Asphalt 6 Speeds To The iPhone

By Ishaan . December 22, 2010 . 12:32pm

You might recall one Asphalt 3D for the Nintendo 3DS, that one might have thought looked rather nice, with its six-player multiplayer, inclusion of bikes in addition to cars, and a general this-doesn’t-look-half-bad vibe to it.


But then we saw the latest Asphalt game on the iPhone, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline. We’re not sure if this is where Asphalt 3D originates from, but it does look genuinely impressive on the iPhone. Like Asphalt 3D, this one has 6-player multiplayer and bikes as well as cars.


Asphalt 6 is up now on the iTunes store for 6.99. Keep in mind, though, that the iPhone has more under the hood than the 3DS does, so don’t judge the 3DS game too harshly in light of this.


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  • The 3ds looks better than the iphone ever could look, in addition to having more hardcore games before the system even launches

    • malek86

      Maybe it does, but for some reason, these screens look a bit better than the 3DS ones…

      • onilink888

        Higher polycounts, higher res. textures. They’re undeniably better than the 3DS screens. However, no amount processing power, no retina display or whatever else the IPhone has over the 3DS will ever be a substitute for tactile feedback. So, right there, the 3DS version is superior. Of course… if d-pads, analog sticks and buttons aren’t your thing, then, by all means, the Iphone version is superior.

        • Hehem.. Dont forget the 3D if its added x2 screen so it will make it ‘higher res’. So it will look better then the ps3. A guy said at E4, when the 3D on its absolutely amazing. He said “3DS fans shouldn’t fear the 3DS now”

          • malek86

            “if its added x2 screen”
            “it will look better then the ps3”
            “a guy said at E4”
            “3DS fans shouldn’t fear the 3DS now”

            Uh… what?

          • Sorry! I know.. I really didnt know how to explain it. A person went to the See the 3DS and he told that its looks likes PS3. When it had 3D on.

            Basically when 3D is on it make its smoother.

            I hope that clearer. :l

        • malek86

          Heh. While I do agree with you there (I like my games with buttons, never been a big fan of touch games on the DS), I find something a bit ironic: in Phantom Hourglass, there was a line from a character who said “I thought I couldn’t have fun without buttons, I was wrong”, or something like that. Now, however, most people who bash iPhone gaming always use that same reason.

          • onilink888

            Don’t get me wrong, I like motion controls and touch controls… so long as they’re harmoniously balanced with button controls. When I first played Twilight Princess, for example, on the Wii, and later went to try the GC version, it no longer felt right to press a button to slash, or the analog stick to aim.

            However, there are a few games that just cannot be done properly with just buttons, some of them being the Trauma Center games, and they prove that touch screen controls can be done well.

            But I have yet to see any game on the iPhone implement touch screen controls properly. And when they DO get the controls to be bearable, the games don’t feel like, well… games; they’re merely time wasters, and don’t have the kind of dept that would sway one into investing the time one would when playing a real handheld game.

          • malek86

            I think that’s mostly a matter of target audience, and also capacitive touch screens not being particularly precise.

  • I would have to say the Iphone looks better then the 3ds. I have notice that the windows on Iphone have reflection but the 3DS has black windows. Or it could be me because their one window in 3ds screen shots has reflection.

    The Iphone cars are smoother and the 3ds cars abit quite edges but you would not notice if you were playing it.

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