Fate/zero Novel To Be Animated By Ufotable

By Ishaan . December 25, 2010 . 12:03pm

Fate/zero is the novel prequel to Type-Moon’s popular Fate/stay Night. As the first story in the Fate series, it essentially kicks off the Holy Grail War storyline, telling the adventures of Emiya Shirou’s father, who was also Master to Saber in the fourth war ten years prior to Fate/stay Night.


Fate/zero is getting an anime series, although details on this front are scarce. We do know that, following their work on Kara no Kyoukai, Type-Moon have handed the anime reins over to Ufotable, who will be adapting the series into animated form.


Fate/stay Night already has two animated adaptations based on it so far, both by Studio Deen. The first is the original 2006 anime series that covers the “Fate” scenario, and the second is the more recent Unlimited Blade Works movie.

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  • I would prefer what happens after instead of before, i could somehow figure out what happened before with the Fate stay night… and i dont wanna see the old saber D8<

    • yeah me too man, really interested in what happens a few years after Fate/Stay night.

    • Except that Fate/Zero is by far the best of the Fate stories. And there is really nothing after the end of FSN, Hollow Ataraxia is more of an addition.

      As a sidenote: There is absolutely nothing more awesome than badass Saber!

      • Still, even if its good, it would be kind of hollow, because i alreay know how they will all end xD, im still happy for the anime though.

        Ohhh, i though Hollow Ataraxia was what happened after that, it seems is the same MC but is not the central character or so ive heard…. And i dont remember well but it seems saber appears again…?

        • ZeroBlitz

          A good story always comes down to how it’s told and the path it travels. It will in no way feel ‘hollow’. And you claim to know how it ends but it’s not like you really know much at all…

          Really, the Fate route ending of F/SN was so… typical you knew it was going to happen from the start (and while they’re all well executed I believe only one ending was really original) but does that mean you felt the story for that was ‘hollow’? Of course I’m assuming you’ve read the VN here – I have no problem with that description being used with the anime.

          Try out the Fate Zero novels and you’ll immediately find yourself engaged by new and interesting characters. Google Baka Tsuki to find the translation project. The first three novels are fully translated and they’re halfway through the final one.

          • Yeah i know about that page, and it may entretain me for a while, but at the end, i know it will all end up like Fate Stay night, and no, i didnt knew what was gonna happen, i actually expected to saber to stay with the dude (even if i knew it was impossible) and never expected archer to die (knowing who archer actually is).

            Ill just see what happened with this MC’s father (yeah i forgot his name) and saber, and how will it end (it will surely be the route of the anime) so yeah, we will end hat anime in how the anime starts… with the MC being alone with the desctruction and blah blah.

            It would be interesting, if they didnt explained most of it in the actual anime/novel.

            Anyway this is just my opninion, im sure that for someone who loves this story there cant never be too much!

          • ZeroBlitz

            Again… all you’re saying is that it’s not worth your time if you know how it ‘ends’ – how closed-minded can you get?

            OK, so apparently you expected Saber to stay even though you “knew it was impossible”? (It was hardly ‘impossible’, it just made much more sense the way it happened.) I don’t think you even know what you’re saying… It sounds more like you ‘hoped’ Saber would stay despite knowing better.

            Regardless, was it not an totally ordinary ending? Hero kid takes out final boss in the last phase of the tournament, says farewell to his one-time partner.. it’s not too often an anime or game impresses you with a genuinely creative end. What it comes down to is execution. Even if you pretty much know how a certain type of show or game will end it’s all about the ride up to that point and the impact they manage to convey when the final curtain falls.

            Basically: haven’t you ever watched, played or read anything more than once? If you have, you have no excuse not to try this anime.

            In fact, your lack of interest suggests you also haven’t seen Kara no Kyoukai so you should probably check that out first and be overwhelmed by complete epic-ness. I posted a video above.

          • Hey man, first,that i dont like what you like doesnt means im closed minded.

            Second, because of that, i won’t bother reading what you wrote, for the way you reacted surely is your fanboism talking there. I haven’t insulted the things you like or not like in any of my post, i don’t really like to read the opinion of the people that write like that.

            Simply stated, i didnt liked the visual novel/anime that much, i already know how that holy grail war will end, so i wont bother watching something when i already know how it will end up like, it’s not that good, and saber wont have any change as a character (she would be one of the main reasons if i watch it), she will be badass saber until the end, so i know she doesnt advance as character as much as she did in Fate stay/night.

            And for your information, i got all 3 endings in the VN of fate stay night. So even if i dont know as much as you, i still know my stuff.
            I might watch it out of boredoom, but i know i wont be as excited, that’s it

          • ZeroBlitz

            Um, no? You’re twisting what I said. I said it’s closed-minded to not even attempt something because you know how it ends, not ‘because I like it you must like it’. Your response of ‘I won’t even read the rest of what you wrote’ was incredibly rude. And you don’t even get where I’m coming from – I’m not really a fan of F/SN.

            Yes, I’ve watched the anime (terrible), movie (passable ‘entertainment’) and read the full VN (has points where it gets amazing but is badly paced and frequently drags on) but it just isn’t as good as Kara no Kyoukai, Tsukihime and Fate/Zero. Then there’s Kagetsu Tohya and Melty Blood on a similar level… and I’m assuming Mahōtsukai no Yoru and Girls’ Work will also kick it’s ass.

            And earlier you said ‘Yeah I know about that page’ but obviously I was suggesting you actually try it before claiming your opinion is the be all and end all.

            So yeah, I’m a Type-Moon fan at some level but in this case I’m a Studio ufotable fan. It would be a disservice to ignore their fantastic creations because of a mere assumption. Again, look at the Kara no Kyoukai anime!

          • Im not twisting anything, i just dont like that tone you were using with me, if you want to make your point clear there are better ways than to start the paragraph saying im closed minded.

            I will check the anime.

          • ZeroBlitz

            I already explained exactly how you twisted what I said. And yes, I’m sorry, there are better ways to open a paragraph but I made my point pretty clear in my first comment (first two sentences, even) and you just restated the same opinion in response, essentially overlooking what I said. It can be frustrating trying to explain something to someone twice when it doesn’t seem like they even tried to hear what you were saying the first time.

            And telling someone they are being closed-minded isn’t an insult upon their person, it’s a critique upon the opinion they have professed and suggests they try to look from other perspectives in that matter.

            All-in-all, I apologise if I may have come across as overbearing, I do realise that you may not be fluent in English (no offense intended if I’m incorrect, you could simply be young). And I hope you, too, realise your replies didn’t really attempt to understand any points I tried to make.

            This should be the end-of. ^^;
            Hope it doesn’t take too long to come out. :P

  • Okay, this is badass. Can’t wait to see Saber being a hardass.

  • shion16


  • CoolChibi

    Yay! ufotable >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Studio DEEN!

    • KyoAni rules them all.

      And UBW was good :P

      • I wish I can hate KyoAni to death. I love ufotable though. It would certainly be nice to be able to get the monster KnK blu-ray set.

      • UBW was not THAT bad but it didn’t feel like a movie and more like an animated collage of fight scenes.

      • neocatzon

        BONES & Gainax >>>>>>>>> KyoAni
        nuff said

    • I second that.

      Siliconera forgot about others project such as Girl Work’s, that is another adaptation of a Type Moon novel by Ufotable (hasn’t been release yet, the VN)

      • ZeroBlitz

        I know… it’s annoying they ignored the other Type-Moon/ufotable anime announcement which is just as important. I’m really really looking forward to both although I’m hoping ufotable will animate one before the other (to ensure both get the same high quality production, preferably with pretty much exactly the same staff as KnK).

  • evilmoogle
  • Cool!!
    Can’t wait to see an animated Lancelot Berserker,he Looks so badass :O

  • Man I really hope that this anime does justice to the novel and not end up like the other anime/movie and can maybe even replace having to read the novel. That’s wishful thinking though I know it’ll end up being more like a summary of the story…

    • ZeroBlitz

      Did you even watch Kara no Kyoukai…? Novel adaption done to perfection. This is the one studio all Type Moon fans trust.

      The F/SN anime and UBW movie were by Studio DEEN, one of the more infamous VN adapters.

      • No, I haven’t, I can’t call myself a Type-Moon fan though, all I know (and love) about them is their Fate series, I don’t know much about their other works.

        • ZeroBlitz

          In which case I assume you’ve only seen the anime, not read the F/SN Visual Novel or anything? If you ‘love’ what is possibly their weakest work (due to a poor adaption) then I have no doubt you’d be addicted to their other stuff.

          I’d say you have to watch KnK, like, right now, but it’s awesomeness just might blow your mind.

          Take a quick look at this vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6Gh51LsrKI

          • Actually I know Fate because of the VN I haven’t seen the Anime, only that animated collage of fighting scenes they call “movie”.

  • PrinceHeir

    yay more Fate Stay Night is always good :)

    please Type Moon, make a new Melty Blood for current gen consoles please :D

    thank you and Merry Christmas ^^

    • mikanko

      Type-Moon doesn’t make Melty Blood, it’s just their license, but is developed by a longtime doujin fight game maker, French Bread, who’s currently working on their own original title.

      They’ve expressed interest in releasing an updated MB from the arcade for PS3/PC though, but it’s not super likely.

      • PrinceHeir

        oh well i’ll just have to wait for the Next Melty Blood that is Blazblue Like Sprites, maybe based on the NESiCA x Live Arcade system? :D

      • BadenBadenPrinny

        I’d have to agree unless ArcSys decides to step in or something like that


    Ufotable + Type-Moon = Insta Win.

  • holyPaladin

    Gonna watch this to see Saber

  • Type Moon X Image Epoch project
    Fate Zero animated by Ufotable
    KnK Full BluRay Boxed Set
    Mahou Tsukai no Yuro

    The next couple years are going to be glorious

    • FHOIW

      Type-Moon Glorious!

    • Girl’s Works too, don’t forget. You would be surprise by the product, it has a cool staff.

  • People should forget about Saber. Iskander vs Gilgamesh vs Lancelot is the most awesome battle ever in Fate series.

    Also this story is darker than the original FSN, part of this is beacause the main cast are adults and the other because the main character is colder than Shirou and heartless sometimes. FSN Fans should remember that Saber said that.

  • Dissappearance of Suzumiya and then THIS!?
    OMG, this can’t get better.
    brb, re-reading all Fate/Zero novels

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Animated Iskander and Kiritsugu, yes please


    By the way, there’s a CM out on YouTube.


    *Edit: Actually, it’s just Fate/Zero related stuff. Lol

  • Aiddon

    The Black Knight is going to be “grar!” to the max

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