Soulcalibur’s Soul To Burn Once Again

By Ishaan . December 25, 2010 . 3:41am

Tekken series producer, Katsuhiro Harada had a little holiday treat for fans with a new Tekken Tag Tournament 2 trailer. But that isn’t all he had. Yesterday, Harada signed off with a tease that he had one more little surprise in store for the next day.


…and this is it. At the link (and above) is the Twitter feed of Daishi Odashima, designer of Soulcalibur IV and Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny. Odashima’s first and only tweet (so far) says just one thing: “SC is back! Get ready, fans!”


Harada had a bit more to say about the new project, although, he refrained from giving away any of the details you might be hoping for.


Harada says that Odashima is a hardcore Soulcalibur player, so he understands where fans are coming from. Odashima’s own Twitter bio says he’s been playing since the first Soulcalibur game, and joined the development team during Soulcalibur III.


“Of course we can’t comply to every request, but is really wants to hear your opinions so let him(@Daishi_CALIBUR) know what you think!” Harada told fans. He continued: “I can’t say anything abt the platform or release date yet. The only thing I can say is that the SC project has bn officially put in2 motion.”


Harada has quite the fan-following, so it makes sense for him to be the one to introduce Namco fans to the new Soulcalibur project. “I’m really glad that we were able to start work on a new Soul Calibur! Of course, I will continue to support this project,” he stated.


He concluded: “Until now, there was a lot that I couldn’t share with u all & it was pretty tough. But it’s due to a lot of hard work that this was possible and because the fans and Odajima didn’t give up.”


Siliconera staff note: Merry Christmas, everyone!

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  • urbanscholar

    You know…I care ALOT about the series’ story so I wonder where its going.

    • Ereek

      This may seem strange, but the story was what first got me into the Soul Calibur. It was actually very interesting in SC1 and kept me playing. You might say it was my motivation and it was the first fighter I really got into after Tekken 3.

      2 was the pinnacle of gameplay for me, with a slightly less interesting story and 3’s story turned nonsensical, seemingly the fate of all fighting games in a series. I never played 4, though.

      • urbanscholar

        Actually I remember reading through the game’s narrative for part 1 and I was like…wow! I’ve been hooked since.

        You have to play 4 though because 3 is really more of a dream match game. It also was proven by 4 not to be canon, ok I’ll stop here before I start ranting.

        • No, it wasn’t. 4 still takes place AFTER 3, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. I mean, you do notice Tira is there, right? And that the events of 3 made her so crazy that her personality split in 4, right? Or that Zasalamel was trying to RETURN to life in SC4, since he had died in 3.

          And 4 is awful, when it comes to the story mode, anyway. 3’s was awesome and probably the best way to handle that type of mode. Multiple paths, individual character interaction. 4 was just a couple lines of text here and there and then an ending.

          • urbanscholar

            You see what this series narrative does to people. We are at odds here. Anywho the narrative is always up to interpretation by the individual. Ultimately I just hope the story doesn’t leave any loop holes.

          • Okay, let’s try this the easy way. What happened in 4 that makes you think that 3 isn’t canon? Tell me what it is and I’m sure I can explain where your mistake happened. This isn’t a David Lynch film we’re talking about. It’s a fairly clear linear narrative from game to game.

      • You’re not missing anything by not playing 4. Trust me on that.

  • Aiddon

    cool. Just learn to stop making the AI in the single player so cheap. Oh, and bring back the custom character styles

    • Draparde

      i could not agree more O.o i was so sad/mad that they where taken out on 4 D:

  • krokounleashed

    SC2 Style or no buy.

  • Shuryou

    Soul Calibur 3DS.
    Hey, everybody is doing it. They might as well too.

    • Well, they’ve done everything else they can do to drive the series into the ground. Might as well finish the job.

    • kylehyde

      If thats the case, I hope that they put some effort, all their projects for 3DS looks really lazy and half baked.

      On other side, I don’t mind to seeing Ivy in 3D.

  • d19xx

    Hey Odama, why did you make Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny stank?

  • Been waiting a long while for the next installment after 4, hopefully it doesn’t disappoint. Broken Destiny was pretty meh, the only good thing about it was the addition of Kratos.

  • Stop changing the normals. And make all of the costume pieces available from the get-go; if not that, then include them all free of charge like they were in Broken Destiny.

  • Apollokids

    And the gaming community gives out a collective *YAWN*~

    • z_merquise

      Not a fan of Soul Calibur?

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Merry Christmas to you too, Ishaan and Spencer!
    Merry Christmas to everyone else on here!

    PS. Soul Calibur V? Bigger, bouncier, and skimpier than DOA could ever dream to be. Not really what I want, but what’s likely going to happen. Gameplay hasn’t changed much since 2, so like Tekken I don’t think it’ll ever change beyond tweaks and balances. Invested players enjoy that, I guess.

    • Code

      rar, Merry Christmas everyone >w<~! Merry Christmas, Yusaku~!

      As far as Soul Calibur goes, I use to adore SC1 and SC2, but by SC3 things seem to sag a little, I enjoyed SC3 but I don't know the interest wasn't quiet there for me. And SC4 I like the armor break thing, but it really did nothing that SC3 didn't already do, it felt like there was little innovation. My number one recommendation is, good god tone down the shine, everything in that game either shined, glistened, radiated or glowed opo;

      But as far as gameplay goes, I think honestly the series could be pared down a little bit, it always feels like there is way too many little moves, and systems, that are left over appendages from SC's long past. Characters like Ivy who have changed so much over the years, make that so very apparent how much leftover luggage there is of older play styles and moves she use to have. I really do think SC is one of the most inviting fighters there is, more people I know who don't play fighters will pick up and play SC on gaming nights compared to SSF4 or Blazblue. But I think if they want to hit it out of the park with SC5 they need to clean up the gameplay a bit, and make this one count.

      Also Dampierre better be in SC5, SC4's biggest short coming was him not being in it, with his awesome throws omo;

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Agree with everything you said. Even if they don’t reboot it, the least they could do is to change it up beyond an update/expansion of IV.

    • Merry Christmas!

      Watch SCV be Namco’s own reboot. That wouldn’t be a bad thing in my opinion, though. I’m not very fond of Soulcalibur IV’s design. I loved SC2’s art, so I hope they stick with that style.

      • I really hate this trend of rebooting things.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        I will love for SCV to be a reboot. Like… totally reinvented gameplay and all. Even better if it went in a Bushido Blade direction… but who am I kidding, the fans will rage and send death threats to Namco if that happened. XD

        • See, my thing is that if you’re going to reboot it, why even bother calling it Soul Calibur? Call it something else and that way, you can build from the beginning again.

          I loved Lords of Shadows but it shouldn’t have been called Castlevania.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            I can see how it pisses people off when devs take an existing franchise and do away everything that the series is known for besides the name. Often it’s done wrong and nobody wins. Especially when a bright, colorful franchise becomes “realistic” and “gritty” to go along with trends.

            But it doesn’t have to be that way; there’s no rule for it. While not what people might be expecting, a reboot can be delightful in that it brings something new to the table. It could be better in ways people didn’t know about before or thought was impossible.

            Reboots are often new IP under the guise of old IP, and I’ve come to accept that, for better or worse. They happen because of name brand recognition and starting a new IP is risky both financially and conceptually. People might not buy a game they’ve never heard of, and devs have to work extra hard to make their new idea stand out. With rebooting existing IP, the audience is already there, plus the promise of change might bring back people who have lost interest and attract newcomers who have previously ignored the long running series thinking its too late to get into it. Sure, such an approach might alienate longtime fans, but it’s the best way to get attention. And who knows, fans might turn out to love it after all.

            But in the end, when it comes to Soul Calibur, you don’t have to worry. Odama is a dedicated SC player himself apparently, so it’s a safe bet he won’t change the game in any drastic way that will completely throw off the players who have their bread and butter memorized from the games prior.

          • Is it really the best way to get attention, though? I mean, think about all the reboots we’ve had this generation. Have ANY of them been successful? I mean, even Castlevania: LoS, while I think it’s a great game has underperformed. Prince of Persia did so badly they went back to the original PS2 continuity, people are holding their noses at Front Mission: Evolved, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories didn’t do anything to reignite the franchise, they’ve rebooted Tomb Raider about twenty times already and no one has cared about any of them, the dark and gritty take on Bomberman is already forgotten by most people, Medal of Honor didn’t set the world on fire like EA expected. The only reboot I can think of that worked was Ninja Gaiden and I’d say that’s mostly because the old NES games were so hard that most people never got far enough through them to actually learn the continuity of them.

            Reboots tend to kill franchises, if anything, when you really think about it. An old-school style Dante-starring Devil May Cry 5 would have a huge buzz around it right now, but where is the buzz behind DMC? Is anyone excited for that game besides the Inafune-can-do-no-wrong brigade? A Soul Calibur remake would probably be just as poorly received.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            @Charles Lupula

            There’s a difference between failing financially and failing as a playable game. I would say Lord of Shadows, Prince of Persia 08, and Shattered Memories are all meticulously designed games, regardless of whether I like them or think they are faithful to the original series, and if they sold well or not. Those games do not deserve to be grouped into the same category as Bomberman: Act Zero, a game that is creatively bankrupt and devoid of personality.

            Going by the current definition of reboot, Final Fantasy almost reinvents itself every other game, yet no one gives a second thought to it. Don’t forget Resident Evil 4 was also clearly a reboot in many senses of the word, and turned out to be one of the finer experiences in modern gaming. Street Fighter IV, Metroid Prime, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Tomb Raider Legend, and Red Faction: Guerilla are other examples of fairly successful and well received reboots in recent times.

            Sure DMC may end up being terrible, but I can’t say that until I’ve played it, or *at least seen some gameplay*. And regardless of going back to the basics or trying something new entirely, why can’t a Soul Calibur reboot succeed?

          • You can’t really count the Final Fantasy games, though, because there has not been one set continuity between games. Nor can you count Resident Evil 4, Street Fighter IV, or Metroid: Prime, because they may have changed their gameplay, but they never discarded their canon. To consider something a reboot, it would have to completely discard the look, feel, gameplay, and most importantly, the storyline of the original series. Resident Evil 4 only changed the gameplay. It still kept the original characters. It kept the running canon.

            Simply changing Soul Calibur to have a, say, Bushido Blade style of gameplay would not make it count as a reboot. Changing the gameplay, scraping or reimaging the old character, and throwing out the storyline completely would.

            When I think reboot, I think of completely ignoring the existence of the originals, as the Prince of Persia game did or Shattered Memories does.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            @Charles Lupula (#2)

            Your definition of reboot relies on storyline, that implies FF can’t be rebooted, which to me is illogical. If you want clear cut examples, there’d be none better than VII, XII, and XIII.

            And actually, Resident Evil 4 might as well have been a complete reboot, because it’s story wasn’t so much a “continuation” as it is a left-field tangent, with the main plot reduced to something of a back story you might as well have not noticed.

            Street Fighter IV and Metroid Prime not reboots? When a series has been dead for so long suddenly gets a new installment with the gameplay and visuals completely revamped, along with a story self-contained enough to be readily accessible by newcomers–that is, in my mind, a reboot.

            Even you agree that discarding the look, feel, and gameplay is part of a reboot. I just say it’s what defines a reboot.

            These are games (not movies) we’re talking about; what legacy do most game franchises carry that are bigger than gameplay and design? Canon can get messy. What if Bomberman: Act Zero continued one of the Bomberman storylines? Would it then not be a reboot? What if CD said the new Tomb Raider was in the timeline origin of the old ones? What difference would it make? What about sports, racing, and puzzle games? Can those not be rebooted? To me the purpose of a reboot is to draw in new fans, and a visual and gameplay overhaul are critical in that regard. Story is often just icing on the cake. As I’ve noted, employing an isolated gaiden between the cracks of an *existing plotline* serve the exact same purpose as telling a brand new story–such a small difference cannot be the basis of a reboot.

          • I can’t make any comment on sports, racing, and puzzle games because I don’t play any of the three. I guess I enjoy Wipeout HD, because I can blow up the other cars, but otherwise, I don’t really like just racing in a circle over and over again. So, I couldn’t tell you the appeal of any of those genres nor what would constitute a reboot in any of them.

            And I would not consider any game that stayed within the original canon a reboot, no. Giving something a new coat of paint is just that. Otherwise, we’d have to consider franchises rebooted everytime we went up a generation.

            Devil May Cry 3 revitalized the franchise after DMC2 almost killed it, but I can’t consider it a reboot. It was simply an improvement upon the formula. Franchises make missteps all the time. A lot of the time, the developers get the chance to fix those mistakes.

            Resident Evil 4 is not a reboot to me, it’s a revitalization. They saw what was stale and improved it, while staying true to the canon. If it had been a totally new gameplay style with a totally new story, that would have been a reboot.

            Metroid: Prime is not a reboot either, since it stays within the canon of the original games. It is a completely different style of gameplay, but it still honors the originals. If they made a racing game staring Nathan Drake tomorrow, do we consider that a reboot of the Uncharted franchise or just a spin-off with a different gameplay style?

            Tomb Raider, for example, has been rebooted multiple times. Old canon was thrown out, new gameplay brought in, graphics changed.

            I think you and I just have completely different views of what would constitute a reboot. To me, as someone who writes, I see the storyline of a game as the motivation for why I’m actually doing the gameplay. I can’t play a game with no story. I need to know the “why” of what I am doing. I need to know who my characters are and what gets accomplished by doing what you’re doing. If story was 100% incidental to gameplay, why would anyone be upset about the DMC remake?

            To me, I’d say that games have a 50/50 mix of gameplay and storyline that makes a game what it is. Look at it this way. I’ve made no secret about how much I dislike the gameplay in Enslaved. If they suddenly went and made it as deep as, say, God of War or Devil May Cry, but kept it within the same storyline as the original Enslaved, how would that exactly be considered a reboot? To me, it wouldn’t be.

            As for Bomberman…is there even a canon to the original Bomberman game? I only played one once, so I don’t even know.

            And no, I don’t consider any of the Final Fantasy games reboots.

  • Yukito

    4 was bad. I am guessing they hit their peak with the series.

  • SlashZaku

    – No more Guest Characters
    – Go back to an actual Story Mode, not the crap that was in SCIV
    – Ditch Tower or bring back Edge Master Mode and all the usual modes
    – If you’re adding more original characters, don’t make them clones/reskins of currents
    – No more Guest Characters
    – CAS should be overhauled. Gear should be revamped for stats otherwise you end up wearing the same crap to have decent stats. CAS-specific move sets also need to be added otherwise, we fall into that ‘reskinned’ area
    – More costumes for characters, some new, some retro
    – I want Ivy to go more to form like her SCII self with stances. She seemed ‘off’ in regards with IV
    – No more Guest Characters
    – Better stage interaction
    – Critical Finishes…ditch ’em. Just bring back Weapon Break like in Soul Blade
    – A ‘Ghost Mode’ or whatever like Tekken would be nice, maybe even fighting against random CASs instead of just different designs of the mains as well.
    – No more Guest Characters
    – More unlockables but this would probably go hand-in-hand with Edge Master Mode and also be eaten away at with the prospect of DLC

    Feel like I’m missing something but that should cover it…

    EDIT: If this turns out to be ‘Soul Calibur 3DS’, I’m burning Namco Bandai to the damn ground.

    • I agree with pretty much all of that except “No more guest characters”. Guest characters are a pretty nice thing, and even better when you see one and are all “HOLY HELL! I KNOW THAT ART STYLE IT’S ‘etc etc’! The character from the artist who worked with Sunrise for Hime/Otome.

    • doubleO7

      I have no problem with guest characters as long as they look like they could “fit” in the SC unverse.

      Link? Kratos? Yes
      Star Wars? Not so much…

      The whole Star Wars thing was just really bizarre. Sci-fi and Soul Calibur do not mix.

      I thought Kratos fit in pretty well, and I found him fun to play as.

      Link was totally awsome. Best guest character in the entire series IMO, and he’s my 3rd favorite character in the entire series (after Nightmare and Taki).

      • Guest

        I think they should keep it to Japanese characters like Guts from Berserk or Dark Schnieder of Bastard. Maybe even Ichigo of Bleach (nah) or Ruroni Kenshin or Ninja Scroll.

        I would say put Namco’s Valkyrie in it but Sophita already seems too much like her

        • The thing is, though, that no one who doesn’t watch a ton of anime has any idea who those characters are. I know I certainly have never heard of any of them except the guy from Berserk.

        • Kris

          She actually had a Valkyrie costume in Soul Calibur 2, if I remember correctly. :)

    • Sorry son, but quest characters are the only reason the game sales now days. The Gamecube version is still one of the most sold games. Because of adding Link to it. If they are going to add characters add the ones people would love to see. Link, Kratos, and some guy from Fable.

      • SlashZaku

        This is actually something I find kind of sad and hard to believe that a game like SC only sells on ‘guest characters’. I’d rather they focus on their original universe and characters created for it. I want them to instead create 2-3 new ones for the series, develop them their own movesets, stories, arenas, etc. and be done with that while tweaking/balancing the current roster and building on the content and current offerings.

        Focus less on trying to ‘boost sales and marketing it to a crowd that otherwise has no interest’ and more towards your fans. Capcom is going the former route with the DMC.

        • And I’m sure that’s going to bite Capcom on the ass, really. I will be shocked and horrified if DMC, in its current state, isn’t a Bionic Commando-level flop.

      • I would say that that might be the reason why Soul Calibur IV is the ONLY major fighting game of this entire generation to sell more on 360 than PS3, but that means that more people actually wanted to play as Yoda and that just confuses my brain. I mean, for crissakes, he’s a muppet! A muppet! Why would anyone have wanted to play as him?

    • I second your petition

      The “guest character” could be a costume for a character that you can create and you could add his fighting style too. So you can create a Kratos or you could create your own character with Kratos fighting style.

    • thebanditking

      Spoken like a true fan, I salute you and your pursuit of a better SoulCalibur release!

  • Okay, I bought SCIV first day and it was one of the few games I’ve bought this gen that I sold a couple months after. My hugest compliant was the story mode, which was so lacking compared to SC3’s story mode. I buy a Soul Calibur game for the story, above all. Why did we go from every character interacting with each and multiple paths to a couple lines of text and no character interaction, whatsoever? I was so hugely let down by IV, it wasn’t even funny.

    And if you’re going to do guest characters, can they be characters that make sense, please? I absolutely hated that Darth Vader and Yoda were in the game, even though I must admit that Vader and the Apprentice had some awesome John Williams stage music. But Star Wars characters do not belong in the game, period.

    But yeah, I will be waiting on SCV rather than getting it first day. I want to make sure the story mode is robust again and I also want to make sure that if there is create a player, that they don’t just make them clones of existing characters again. I loved the CAP mode in 3.

    Oh, and this is 2011, almost, so vibration is kind of a must.

  • SneakyHawk

    Best Xmas present ever. I hope Chronicles of the Sword makes a return…

  • mikanko

    The gameplay in 1 and 2 had better balance and depth than 4. If they can take a step in fixing that I’ll be picking it up. Also online netcode that’s at least comparable to SF4 rather than the mess it is for SC4.

    Also, please no more cup size increases. Most people like boobs, whether they admit it or not, but SCIVs were a bit too ridiculous and unattractive.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Once you go bigger… you can’t go back!
      (actually, I am all for flat chested, non-loli characters… but sadly, it’ll only get worse for SC)

  • Namco…I have just one simple request – Bring back the Weapon Master Mode/Edge Master Mode/Mission Mode.

    Honestly Chronicles of the Sword in Soul Calibur III and Tower of Lost Souls in Sould Calibur IV were disappointing and soul-crushing fustrating at times.

  • Christmas!

  • Soul Calibur Legends 2 M i Rite

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Make this game not suck and I’ll actually play it

  • countupyoursins

    I really hope this breaks the tradition of each Soul Calibur game being marginally worse then the previous. It’s disappointing one of the best, if not the best, fighters around (SC1) keep on getting it’s name dragged through the mud … boobs flailing and all.

  • PrinceHeir

    please go back to the anime style portraits(shown is SC I) i miss those.

    more customization please, no more Star wars guest. include guest characters but choose those who really fit in the game. not to mention both guest characters should be in both consoles, the reason i say this is because it is convenient when having tournaments. and it’s annoying if there’s a exclusive character on both consoles.

    Merry Christmas Siliconera Users :P

  • I’m fairly wary of NamcoBandai, but I’ll bite. Just make sure to ditch the Tower crap and bring back Edge Master mode or an improved Chronicles of Sword mode. SC4’s CAS was garbage too, so either return CAS to SC3 or completely revamp the whole thing. Know what, just go back to Soul Calibur 2 and add superior CAS. That should fix most of the problems with the recent SC titles.

  • z_merquise

    First Queen’s Gate Spiral Chaos, now this announcement. Am I the only one who’s starting to love Namco-Bandai again? Now if only they decided to release Endless Frontier: Exceed outside Japan. . .

    • Guest

      And all the Tales games and Dragonball Z Zenkai Battle Royale and all the Gundam games and make a Saint Seiya and Yu Yu Hakusho game and also Bastard!!

  • Guest

    Taki and Ivy are going to be pretty much naked if it’s SCV. If i wanted to play Dead or Alive i would play DOA. Anyway, this franchise is pretty much dead, either go back to the basics or don’t bother.


    • Ivy’s outfits never bothered me. The big change in her gameplay style in SC4 did. She could be completely naked in SCV and as long as she played like she used to, I would be happy.

      …actually, I’d probably be happy with the naked thing too, but then again I’m a perv.

  • kupomogli

    SC4 is the worst in the series. Balance was thrown out the window with the release of SC3 and SC4 makes it even more unbalanced. The CAS system on SC4 sucked balls in comparison to that of SC3.

  • Yesshua

    I’m going to go ahead and call this as a 3DS game. It’s impossible to predict the demographic that will purchase a system before it releases, but Street Fighter and Dead or Alive will probably convince more than a few fighting game fans to pick it up. If I were Namco, I would develop (or port) SC to the 3DS to try to pick up some of that market.

    And hey – maybe this would mean Link is back.

    And hey – maybe this will be SC Legends two. I actually had some fun with that game when I rented it. I would never ever buy it mind, but it was kinda fun to play with the different characters and their moves for a while.

    • That would be a huge mistake to put this on 3DS, UNLESS they planned on also having it on the major consoles. When a big portion of the fighting game community won’t even play them without huge, unwieldy arcade sticks, I can’t imagine they’re going to accept playing a major installment of a series on a handheld. No one will be picking up a 3DS just to play Street Fighter or Dead or Alive. People who already own one might pick those titles up, but no one is going to buy it just for them.


    More variety of armor, hair, faces, etc.

    And make it easier to get. :/ I hated that tower.

  • Did anyone post this picture yet? I always thought it was funny, and kind of depressing.

  • Guest

    His shirt is interesting and whats with the Kazuya haircut

  • thebanditking

    I just hope they make it more like 1 and 2 and nothing like 3 or 4. Also this could just be a port of broken destiny for the 3DS……it is namco after all.

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