Kazushige Nojima Is Penning Black Rock Shooter: The Game

By Ishaan . December 26, 2010 . 12:00pm

4Gamer has a few early details on Imageepoch’s Black Rock Shooter: The Game, announced for the PSP by president, Ryoei Mikage, at the publisher’s recent press conference in Japan last month.


For those that may not be familiar with it, the Black Rock Shooter anime film, on which the game is based, has an interesting origin story. A Concept image for a character named “Black Rock Shooter” was originally created by an artist named Huke.


Inspired by the image, the founder of the music group, Supercell, created a song based on the character, also named “Black Rock Shooter,” featuring vocals from Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku. The ensuing music video, developed in collaboration by Huke and Supercell, went on to gain popularity on the Internet, and ultimately led to a 50-minute anime production.


Black Rock Shooter: The Game’s story is being penned by Kazushige Nojima of Final Fantasy fame. In recent years, Nojima has also penned the Subspace Emissary mode in Super Smash Bros., and Capcom’s The Last Ranker.


The task of game directing is placed once again upon the shoulders of Kazuya Niinou, coming off of Etrian Odyssey, 7th Dragon, Fate/Extra, and The Last Ranker.


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  • Guest

    Nice. With this, Resistance Retribution, The 3rd Birthday, SOCOM, VC series and yes even Miami Vice, the PSP’s got the 3rd person shooter / shooter RPG genres on lockdown.

  • Man this game will be good! Thank god we have NISA <3

    • NISA, Aksys, XSeed, Sega, anyone! Hear us!

      • NISA is already holding hands with imageepoch :D!
        Of course i love all other companies as well, but NISA has been one of the most faithful to us gamers thirsty for rpgs

  • Surprise us Imageepoch. I have faith in you

  • Neckbear


    …Aren’t we forgetting the part where Final Fantasy games have awful writing and dialog?

    It’s not like this man does a good job at all.

    • NoElixirs

      He’s behind the concept of Fabula Nova Crystallis along with the several directors of its titles. Nojima isn’t responsible for the dialogue, but he is a Scenario Writer at times.

      • Neckbear

        I know it’s kinda ridiculous to expect that a single man has written every paragraph in a Final Fantasy game, however, as he was part of it, my point still stands.

        • Aoshi00

          Not really, like Falsate said Nojima was the preliminary scenario writer for, say FF13, I actually liked the concept of FF13, it was just Toriyama Motomu’s poor writing and direction that could not flesh out the concept adequately and follow thru w/ the story, just like how he mucked up X as X-2’s director. FF7 and 10’s story by Nojima were great.

          If Nojima writes this I’m fine, just don’t let Toriyama get close to this script… oh right Toriyama is at S-E.. whew…

          • Neckbear

            I wouldn’t say FF7’s story was “great”, however.

            But ah, whatever. I did not play Final Fantasy XIII, outside watching a few videos and trying it at a friend’s house, and it didn’t strike me as remotely “good” nor even “average”, and I’m talking about both the scenario planning and dialog. However, I think my main problem with it has been the dialog.

            Moreover, as I’ve said before, Final Fantasy games aren’t particularly well-known for good stories nor dialog nor plots. And, honestly, the only reason you don’t really recall bad dialog in older FF games is because you probably read through it fast, yet recall newer games being awful in said category because you now HEAR everything the characters say, thus you actually hear how awful it is. Or something. Because, if I recall correctly, all dialog on these games has been downright bland most of the time.

          • Aoshi00

            The dialog in 13 was indeed quite asinine and cringe-inducing, and again I attribute it to Toriyama Motomu..

            I don’t really have a standard to compare the dialogue btwn different RPGs, all I knew was most FFs from 10 and before I enjoyed them a great deal at the time, the games were just very well rounded packages w/ good gameplay and enjoyable story and memorable characters. I agree the RPGs like Fallout or Nier or Mass Effect have much deeper stories and dialogue, but we have come a long way since the 90’s, so.. maybe 20 yrs from now we would have even more immersive RPGs w/ more technological advancement, allowing for even more creative writing and such.

          • Neckbear

            Perhaps most of it is attributed towards the dialog writer, indeed.

            And ah, you’re misunderstanding me, Aoshi. I also enjoy most of these games almost every time, even if I’m aware that they aren’t overly complex, deep, nor have a great way of expressing feelings and thoughts with words and visuals. Hell, I greatly enjoy games like Ar Tonelico, Golden Sun and, as I said, Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light for that exact reason. My standards aren’t there when playing games, they’re there only when I think about it.

            I don’t expect a fantastic storyline for every game, I was just saying that this particular thing isn’t really a bragging point of the game, nor article-worthy, nor anything like that.

            However, if I have to disagree with you on something, is that hardware limitations held back storytelling. Hell, Out of This World is still considered one the best when it comes down to videogame storytelling and it came out in 1991, although I kind of get what you meant instead.

          • Aoshi00

            I’m not sure if this guy is the best writer or this is a bragging point (maybe it is because he’s involved w/ quite a few games I’ve played), I don’t usually pay attention to writers just like I mostly don’t know the names of people who do screenplay for movies, just the directors. I guess I just think of interesting stories or scnearios at least coming from Nojima (how well the stories are told overall depend on the director and writers too).

            The reason I brought up the technological aspect though is because I think storytelling (experiencing a story) has to do w/ how it is presented as well, which is also limited by technology. For example, like Harry Potter, maybe fans like the original books the best, but the movies are also enjoyable, imagine if the film was made 30 yrs ago, there would be no CG and everything would be done by practical effects, the Hogwart students’ Quidditch game would look stupid like they’re all hanging by wires.. of course I’m aware there were many great movies thruout the years, like 2001 A Spacy Odyssey (the floating pen effect was done by sticking it on a pane of glass, so pratical effects forced people to be creative too), or like Alien (79) and Aliens (85) were better than the subsequent 3 & Resurrection), or Clash of the Titans 2010 wasn’t as good as the original. But done right, technology could further storytelling and FF7 was such a case.

            I just meant FF7 was the first 3D FF and quite groundbreaking at the time in terms of presentation, and it was the beginning of a different kind of immersive storytelling w/ more cinematic cutscenes, hence such a classic. I just think the 2 aspects are very interconnected and could benefit from each other if implemented well.

          • Code

            Assuming people “don’t remember” dialog being “bad” because they read quickly through there games is a pretty big assumption, and an incredibly poor bases for an argument opo; Most of these games have been around for years. For older games it’s not a case of games people have played through just once 15 years ago, it’s a case of games people have played once every 2 or 3 years for 15 years.

          • BadenBadenPrinny

            I actually thought VII’s story was terrible

          • Aoshi00

            well to each his own, but I’m pretty sure most people enjoyed the game including the story. As a game/RPG/FF, it was revolutionary and groundbreaking at the time because it was the first time such a big RPG went full 3D polygons w/ pre-rendered background and cinematic cutscenes, so it did pave the way of a new form of presenting a story since the 8-16 bit sprite days, and a different and more immersive experience for gamers to enjoy the story (not to mention JRPG popular in the West). It was a technological milestone and a big jump from everything that came before that at the time. In retrospect in might not seem much because games have looked a lot better and able to have even more immersive presentation since 1997. But the new presentation and story together (personally I think the 2 aspects are interconnected, just like you feel differently about a story in a novel or in a movie) it was very impressive for me because the last one I played was FF3 (6) on the SNES, something I never experienced before, so..

          • I didnt liked FF7 that much either, i think 9th is far superior by a lot

          • Code

            rar, your avatar suddenly feels so hypocritical to me now, lol omo; But I guess even if a person hates a game there’s always room to appreciate that >w<'

    • … So Final Fantasy games became famous because of the awful dialog?

      That the last game wasnt so good, doesnt means all FF so far sucked as well, FF9, FF10, are really fresh in my mind at the moment (played not much ago) and they were really well done, dialogue/story.

      And FFtactic’s dialogue was great

      • Neckbear

        Final Fantasy games became famous because they’re Final Fantasy.

        Anyways, FF9 had alot of jokes, references and uh…stuff lost in translations, for what I’ve heard.

        FF10 was bad, and you know this to be true. The voice acting honestly didn’t help at all.

        Hell, every Final Fantasy has below average or downright bad dialog, excluding FFT, and anyone with half a brain that has seen actually well-written stories knows this is true. The last Final Fantasy game I’ve enjoyed has been FF: The Four Heroes of Light, mainly because, while average and cliche-ridden, still had charm and a good selection of likeable characters. Does that means the dialog is well-written, well-paced, without cliches, and awesome? Of course not. But it’s still enjoyable.

        But ah, I don’t wanna turn this into a complete rant against FF games, so whatever. I was just saying that his job, for what I’ve seen, varies from average to downright awful, and I find it hard that anyone could deny this fact.

        By the way, by my standards, GOOD writing means something among the lines of Saya no Uta, Fallout 1/2/New Vegas, Planescape: Torment, Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, NieR- ah, you get the idea.

        Footnote: Those games listed are there because I played them, and considered the story to be well-paced, as well as being able to catch your attention throughout the whole game, even when some of them had a few oddities story-wise. They were able to use an expansive vocabulary to express character’s feelings, as well as different scenarios and situations, without many problems. And that’s what I’d consider “good writing”.

        • Oh i see why you call FF stories like that, from that list i can clearly see you are more into complex and “deeper” (for a way to put it) stories. (i dont mean that FFstories are for “not deep” people, im just trying to put a word for it…)
          Looking from your point of view, i could say FF games stories are more simple and more for the mainstream. They only get hard to understand when it comes to politics.

          PS: I will never forget tidus/yuna combo laught on FFX -.-‘

          • Aoshi00

          • Aoshi00

            see, chipmunk squeak makes everything sound better including Hatsune Miku :) (as if that scene wasn’t funny enough, in either a good or bad way..)

            Jokes aside, I thought the infamous laughing scene was quite bitter-sweet and heartwarming, maybe not acted as well as it should’ve been (again, mainly due to the confines of the Eng script being made to match Jpn lip sync at all cost even w/ often awkward pauses)

          • Yeah, the scene wasnt bad, but i dunno, it was weird, bad acted? i dunno xD, is the kind of scene i see and like but roll my eyes while they do it because is weird O-o

      • Code

        To be fair he didn’t work on Final Fantasy 9, or Final Fantasy Tactics >w<' He's fine as far as I'm concerned he handled Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, Crisis Core and the original Kingdom Hearts all games I greatly enjoyed.

        And there's stuff he's handled which I haven't enjoyed, like SSBB's SSE Adventure Mode, which I thought was poor use of it's potential, but it's always hard to tell with things like this since you never know what kind of pressures are going to weight in and impact how he handles his work. And I imagine any kind of writing with Nintendo is going to be really sticky since they are so uptight.

        Still saying all Final Fantasy games have awful writing and dialog is silly >w<;

        • Neckbear

          I wouldn’t say it’s silly, since, as I explained before, most of these games vary from average to downright awful from time to time.

          Honestly, the only main Final Fantasy games I’ve liked are FFIV, FFVI and FFVIII, story-wise. And even then, most of their dialog (Nah, scrap that- ALL OF IT) is average at best. And with average, I mean something among the lines of Dead Space, Mass Effect or Dragon Age: Origins when it comes down to plot, dialog and characters.

          Very few games are the ones that have truly WONDERFUL dialog. And very few have actual visual expression throughout atmosphere, graphics, and gameplay, which I would consider a part of the writing and planning. Perhaps my standards are too high, but that’s honestly what I’d consider “Good” writing. Everything else is average or awful to me.

          Does that means I don’t enjoy games I’d consider have “bad” writing? Of course not. Still, it’s there, and I’m fully aware of how awful it is, while I wonder how the hell someone gets paid for writing that.

          • Aoshi00

            I would probably say your standard is too high.. I’ve enjoyed all FF games (including the story and chars) for X and before. Like Rurouni Kenshin was one of my favorite manga (and a classic for many as well) and I showed one volume to this Jpn teacher once (she’s not a Jpn native), and she said it was crap compared to Jpn “literature” I think she said it’s juvenile or something, if I had know that’s her general stance toward manga I wouldn’t have shared w/ her.. so I suppose it depends on how high you set your standards to.

          • Yui

            Please try not to present your ignorant opinions as fact. Shakespeare is consistently slammed by multiple sources for the weaknesses in his writing, dialogue perhaps most commonly, as were Dickens, the Brontë sisters, and Austen, and they, amongst others, went on to define culture and the concepts of skilled, high quality writing as viewed by reputable institutions today. Though I do not intend to compare FF to the works of these literary icons, there is a precedent set by them that is fulfilled here – that individual naysayers like yourself are rarely correct, and certainly not qualified to judge to an acceptable degree. I love the writing in the series, as do a great deal of others, and your comments have no real basis whatsoever besides opinion.

            Also, in case there are issues with this post, my user account is Agaraz, and this was written and posted on an iPod Touch, unfortunately.

          • Neckbear

            I believe it’s a given that all my posts are based on my personal opinions, and should not be treated as facts, nor I intend to present them as a wholesome truth behind every discussion point.

            In fact; I very much doubt I actually mentioned that these opinions of mine are facts anywhere in my post.

            As you say, I am not qualified to judge, but since when I have an important opinion that could be considered as a common fact in this world?

            I’m just a random user submitting my own opinions and thoughts on different topics through the magic of the Internet, that’s all.

          • Code

            lol, but it is silly because it’s a blanket opinion >w<; opinions aren't blankets, they don't keep you warm at night~! Games all have varied degrees of quality when it comes to there writing, to say the whole series has awful writing is doing just that, plus on top of that Nojima wasn't even the scenario writer for them all, your covering a few people at the same time too with the statement.

            I'll definitely agree plot/writing extends beyond the written and spoken word, and should really encompass all aspects of a game. In my opinion the biggest problem with most Final Fantasy games is the scripts aren't tight when it comes to the economy of dialogue and words, and the pace often drags, but it always varies per game.

            Still I'd definitely call a handful of Final Fantasy titles above average, and I'd DEFINITELY say your standards are way too high if Final Fantasy VI falls in the same bracket as Dragon Age opo;


          But yeah, the only FF ive ever seen with “crappy” dialogue (and i say crappy because most of the parts were too obvious (and cheesy) what they were gonna say) is FF13

    • OneOkami

      I actually rather enjoyed Final Fantasy X’s writing. Its one of my favorites in the series.

      • Neckbear

        I’d say it would have been average if it wasn’t because of the voice acting.




        • Aoshi00

          The Eng. voice acting wasn’t as good as the Jpn counterpart, namely because they tried to write the script in a way to fit w/ the timing and lip sync of the Jpn cutscenes (maybe if they had Jack Fletcher who directed FF12 & 13 he could’ve done a better job since he basically improved on the script of those games), but I enjoyed both the Eng and Jpn scripts equally having played both version. I don’t know, some of it were kind of cheesy it’s so bad it’s good kind of way.. but I tremendously enjoyed X.

        • Code

          It’s one of those cases of voice acting was still only just becoming the norm for games, I generally forgive most of Final Fantasy X’s voice acting short comings in that respect, it was a constraint given when it was made.

          Which is something that is important to keep in mind with all games the further you go back, I mean if you look at most SNES games (and earlier), they faced daunting character limitations, which lead to greatly compressed/ reduced text and dialogue to convey the same message. It is definitely something that would impact how the plot and dialogue is by the end of a games production, compared to how the writers may have actually had originally written out.

  • karasuKumo

    I’m liking the screens, it seems a bit too bright for BRS though.

    I wonder how it’ll be, I really hope we get this in europe!

  • Not that I’m interested in Black Rock Shooter(didn’t liked the movie, and the hype over a random anime girl is just crazy), but the game might be good, and maybe it might be even released here, and every game that is released outside of Japan is at the very least a good game for me. :P


      • Code


        • Kai2591

          lol he modified his pic, I notice…not foam but hands in white gloves actually~

          • There was a Christmas hat on it up until midnight today, except I didn’t use that one here.

          • Ah, i see. I like your cat. If that IS your cat.

            *whoops. Accidently posted as another account lol*

      • Sorry bro, didn’t intended to bring anyone here into over rage mode, I know her, I know the artist and all the fame, and I love it, it’s just sometimes too much of the good if you understand. :P

        • Dude I was kidding.

          • you say that but WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE THAT DIED BY THY FANGS?! *points at siliconera’s lurkers bodies*

          • Lurkers don’t read comments. Otherwise they would participate in them.

          • Say that to my RIPPED OF RIGHT ARM!! Now I have to do all the “things” I did with right, with the left hand..=/

            Whatever, don’t worry I know that you were joking, the many years of internet experience gave me one definite answer: Caps lock =/= serious (yay for me!) xd

          • No, but…


            Or Karkat if you read Homestuck.

          • But we all have a lurker in our hearts :(

  • PrinceHeir

    this kinda reminds me of Vanquish but a more anime style feeling which is awesome :)

  • krokounleashed

    Imageepoch is here to save the JRPG with BLACK ROCK SHOOTA. Wait, what? Miku doesn’t seem to fit in the game. There are some generic random shooter dudes who look “serious” and then there is “anime-style” Hatsune Miku. Seriously I liked Project Diva and Project Diva 2nd, but this looks terrible.

    • What are you talking about, what does miku has to do with any of this? it was just a song made with her voice, nothing new. And what are you comparing project diva and diva 2nd with? there is still some solid gameplay we have yet to see (And project diva and 2nd didnt had any gameplay…)

      • krokounleashed

        Watch the trailer, looks pretty boring. Really.

        • Well, ill save my opinions until i see some gameplay and know more about the story :)

          • krokounleashed

            Well, there is gameplay in the trailer. Sorry that I think it looks pretty boring. And the heroine totally out of place compared to the dudes. Yes, I mistooke her for Miku. Didn’t watched BRS. Maybe it’s the same in the anime, but for me both heroines doesn’t fit to the rest.

      • Kai2591

        I dunno…I also think that BRS’s design seems kinda…off…inconsistent with the designs of the other characters… I mean, those soldiers and surroundings look more ‘serious’, not Huke-like…while BRS looks more anime-ish, with slightly bigger head and all..I’m not comparing it to Miku btw, i know the difference~

        I would like this game to be a great one tho and I hope it delivers.

      • BTA

        Huh? I might be misreading things, but Project Diva and 2nd had gameplay. They’re rhythm games (think Elite Beat Agents), not visual novels or something like that… They’re pretty much *entirely* gameplay, without any story or anything else at all.

        • Sorry, but in my opinion rythm games are all the same (they are still fun though :D), there isnt much to say about its gameplay, so i just say as “they dont have gameplay” at all (note:Im not trying to insult it or anything :P), they are all the same, not like they can do much about it, the soul on these games is in DA MUSIC!

    • 4shiki

      Black Rock Shooter is not Miku. Yeah, both look like they were the same person, but they aren’t.

    • SolidusSnake

      I think it’s a great idea. Moe vs space marines, WHO WILL SURVIVE?!

      • Kai2591

        Lol its fun if you put it that way, but I see BRS as beautiful piece of art and rather serious instead of moe.

  • Darkrise

    I guess that explains the cliche “alien invasion” type of story 0.0. Oh well, I still want this localized ALOT! Plz NISA!

  • So much awesomeness on one game, I can’t believe.

  • Wow, mention Final Fantasy being a terrible series on here and get bashed for it in a long comment string.

    That HUD looks really simple…

    • Code

      It’s hardly bashing, no one’s lost any teeth yet owo;

      • This is the internet, not a hockey match.

        • Code

          You say it like they’re all that different >w<;

          • Well… one’s world wide, the other takes place in Canada and the U.S.

          • Code

            rar, hockey isn’t about that though, it’s not about being in a country, or on ice, or using sticks to score goals >w<; It's about what's *here* in your heart, because deep down hockey is really that inner tenacity that brings all together from around the world — so they may bash skulls together in brutal unsavory combat, ultimately letting only the strongest opinions survive; like natural selection for the intellect +o+~! THIS IS THE TRUE POWER OF HOCKEY… I MEAN THE INTERNET! OR SOMETHING!

          • Testsubject909

            To reply to code.

            Believe in the heart of the puck!


      • I LOST ONE!! AHHHHHH Aoshi00 hit me >=(

    • Aoshi00

      Well, if you make a generalized “blanket statement” saying all Dragon Quests, Megami Tensei, etc are horrible, I’m sure someone would have a bone to pick w/ you too. And no one’s really bashing anyone, just a constructive discussion…

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    (Sorry it wouldn’t let me reply to you) @Aoshi: True, I won’t deny the fact of that particular game being a technological milestone for RPG’s.

  • Testsubject909

    Here’s your choices folks.

    Numero uno, Serious male version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSZ3JFKxNN0

    Numero two, Serious female version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuuXGhCFtx4

    Numero san, Screw it male version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkCPZ-oaaQ0

    Numero quatre, Serious female version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCmXaAYQElI

    Numero nico, Nico Nico Chorus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUwNKbj8GPM

    Numero yoppei, Yoppei version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brEtvYy7M34

    Choose well, choose wisely.

  • Looks like God Eater (visual wise) mixed with Crisis Core mixed in. Imageepoch is going to be spoiling us come mid-next year (yes, we have to wait long but it should be worth it).

  • thebanditking

    works for me, though I doubt anyone will pick this one up.

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