Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Special Trailer Recaps Characters

By Ishaan . December 24, 2010 . 12:49pm


Katsuhiro Harada isn’t the only one releasing a special holiday trailer for his game. Capcom released a new trailer for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, too, and it recaps the roster revealed so far with some very cool character montages. Am I the only one that expected the Power Rangers theme to start playing around the 1:40 mark?

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  • evilmoogle

    MvC2 character select screen remixe! That some good stuff.

  • MarkMario

    “Am I the only one that expected the Power Rangers theme to start playing around the 1:40 mark?”
    No you aren’t the only one, it’s very similar o.o

    • Indeed you’re not the only one. LOL

  • Aoshi00

    I might be a dreamer, Rurouni Kenshin seriously needs a fighting game of this caliber, not a meager Saisen on the PSP… Rurouni Kenshin vs. Busou Renkin would be perfect since both Watsuki series have tons of unique fighters (who can slash and fly all over the screen too), Kenshin’s Kuzuryu-sen vs. Kazuki’s Sunlight Slasher? Kamatari’s chain and scythe vs. Tokiko’s Valkyrie Skirt?

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      Well, shoot, if they’re going to do that, make the cast consist of every Shonen Jump brawler. But make it a 2D fighter like this instead of like Super Smash Bros, like Jump Super/Ultimate Stars was. Kenshin, Buso Renkin, Bleach, Dragon Ball, One Piece, D.Gray-Man, Shaman King, YuYu, Fist of the North Star, even Hitman Reborn

      • Aoshi00

        Yea, but they alrdy did that w/ Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars on the DS, sorta, like you said, and for a battle royale you alrdy have many Smash Bros.

        I’m saying the title Rurouni Kenshin deserves a better game for its 15th anniversary (and a Jinchuu TV series, it had happened w/ Inuyasha and Saint Seiya). Just the two Watsuki series easily provide dozens of fighters each w/ unique playstyle.. I’m not sure if I’m the only one who had imagined of a Rurouni Kenshin/Busou Renkin crossover.. both are my fav Watsuki series..

        Like I said before, my dream Rurouni Kenshin game is either like Marvel vs. Capcom, BlazBlue, or Naruto UNS2. I don’t want games like Kyoto Rinne on the PS2 like the new Bleach PS3 game now, a repetitive 3D brawler fighting hordes of enemies like Dynasty Warriors. And I’m not looking for a Smash Bros game where Kenshin just makes a cameo or an assist.

        • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

          Yeah, but I meant a 2D fighter, like MVC3. Jump Super/Ultimate Stars was technically a 2D fighter, but not in the same sense. They should make a really high res massive crossover game, like MVC3.

          Yes, I agree. I bet they’re testing the waters with this PSP game to see if Kenshin is still relevant to today’s market. A Kenshin/Renkin crossover would be sweet on it’s own, but I think a massive one could be a lot sweeter, although I would still buy just a Watsuki game.

          I don’t think Kenshin could work as a 3d fighter like UNS2 since they don’t really have a whole lot of ranged attacks. I hope they don’t do a 3D brawler either, although I haven’t lost hope on the Bleach game yet. Actually, shouldn’t a demo be coming out for it soon on the Japanese PSN?

          • Aoshi00

            That’s what I thought too, to see if there’s interest for the series, but for a PSP game I think it would only appeal to the older fans for nostalgia’s sake.. that’s why I’m buying a copy, they might make money and make more quality RK games or a Jinchuu series, not sure if my part is relevant..

            It’s a pity if they don’t make better games w/ RK, because the technology wasn’t there during the series’s run, you got blocky fighter and some sidestory RPG for the PS1, and then some PS2 action games, but RK is a perfect match as a 2D fighter, and they never even made a sprite based game on it like YuYu Hakusho on the SNES or Genesis (4 player fighter by Treasure), I’m just surprised they haven’t done it back then while the manga was still running, people wanted to see Saitou fight against Aoshi, Kenshin against Enishi, etc.

            I’m not sure about the game play, maybe RK doesn’t have long range attacks like Naruto, but they could do dashes and Soujiro has his Shukuchi, I don’t think it necessarily needs to be a Bushido Blade type of game. I mainly thought about how cool the story would look if rendered entirely in the style of UNS2 by CC2 w/ full QTEs at the major moments, to relive the story in the best graphics possible.

            Yea, the Bleach demo just came out on the Jpn PSN, I have it on queue, d/l hasn’t finished yet, it’s like over 400 mb.. Not a big fan though, they’ve been milking Bleach, Naruto, and DB for many years now, I’m just excited for this Kenshin comeback after so long, and it deserves better game rather than your quick anime cash-in/milking.

          • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

            Oh, with the same artstyle as UNS2? Yeah, that would definitely be awesome. Even a 2D fighter like that would be sweet, QTE’s and all

    • neon6

      1. Rurouni Kenshin is licensed title and licensed titles are rarely good (Spiderman 2, Batman AA, Goldeneye). Most of the time they’re meant to milk the success of the franchise they’re based on because fans of the brand are guaranteed to buy it.
      2. You’d have to find a good developer who knows how to make a proper fighting game (Capcom Production Studio 4, Arc System Works, Namco Bandai). This would give it a possible spot at Evo, which means the game wouldn’t fade away after a year because people would play it competitively.
      So all in all you ain’t gettin’ no real anime fighter cause they ain’t goin to be one.

      • Aoshi00

        It doesn’t necessarily need to be 2D fighters, could be RPGs or games like UNS2, I’m just saying for a title like RK, it’s perfect for a Blazblue styled game. Yea, there were many quick cash-ins for movies and anime tie-ins that’s granted, but I did enjoy quite a few 2D sprite based Dragonball or YuYu Hakusho fighting games, the YuYu fighting game made by Treasure for the Mega Drive (Genesis) was pretty good, I also liked the DB RPGs and Buto-den on the SNES. It’s certainly not impossible, just depends on who makes it, like the Naruto fighting games on the Gamecube were pretty good too. Even before Batman Arkham Asylum, the platformer/beat ’em up on the NES and SNES were good too.

  • shion16

    go go power rangers xDDDD

  • POW! What an awesome trailer, with a real cool ending. I can’t believe we’ve got the song back… Wahoo!

  • Wolverine’s theme = Power Rangers theme. XD

  • PrinceHeir

    fucking nice :D

    all we need is Vergil, Gene, Strider, Seig Warheit, Juri, Carnage, Venom, Gambit and this game would be perfect. i don’t care if some of them are disconfirmed, release them as DLC please.

    • Draparde

      i would love it if vergil was in the game X_x

      i’m surprised there wasent some sort of “monster hunter” or something lol.

      • krokounleashed

        They already cleared, that Monster Hunter wouldn’t fit in the game ;)
        Monster Hunter don’t have a iconic character you could put in. And c’mon Rathalos in marvel? <:

  • Interesting…a version of the “Take you for a ride” song that doesn’t suck.

  • krokounleashed

    Too bad Psylocke isn’t in. At least we get Sentinel and Phoenix.

    • Who said we get Sentinel and Phoenix?

      • krokounleashed

        A List floating around the internet. With the Achievementlist leaked, it seems to be legit. Phoenix, Hsien-Ko, Gouki/Akuma, Taskmaster, Sentinel and Haggar if i haven’t forgotten one.

        • z_merquise

          I hope that rumored list is true. I like those characters mentioned (well, except Akuma, HAH!)

          If Taskmaster would be there, I hope they can include his other costume that was designed by Udon Studios. It looked bad-ass and a very perfect fit for a mercenary like him. I just don’t know how to attach a picture here so I suggest you can search it if you wanted to know how it looked like compared to Tasky’s old (and current) costume.

        • I’ve seen that list and I really hopethat the only two on it that are real are Hsien-Ko and Haggar. I don’t want Phoenix, I don’t want Taskmaster, I don’t want Sentinel, and I especially don’t want Akuma. I can hope the others are fake, though, but the Satsui no Hado achievement does point towards Akuma. But the rest are open to interpretation and I hope that the current interpretation is wrong. All of those with the exception of Hsien-Ko and Haggar suck.

          • krokounleashed

            Darkstalkers point to Hsien-Ko. Copy this! to Taskmaster and when Bake talked about alternate costumes/colors he totally mentioned “mango sentinel”.
            While I agree with you for Akuma, I don’t see what’s wrong with Taskmaster, Sentinel or Phoenix

          • Well, Taskmaster is a lame character. Phoenix is a waste of a slot that could go to some better Marvel female, like Ms. Marvel or Mystique or even Elektra. And Sentinel is a faceless robot people only like because he spams his laser when you press heavy punch.

            And I read the mango Sentinel line, but he was making fun of MVC2’s color schemes when he said it.

          • Here’s what he wrote:

            With a few exceptions (such as Gray Hulk), this has always meant some sort of random color variation without a ton of thought behind why, leading to characters like the “mango Sentinel” that makes you think of the New York Knicks (hardcore MvC2 fans know exactly why that reference is so Pringles…). So…I took it upon myself to help in putting a ton of thought into the color variations this time.

            How can it not be making fun when he says called “mango Sentinel” a random color variation without a ton of thought behind it?

          • krokounleashed

            Well he wasn’t just “making fun” of it. He clearly mentioned it. The mango Sentinel will be in as a yipes meme as the magnus color scheme is already. Well and it’s more like the hyper and autofly etcpp which makes Sentinel so great. You can spam projectiles with almost every character in mvc2. And c’mon Dark Phoenix is fantastic. Yeah, sure I like Ms. Marvel (The original not moonstone), too. I don’t see Phoenix as a wasted slot. Haggar is a wasted slot, ’cause most characters without projectiles are already lowtier in marvel.

          • Sentinel as an addition breaks the game. Someone Can just go Mag/Storm/Sen and use broken ass god tier tactics all match. I won’t buy the game if it comes to that, and I’m seriously looking forward too it. But I won’t play a game I’m guaranteed to lose.

      • krokounleashed

        How do you know Mag/Storm/Sent are the same as they were in mvc2? Yipes said Magneto is more like as in X-Men vs Street Fighter. Also they’re many many new characters which weren’t in mvc2. Just being Toptier in mvc2 doesn’t mean he is in mvc3.

        • Dude, just do what everyone else does and keep the conversation in one straight line. It’s getting confusing to read your responses as they’re all over the place. Please.

          • krokounleashed

            It’s not my fault. When the reponses get longer you can’t directly response to it, DUDE. There is no reply-button anymore.

          • Oh, I know, but what people tend to do is just keep replying under the last part of the conversation, so that way, even if it’s all one straight line now, we know to look there for your response.

          • Like this.

  • Add Gene in there. I want to play as the Viewtiful Clover team. Amaterasu, Viewtiful Joe, and Gene ;_;

    • Code

      haha, I mentioned this before too, Gene would complete a totally badass Clover team >w<' Although at the same time I don't think I can play Viewtiful Joe if he's anything like he was in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom opo;

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    I like how they took the opportunity to show off some alternate costumes. good job, capcom

  • It seems Wolverine was happy to get punched in the face.

  • Chow

    I would’ve lol’d so hard if 90% of the video was nothing but awards/medals panning onto the screen, after watching those first twenty seconds.

  • “Am I the only one that expected the Power Rangers theme to start playing around the 1:40 mark?”

    I’m ashamed to say no…your not the only one. Especially considering the full theme tune rocks. Screw it, I’m gonna say they took the tune and remixed it.

    YES! “Take you for a ride” is back baby and more characters to come! Oh man MvC 3 is pretty much in the top ten games of 2011 list.

  • Akirap


  • Akirap

    Oops, double post, sorry.
    Will this be a PS3 / X360 release only? No PC?

  • tim


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