Steam Holiday Sale Day 4: Mass Effects, Deathly Spankings And Dark Sides

By Ishaan . December 23, 2010 . 2:31pm

Day 4 of Steam’s holiday sale. “Enough!” you say! “Show me no more, for I have suffered enough! Devoted away my hard-earned gamer’s gold to the noble causes of administering headshots and running item shops!”


Bad news for you: Mass Effect 2 is 50% off at $24.99, with the original Mass Effect at $9.99. Oh, and Darksiders is $10.00, too, while DeathSpank is $7.49. If you’re into racing games, you can grab Blur for $14.99.


Capcom fans in America have a special deal all to themselves today, too. If you live in the U.S., Dead Rising 2 is 50% off at $20. If you own Resident Evil 5 on Steam, it’s 60% off. If you aren’t in the U.S., however, you’re out of luck…it looks like you can’t buy DR2 at all just yet.


I’m actually curious to see what our readers have been picking up since Steam’s sale began earlier in the week. I personally took the opportunity to pick up Prince of Persia (2008) while Kris went straight for Super Meat Boy and Recettear.


Note that the above prices can and do vary from region to region, so the prices you see on certain games might be different, depending on where you are. Thanks to Tsunayoshi Sawada for pointing this out.

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  • Dude, Mass Effect 2 is 9.99 on my Steam, where are you get 24.99 from? Its regular price was 19.99.

    The digital deluxe edition is 19.99.

    • Maybe we’re seeing different prices based on region… I have ME2 (regular) at $24.99, and digital deluxe at $29.99.

      update: Yup, you’re right. Prices are relative to region. Post updated, thanks. :)

  • Code

    rar, such a love hate relationship for me and Steam, I love what they’ve been doing with PC gaming giving it a uniform platform and an approachability that just hasn’t been there when it comes to PC gaming, and I love the fact they have such ridiculous deals, deals that are both insane and literally unbeatable.

    But I hate it because I’ve always been a console gamer and they always manage to 1up me somehow if it isn’t via price, it’s via features T_T’ I haven’t been so burned by a game via feature difference between versions as I had been when I picked up Super Meat Boy on 360, only for the “good” version to come out like a week later on Steam opo;

    • malek86

      Perhaps it’s time to recognize the superiority of PC gaming!

      These prices definitely help in that regard.

      • B-b-but, isn’t it expensive to update your PC every 1 or 2 years just so that it could play the latest games?

        • malek86

          I don’t know, I’m still using a E5200 with a HD4670 and stuff works fine for now. Not at max details of course, but it probably looks better than on console anyway. If people feel like they have to use a SLI of GTX580, that’s their problem, not mine. I’m fine with the low-mid end cards.

          When I do change video card, it will probably be a HD5750, which I’ll buy for no more than 90€… but since PC games tend to cost a lot less than console games (not to mention all those nice Steam deals), that money will be recovered pretty soon.

          • Your explanation is good enough for me ^_^

            But for the meantime, I’m stuck with this crappy G103M :

          • malek86

            Ah, so you’re using a laptop. Well, in that case it would be pretty difficult.

            PC games is pretty much only feasible for self-built desktops. Changing a new gaming laptop of preassembled PC every time is definitely too expensive.

          • Ah, sorry.. Should’ve stated earlier that I’m using a laptop… Yeah, gaming laptops are ridiculously expensive for what they can do. Was thinking of building a gaming rig before, but due to some constraints, had to scrap that plan altogether.

            I think I’ll just stick around with consoles for a bit more. Thanks for the input!

        • thaKingRocka

          Things seem to be changing. I’ve had this video card for two years, and though it’s been left behind in the benchmarks, it handles most games with decent settings 40+ if not 60+.

          The Crytek team may be right in saying that console gaming is holding PC gaming back. The last game that people really needed an upgrade for was Crysis in 2007. However, after playing quite a few games on this PC of mine, I am inclined to say that they simply didn’t do a good job of optimizing the engine (or the game, really :P).

      • Code

        PC gaming might be superior (if you can afford said superior PC >w<;) but after having a rotten times for the first half of my life with it and constantly getting burned games that wouldn’t run correctly despite meeting requirements, I’ll never be 100% comfortable with the higher end of PC gaming, TF2 on low settings is as high end as it’ll go for me opo;

        Although indie gaming has really put PC gaming in a good light in recent years for me, and steam has done it’s part too. Cave Story to this day is still my favorite PC game and one of my favorite games period zwz~! Although I don’t have a gaming PC, so I’m really only comfortable putting money down on fairly safe games every once in a blue moon. If it has a console equivalent 99% of the time I’ll take it over a PC version (TF2 being one of the only exceptions, due to it was obvious the console version was poorly handled).

        • I think it depends on the developer, haha. I bought a VERY reasonably priced Acer laptop early this year, and I’ve had no trouble running stuff as recent as about a year ago. I think it’s just a question of which developers optimize their stuff well (most don’t sadly…).

          Kind of ironic that Capcom have such a huge console presence, and yet, their PC stuff is amazingly well-optimized…probably because MT Framework is PC-based. But yea, I hear you on getting burned by unoptimized stuff. :/

          • Code

            Yeahhh, nothing is more discouraging then picking up a game, and then it failing to run for a completely unknown reason opo; Or a game that worked 6 months ago suddenly becoming chunky and choppy for no apparent reason opo; I just strongly prefer the type/feel of gaming on consoles, and the overall stability >w<;

          • thaKingRocka

            Things have really improved in their PC category. I remember trying Devil May Cry 3, which was ported by Ubisoft, and it was pretty poorly done. SF4 ran so beautifully on my old desktop even though it didn’t seem like it would be capable at all. I was disappointed they didn’t do SSF4 as well.

          • SFIV was really weird. I had to drop a framelimit on it to get it to run at a smooth 60 FPS for some reason…otherwise, it would run at 20 FPS or worse. But once that was sorted out, yea…ran like a dream. Prince of Persia is being pretty good to me, too!

          • They’re too concerned about piracy, that’s why they didn’t port SSFIV to the PC :( The hope for modding.. All lost

  • Such good deals. Hopefully the best ones will come after I get some money in lol.

  • I’m actually happy that my computer can’t play the newer games, otherwise I would have gone on a shopping spree all week on Steam. At least I got myself Recettear for $7.

  • I’d love to have the passion for PC gaming, but my PC’s too crap to play anything decent (40fps on Fallout 3, all low setting).

    But those are sweet sweet deals over there… I’m tempted to get Blur :(

  • malek86

    I only got Winterbottom, the Oddboxx and Polynomial for now. We’ll see if there’s gonna be more interesting stuff later.

  • SneakyHawk

    So, that picture there is from Darksiders?

  • Man, makes me really bummed my PC’s busted – I still have yet to play the first Mass Effect and this sale seems like as good an excuse as ever. Still cool that Steam’s doing this though!

  • Fonic

    Tried really hard to be good this year. Since the sale began I’ve picked up the F.e.a.r pack, Meat Boy, Puzzle Quest, and Recettear. Nothing for me today at least. My PC is somewhat middle of the road anyway.

  • Still waitin’ for that Borderlands DLC sale, Gearbox.

    • thaKingRocka

      Still waiting? The first three were on sale as a pack for $9.99 back on Black Friday.

      • But that doesn’t include the Clap-Trap rebellion.

        • thaKingRocka

          If it doesn’t happen during this sale, it might be a while. I’m pretty far from exhausting the content that came with the initial release, so I’m not too worried about the DLC.

          • Eh, all I really need is Knoxx. I’ve got three other people that I’ve been playing with, and we’re on a second playthrough.

  • thaKingRocka

    I’ve grabbed a lot of goodies. There were 8 items on my wishlist that went on sale. :P Even though the discount was only 25%, I grabbed Sonic and Sega All-stars Racing. I’ve been wanting to play that ever since the demo, but I couldn’t stomach the 30fps with frequent dips on the console. $3.75 was the right price for Super Meat Boy, the first two Genesis collections got me, and the big-ticket item was Dragon Age (the complete collection), which may go cheaper, but was still a bargain at 37.

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