Project LovePlus On 3DS Has A “Boyfriend Lock”

By Ishaan . December 26, 2010 . 10:28am

The Nintendo 3DS has a camera. Two of them, in fact. One on the inner face and one facing outward. Project LovePlus for Nintendo 3DS uses the inner-facing camera to recognize your face and make sure your virtual girlfriend stays loyal to you.


Famitsu reports that if someone else picks up your Project LovePlus game, your girl won’t recognize them, and say things like: “Who are you?” Konami are calling this feature the “Boyfriend Lock,” and say it’ll help players feel closer to their virtual girlfriends.


Fascinating.  This is another one of those innovations that’s sure to garner attention from Japanese art and media communities, the way the current versions of LovePlus have. For instance, LovePlus + on the DSi won two awards in 2010, for romance and excellence.


The franchise’s contribution goes beyond just innovation, too. The dating-sim genre saw an 83% increase in market growth in 2009, owing largely to LovePlus. In case you missed the very first trailer Konami released for Project LovePlus for Nintendo 3DS, you can check it out here.

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  • Guest


  • OneOkami

    I applaud Konami for their interesting use of the tech to further innovate their dating sim. I don’t really play them, but I’d imagine a fundamental element of a quality dating sim experience is the immersion one would obtain by feeling a connection to their date. Having them actually recognize and respond to you, specifically is an excellent way to do that.

    • Kai2591

      Fine words, sir.

      I don’t play them myself, and such genre might not even work for me because i always think realistically too much (that they’re not real.etc) but this one has interesting concepts.

      Personally, I prefer watching characters interact with a main character in third person, rather than me myself becoming that main character, if you know what I mean..

  • Testsubject909

    They also put aside a new department who’ll devote their times and resources on the themes of “School, Romance and Communication”.

    … Seriously, I think Japan’s birth rate is boned.

    [edited out a typo]

    • PrinceHeir

      The name of that studio is “Love Plus Studio”

      which has a nice ring to it ^^

      all we need is a marriage mode, sex mode, and this will be the best dating sim ever :)

      • Kai2591

        Ugh. No sex mode please. It’d turn into a hentai game, further defaming the series..

        • I dont think it would be legal anyway… they are in school right? (yes, yes, i know this is not how the real world is) but anyway the girls would be underage

    • Poor japan’s children, is not their fault… so many temptations…

      Damn you marketing! Damn you Bizz world! Why you have to be so shiny!?

    • WonderSteve

      Well on a more serious note, I don’t think video game is the problem for their low birthrate.

      Their society’s perception and structure is the problem.

      Women are not well received by corporation as part of the workforce if they are planning to get pregnant. Women are often expected to quit work and take care of the family after marriage.

      Not easy for a single income family to have children these days, with wage stagnation and high inflation for basic goods. Of course birth rate will go down.

      • Testsubject909

        I know, I know. There’s a lot of troubles in Japan.

        I just enjoy the comical spin of it moreso then the actual deal. Though it does make for an entertaining conversation, it doesn’t make for good comedy.

  • T17K11

    I didn’t think LovePlus could get more polarizing. I’d imagine it is a charming feature to some, but…

    [word choice edit]

  • Konami is trying to put more and more on this series (remember all the stuffs in LovePlus+, such as the Remaining Battery alert, the Love fitness, and so on) and this can be only good for the fanbase; this is because LovePlus is its best selling dating-sim since the first Tokimeki Memorial (it could outsell even TokiMemo 4 on PSP by a large margin):
    The experience in 3D I’m sure it will be quite immersive.

    • i must say that i still prefer tokimeki’s memorial style by a lot though

      • Guest

        Get with the times stop living in the past if developers aren’t innovative than creativity dies

        • Tokimeki memorial 4 wasnt released far too long ago, and i still think is superior to love plus… Maybe im just not too fond of those 3D graphics, or going “over the board” with dating sims.

          In tokimeki you basically had to train in academics or w/e depending on the girl you wanna go for, go out with her, different places and see her story, until she declares (or not) her feeling at the end, it ends there and you can go for other. But in this one it seems the real stuff comes after she (or i dunno, you?) declares to each other o.o

          • I can see why you’re reading The World God Only Knows… Seriously, you need to part some of your godly skillz to me

          • Haha xD I still cant enter in god mode like keima though u.u’. I HAVE TO REACH THE GOD MODE! *runs to the psp/ds/wii/ps3/ps2/ps2slim/gba*

            It will take 2 years of my lifespan but nothing it will be worthy…

          • Aoshi00

            You still get to talk to her and walk her back after school and do activities together (bump into her on the street, study in library, work part time jobs together, etc) before she declares her love at “mid-game”, but before she’s your de-facto girlfriend you still do romantic stuff together and get to know each other (and you need to boost up your stats like academic, sports, art, etc) just like other regular dating sims or Persona 3/4’s social links. The live-clock feature is optional in the 2nd part of the game. I like it when the system recognizes you, just like the DS has your birthday and would wish you a Happy b-day on that day (it’d be sad if the DS is the other thing that wishes you happy b-day of course lol). Now say when I turn on Love Plus on Sat, the girl you’re pursuing would say “hey, it’s Saturday, we could relax” or if you haven’t played the game in a while, she would say “I haven’t seen you in a while”. Also there’s 3 save slots, so if you don’t feel like playing the second part which requires more commitment, you could go for the other 2 girls w/ the other 2 save slots. That’s what I did, I got Nene, but I don’t have time to do the 2nd part real time and such.. now I’m starting w/ another saveslot to go for Rinko, and then I would have another for Manaka eventually.Even though the real-time aspect of Love Plus might sound scary (well, not as doom and gloom as everyone made it to be, just time-consuming), this game and Dream Club (even though you pay the hostesses lol) are actually like your traditional dating sims where you need to learn about their hobbies, personalities, worries, etc so that she would be interested in you romantically at the end.

          • Yeah, that’s the kind of stuff i’d expect from a record breaking dating sim xD. All things that personalize depending on “you” is always a win.
            But i dunno… Ummm i dont know why i still see tokimeki memorial better, i guess i just love the franchise, but i guess this may change soon, because i dont see tokimeki advancing any moar D:

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, it’s like in Minority Report when you get home the computer would greet you by your name and the ads would target “you”, it’s still pretty cool even if it’s just programmed. In Love Plus the heroines could only call your name by the first two syllables, so it’s a bit of a letdown because they could only call me Ao or Shino (I named my char Shinomori Aoshi as always lol), I think it Love Plus+ they rectified that.

            I haven’t played Tokimeki Memorial for a long time, so I’m not familiar w/ the newer one like 4 because the art style isn’t appealing to me (I like 2D just not that). But yea, I do like that style of traditional dating sim too. Love Plus and Dream Club still bulit on the same formula but they put a spin to it, so they’re a bit innovative (DC has more of an adult touch).

          • The level of interactivity in LovePlus is particularly high of course; maybe is Tokimeki Memorial closer to a novel than LovePlus which is more simulation? I mean, it sounds like Nintendogs with girls instead of puppies :D

          • Aoshi00

            Yea pretty much, just more of a personal touch for everything and at the end (or midpoint rather) the girl takes the initiative to confess to you instead of you her (you could refuse, but who would lol). There are parts you could get touchy feely.. you could pinch or give her a peck on the cheek, sometimes you could kick her or give her a karate chop lol.. I’ve only played a little of Nintendogs.. I need to get Kinectimals one day, I heard it’s actually quite a fun pet-sim, more so you’re a parent playing w/ your kid.. the tiger cubs are pretty dang cute :)

          • WonderSteve

            You are such a “player” Aoshi00 :P

            On a serious note, I assume you will be interested in the 3DS version as well?

          • Aoshi00

            lol nah, I actually haven’t played dating sims or visual novels in many years, but the girls in Love Plus and Dream Club are just so cute :) Yea, if the 3DS is region free, this game would be one of the reasons I’m getting 3DS on day 1. I thought Love Plus looked really good as a DS game, and I can’t wait to see what they cook up w/ the 3DS.

      • I think both series can coexist, maybe on two different platforms (LovePlus -> Nintendo; TokiMemo -> Sony) ;)

        • Yeah, i think i should treat these two games as different trees of the same garden :)

  • Haha, i know its scary, but this is kinda cool xD. I wish the 3DS not to be region locked please!

    • Aoshi00

      The 3D models and motion are actually quite good (there are not a lot of variety since it’s on the DS but what is there is great), I can only imagine it looking infinitely better (and 3D!) on the 3DS. Also for the key event scenes, there are a lot of really well drawn and detailed 2D arts (I got the artbooks for all 3 girls).

      I liked the old TokiMemo, but not 4’s newer anime style. I do hope that the 3DS is not region locked either, because Love Plus 3DS (or Layton and such) would be the reason I would pick up the system on day 1. Otherwise it would really suck one needs to import another portable just to play Love Plus and other Jpn 3DS games..

      • Yeah, and i can forget to even consider on getting 2 3DS T_T… Haha i prefer the latest tokimeki more than tokimeki 3, i guess im more into the anime style xD

        Seriously nintendo, pleaseee not region lock, it scares me because DSi has region lock T_T. This kind of stuff will make hax0rz want to hax it more!

  • Japan loves those games way too much already, this won’t bold well

  • Yukito

    I think I know a certain bald guy who will be at the midnight launch 3 months in advance….. wait, he might be there waiting now…

  • Souji Tendou

    Japan is……………. doomed.

  • MarkMario

    Too bad it’ll never get translated ._.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Face lock? So what happens when I get a haircut and wear contacts instead of glasses?! My girlfriend will suddenly call me a stranger and run away screaming!

    (My computer’s camera auto-login has stopped working since I’ve done the above to my head, back when it did work I had to be under the same lighting at the right angle making the same expression each time)

    • That’s an interesting question! Spencer actually wondered something similar… Like, would a photograph fool it? And what if a lady were to play the game?

      • Hopefully there will be challenge questions or an options menu to prove that your post car accident face will be accepted by your 2D GF.

  • And when the “girls” boyfried grows older or get into an accident and injured their face and connot be recognised, and then started to open their 3ds and play love plus, the “girl” will said “who are you?”, and the boyfriend will be like, “Noooo It’s me!! Your boyfried!!!”.

  • JustaGenericUser

    Well, that’s… neat, I guess. Not sure how to feel about it. I think it would be awkward. But it’s pretty cool tech wise.


  • This could be evolved into a very powerful used sales protection.

  • Please please please Konami, when are you going to release a “Love Plus: Girls’ Side”? *_*

    Wishful thinking aside, I do think the boyfriend lock is a pretty awesome piece of technology. I’ve been hearing so many good things about Love Plus (the game at least, not its effect on rabid otaku) that I’m tempted to give it a try.

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