Mario Sports Mix Volleys To North America On Feb 7th

By Ishaan . December 21, 2010 . 9:47am

Europe may be getting Mario Sports Mix a little earlier, but North America isn’t far behind. Nintendo of America have announced the Wii game for February 7th, 2011, just over a week after Europe’s January 28th date.


Like Mario Hoops 3-on-3 on the Nintendo DS, Mario Sports Mix is developed by Square Enix. Amongst other characters, you’ll find a Slime, a Moogle and a Cactuar playable in the game. Aside from opponents, stages in Sports Mix are obstacles thmeselves – for example, the Wario Factory has moving conveyor belts that affect how you move on the court.


The “sports mix,” in case you’re wondering, consists of basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, and hockey, and yes, it does include online play. Here’s boxart:



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  • DUDE! Liek zomg, this game is gonna be phenomenally epically awesome!!! And is that Bowser Jr, I see?! Awesome, I will solely and exclusively play as him. It will be awesome! I so can not wait!

  • malek86

    When I think about it, Nintendo is the only one of the three hardware companies, who still insists on not launching their games worldwide simultaneously.

    Microsoft pretty much started launching their games worldwide with the 360, then Sony finally picked up around 2007 after some early mishaps. But Nintendo is always behind. It’s like they’re still in the middle ages.

    • WizardoftheBlueOrder

      Think about it some more. Remember, Nintendo’s current framework with their Wii doesn’t allow patching. To do a simultaneous release, you are going to have bugs, glitches and translation errors. With the ability to patch like Microsoft and Sony have, this is pretty easily rectified.

      Nintendo’s Wii doesn’t have that ability, so it’s not really a feasible way to release software. (Remember, the game ending Twilight Princess glitch and Other M glitch required that the games be sent back/Wii’s be brought in to patch the save or offer a fixed disc. A patch would’ve made that not a problem.)

      Until they update their framework, I don’t really expect to see simultaneous releases. And I don’t think we’ll see those on the Wii in the next few years. The follow up console? It’ll probably do it. Looking at what the 3DS potentially offers, I think Nintendo may be finally setting up what they need to in order to get internet to tie in with their consoles.

      Or perhaps I’m optimistic and wrong.

      • malek86

        “Remember, Nintendo’s current framework with their Wii doesn’t allow patching.”

        Like I said: middle ages.

        They honestly should have thought of that before they launched the console. It’s one thing to have a SD-only machine because there weren’t too many HDTVs out there, and to keep costs down. But don’t tell me everybody wasn’t connected already in 2006. And it wouldn’t have costed anything. It was just a matter of system OS.

        And besides, Kirby looks like a pretty bug-free game to me, so I don’t understand why they’re taking their sweet time releasing it in PAL regions. I know Iwata hates us, but come on.

  • neo_firenze

    I still adore Mario Party 5’s hockey mini-game/bonus mode. So I’d be pumped for this for Mario Hockey alone. Basketball, Dodgeball, and Volleyball are just sweet, sweet bonuses.

    It’s just too bad that besides this and Skyward Sword, there’s NOTHING confirmed as coming for Wii that excites me. Waiting patiently for Xenoblade or The Last Story to get possible localizations, but those still seem to be very much up in the air (especially knowing Nintendo’s track record). Nintendo couldn’t really be abandoning Wii this badly in 2011 to focus solely on 3DS… could they? Guess we’ll see…

    • Dont they still have Pikmin 3 on the sizzling on the backburner though?

      I too await Xenoblade

      • neo_firenze

        Certainly hope so on Pikmin 3. This is Nintendo, so I’m sure they have SOME surprises left and that would sure be a good fit. But it’s looking way more bleak than usual on the horizon. Feels like the last days of the Gamecube or N64 repeating themselves.

        I have more announced DS games that I’m excited about than Wii games, and the DS is the system you’d expect to have dying support with the successor coming in only a few months. WAY more upcoming PSP games interest me, and of course PS3/360 games.

    • Honestly If Nintendo wants to they can have another big year in 2011.
      Bring over Xenoblade, Last Story, and Zangeki no Reginleiv.
      We know of Mario Sports Mix, Syward Sword, and Pikmin 3.
      Then there are still Wii versions of Star Fox, FZero, and Custom Robo.
      There are a still a lot of games they can make for the Wii.

  • Please tell me Shiva is a playable character.

  • It’s a shame that EA wouldn’t put online in JAM, but Nintendo can with this game. With 4 different games by the way! I’m telling you this could be the next Wii hit! I’m talking about Mario Kart Wii or Wii Sports Big! It’s the best Mario Sports game since Mario Tennis on the Gamecube! I’m telling you once you play it you will be hooked!
    Online Gameplay:

  • … is it sad that I’m interested in this?

  • Bleh wouldn’t mind playing it (only for Cactuar) if a friend had it. But no way am I buying this. Unless it comes with a free slime plushie or slime basketball :D

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