see in this video is pure awesomeness DUDE! lol. It has Ichigo and it is Bleach, meaning, it is pure epicness! Dynasty Warriors gameplay is satisfying for seeing our favorite shinigami tear down some nasty hollows! In some episodes he takes down like hundreds of hollows so the game is nestled in truth.

      • So poor gameplay is fine as long as you can see his abs, eh? Now I know why you like games with bad gameplay and “gorgeous” graphics; it’s much easier to play onehanded.

      • So as long as it’s Bleach it can have horrid graphics for this day and age and repetitive, shallow combat?

        • Dude I think you watched the wrong video. I saw epic visuals in the version of the video that I watched. Did you not see the awesomeness that is Ichigo Kurosaki?! The style matches the anime as well. There is a leveling system so it isnt shallow dude. Repetitive, it looked awesomely fun and different hollows to annihilate.

        • Honestly, it suits Bleach. Ichigo’s moveset mostly consist of wild swings with a few energy based attacks here and there. I think this problem could be solved with the inclusion of more playable characters. More characters could lessen the repetition.

  • Wow, this looks boring. I don’t think I could stand a 8 min demo using a single combo, much less a full game.

  • This entire time I was hoping for a Bleach game to use the Sengoku Basara Engine. Now that I see it I’m very disappointed.
    The animation doesn’t no where near as fluid. I know this is just a demo but the stage is bland. The have some time to improve the game, but right now. This game looks like a DW, SW, and SB wannabe. If your going to do that at least get Capcom of Koei to develop it.

    • Barrit

      I don’t mind these type of games if they are done right. I loved Sengoku Basara 3 and it will be very hard to play another “warriors” type game that falls short of it. I’m hoping this is a case of what happened with the SB demo. I thought it was a horrible representation of the full game. It didn’t give you enough combos to play with, and didn’t even let you see that you could switch weapons, power them up, etc. Ichigo didn’t do any of his signature moves, so at least we know those will be in mix of the final game.

      I agree with the animation not looking very fluid. His face also looked pretty emotionless when it did the closeups. :(

  • Yukito

    Now, I don’t even know if I want to try the demo. I really have a dislike for DW-types of games.

  • Chaheezor

    I can see something that says Lv.1

    Perhaps a levelling system? If so you could learn more combos as you go along like with Sonic Unleashed. It would make sense I guess and seeing as it’s a demo it makes sense we would only get to tryout the bog-standard combo.

  • Well barely a minute of gameplay and it’s already repititve. I mean, if this is a Bleach Dynasty game that started from the beginning of the manga, then I will be more interested.

    But by the looks of the gameplay video above, it dosen’t look close to being a very good game.

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