Kain And Raziel Exchange Quips In This Lara Croft & the Guardian of Light DLC Trailer

By Ishaan . December 22, 2010 . 11:57am


Raziel is getting on in years, isn’t he? I’ve never seen him quite so paranoid. I guess being a vampire-zombie in the modern world will do that to you. No one fears you any more, and 12-year-olds play videogames about slaying your kind.


It would’ve been nicer had Crystal Dynamics given Kain and Raziel weapons that were more fitting of their vampire/vampire zombie status for Guardian of Light, but hey, the dialogue is entertaining enough.

  • malek86

    Stock dialogue = no buy. And what the hell are they firing from the claws?

    Still, it’s nice they are acknowledging that those characters exist. I wonder if we couldn’t have a new game one day. Ok, so maybe this is too much wishful thinking.

  • Raziel and Kain rule, but… Shooting from claws? Like malek said, this it just stupid.

  • Hell, I am buying the game just so I can play as Raziel. I loooooooooove Raziel. Yeah , firing from your claws is stupid, but it’s not like we will be seeing a new game starting those two anytime soon.

    • shamose

      Perhaps this is the developers way of gauging interest in the LoK franchise. if enough people pay for the DLC it might show them that the LoK fanbase is still strong and prompt them to make a new game

      Ive never bought a tomb raider game in my life but I will be buying this and the Kain/Raziel pack ti show support

      • TrevHead

        That thought had entered my mind. But its probably just them making a quick cash grab from LOK fans who would even play this piece of crap because they so desperatly want a new LOK game.

        Im a fan of both LOK and TR and I find this shoddy DLC offensive

  • ECM

    SO this is where once-popular game characters go to die: as cheesy DLC add-ons, playing second fiddle to another faded gaming star. Oh the, um, vampanity??

    • Guest

      Now you know how Ryo from Shenmue feels in Sonic & Sega All-Stars

  • PrinceHeir

    please make a Legacy of Kain in the same vien as Neir. that would be refreshing take on the series :)

  • Rol

    People shouldn’t overreact so much about the details. Raziel and Kain grab the weapons off the dead soldiers that are strewn about, it’s as simple as that.

    Use what the world gives ya, I say.

  • This makes me want the game more than the game makes me want the game.

  • alastor3

    im sorry but they are too much ugly, I mean it’s not even their legacy of kain defiance model…

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