This Crysis 2 Trailer Feels Like A Superhero Movie

By Ishaan . December 20, 2010 . 6:01pm


Something about this Crysis 2 trailer is very appealing to me. Maybe it’s that I really liked the original Crysis and the sequel is one of the few shooters I’m interested in trying. But maybe it’s also that it comes off feeling like a trailer for a superhero movie.


It’s ironic that very few actual superhero movie games manage to capture that feel, and here you have an original game doing it so effortlessly (the fact that it’s set in New York probably helps). Even the voice-over sounds convincing enough to get the job done. EA have Crysis 2 pegged for March 25th for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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  • thaKingRocka

    I’m currently in the middle of Crysis, and I’m very disappointed. I feel like I must be doing everything wrong because it seems like there’s so much potential for awesome gameplay. There are all these great powers, but there are far too many enemies for me to use them well, and they’re all such ridiculous bullet sponges. I’m amazed at how quickly the speed burst runs out, how a shot fired eliminates invisibility along with the meter, and how cumbersome, difficult, and boring the tank sections are. I hope that the game is tightened up for part 2 and/or I suddenly have a gameplay epiphany with this first one.

    • Yea, the speed mode is practically useless. I find myself using stealth and power (a lot of the time so I can throw grenades farther) more than anything else.

      You’re right in that the enemies are total bullet sponges, too. A lot of the time, I was really afraid to poke my head out of the grass or trees for fear of them filling me with bullets on the spot. Overall, I liked Crysis though…the suit gives it that interesting hook that a lot of other shooters seem to lack.

      Really hope they can balance 2 out better.

      • malek86

        The best part about Crysis was the demo, because it gave you a chance to do so much stuff. Experiment around. At one point, I was killing soldiers by throwing them watermelons in Strength mode. And destroying houses with grenades was just too fun.

        The full game, in comparison, is just “more of the same”, and the vehicle sections are bad. Oh, and the aliens kind of made everything worse. I think it wasn’t worth my money.

        By the way, the trailer for Crysis was better than this one.

      • thaKingRocka

        I want to beat it on normal first, but I think I will play around with the suit’s energy meter a bit and tweak it more to my liking. I don’t want unlimited power, but you should be given more than you are. Invisibility decimates the meter as soon as you move too. Then, you get caught up in this silly loop of activate, recharge, activate, recharge that takes far too long to allow you to enjoy the flow of the game.

        • malek86

          And that’s why i think Far Cry was a much better game – at least until the monsters came in. It looks like Crytek just can’t help but have a middle-game change of pace with some weird creatures.

          Seriously, whenever I hear of Crytek, I always ask myself “is this game going to have zombie alien mutant monsters?”

  • The video seemed pretty interesting though I dont see any hype around it but the trailer seemed good. I shouldnt just be fishing for games to replace the absence this spring with Deus Ex, but well money is meant to be spent so I might have to give in to the urge to buy :(

    I hope the game has a believable story.

  • tubers

    maximum REQUIREMENTS!

    (for PC version to look like the trailer in 30 FPS minimum and 1080p) xD

  • ChaosPaladinFayt

    Ok, if ppl already had trouble running the first one, who the hell is gonna be able to run this?? =/…

    • That’s actually part of why I care about Crysis 2. Their goal is to optimize it much better than the first, whose optimization was pretty shoddy. Here’s hoping they pull it off!

    • malek86

      This time it’s also made for console though… I think there’s gonna be some compromises.

  • What does this have to do with Japanese games?

    • SMH, Siliconera is NOT just about Japanese games only. This question pops up sooooo often here on US made games that it makes me cringe at these comments sometimes.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Exactly. It’s not like Siliconera has a tagline or motto like “Bringing You Exclusive Japanese Gaming News since 1882” or something like that.

        • 1882? What happened in that year?

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Nothing gaming related. It’s an example lol.
            But if you really are curious…


            Apparently that year the first United States Labor Day parade was held in New York City, which is the same place Crysis 2 will take place in. Oh the connection!

      • When I come to read about the “unseen side of gaming” that Siliconera prides itself in covering I find it weird to come across posts about Fallout New Vegas or Crysis 2, both of which are so heavily publicized that it doesn’t really make sense to cover them here.

    • What? This is a game…. now we now have to classify them depending on where they are made?

      That can be considered as racism for games you know >=/
      Aplogize to the games, NOW!

    • No one complained in the article about Donkey Kong Country Returns, a game made in America…

  • Umm why is Siliconera covering this? I can deal with Fallout and God of War but this is going too far.

    • Going too far? Is there supposed to be a line limiting the site somewhere? It would be “far”, as you say, to post stuff about something unrelated to games/anime, still, this doesnt means they HAVE to limit themselves… If it didnt call your attention, don’t click it, or if its too much, dont comment something -.-

      • It’s hard enough to browse for worthwhile news without having to go through all the over-exposed crap on other sites, that’s why I come here. This site is supposed to be for niche or Japanese games and Crysis isn’t one of either.

        • Where did you read that siliconera is “supposed to be for “”niche”” japanese games?”

          After all the time ive been checking this site, it has always been the same.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Crysis has actually tried to do something different with the FPS beyond the online fragfest. That alone is enough to warrant the ‘unseen side’ of gaming from taking note.

      From a concept standpoint, things of dark hero, horror and cyberpunk certainly have a place on this site. Sorry you disagreee.

  • Guest

    “But most importantly…to actually see my own legs in a FPS game”

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Not being a PC gamer, never played Crysis, but I don’t think the PS3 port of this next one will be anything like running it on maximum PC settings… we’ll see.

    Ishaan being one of the guys who run this site is entitled to whatever the heck oddball articles he wants to post every once in a while in his personal interest (and spur up some healthy discussion on western games among a primarily J-game oriented crowd).

  • The only thing Crysis going for it is it’s graphics. I don’t even like the genre but I know there are better FPS out there.

  • LynxAmali

    This seems like a game I might pick up. And I absolutely hate shooters. >_<

    I like the concept, the trailer made it seem like it was a big budget sci-fi movie too. Now if the game actually allows you to do all that, all the time and not at certain parts, we're gold. ^_^

  • WOW. AMAZING trailer.

    I am so glad i struggled through the first game and expansion till the end.
    Cuz this second one looks a LOT better!

    Also glad that its coming to the PS3, for my computer can’t handle this for sure!

  • SneakyHawk

    I like what I see in this trailer.

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