Grab Another 3rd Birthday PSP Custom Theme And Wallpaper

By Ishaan . December 24, 2010 . 9:30am

The 3rd Birthday’s shower scene has gone from being a hesitant inclusion to one of the highlights of Square Enix’s marketing initiative for the game. Sure, they may not be posting it all over billboards in town (yet…), but they have been mentioning it every chance they get, and teasing more and more images from the scene as the game gets closer to release.


It’s a clever way to attract attention, frankly, to a game that even Square aren’t sure will perform the way they’d like it to. The 3rd Birthday is a decidedly risky project, considering just two years ago, the game was originally being developed for mobile phones.


That’s also probably why Square are making fans such a central focus of their promos for the game. For example, the PSP custom theme released on the official site a couple weeks ago, and the shower scene wallpaper (above) they made available this week. Having the “true believers” spread the good word can do wonders for any product.


In addition to the new wallpaper, there’s also a new PSP custom theme (although, the previous one above is much better designed) that you can grab and use.

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  • Now I really want to know how this game does on the sales chart. We’ll be getting the figures next week, I assume?

  • T17K11

    I would have liked it more if the theme was complete. I suppose I was spoiled from the Persona 3 theme that changed the folder icons.

    • Aoshi00

      Yea, I didn’t like the gun folder icons on that theme too much, and the PSN circle overlaps on Aya’s chest… Where’s this shower wallpaper? I only see the new bloody wedding dress one which is pretty nice.

      They really are trying to sex up Aya aren’t they, “I would overdive into you tonight”, can’t get any more direct than that :), sounds like a movie title, or the game Tsukiyo ni Saraba but not as sophisticated..), they said they’re doing 50 web spots for this, are they serious?

      S-E casting director in the recording studio: “Hey Maaya, sound more vulnerable when you groan!”

      Sakamoto: “…..”

      • No, you’re giving me weird mental images of Maaya sama ;____;

        • Aoshi00

          Maaya: “I did it, I did it 50 times but I did it..” (why did I sign that damn contract w/ Square?)

          Casting director: “That’s brilliant, again and again, again and again and again!”

          Makes me think of Milhouse as the Fallout Boy in the Simpsons Radioactive Man episode :)

      • That image above is the shower wallpaper, hahaha. I like the grey theme better than the red one, honestly. Red one made my eyes bleed…it looks awful.

        • Aoshi00

          oh gotcha.. yea, the grey is cool but the pose w/ her arm up is too obvious, but the red has the Aya on the game cover which I like, and the word Overdive spread across the XMB is pretty neat. I’ve never been a big fan of the series, but I’m having the Aya wallpapers on my my laptop and PSP :)

  • Code

    Change my wallpaper from Monster Hunter, to a beautiful woman in a shower — Square clearly doesn’t know the PSP demographic that well opo;

  • karasuKumo

    I got the theme now, I’m not getting that wallpaper though LOL I’m not a pervert that much XD. I can’t wait to play it, so many good PSP titles coming out next year.

  • d19xx

    Oh noes shower scene! Pitchforks?

  • I guess ill keep my blue rose theme… but i think my friends (male ones) would look at me with better eyes if they see this theme on my psp xD

    • Aoshi00

      I don’t really know what Blue Rose is about, but that’s a very good theme too, like the Neptunia PS3 theme, but lately I switched to the Dead Nations wallpaper, the gun w/ the bayonette reminds me of Valkyria Chronicles somehow…

  • PrinceHeir

    Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas Aya :)

    hope to celebrate your Birthday again on a Console this time :D

  • Aiddon

    this is really, really sad

  • Take that naked wet ball and run with it Square Enix…run like the wind…or the towel that fell off from you and is flapping in the wind :D

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